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Leonardo de la Vega
Leonardo de la Vega - Måned siden
Missed opportunity to say "I have been Will, with the blade..."
AGarin478 - Måned siden
hehehe... i like this a lot.
Andrew Gelman
Andrew Gelman - Måned siden
14:42 this aged poorly
Bdubb - Måned siden
Where can i get the belt sander, that adjustable?
Ava Bean
Ava Bean - 2 måneder siden
I've totally forgotten at this point that the blade is made of 2,000,000 layer steel
Ron A. Bolton
Ron A. Bolton - 2 måneder siden
Milling Machine to cut the slot?
GotchaGaming L.
GotchaGaming L. - 2 måneder siden
When Alec came back, talking about being sick and vomiting, you could see how red his skin was from where he’d been rubbing a tissue over his mouth and near his nose. Poor Alec.
M.R. G.R
M.R. G.R - 2 måneder siden
Is there anything that duck tape can't do?? No. The answer is no.
1y2r1 - 2 måneder siden
Please say ‘router’ the English way Alec. It annoys me. Thanks
Untamed Euphoria
Untamed Euphoria - 3 måneder siden
Your shoe shining technique with the sandpaper just solved a heap of problems for me. Thank you!
Alex Billingham
Alex Billingham - 3 måneder siden
how have i just watched 2 hours straight of a coupple guys sanding a giant bread knife XD.. awesome to see people with so much enthusiasm with their work
MrSF247 - 3 måneder siden
Alec: I've been ill... with the plague.
Will: And I have been Will... without the plague.
And that side glance that Alec does waiting to see where Will is going with his, "And I have been Will..."
Derek Recollet
Derek Recollet - 3 måneder siden
yep looks like D2
James Reid
James Reid - 3 måneder siden
Uh, you have a bridgeport...
Dave Burson
Dave Burson - 3 måneder siden
Love the plague joke as I sit in self quarantine during the plague. Lol
nomad090 - 3 måneder siden
the duck tape trick just saved my life thank you! i have never seen that before.
Expire - 3 måneder siden
Carpenter & joiners everywhere cringe
James Sawyer
James Sawyer - 3 måneder siden
Mikal Dee
Mikal Dee - 3 måneder siden
Two and a half paint brushes long lol
Daniel Liborio
Daniel Liborio - 3 måneder siden
9:36 and on for a bit at 0.25 the speed 🤣🤣🤣
scoobtoober29 - 3 måneder siden
I need a 5 min montage of the knife breaking. Terrible feeling, it's happened to me but only after a few hours of work. not weeks
scoobtoober29 - 3 måneder siden
Make a metal stand for the contractor saw. Great build to come i hope
That Thaney Guy
That Thaney Guy - 3 måneder siden
Forgive me if this is ignorant. but why didn't you mill out the notch for the handle?
Winter's King
Winter's King - 4 måneder siden
Also eh, small waves for a flambard. You do realize the purpose of the flame-blade is to catch an enemy's spear handle and stop their movement yes? I should say that I still think you're doing a very good job. Not trolling, just a very fanatical medieval weapons enthusiast.
Winter's King
Winter's King - 4 måneder siden
Alec has anyone ever told you your voice sounds like professor Archibald from Veggie Tales...
b whitey
b whitey - 4 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice Will wearing his glasses under his face shield while grinding?
Richard Field
Richard Field - 4 måneder siden
I AM SOOOO HAPPY that ALEC has been so fully indoctrinated to the way we measure things in the US! No longer is it meters... its paint brushes. God Bless America!
HippoandBear Makes
HippoandBear Makes - 4 måneder siden
no, No, NO!! That’s my normal day in the workshop too 😂😂😂😂
Pim Van Delft
Pim Van Delft - 4 måneder siden
should have used your circular saw set it to 3mm deep and made a few cuts next to each other to make the slot for the tang... way easier and faster than using the router.
MrJustus88 - 4 måneder siden
Wonderful idea with the sandpaper and duck tape. Will need to remember that
K1SFD - 4 måneder siden
Will is going to have PTSD hand sanding flashbacks. Three months from now, Alec is going to ask if they should hand sand something and Will is just going to start crying as his hands cramp into weird positions. ;)
Melanto - 4 måneder siden
Today on deliberately misconstrued titles: Will shows Alec his crack.
Stephen Deeter
Stephen Deeter - 4 måneder siden
Do you guys coordinate which side you comb your hair to? Randomly noticed your respective hairs are swooped in opposite directions . lol :)
Nate Beck
Nate Beck - 4 måneder siden
10:09 - missed prank opportunity. Drop random piece of metal after the hammering.
Chris North
Chris North - 4 måneder siden
did you forget you own a milling machine?
Alden L.
Alden L. - 4 måneder siden
You guys should set up a hand-sanding rig, like the one used by YouTube
blacksmith Shurap!
He has what looks like some variety of magnetic chuck (though it may be something simpler, I’m not sure), that holds the blade to its surface, & moves back in forth longitudinally, allowing you to hand sand merely by pressing down on the stone. It’s the exact same process, except the blade moves under the stationary stone, rather than having to drag the stone across the surface yourself. Check out his videos to see what I mean, or, watch them just because his videos are cool & educational, and he does neat projects.
Mellow Man
Mellow Man - 4 måneder siden
Make an ags sword from runescape
ZephaniahNoah - 4 måneder siden
Hay they're twins. What? One of them is American!?
Carl Schallenmuller
Carl Schallenmuller - 4 måneder siden
Gabriel Turot
Gabriel Turot - 4 måneder siden
I don't know of or would even be feasible or a good idea structurally wise but I would have love to see the spine of the blade follow the insulations of the blade. Still looks amazing tho
MrUnwichtig109 - 4 måneder siden
you are missing a letter
haEnder !
or hÄnder
nice video
R Hayes
R Hayes - 4 måneder siden
Hickory Down!!
