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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 14:55


Alexander Krizel
Alexander Krizel - 3 dager siden
Went to the web site. Didn't see this for sale. :-(
80 iridium
80 iridium - Måned siden
how do yo like that steel?
Me : not bad, it cut thru the plate and the table XD
Laurenz Parsons
Laurenz Parsons - Måned siden
you can probably add a little hydrogen peroxide to the ferric chloride to get oxygen in there instead of bubbling it in.
Andrew Bounds
Andrew Bounds - Måned siden
you probably call niobium columbium too... :-)
Kyle Lyon
Kyle Lyon - Måned siden
*Drools over knife while etching*
"You know, I've been thinking... I bought a puppy..."
Martin Schou
Martin Schou - Måned siden
Watching Alec run up and down the stairs to do the test fitting in this and the previous video makes me wonder how long it takes him to realise that he should have dykem and a vice upstairs at the jewellery station.
BrittBoss - 2 måneder siden
I love how Alec saying Aluminum was like a sin to him and his home 🇬🇧 😂
Moondogg 11
Moondogg 11 - 2 måneder siden
If men at armes make video parts like this it would take them a year to finish one fucking sword
Chris Fernandez
Chris Fernandez - 2 måneder siden
Looks graet love it
Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies
Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies - 3 måneder siden
Try adding some hydrogen peroxide to your etch mix. To dissolve the copper off of circuit boards, I use a mix of 3 parts 3% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to 2 parts 31% HCl (hydrochloric acid, aka muriatic acid, aka toilet bowl cleaner, aka stomach acid). The acid by itself does basically nothing to copper, but add the H2O2 which gets some oxygen in the mix, and wow. If oxygen is your problem, then the same might work for your application.
1. The mix doesn't store well, loses it's strength. So you'll have to mix it fresh each time. Also has a fairly high vapor pressure, so store in a vented container.
2. A bottle of HCl will corrode anything metal that is stored nearby.
3. Never ever mix H2O2 and acetone. Kaboom.
Fran Almighty
Fran Almighty - 3 måneder siden
Alec, should u have a mini vice for tampering the blue magic potion. that would save u the stairs :)
Bruce Barnes
Bruce Barnes - 3 måneder siden
Great job guys turned out beautiful
Jo Smotherman
Jo Smotherman - 3 måneder siden
Excellent job guys. Those are beautiful. Will, if it makes you feel better, I ground my thumb off when I was 20 years old. I am 68 and still have the scar. Lol! Live and learn.
David Denton
David Denton - 3 måneder siden
Richard Bekkers
Richard Bekkers - 3 måneder siden
the bleu dycom men hehe
Shane ORegan
Shane ORegan - 3 måneder siden
Dudes, they look totally Turkey worthy , Ham worthy , roast Beef worthy, --Roast Chicken worthy, !!need I go on ?
Robert Shank
Robert Shank - 3 måneder siden
I think guys should hire a safety consultant 🙂
Ian Beer
Ian Beer - 3 måneder siden
hey guys be really interested to learn which shade of dye you used there, looks amazing
xabc1 - 3 måneder siden
Try hydrogen peroxide to add oxygen
Nine Kings
Nine Kings - 4 måneder siden
Challenge: Mosaic Damascus Stainless steel longsword with titanium cross guard, wire wrapped ebony handle, and titanium pommel.
Slim Jim32
Slim Jim32 - 4 måneder siden
Muratic acid takes a long time when it's cold, works faster when warm, for the high/low. Muratic stinks and burns your nose too, try for 90F, Then the Ferric dip @ 1to4 water provides the color to the valleys. Neutralize well afterwards with bicarbinate, then wash with water and dawn to get the grey goo off. I keep 304/316 in the ferric a good 20 minutes or more. Probably 20 minutes in the muratic also unless it's July and 110F.
Pucku85 - 4 måneder siden
great work finaly i have found some ones who sells rhynowet redline
x3n0 - 5 måneder siden
That is a badass knife.
si113ntsh00ter - 5 måneder siden
I think Damascus food and water bowls for your dog would be a fun and challenging project.
Fernando Beltran
Fernando Beltran - 5 måneder siden
I really enjoyed this video Sir Steele being that I have a craze for Stainless Steel
Furyiii805 Plymouth
Furyiii805 Plymouth - 5 måneder siden
Fork is ugly sorry
Hobby Grade
Hobby Grade - 6 måneder siden
Dig that turkey high five!
Anton Leander
Anton Leander - 6 måneder siden
Omg i just need to say that i love your videos and all the stuff you are making is so damn perfect
Jonathan Cassels
Jonathan Cassels - 6 måneder siden
I don't understand why you'd put blue on the bolster... put it on the shoulder of the tang, so it transfers to the high points on the bolster, then use the electric burr tool to clear away the bits which are blue. Repeat until it fits. Way easier that putting it on the bolster and guessing at which bits you've worked on and how deep you need to go.
Nieroshai - 6 måneder siden
Brits don't get to say they know the right way to pronounce something. Just start rattling off town names, and you'll see what I mean. Phonics, what's that? I'll stick with aluminum, you keep your Fanshaw (properly spelled "Featherstonehaugh," I kid you not).

