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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 20:52


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 2 måneder siden
Huge congratulations are owed to Will for the beautiful work on this knife. I hope it helps inspire folks who have limited tools to keep pushing the boundaries of their skills. Having good tools is so much fun and brings such joy to us as makers, but we don't need them to get better and make better work. Experience, ingenuity and hard work always trumps the fancy tools! Fancy tools just help make the knowledge get applied easier!
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Te Amorangi Day
Te Amorangi Day - 2 måneder siden
Alec Steele hey Alec just wanna say “May your hammer swing true”.Me and a good friend of mine are walking the steps into blacksmithing and when we see your videos we see a clear future on where we are going to go, I just wanna day you guys are doing a great job and hope u both are well stay safe. “As the fire burn and metals turn, your creations are something we all learn. The hammers sing in song when hit on anvil This is where you belong.”
J Double C
J Double C - 2 måneder siden
Alec Steele when are you gonna finish the Zweihander ?
Emil Lee JojoBeckersLee
Emil Lee JojoBeckersLee - 2 måneder siden
Alec Steele Good Best Liked Video And Where Generous And Best True At Me New You Jojo Beckers
Johann Hattingh
Johann Hattingh - 2 måneder siden
Thanks Will actually learnt a couple of neat tricks from the video to apply in general diy tasks as well. You guys have awesome vids.
ybz3300 - 2 måneder siden
Finally the one and only Will in a video, no annoying Englishman with his awful and overdone accent.
YAHWEH'S KID - Dag siden
Beautiful work!
Kwaark - 4 dager siden
absolute beast !!!
marcus11619 - 4 dager siden
What makes this a $1000 knife?
shitkicker86 - 9 dager siden
it shows what he can but didtn give any good or usable advices expecially for beginners
Made to Create
Made to Create - 9 dager siden
What epoxy did you use.?
C E - 15 dager siden
What did you use to get that black finish?
Francisco Mogrovejo
Francisco Mogrovejo - 16 dager siden
amazing work! really inspiring!!
Behn Smith
Behn Smith - 20 dager siden
Very nice. I especially liked how you took the opportunity to experiment with the guard first since you could cut it off or grind it down if it didn't work out.
robert guando
robert guando - 24 dager siden
That knife is AWESOME!! Will you killed it my man. I’m definitely gonna try something similar soon
Scott Carse
Scott Carse - 26 dager siden
Nice job, are you selling it? And if so how much?
RANDOMLETTERS1111 - Måned siden
I use more tools than he does in these videos on my knives and mine look like something that was made by somebody with no tools in the 19th century who hasn't had human contact in 10 years
Dee N
Dee N - Måned siden
sonic the hedgehog movie trailer
Bigfoot Smith
Bigfoot Smith - Måned siden
I love that I'm not the only one to use blocks of wood as make shift forge doors lol
M. Umer Farooq Sheikh
M. Umer Farooq Sheikh - Måned siden
Excellent work helped me alot and I made a knife with hand tools based on the previous video
Federico Pugi
Federico Pugi - Måned siden
Very beautiful the knife, but I noticed that the editing quality of that video Is not good a usual...
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - Måned siden
Very very nice, glad to see a work of art being performed without all the tools of the Alec. Hope to see more like this. Gives the rest of up inspiration and hope.
B Smith
B Smith - Måned siden
What makes this knife worth 1k and who in their right mind would spend that much on one
Crits - 2 måneder siden
That blade looks incredible
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson - 2 måneder siden
This garage style is why I fell in love with Alec years back, miss it, Will, please don’t stop doing it at home for’s wonderful again.
Keith B
Keith B - 2 måneder siden
Still trying to figure out how he came up with $1000 knife
Lessian Saralonde
Lessian Saralonde - 2 måneder siden
Lol I like how he considers a forge and anvil to be 'basic tools' . Because doesnt everyone have one of these stashed in the back of the shed?
Rory Wallace
Rory Wallace - 2 måneder siden
You guys should consider naming the knives you make during this social distancing. Maybe something like the "Covid- Collection" or something along that line.
Zach - 2 måneder siden
Will, I remember the dinosaur mosaic blade, as well as the chefs knives you've made. I'd wager if you did something similar to say, sushi or large tuna knives with Japanese luck symbols down the thickness, you'd have commissions beating down your door!
SmokedEdge - 2 måneder siden
Great video, very nice for inspiration. Would've loved to see some nice views/photography of the finished product.
Sam Fulkerson
Sam Fulkerson - 2 måneder siden
No middle ground process between $100 and $1,000?
R D - 2 måneder siden
I love these videos!!
Vincenzo Fazzino
Vincenzo Fazzino - 2 måneder siden
i love how this videos are more realistic with the majority of peoples budgest and working space
Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns - 2 måneder siden
What a great view you have there Will
Harold Hoffman
Harold Hoffman - 2 måneder siden
i want to buy files for metal. What do you recommend? The knife is excellent. Thank you for hours of enjoyable viewing.
Dustin Pearl
Dustin Pearl - 2 måneder siden
Have you ever made a barber’s straight edge blade for shaving? Damascus?
Stacy Curtis
Stacy Curtis - 2 måneder siden
You continue to improve you made a very nice forever knife there keep up the good work.
Shannan Schisler
Shannan Schisler - 2 måneder siden
I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.
Iron Ninja
Iron Ninja - 2 måneder siden
Omg.. so perfect knife!
One Quest : why do you put block Woods in front of the forge ?
Archimedes743 - 2 måneder siden
Im surprised you guys don’t sell files.
Daniel Toillion
Daniel Toillion - 2 måneder siden
Final result looked amazing!
