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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 16:58


Mcman Lovin
Mcman Lovin - 16 timer siden
Thnq for skill share
Hastur Nyogtha
Hastur Nyogtha - Dag siden
I have just one question on this magnificent work !
I just don't get it. Is Coffee have some sort of special properties to flag out the patterns of the wrought steel ?
MrTingles - 25 dager siden
Toss a coin to your Stelter.
Ryan Babcock
Ryan Babcock - 26 dager siden
Would love to see you guys do Forged in Fire. I think you'd rock it
William Elizondo
William Elizondo - 29 dager siden
Give that to Gordon Ramsay or forge a knife for him
Andy Aitken
Andy Aitken - Måned siden
No no no Will! Use red dykem. It’s your creation, be a rebel🤣🤣🤣
Alisson Verissimo
Alisson Verissimo - Måned siden
seu eu tivesse visto essa faca antes da pandemia teria comprado mais o dólar subiu tao bruscamente que eu teria que pagar 9000 reais por essa faca antes da pandemia ira sair so por uns 4000 reais
drac richards
drac richards - Måned siden
man anything i have ever seen will make is absolutely friggin phenominal. beautiful craftsmanship Will.
Vinzent Scholz
Vinzent Scholz - Måned siden
Why is this knive unuseable only because it is not hardnt kompleatly won't it work if only the Cutting edge is hardened
Bob Rodney's
Bob Rodney's - Måned siden
I love how the music abruptly stopped when he blew out the candle😂😂
Unqualified Craftsman
Unqualified Craftsman - Måned siden
He inspired me to make my own channel.
Please check it.
171CAMARO - Måned siden
Chanel thief
Mark Lipps
Mark Lipps - Måned siden
Once again top notch work Will. Keep up the fantastic work.
Josh N
Josh N - Måned siden
Loved the music in this episode.
Josh N
Josh N - Måned siden
Why don't you two just get tested? Then you can work together in the shop.
Aaron Bigge
Aaron Bigge - Måned siden
That is just plain sexy. How much lol.
Joe Williams
Joe Williams - Måned siden
Will: •drops clamp•
Also will: I almost DIED
Joe Williams
Joe Williams - Måned siden
We wanna get that *angry goose noise* to a not *angry goose noise*
Jess Hines
Jess Hines - Måned siden
Absolutely flabbergasted. This was amazing Will. Looks like that took the better part of a week, but man I'd love to do that. Seems like the one thing I couldn't really do without though is a forge. I just need a weekend to practice with someone who has a setup before I go an build/buy stuff for another hobby.
2H80vids - Måned siden
While I'm sure the fancy editing is all very clever, artistic even, I'd love to be able to see what Will is actually *doing* in his garage. He produced a beautiful knife but I have very little idea *how* he did it. Would it maybe to possible to leave some footage of these processes intact, without doing anything "clever" to it? My whole reason for watching this channel is to appreciate these skills and, just maybe, learn something. That isn't going to happen when all the footage is edited to fit the music, rather than edited to show us the processes involved.
Am I the only one that feels this way?

Cheers for now,
Patrick Teague
Patrick Teague - Måned siden
Beautiful work, Will. Truly a work of art. You have a God given talent, which you've taken further with your hard work and patience.
Ryan Sweatt
Ryan Sweatt - Måned siden
JACK'D UP 93 WNY CREW - Måned siden
Great video
happyplace22 - Måned siden
Will:there is a very significant bend to the left
Me:can’t see the bend
Rodger B
Rodger B - Måned siden
Will that is the SICKEST Bowie EVER!
Simeon Jekov
Simeon Jekov - Måned siden
In my humble opinion - it could have used the clean non darkened bronze. it would have been a pretty contrast. Or at least rubbed and polished look of the bronze. You are kinda loosing all the purpose of that bronze
Paul Ellwood
Paul Ellwood - Måned siden
Will is a master with the file now! I know he spends hours at it but it is absolutely worth it.
Destructo Au
Destructo Au - Måned siden
I would love to own one of your blades
Destructo Au
Destructo Au - Måned siden
This is beautiful Will
Juice Lee
Juice Lee - Måned siden
Are you looking to sale any of these knives?