And yes, I get that a lot of those oddities are Welsh loanwords. You still need to convince me Wales isn't British. And why Brits north of Wales still do this.
Nathan L.
Nathan L. - 6 måneder siden
Did the video editor walk in to one of your knives on the bench? because there were so many cuts this video's bled to death by 5 minutes. It might be some new cool video production fad, but it's nauseating and won't age well
bull shiyot
bull shiyot - 6 måneder siden
Dude, you carving up a Brontosaurus with that Hay-fork?
Joe Nicotera
Joe Nicotera - 6 måneder siden
Ok, what you do...for one. Since your new here. Your product is actually made partly of a magical mystery material of legend.
I have heard the BS story about the guy who made a knife out of titanium turbine parts so many times it seems a shame...but.

Isn't that Damascus stuff part jet airplane engine?

Why would anyone wear latex gloves at the grinder?
Anthony Beatty
Anthony Beatty - 6 måneder siden
We say aluminum here. You brits and your unnecessary vowels
Rock Dog
Rock Dog - 6 måneder siden
In the end...the two of you have managed to produce an aMAZING looking carving set. Input from (hope that I get this right) BarefootForge (is that right?) seemed to be VERY helpful. What you have created is a carving set that would be welcome at ANY dining table...and looks like it could easily be handed down through the ages to further generations. KUDOS to you both!
I must say, Sussenach, that you are fitting in quite well with the spirit of the American Frontier! I think you've got what it takes to make it.
Rock Dog
Rock Dog - 6 måneder siden
You should also learn to rely on the "slack-belt" section of your 2X72 sander to work those more "organic" shaped pieces of your work.
Rock Dog
Rock Dog - 6 måneder siden
Alec: I would like to offer a small suggestion that would simplify the task (and tediousness) of doing all of that delicate hand-sanding. What I have done in the past is to set up a random-orbit sander so that it is facing "pad-up" and then working my pieces across that surface (much like you would at your belt sander). This gives you the option of getting it down to some pretty fine grit paper (almost to the polishing stage) without the expense of all that "elbow grease" of having something clamped in a vice or clamp and tediously scratching at it with a small bit of sandpaper. It takes a wee bit of practice (just like any other power tool we use), but you can develop a pretty good amount of control and finesse pretty quickly. It's just a matter of how much down-pressure you exert on your workpiece.
Michael Greenfield
Michael Greenfield - 6 måneder siden
I’d like to see a stacked leather handle on one of your next pieces
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole - 6 måneder siden
You should seriously consider mass producing a simpler version of that dog tag. I would love to have a simple damascus steel tag for my little dude!!
Vytle-CxshPlxyz - 6 måneder siden
How much would I have to pay you to make a bushcraft style knife that would be pretty durable and would be able to baton wood easy
Niko Lane
Niko Lane - 6 måneder siden
Alec: wears helmet while grinding
Will: wears thimble for his thumbs
Troy Vincent
Troy Vincent - 6 måneder siden
I just have one question. Although you never answer when I ask you a question. Why don’t you use a lathe for your handles? At least to get the Rough round shape?
Gary - 6 måneder siden
I like.
riuphane - 6 måneder siden
I'd easily pay a few hundred for that carving set...I'd pay more if I had more disposable income, but honestly I wouldn't be able to afford them if they were in the triple digits (though I might take out a loan if the opportunity came up)...
I feel like projects like this should just be auctioned off and see how much you can get for them...but I wouldn't be able to part with them if I'd made them myself, so not expecting to see them any time soon...
Can't wait till you're restocked either! Really need to pre-order a few things...
ianmalkaviac - 6 måneder siden
Not that you'll see this but maybe you need a small anvil and ball peen hammer upstairs. This way you could tap the BD to make small grinding faster. Just layman making a suggestion. Love your videos, keep up the good work. On a side note I would love to see you rebuild a price of machinery again, some of my favorite videos.
Gillian Walker
Gillian Walker - 6 måneder siden
When Will gets back you should play a prank and put ink on the microscope. Turn him into a raccoon.
Gillian Walker
Gillian Walker - 6 måneder siden
And I commented to early. Welcome back Will.
Jason Greenlaw
Jason Greenlaw - 6 måneder siden
Leave it to these two turkeys to come up with a turkey high five. 🤦‍♂️🙄
Nathan Giles
Nathan Giles - 6 måneder siden
What kind of varnish or finishing solution did y'all put on the handle before polishing? Those handles look great!
Marcos Castanheira
Marcos Castanheira - 6 måneder siden
The fork actually forks
I'd expect it to cut, but I guess it's ok...
James Simonds
James Simonds - 6 måneder siden
That whole 'oxygen in the acid' thing is pure nonsense. like, utter bunkum. the rate at which oxygen dissolves into a liquid is painfully slow and splashing it around like that is just getting acid on the floor for no reason and having no chemical effect.
Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker - 6 måneder siden
If the stainless steel etching needs air in the etching solution, perhaps you could try a setup with an aquarium bubbler? They're real cheap these days, and super simple to set up, you don't need anything fancy or special. Don't know if the foam bits and plastic accessories will hold up in acid. But the nylon tube should be perfectly fine, maybe poke a few holes in the side for more bubbles. This could come in handy if you guys do bigger pieces in the future.
Side note to Alec; my family and I are all born and raised in the states. My Mom has had a life long problem pronouncing the word alun inum(as spelled, and no problems with any other words). I suggest the UK pronunciation after hearing it on TV, it's never given her problems. Just a linguistic curiosity.
A Stang
A Stang - 6 måneder siden
I’ve been waiting for another “holy granola”!!!
DENIS REEVES - 6 måneder siden
Alex you should know better no rings on whilst working on machines unless you are working on a ring and then you would not have it on your finger friend of mine caught in a very small lathe but still ripped all the flesh of just leaving the bone so please loose the ring
Denis from Liverpool across the pond
Justin - 6 måneder siden
One of my first projects was a mokume gane dog tag
111smd - 6 måneder siden
i would recommend using tallow candle to mark with smoke not Dykem
this is used in gun making to get precise fits between 2 pieces of metal
this technique will always leave a precise mark when you want a vary tight fit
REVERENDBOOGIE - 6 måneder siden
what happen to making "doise"
Seth Gremmert
Seth Gremmert - 6 måneder siden
6:21 ***DOISE
David McQueen
David McQueen - 6 måneder siden
I really do appreciate the blue dykem song.
julissa medina
julissa medina - 6 måneder siden
The deodorant consideration is sweet
vurtego flybar
vurtego flybar - 6 måneder siden
why doesn't;t Alec invite sam folwer once
Magic Smoke FPV
Magic Smoke FPV - 6 måneder siden
Just for future projects, try purging your canister with Argon first really well, before you forge it, and you will get No cracks, and it should save you some material. Hope this helps!
The Chairmen
The Chairmen - 6 måneder siden
Have you ever made a Damascus steel fishing lure?
Louie Macorncan
Louie Macorncan - 6 måneder siden
wanna redo the challenge of Damascus Steel and Titanium or we could go with old stupid folklore legends about something stupid for my crazy drunken friend I have to keep on telling me over and over annoyingly about it about fusing bronze with some sort ranty about steel. Keep in mind that my idiot friend think steel is going to work perfectly with bronze for I would have his sorry #$$ wrong about it because that would be absolutely more stupid or infused with his blabbing mouth titanium with bronze which I find it more stupid because he is always drunk on his #$$ and too lazy type it in on his computer to the internet.
David Dixon
David Dixon - 6 måneder siden
When did you get married good lord I think I missed something your video on making the ring was just a month or 2 ago.
N R - 6 måneder siden
You should make beskar steel bars from the new mandalorion star wars series out of Damascus steel.
Tom Hume
Tom Hume - 7 måneder siden
2/1 peroxide (3%) to muriatic😉
Kiros - 7 måneder siden
forge doors?
Adam Troczynski
Adam Troczynski - 7 måneder siden
I think i saw you guys use "Birchwood Casey True-Oil Gun Stock Finish" to oil the handle.
How many coats did you do?
Gregory Kwiatkowski
Gregory Kwiatkowski - 7 måneder siden
Not sure where to make the request...
Please make the armor for the Mandalorian (it'd be all Damascus)
Noesknows1 - 7 måneder siden
Fantastic video 👏 Congratulations on your success! I'll try and click faster next time maybe I'll get a hammer.
RT melt
RT melt - 7 måneder siden
2018- 1.94 million subs