Robin Westergren
Robin Westergren - 4 måneder siden
Why dont you put the paper on the drill machine? M3 has good options for that.
Dave P
Dave P - 4 måneder siden
The way you ripped that board with a circular saw terrified me. You are lucky to still have your hands attached. First off, a circular saw is not the right tool for ripping (cutting with the grain) a board in the first place. Second, clamping the board behind the cut is a recipe for binding the blade and having a really scary kickback. You would have been much better off using your benchtop band saw. I love your videos, but sometimes you get a little casual about shop and tool safety.
Faustvonholle - 4 måneder siden
I'm not sure if it's the camera or the sword, but one of the ricasso protrusions looks slightly smaller than the other...
Trogdor 4803
Trogdor 4803 - 4 måneder siden
Have you thought about going into the fantasy realm of blades? Drizzt Do'urden (Forgotten Realms) scimitar "Icing Death" & "Twinkle"
Hitman1978 - 4 måneder siden
Alex Steele - "Using tools the way they never should be used...."
Snow2330 - 4 måneder siden
Hi guys, awesome videos there, love the zweihander!
Quick suggestion: it's very hard to have an idea of the time you put into these magnificent swords, so it would be great if you could add some ways to track the time it takes you to make things, like telling which day it is if you work in the morning, that kind of things...
That would help us appreciate the amount of work you put in your craft (although 12 videos so far helps already a bit :) )
Thanks, keep forging!
richard Turk
richard Turk - 4 måneder siden
I know you are trying to sound witty and clever but you are neither so cut with the act.
You do good work but the goofy acting you do isn't helping.
A A - 4 måneder siden
oh no, the coronavirus
E. Purcell
E. Purcell - 4 måneder siden
Is the blade supposed to be that bendy? I've noticed that it is extremely flexible and wonder if that will cause any issues.
aspire to creativity
aspire to creativity - 4 måneder siden
I've been ill with the plague. i think he meant the corona virus
Jonny Polea
Jonny Polea - 4 måneder siden
"No good wood in the workshop"
This had me howling lol
David Cortez
David Cortez - 4 måneder siden
Why not just mill out that notch?
AtomicShadow64 - 4 måneder siden
Alec really likes working treats.
Артём Б
Артём Б - 4 måneder siden
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner - 4 måneder siden
Why make long series? Why not post it until you're done making it? It's kinda boring. Just my opinion though. Not subscribing
mark Roper
mark Roper - 4 måneder siden
Great video! Will, have safety glasses on under you safety shield.....I guess, extra safe?! :P Looking good guys!!
Cpedro1685 - 4 måneder siden
Nice work! Get yourself a small lunchbox style planer and you will be able to dimension that lumber much easier. Keep up the good work guys!
P 2Doge
P 2Doge - 4 måneder siden
8:12 will lookin like he about to eat the sword
D San
D San - 4 måneder siden
Please tell Will we expect him to be in full Hurt Locker attire next time...
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 4 måneder siden
you have a mill ..OMGY would you slop fit with a router?
d mo
d mo - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else get the feeling that these two don't actually like each other?
BrotherNo JL
BrotherNo JL - 4 måneder siden
Its limp
Boston Williams
Boston Williams - 4 måneder siden
Man, why don’t you and Wranglestar get together and an axe or something together? you can forge it and he could hang it?
Wesley Blackwell
Wesley Blackwell - 4 måneder siden
Your woodworking skills where described perfectly 🤣🤣🙈
Tiny Basement Workshop
Tiny Basement Workshop - 4 måneder siden
Dear lord 😂 get yourself some proper woodworking tools ☝🏼😉 you‘re gonna hurt yourself with that saw or router someday!!
Me being just a little worried of losing my daily alec-steele-video-session 😌☝🏼
TrikeRoadPoet - 4 måneder siden
A trick to help strengthen the wooden portion of the handle, coat the exterior of the handle with copious layer of super glue to saturate the outer layer of wood, lightly sand smooth when dry and see the wood even stronger with almost no weight gain! I do this on knife handles and scales and have seen less breakage and wear even from pocket wear over the years on my folders.
Jess Hines
Jess Hines - 4 måneder siden
Hey Will, I use adhesive sandpaper on the outside and inside of different diameter PVC for getting into corners (and radiusing both edges at once!) Works a treat.
Kevin Engel
Kevin Engel - 4 måneder siden
I love the jump cuts to breaking the sword breaker
elementjoe - 4 måneder siden
It’s not a quality episode if I don’t see the sword breaker snap.......
John Gray
John Gray - 4 måneder siden
Need more skill and less saw when crosscutting next time
Ethan Rousseau
Ethan Rousseau - 4 måneder siden
For the love of woodworking buy a thickness plane and table saw! Haha
Richard Vaughan
Richard Vaughan - 4 måneder siden
Hickory doing the trick-ory...?
Matthew House
Matthew House - 4 måneder siden
duct tape backing the sandpaper is the best tip and I feel so dense for not thinking of it sooner!
Zack Chahoud
Zack Chahoud - 4 måneder siden
Alec, use a guide with the router
The welding table should be perfect for that!
Tim Junge
Tim Junge - 4 måneder siden
Sometimes I'm wondering if will sometimes wakes up screaming "HANDSANDING!!!11!ONE" and then falls asleep immediately after.
Jeff Price
Jeff Price - 4 måneder siden
Why didn’t you use the mill ?
bruticusmagnus - 4 måneder siden
Make Shadeversity's version of the He-Man sword.
Blits Riderfield
Blits Riderfield - 4 måneder siden
when you're so American you measure things with paint brushes