Chris Lebleu
Chris Lebleu - Måned siden
Subscribed! I love watching this kinda video when there's commentary and music so your channel is 200% awesome to me!
Neil Klump
Neil Klump - Måned siden
Amazing work! I was just curious though, is the glue enough they itself? I guess I haven’t seen a hidden tang knife without a pin or a pommel or screw to help keep it mechanically together. Maybe I missed it. Just trying to learn.
Ariyana Dumon
Ariyana Dumon - Måned siden
What a magnificent blade, thanks for sharing.
john baker
john baker - Måned siden
I have a challenge for you an Alec make a chain sword this could be a really fun project that some people could even do at home with a welder an a hot fire pit or forge if they have one
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - Måned siden
MR STELTER! That is a disgustingly good blade! 😉
David Ellis
David Ellis - Måned siden
Why didn’t you heat up the tang end first then flip it for the tip. If you do this then the back end heats up enough. The tip is the thinnest part so you don’t over heat it and get that grainy sand problem
James Reid
James Reid - Måned siden
Nice job will, way to knock it out of the park!
Eddie Avila
Eddie Avila - Måned siden
Damn what a BEAST. Will, please consider going on Forged in Fire. You would kill it, man. Well done!
Andy T
Andy T - Måned siden
Andy T
Andy T - Måned siden
Let's take it back to where you challenged yourself. I challenge you guys at SCRIMSHAW!!! Will you take up that challenge. I can just see you guys make a nice bone handle with scrimshaw.
Pop A TicTak
Pop A TicTak - Måned siden
Dude! You are an artist. That is a beautiful knife!
huntnfish549 - Måned siden
Absolutely looks top-notch
Crystal Wright
Crystal Wright - Måned siden
Hey guys was wondering what the process is to get on your waiting list for the 2.5 pound square circle rounding hammer
will d
will d - Måned siden
All the work being done on the knife is played in accelerated mode, the results in real time.
I watch these vids to learn something but this doesn´t make sense, it all goes much to fast to
see what is actually happening.
Some work in real time would make these videos much better and easier to watch.
It´s a shame this beautiful work isn´t really visible.
Elisha North
Elisha North - Måned siden
9:06 is that rdavidr on the screen?
Mr. Casual
Mr. Casual - Måned siden
I have an Idea, Steele vs. Stelter, Making a Trident. Or just making a trident.
EchoThirst - Måned siden
Bet nobody knows that Alec has a Wyoming flaggggg 😱😱 Wyoming!
Tom Sensible
Tom Sensible - Måned siden
Great job!
James Holmes
James Holmes - Måned siden
*waits by Will's garbage incase the blade gets throw out* Don't mind me, just inspecting things.
seann murphy
seann murphy - Måned siden
Been saving this vid for the weekend and Will didn't disappoint. Just to reiterate somone else's comment, Shout out to Jamie for the music and video editing. Keep up the good work.
wcouch8 - Måned siden
Now that you painted the Chambersburg, the Anyang is looking like it needs something to set off those googeley eyes ... is it time for you to collect suggestions from your subscribers?
Brian Milhous
Brian Milhous - Måned siden
Wish I could build a beauty like that. Well done Will! I would buy that Bowie off any shelf!
FILAY Bull - Måned siden
That smog technique is ingenious
Patrik Broman
Patrik Broman - Måned siden
so what happened to the zweihander?
can you make cratos sword or axe
Jackson Robb
Jackson Robb - Måned siden
Make an Umbrage sword, from The Last Kingdom
stone town riders
stone town riders - Måned siden
Yay will lol bin wait bin a while blade looking 🔥 and still love the power hammer decal alec 👹
Brady McPhail
Brady McPhail - Måned siden
WOW! what a Craftsman Will! I'm so impressed with some of todays young gun Craftsman & woman, and then there's the most of the people your age who dont have a desire or care about anything except where the party is. I'm proud of the quality that you put out
Will Stelter
Will Stelter - Måned siden
Brady McPhail thank you!
arewhyinoh - Måned siden
Alec: Hey Will, what are you doing during the lock down?
