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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 11:47


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 5 måneder siden
Hey guys thank you so much for tuning in for today's video! How many episode's do you think this series will end up being? We also want to extend a thank you to our sponsor, Raid! Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile: ✅ PC: Start with 💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program!
Gene Lomas
Gene Lomas - Måned siden
@Chris Vales oooh, close.. ;)
Nib-Na5ty - 4 måneder siden
Guess you are liking America ;)
Cokecanninja - 5 måneder siden
Good video, but I had to hit dislike for the obnoxious Raid Shadow Legends plug.
dion759 - 5 måneder siden
Raid is a dodgey information selling shitheap of a company
Asapiophobic - 5 måneder siden
Raid... How sad...
ATReade - 5 dager siden
Whats with the fake accent?
Peter Carey
Peter Carey - 25 dager siden
Tend to binge Alec's projects. So I've saved this until he started on the mountain bike.
Noiro - 27 dager siden
Okay but are you gonna put a chaos +5 infusion on it
Nur Salsabila
Nur Salsabila - Måned siden
That sword from blue or red King running with googly eye
AGarin478 - Måned siden
wot rings u got bich?
fizzie - Måned siden
Wt ring u got bithc?
cornelious odonnell
cornelious odonnell - Måned siden
What is the book u get it from?
Jim Lei
Jim Lei - Måned siden
J.B.M Crafts
J.B.M Crafts - Måned siden
When your to sick to skip the sponsor:😫
Jakob Curiel
Jakob Curiel - Måned siden
What is the book called that you got your design from
LoHeMa - 2 måneder siden
No Chaos infusion?

Karren Kuddlesberg
Karren Kuddlesberg - 2 måneder siden
The blade can also be used as a polearm or pike?
Nixie - 2 måneder siden
I wonder why they didn't make the door pneumatic.
mrheady 420
mrheady 420 - 2 måneder siden
Do you live in Canada if so which province?
Andre Grenier
Andre Grenier - 2 måneder siden
where can i get the book ur using to find the sword
Garrett L
Garrett L - 2 måneder siden
You should make that a shirt, "It's a good day"
Ľubomír Kompiš
Ľubomír Kompiš - 3 måneder siden
Raid is trash.
Bruno Rosa
Bruno Rosa - 3 måneder siden
man, just use a nail and chain, door problem solved!
Owen Butler
Owen Butler - 3 måneder siden
I'm from South Africa and i really am loving this series episodes you guys are making. I just love the idea of forging swords and knives and i really want to get into it myself
drakedakes - 3 måneder siden
it's more like tsfaye-hender.
Holy Crusader
Holy Crusader - 3 måneder siden
Just wait until he finds out about bearing swords...
Wupme - 3 måneder siden
You should check out the sword of Pier Gerlofs Donia, it is 213cm, so almost 7 foot long....
Karin Wust
Karin Wust - 3 måneder siden
I think the sword making a thing is going to go to part 3 or part 4
William Lembke
William Lembke - 3 måneder siden
2:45 que epic lo-fi beats
Carlo Harvey
Carlo Harvey - 3 måneder siden
hello one of Will's fiends CJ
M3meD3mon - 3 måneder siden
Catching on a little late but I'll catch up haha
james haddow
james haddow - 3 måneder siden
hi i would like to see you guys try to make an out the front assisted tactical knife for me
mokow - 3 måneder siden
Omg its so epic!
braden - 3 måneder siden
0:06 Alec ain't got no reason being that thicc
Arty - 3 måneder siden
This sword is taller than I am. I might need a counterweight.
Chris Piercer
Chris Piercer - 3 måneder siden
isnt that song at about 9min 20 sec from chris ramsays channel?
Bodean Stephenson
Bodean Stephenson - 3 måneder siden
josh blalock
josh blalock - 3 måneder siden
what would cpm s30v and cpm m4 look like forged together
josh blalock
josh blalock - 3 måneder siden
prob a dumb question but idk anything about forging
Thebuddy boy
Thebuddy boy - 3 måneder siden
If they add alec to the game as a hero, I would probably get the game
White Scorpion
White Scorpion - 3 måneder siden
We need a Claymore!!!!
PogoRapter - 3 måneder siden
What book are they always referencing to, in these bigger videos
¿¿opuɐɔuıɹq ɐʌɐʇsǝ nǝ ǝnb noɥɔɐ
Translate in portugueses PT-BR
Ludovic Crépel
Ludovic Crépel - 4 måneder siden
I'm so excited about this! I have been waiting for you to make a zweihander for so long!
JS Armoury
JS Armoury - 4 måneder siden
What does Alec mean with the steeltypes 15 and 20? I get the 1080, but what are 15 and 20?
ajaxoz - 4 måneder siden
what the hell is that ratshit music about? varying in pitch? WAKE UP ALEX!!
skycrafter 204
skycrafter 204 - 4 måneder siden
Hes the kind of man to have a +15 zewilder before the bell gargoyles
Noiro - 27 dager siden
I came here for dark souls comments and you delivered
Uri Summy
Uri Summy - 4 måneder siden
Who would dislike this video...what psychopath would think this is bad?!