J B - 2 måneder siden
That is a beautiful piece. Well done! I would love to chat with you guys contact me on Messenger. Jake Bowers
Itsme - 2 måneder siden
i know we are in your garage BUT WHERE IS THE BOOKS AND KNOWLEDGE
Marius Orentas
Marius Orentas - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone what songs they use in this video?
steamtrainjr - 2 måneder siden
Why are knives worth so much?
Chip Schlemmer
Chip Schlemmer - 2 måneder siden
I watch all of your videos but I really love seeing you guys put the hammer to steel!!!
redstone71 - 2 måneder siden
Really loving these videos, kinda fun watching you watch stuff on your phone, have zoom calls etc. while working. Thanks for keeping it real.
Chris Gentry
Chris Gentry - 2 måneder siden
What is a good starting hammer
BOSS WAVE - 2 måneder siden
You guys should do a more in depth video on hand filing bevels and stuff like that for those of us that want to get into knife making
Donald Schafer
Donald Schafer - 2 måneder siden
Looks like my drive way
EoinMac - 2 måneder siden
Maybe the next thing he can make is a grooming kit with a hollow grind folding razor and a pair of scissors for a home a haircut during quarantine.
NuManXplore - 2 måneder siden
Awesome work!!
Martin Hansen
Martin Hansen - 2 måneder siden
Great fucking content. Well done my dude!
GoldenGabe - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else got reminded of Better Call Saul when he mentioned cocobolo?
DiesDasIrgendwas - 2 måneder siden
Great job, Will. How many hours did you spend on this project?
Greetings from Germany
INSOMNIAC. CP - 2 måneder siden
Nope i unsubscribed
Jdmeesey - 2 måneder siden
Almost like the Barker Street forge again
Ben Grant
Ben Grant - 2 måneder siden
Wait, is that a knife that would sell for $1,000, or a knife made with a $1,000 setup?
crazysnake96 - 2 måneder siden
“Basic tools” BASICALLY every tool he used I do not own
nilton moura
nilton moura - 2 måneder siden
Very nice
Jeff Armitage
Jeff Armitage - 2 måneder siden
how long did it take and y cant make knives that fast
adam O
adam O - 2 måneder siden
What size forge would I need to make a small hand axe and knives?
barnzy104 - 2 måneder siden
Do you need to use that quenching oil or is there other alternatives that you may have at home?
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 2 måneder siden
It depends on what steel you use, in his previous build he used vegetable oil for the quench
Brandon Guin
Brandon Guin - 2 måneder siden
Will this is awesome. Thank you
Phantom T.V
Phantom T.V - 2 måneder siden
Wrought iron forged too low, with too much force
Galaxy Gang
Galaxy Gang - 2 måneder siden
Why didn't you cut that wood on the bottom to save wood instead of cutting diagonal
Soggy Bottom Forge / Joe
Soggy Bottom Forge / Joe - 2 måneder siden
Sure is nice getting back to the basics, isn't it Will. 😁⚒👍
Crits - 2 måneder siden
My man that looks f******g incredible!!!
jeremy Evans
jeremy Evans - 2 måneder siden
Who is the band playing the music ? And what is the title ?? Thx
George Gordon Brown
George Gordon Brown - 2 måneder siden
Ed Thompson
Ed Thompson - 2 måneder siden
You are very talented. I wish you could slow things down so those of us that are trying to learn could. Thanks so much.
Seemore Butts
Seemore Butts - 2 måneder siden
You know how you can tell that all Montanans love living there? Because everyone else has already killed themselves.
harrisclan777 - 2 måneder siden
Will did you have to pre heat the oil for the quench?
MnEr0nE mmn
MnEr0nE mmn - 2 måneder siden
Will u make some beautiful knifes
Patrick Teague
Patrick Teague - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely beautiful work, Will. This has been by far the best example I've seen of your skill as a Knife maker. You are gifted, and thank you for sharing this project with us.
the family_ak
the family_ak - 2 måneder siden
Very interested in what ur using 4 a broach cleaning up the guard fit , ? Is a saws all blade ? Modified hack saw blade ? Looks like something ide like 2 try on my next one , thx 4 staying busy , peace , love , n Gby , dry 2 clear if I, what are u using at the 9min mark 2 clean up the guard slot ?
the family_ak
the family_ak - 2 måneder siden
No not that one , what he is using at the 9:52 mark , cleaning the guard slot , is that a hacksaw blade , or a saws all blade ?
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 2 måneder siden
It is a handle broach made by black dragon forge, they sell them on the Alec Steele website
SirKilmore001 - 2 måneder siden
14:04 have you been fighting Will?
Dave Blancett
Dave Blancett - 2 måneder siden
Fancy tools? We don’t need no fancy tools when we got fancy talent. Wow!
HINDSIGHT 20\20 - 2 måneder siden
But we love dicum!
Ender Lord
Ender Lord - 2 måneder siden
That's a gorgeous blade, you should be proud. I'm not a fan of the jumping on the spine, I prefer a smooth simple blade but it looks very nice anyway
Adam Nesvold
Adam Nesvold - 2 måneder siden
Will, I NEED to own one of your knives one day! They are always so gorgeous!
Yabbie - 2 måneder siden
Will, you sir, are a fantastic and talented knife-maker. Respect!
Tyler Genke
Tyler Genke - 2 måneder siden
Beautiful knife good job. I am impressed with your skills. Keep up the good work!
Matthew Scocco
Matthew Scocco - 2 måneder siden
Will is the American copy of Alec
Zach Smith
Zach Smith - 2 måneder siden
that is a phenomenal knife. good job.