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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 14:46


Mr_Alpha_ Jenson
Mr_Alpha_ Jenson - 9 timer siden
Didn't he say the tools he used we most likely have at home who the frick had honing oil
Warmindking - 12 timer siden
Not just the nozzle but you failed to mention it’s not propane and instead map gas because map gas burns hotter than propane that you’re using.
DirtNastyLow - 5 dager siden
How to make the scav knife from Escape From Tarkov.
Timothy Gonzales jr
Timothy Gonzales jr - 5 dager siden
I could prolly make a knife with a file and a few things of sandpaper
TalkSick CanSir
TalkSick CanSir - 6 dager siden
finally someone who says shea butter lik me
KNIFEGUY1701 - 9 dager siden
Meanwhile I've been making knives in my workshop with a 60$ belt sander, and a 20$ grinder from the flea market, so 80$ ha beat that (this is a joke btw don't be snow flakes*
Isaac Cervantes
Isaac Cervantes - 9 dager siden
Awesome video, excellent way to kill some quarantine time. Minus the baking time, about how long did this take you?
Henry Cripps
Henry Cripps - 10 dager siden
Would look sweet in damascus!!!!!!!
Mike Best
Mike Best - 11 dager siden
drill a hole in the end and run the string throu that lol lol
Mike Best
Mike Best - 11 dager siden
thats to long only 45 minutes thats all twice you will aniel it to much that long in thr oven ill bet its a little soft but a knife that small its probly ok
Mike Best
Mike Best - 11 dager siden
good job little buddy i have made custom knives for over 36 years good job bud
félix de brébisson
félix de brébisson - 13 dager siden
there is a more easy way to do the handle wrapping thing by using a vice, look at the instagram account of wildsteer they show how to do it, it's way faster than doing it like you do
nibb a
nibb a - 15 dager siden
I made a forge with some bricks a pipe and a air mattress blower to flatten a lawn mower blade
Renato Zegpi
Renato Zegpi - 17 dager siden
But most importantly, WILL IT KEEL ?
Casey Milburn
Casey Milburn - 19 dager siden
550 Paracord for the handle wrap would work.
Stijn Otten
Stijn Otten - 19 dager siden
That thing you said right there :"honing oil" literly means honey in my language: dutch. Honey is honing in dutch
OH MAMA - 20 dager siden
This man has a integrated rules in his hand
Kekex_mp4 - 27 dager siden
wait is it alec on the start or someone else for firs i thought it is someone else video
darthbuzz - 28 dager siden
YAY! You said the 'v' word. My fave. vid. so far.
You should do the design work in pencil on the metal. Saves all that faffing about with paper.
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett - Måned siden
Sorry Will. In the nicest way... Calling you out on doing a review of blow torch's.
As you quoted Bernzomatic TS8000 is maybe another US$20 on your budget.
NOPE the going price without gas - Price: £120.18 on it's own!!
benisbros - Måned siden
This is exactly how our school advised we do metal working.
Not efficient, but cheap. Now I know why.
chris johnes
chris johnes - Måned siden
bro, you could buy a knife like that for like 10 bucks
DED RXBBIT - Måned siden
Hey Alec...idw to burt your bubble, but how can deodorant be “vegan?” I mean i understand what it means. I’m not gonna go around shovin a meat stick in my armpit, that ACTUALLY how they market it? Just curious. Found it...odd.
Rob Stainsbury
Rob Stainsbury - Måned siden
Put the lid back on the superglue!
Unstoppable Duck
Unstoppable Duck - Måned siden
Aw I wish this was forging
Lucy Pettijohn
Lucy Pettijohn - Måned siden
Bold of you to assume I have anything but the superglue.
B_back_in_10 - Måned siden
As a farmer....yea....we got lots of tools Edit: and if you got a goes a lot faster when cutting
Richard Hilson
Richard Hilson - Måned siden
Where is the list of tools for what we need. I would be very helpful.
Reece van Staden
Reece van Staden - Måned siden
Make a how to train your dragon sword.
Skate For Life Vlogs
Skate For Life Vlogs - Måned siden
Ima try and make one for my step dad
peter scorciolla
peter scorciolla - Måned siden
I use 2 ts8000 torches and some fire bricks. As of right now the biggest thing I was able to successfully heat treatment was a 20 inch blade. It’s a great torch and I recommend anyone looking to start get one
Waylon RM
Waylon RM - Måned siden
I surprisingly already use this stuff and it’s amazing
Josiah Van Tassell
Josiah Van Tassell - Måned siden
Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that this knife, literally any were else in history would be a better knife than most people would ever own .
islanddoc90 - Måned siden
I like the idea, but there are some issues. First, all that stuff may cost 100 USD in America. However, where I live, the nozzle for the propane torch costs roughly 75 dollars when converted to USD. The actual propane is another 15-20. The file would be about 30-40. A hacksaw and a couple blades would be another 20. Sharpening stone would be maybe 10 and good luck finding honing oil here. I usually use food grade mineral oil. The C clamps would be another 15 or so. Plus ~10 for two little slabs of 1095 if bought from the site. So I would be looking at almost double the stated budget. That's the main reason I have never fully gotten into knife making or blacksmithing. It's just so prohibitively expensive where I am.