2019- 1.94 million subs
Jay Ly
Jay Ly - 7 måneder siden
Great to see will back . Much love from your Australian fans 🇦🇺
Rob Goose
Rob Goose - 7 måneder siden
Good to see you thriving in the Land of opportunity Alec. Keep up the great work!
Mateus Benin
Mateus Benin - 7 måneder siden
I would like to see you duing a damascus using scrap damascus from other projects
Arthur Perea
Arthur Perea - 7 måneder siden
Can you make amour!
Dakota Guyer
Dakota Guyer - 7 måneder siden
What would a 50 lb hammer cost ??? Would you do custom orders ???
Ian Fifelski
Ian Fifelski - 7 måneder siden
"holy granoly"
Will: I thought it was funny
Chlodwig van Fredhoven
Chlodwig van Fredhoven - 7 måneder siden
I simply adore Will!
Resisting Entropy
Resisting Entropy - 7 måneder siden
So now my suspicions about you getting married are confirmed, congratulations. And congratulations to your team, as well as Ethan Harty, on the near instantaneous hammer sales. Great things await for next year!
Michael W.
Michael W. - 7 måneder siden
Remember when Alec used to bolt his leg vises and anvils to the floor.
Leib33 - 7 måneder siden
Someone asked why we weren't invited to the wedding. I suggested that I don't think even the largest stadium in Montana would have been able to contain all of us who would have come.
Logan Riley
Logan Riley - 7 måneder siden
Alec-I’m gonna go make some dust
My entire soul, heart, and mind- *doise