Zakkurry Hutson
Zakkurry Hutson - 4 måneder siden
Originally from Montana, been a long time fan. Where abouts are you based at?
Bosco Dog
Bosco Dog - 4 måneder siden
Anyone know what the book they showed in the beginning was?
Antiheld - 4 måneder siden
These guys desperately need some ä ö ü. lol
But cool video.
sgt.turtle - 4 måneder siden
watching him is like a simulator game lol
Shrish Newton.b
Shrish Newton.b - 4 måneder siden
Transformers: the last knight 05.46 mins....
Just take a look
Tristan Keech
Tristan Keech - 4 måneder siden
yo. i have that same book.
Bakamoichigei - 4 måneder siden
Alec! I've been using Adobe Illustrator for nearly _three decades,_ it's one of my favorite apps...but even I wouldn't have thought to use it like that! Bravo! 👍
humphrey707 - 4 måneder siden
Hey Alec how ya doin?
Fell - 4 måneder siden
"The game reminds me of old retro RPG's like Final Fantasy."
A Final Fantasy game comes out in two months. What is this Zoomer nonsense?
lena müller
lena müller - 4 måneder siden
Its a pretty much fixed script that straight lies to lure you into a bottomless cashgrab pit of an app
roteleks - 4 måneder siden
ive been clickbaited i wanted darksouls
heidi baker
heidi baker - 4 måneder siden
Idea: 3 steel damascus
Joonas Ahonen
Joonas Ahonen - 4 måneder siden
that's not a claymore....
You're thinking of a "claidheamh dà làimh".
"claidheamh mór"s are one handed basket hilt broadswords
BlapDuck - 5 måneder siden
The legend never dies..
Richard Vitik
Richard Vitik - 5 måneder siden
Its so freaking funny to hear you speak german😂😂 i speak German fluently 😂
Guy Romine
Guy Romine - 5 måneder siden
Pushing raid now? Gross
madmonk 31
madmonk 31 - 5 måneder siden
I'd like to see you make the sword tidus uses in final fantasy ten!
Cona 6789
Cona 6789 - 5 måneder siden
oh yea, now thats a big boy blade
Finn Bear
Finn Bear - 5 måneder siden
Does anybody know what book that is at 3:08
Melanto - 5 måneder siden
Sometimes I watch Alec go on about something that interests him and wonder if this is what some of the folks from antiques roadshow were like when they were his age... XD
MetalFan - 5 måneder siden
Whenever I hear/see an english guy saying a german word I just jave to watch it! It is so funnyyyy!!!
lelsoos3 - 5 måneder siden
*giantdad intensifies*
Don Knoward
Don Knoward - 5 måneder siden
The editing on the initial Damascus forging montage is amazing
P N - 5 måneder siden
Buff harry potter makes cold weapons
SπdR - 5 måneder siden
The Flameburger WineHandler
Доктор Ядо
Доктор Ядо - 5 måneder siden
I need to know the name of the book.
Tim D.
Tim D. - 5 måneder siden
OK honest question. could i hire you to forge something for me ? i dont see it as a huge task and i have it drawn out with dimensions. if this is possible how can i get in touch to discuss?
lena müller
lena müller - 4 måneder siden
They auctioned Lots of their projects for several tens of thousands... Also i think they just do whatever forging they feel like since they wouldnt even have to do this
Reese G
Reese G - 5 måneder siden
I wanna tell you how much i love this series, but before i do, i wanna say that this comment is sponsoredn't by Raid Shadown't Legends.
poissonvolant - 5 måneder siden
what was the book?
Andrea Laborde
Andrea Laborde - 5 måneder siden
Why did you fall for the money Alec
George Jung
George Jung - 5 måneder siden
2:57 please tell Will not to stand behind that saw when cutting but rather step aside a bit. If this blade kicks back ( of course not very likely with MDF), it's gonna chop his nuts off...
Pim Van Delft
Pim Van Delft - 5 måneder siden
You guys are saying I get my own layer as one of the 2M?! Now I feel special!
Anthony Conti
Anthony Conti - 5 måneder siden
I walked in thinking they were making the Zweihander from Code Vein, but I'm far from diappointed
MrSmarty1973 - 5 måneder siden
Great work alec.. hey quick question .. I've just seen ur new show advertised over here in UK on the history channel. . How long has this show been running?? .. how many seasons are there?? Cheers bud!
CivilizedMenKilledMe - 5 måneder siden
Metric system is better than imperial. Inch, feet, miles, etc thats sucks!
Tim Watz
Tim Watz - 5 måneder siden
Now I can officially say, I have one layer of steel in a Zweihänder dedicated to me.
MemeMachine - 5 måneder siden
Who does the camera work and editing. Whoever does props to you all these videos look super amazing the montages and timelapses are just
Jason - 5 måneder siden
*See Raid shadow legends advert, stops watching.