Vinny Falzarano
Vinny Falzarano - Måned siden
I'd buy it
RIPPER334 - Måned siden
Or... You could spend the money you dropped on materials and tools, and buy a better knife. Derp
Alex Wenham
Alex Wenham - Måned siden
Yeah, but that's 1 knife, and no fun. With this investment, you can add to and make better knives in the future, not to mention planty of other things
Bleiddyn Pictures
Bleiddyn Pictures - Måned siden
You guys should do Damascus armor when you can get back to the shop.
James Johnson
James Johnson - Måned siden
Seriously addicted to your channel keep up the great content
Miles Moore
Miles Moore - Måned siden
Plus, you can continue making knifes with the $120 dollars tool investment. Butj questions: 1. no need to check the temp of the steel before the first quench ? Just get it red? 2. Then put it in the 400 degree oven for 2 hours each but let it cool to room temp ? 3. What finish stone grit do you reccommend for finish ? 4. how easy will this blade break ?
Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman - Måned siden
Question guys. The specific touch will mentions. What is it? Bernzomatic 4000?
Joris Renting
Joris Renting - 2 måneder siden
That's not a knife, that's a shank!
Paul M Hall
Paul M Hall - 2 måneder siden
While grubbing around the garage , I came across a length of 4mm x 40mm black MS bar, I just made my first knife! Thanks for the inspiration Will :-)
Shawns Derby den
Shawns Derby den - 2 måneder siden
I would of liked to have seen you make a small home made forge and used common tools to try and get the same out come but with actual forging and not just gutting and filing
Mathew Gagnon
Mathew Gagnon - 2 måneder siden
This could possibly be the slowest/worst way to heat treat. Lol I tried it
James Milczarski
James Milczarski - 2 måneder siden
Shank master in prison
chris sherman
chris sherman - 2 måneder siden
Spectacular video guys! This is a little more my pace (and skill honestly). I have similar tools, and now I can get a knife made. Big shout out to coronavirus for making this video possible and educating me (a plebe). All seriousness, this was very educational, THANK YOU!!
I tell you something that doesn't matter.Benjamin Franklin would have been embarrassed to put out a $ 100 bill.
TheDrawingCattus - 2 måneder siden
I love british accent
VooDoo JuJu
VooDoo JuJu - 2 måneder siden
How thick do you leave the cutting edge when you heat treat the blade , I'm at about .050 I need to be thinner ?
Therealpaul Kaminsky
Therealpaul Kaminsky - 2 måneder siden
I think the longer it takes the more worth it it is
Colby Bastian
Colby Bastian - 2 måneder siden
My question: I'm about to start on this project, and my only major concern is if I should have any respiratory protection for sanding the metals. If I upgrade to a small belt sander, should I get respiratory protection then? Very basic question, I know. I know metals can be dangerous, so I'm only going to start with 1080 blanks.
Frugal Forge
Frugal Forge - 2 måneder siden
Files, not really. 1x30 or 1x42 type small belt grinder, yes. I didn't and still don't have a respirator because EVERYTHING IS GONE, but my snot turns black if I don't wear any lung protection, and it's harder to breathe at night sometimes
Callers Voice
Callers Voice - 2 måneder siden
Could've made a loop that goes up the length of the handle. Loop end towards where you want to finish the wrap, and leaving a "tag" on the opposite end. Wrap towards the loops end in whatever fashion you choose, then put the end of twine through the loop, and pull the tag. It'll bring the end of your cordage through the middle of the wrap. No knots, no glue... It's a classic method for attaching spear heads, arrow fletching, and much more
Ole Cramer-Bach
Ole Cramer-Bach - 2 måneder siden
Nice guide for beginners.
Just one question, If this was on a budget, Why did you buy honing oil instead of just using water or babyoil (must be cheaper)?
Keep the great videos coming! :)
Dan Mulligan
Dan Mulligan - 2 måneder siden
More videos like this please!
Gage Peters
Gage Peters - 2 måneder siden
Are you ever going to finish the zweihandeir
Richard M.
Richard M. - 2 måneder siden
See, this is what we need. I really wish you guys would “re-do” some of the early videos with the much-improved post-production, narration and filming and really dig into those basic skills. The leaf-making, hammer control. Making simple things in order to improve skills and begin the step-by-step progression towards skilled blacksmithing. You guys have progressed so fast because of your popularity and therefore monetization (which I heartily applaud), but most of us progress more slowly.
Additionally, with the inability to do in-person classes, perhaps now is the time to create instructional video series that can be purchased? Each series can focus on technology as the threshold. Hammer-only, hammer and power tools, power tools and angle grinders, power tools and belt-grinders, power hammer and belt grinders...