Will: I'm just making exceptionally beautiful, work of art, masterpiece level knives with my bare hands. Why, what are you up to?
Alec: I paint face on hammer.
Koloth - Måned siden
Well, he also repaired the hammer and made 2 pairs of tongs and a cross peen hammer. And I think the new paint job is better than the original so it is all good. But honestly this is kind of what I always wanted from the channel. Each doing something a bit different and only once in a while coming together for a bigger project.
Ierotheos - Måned siden
You guys weld all your Damascus billets, and that's great. But what I would love to see in one of your videos though is an in depth demonstration on steel-wire tying billets, and forge welding them by hand.
I've seen it in forum posts but I think making the technique a little bit more public would be great as it cuts down costs DRASTICALLY. You don't need to buy a welder and you don't have to pay someone by the bead. All you need is a spool of steel wire and some pliers and you can do your own billets independently for however much wire you buy.
Please, pretty please, bless us poor smiths with this wisdom.
Giovanni OQUendo
Giovanni OQUendo - Måned siden
Can anyone explain what heat treating and quenching does
Wayne Flanigan
Wayne Flanigan - Måned siden
Hardens the steel.
Neil Wood
Neil Wood - Måned siden
Despite his young age this guy has some mad skills. I’m definitely going back to watch part one. After that I may even subscribe.
Willie No Legs
Willie No Legs - Måned siden
Beautiful knife
Will Jolliff
Will Jolliff - Måned siden
The king of hand-sanding returns!
Josh Redmond
Josh Redmond - Måned siden
Do not like skill share. Signed up for the 2 month free trial they have anything on the subject I was looking for so I cancelled my trial. Then 2 months later they charged me for a full years subscription and getting a refund was a hassle because there's no number to call to talk to anyone everything has to be done through email.
Yamaha Café
Yamaha Café - Måned siden
So 2 parts and done!? No 37 parts with Will handsanding and Alec cooped up in his sparkly room were he ruins the build with sparkly stuff. Kudos to Will for making the knife awesome without using a buttload of Diamonds!
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris - Måned siden
I've been following your channel for a couple of years now..quite enthusiastically.. I've enjoyed your progress, particularly in the last year. I've only ever made two knives , both were stock removal..( from flat files).. so I applaud your skills at the forge!! I find myself looking for the next video every day!!
B.S. Adventures
B.S. Adventures - Måned siden
Just out of curiosity....damascus is one of the strangest ways to fold steel right?!?!??! Ever consider making Damascus auto parts?!?!? Like a drive shaft...roll cage....motor parts??!?!?
Rebecca Rae
Rebecca Rae - Måned siden
I thought you were joking when you said you were going to instant coffee edge the blade

Nope, you really weren’t 😂
Stoney A.K.A. James
Stoney A.K.A. James - Måned siden
Out-Fricken-Standing Will!
Kaynub - Måned siden
Alec might listen to self-help audiobooks while working on a project but as you can see my man Will, well he watched The Office. I love this guy!
Baxi - Måned siden
Man Will is so skilled with a file, he just makes perfect shapes and it looks so good!
True Machine Automation
True Machine Automation - Måned siden
Incredible Knife... Great Job!
Jake Berchem
Jake Berchem - Måned siden
Really impressed with will's side of videos
Ayhan Şimşek
Ayhan Şimşek - Måned siden
You making wakizashi no power?
Crazy King
Crazy King - Måned siden
why don't you enter the fire blacksmith competition
Karol Kocik
Karol Kocik - Måned siden
Alec, one video per week?!?!?!
Todd V
Todd V - Måned siden
Art... Nuff said
Call me Buff Thighs
Call me Buff Thighs - Måned siden
Can you make the knife from "The 100," season 2 episode 6? It's Damascus and I thought it might look cool 😊
Joshua Longie
Joshua Longie - Måned siden
You Guy's so must do a Quarantine competition please!!!! Alex vs. WILL any project a 24 hour time limit!!! We vote on winner