Each stage needs specific instruction on technique, common errors, “look out for,” and set up. Take care and let me know if you need help!!
Andrew Muhling
Andrew Muhling - 2 måneder siden
Really nice work.
I wish you folk would subtitle metric units for your non-US viewers? My old brain can't process to units that mean something to me on the fly.
Dr. Amrynn
Dr. Amrynn - 2 måneder siden
I feel like you did the handle the hard way. If you take the jute, lay it from the butt of the handle to the ricasso, so it hangs maybe 2 inches off the end of the knife, and literally circle wrap around from ricasso to the end of the handle, and about 3/4 of an inch from the end, take the 2 inches you left from the end, make a loop, wrap that last 3/4 of the handle, making sure to leave the end of the loop out. You can take the end you were wrapping with, put it through that loop, and pull the OTHER end, securing the loop down towards the handle. then you can take a lighter to it, make it smooth and perty, i personally cover it with wood glue, and sand it. Food for thought :)
HINDSIGHT 20\20 - 2 måneder siden
The raptor sheers. .. Love it
Bruno Rosa
Bruno Rosa - 2 måneder siden
And much was the stone? lol
Dr. Anubis
Dr. Anubis - 2 måneder siden
When are you guys gonna restock the steel?
Chipsonfire - 2 måneder siden
Will: $100 in tools you probably already own
Me: I think i might have some super glue...
Danny K
Danny K - 2 måneder siden
dont hacksaw blades already cut on the pull stroke? could be why it dulled so video though
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters - 2 måneder siden
strops are a great thing to get square4d away with some fine edge polishing, and can be made very cheaply even free. all you need is some leather or even foam works some times, I like to turn old belts into strops once they break.
Vincent Gray
Vincent Gray - 2 måneder siden
Will, you make 1095 heat treat look simple. What is the trick? I have invested over a week in a blade that is hard but won't take an edge [it tapers to a minimum width and that edge looks granular]
jaap nl
jaap nl - 2 måneder siden
looking for a good torch but the bernzomatic ts8000 is like 130 euros in europe
pocketninja00 - 2 måneder siden
Amazing video. Nice to see a classic trade like knifemaking shown as accessible and not as expensive as one would think. Y'all always deliver on these videos and binging them makes the time I have away from being an EMT bearable. If I may ask, how did you end up with leatherman trauma shears?
heardashot - 2 måneder siden
Deodorant hell with this!
Tom Marsh
Tom Marsh - 2 måneder siden
I'm loving this series. So much I went out and bought some 1075, fixed my bandsaw and bought some fresh belts for my bench sander. I'll be making a knife with accessible wood working tools, because of you guys.
Tim Bair
Tim Bair - 2 måneder siden
if you didn't get the brush, but instead used a random piece of wood (which we all have) you would put the budget back to $100
MrStevonsky - 2 måneder siden
You are definitely putting in the hard work and pulling your weight in your business relationship with all these videos in your garage. You’re videos are just as fun and entertaining as alecs
Low Lumens
Low Lumens - 2 måneder siden
Alec I need and been trying to contact you to buy a 2.5 rounding hammer. Can you make me one? I sent a message through your website. I plan to buy a 3.5 lb later. Please let me know how to order
Low Lumens
Low Lumens - 2 måneder siden
Timothy S. I understand. Well I need a 2.5lb rounding hammer in Alec steel style square face. I’d donate $$$ for it.
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 2 måneder siden
They do not take orders for commissions, the hammers they stock on their website are made by Ethan Harty. He has a batch he is currently working on and should be on the site in just a little while
Timothy Freitas
Timothy Freitas - 2 måneder siden
Love the vid! NOOOO idea why people are disliking this
David Russell
David Russell - 2 måneder siden
Chia Butter >.
FlyingDropBear - 2 måneder siden
Was that a Leatherman Raptor set of shears?
LassetUnsSpielen - 2 måneder siden
@Timothy S. sold out. 1080 as well
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 2 måneder siden
Yes it was, I believe they sell them on their website
TaswcmT - 2 måneder siden
01:29 "Vegan and cruelty free"? Very nice - The worst is to buy something and receive unsolicited vegans. They are a pain to keep fed.
Michael Welch
Michael Welch - 2 måneder siden
I live under a rock. What’s going on.
Jon Delano
Jon Delano - 2 måneder siden
it will keeel - cardboard!
Joseph Gooden
Joseph Gooden - 2 måneder siden
My brother makes knives and he made a similar wrap handle, but with paracord instead of jute twine. After he wrapped the handle, be heat-shrank the paracord around the handle which locked it into place and also hardened it. Pretty ingenious!
VINCE MCBRAYER - 21 dag siden
I gotta try that, sounds great! Thanks for the knowledge
Benedict Dela Cruz
Benedict Dela Cruz - 2 måneder siden
to all your child fans, take heed in 'serious caution: this is very dangerous!' even just with the sharp knives are, but with things that can crush bones or red hot that burns through to the flesh.