Living With A Honda E

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This week, Alex puts the Honda E through its paces to answer the ultimate question: can you really live with an electric car?
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Dan Jones
Dan Jones - 15 minutter siden
@8.25 "it's just nice and hairy" 😂
OvAeons - 4 timer siden
Who thought it was a good idea to design the back to look like the front.
Scooter Grant
Scooter Grant - 4 timer siden
What was wrong with simplicity in a car?
Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim - 4 timer siden
How is no one talking about how this HONDA e-hatch/crossover is RWD?
7 ITESE - 4 timer siden
From the look of the back of the car, it looks like it's going directly TOWARDS you
Pip - 4 timer siden
LOL, When you were on the M25, you remarked on someone using their mobile.However, you had been using your walkie talkie , not too dissimilar ! The interior of the Honda looks fine and I liked the three pin plug idea, but the seats looked dated. The ID 3 would be more suitable, and cheaper.Or you could just go for the Tesla Model 3....
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 4 timer siden
everybody gangsta until lord farquaad gets a car named after his favorite letter
nervsouly - 5 timer siden
Hah, you can't fool me Car Throttle! Everybody knows Essex is a super hot waifu aircraft carrier in Azur Lane.
Janez Pungartnik
Janez Pungartnik - 5 timer siden
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 4 timer siden
This is basically a mk1 even mk2 Gti. Smh
Texa - 5 timer siden
i dont know why, but it looks like a volkswagen to me
HightLink - 5 timer siden
Dude, WTF?! you forgot to connect your console to the car tru the HDMI and play some video games.
Charlie Dance
Charlie Dance - 6 timer siden
I love the dashboard in that thing
Andrew A Reynoso
Andrew A Reynoso - 8 timer siden
8:55 that and the music make it feel so much like the ghost racing in Mario kart wii, those are some memories
Smiling Filipino
Smiling Filipino - 11 timer siden
Just waitin for someone to buy a Honda E then then engine swap it with a Vtec engine.
Bash Davidson
Bash Davidson - 12 timer siden
ive watched this video but youtube keeps recommending me it go away
Wilbo Shaggins
Wilbo Shaggins - 12 timer siden
I saw these and thought awesome new Honda then realised that it's electric and was turned off of these immediately
Mythix2 - 13 timer siden
me: Honda
brits: Honda
me: E
brits: E
me: Honda E
brits: hondaree
United States of Embarrassment
Love the design, hate the range anxiety
sousuke higashi
sousuke higashi - 16 timer siden
Honda E or Honda Ree?
Martijn - 16 timer siden
Why talk about the road, when you're experiencing a new car?
onzaueb - 16 timer siden
This car is very similar to a subway train or a tram: is electric and the back looks like it could be the front. Also, mostly the same battery power range: close to none. Honda did a very good mockup of a cool car. Now they need to put an engine in it.
Matty Sea
Matty Sea - 18 timer siden
Hey car throttle team - What’s the term for an electric car petrolhead? Electronheads? Pluggers?
mstrbkr - 18 timer siden
keep left unless overtaking!
Romero Bryan
Romero Bryan - 18 timer siden
I really do wish they would sell this in America /:
You Been Here Before
You Been Here Before - Dag siden
This is basically a mk1 even mk2 Gti. Smh
Frank - Dag siden
What’s a Honduree?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Dag siden
everybody gangsta until lord farquaad gets a car named after his favorite letter
binners15 - Dag siden
Why has it got flappy paddles? 😂
Michael West
Michael West - Dag siden
Pimped up Renault 4
john Jones
john Jones - Dag siden
This reminds me of Top Gear a bit.....minus the terrible production, bunch of cunt presenters and basically everything.
max wolf
max wolf - Dag siden
4:06 tank WAT!!!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Dag siden
This is hands down the best sales pitch of the Honderee I've ever seen on this website.
Lawrence Monaghan
Lawrence Monaghan - Dag siden
First look at it reminded me of an Austin maxi front end, heap of crap,the Honda that is,give me the old maxi any day
Valters Pelns
Valters Pelns - Dag siden
but can you do a burnout in Honda E?
Rajivan Raj
Rajivan Raj - Dag siden
Its a nice car but over priced
Jor Cap
Jor Cap - Dag siden
Video is 14:51 long. People talk only about front & rear & hondaree
Ovidiu Zakarias
Ovidiu Zakarias - Dag siden
Why does he say it: "Hondaree"? There's no "r" there
Frankestein01nl - Dag siden
lol.. that charging point, they forgot to Brex it?
JDB Power bank
JDB Power bank - Dag siden
Professional PD fast charging power bank,portable charger and some other fast charging devices
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Welcome to have a look
MJN - Dag siden
Quite an ugly car tbh :/
JScubes - Dag siden
Jonathan - Dag siden
Can someone help me understand why the English say clockwise or anticlockwise when referring to motorway direction? I'm only familiar with southbound and northbound here in the states. Cheers
Jonathan - 11 timer siden
@Toby Jackson Ahhh makes sense. I remember the Top Gear episode where the trio were radio hosts and were constantly referring to clockwise/anticlockwise and junctions. I was so confused lol. Thanks for clearing it up
Toby Jackson
Toby Jackson - 11 timer siden
Only in relation to the M25 Motorway. It's a circular ring road that loops around the entirity of Greater London. The rest of the motorways all start and end in different places in the UK, and are North/South bound, or East/West bound just like your roads in the US.
sannio komi
sannio komi - Dag siden
"I'm average Thailand"
InfiniteXXV - Dag siden
Good old Honderee
Paul - Dag siden
I love the interior. Reminds me the A class dashboard
Chad Baptiste
Chad Baptiste - Dag siden
This is hands down the best sales pitch of the Honderee I've ever seen on this website.
Kevin Minato
Kevin Minato - Dag siden
Wanted to love it but it wish it was smaller
sannio komi
sannio komi - Dag siden
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos - 2 dager siden
The Hondaree is a cool little car.
Eric cantona
Eric cantona - 2 dager siden
Love your vids deffo better than the New top gear, and I love the look of this car they need to do a super sport mode best looking electric to car for that price would rather have that than a tesla. Keep up good work
John Bridges
John Bridges - 2 dager siden
What the hell kinda lawnmower is that?
R00kie - 2 dager siden
this thing's backside looks like he's driving backwards
Anthony R
Anthony R - 2 dager siden
Sma art cars.
Sma art meters.
Sma art com mu nism!
They control all nations.
rene gade broad casting dott kom
Harvet Williams
Harvet Williams - 2 dager siden
The future looks bad :S
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 2 dager siden
oh wow i actually love it :D
CHRIS MONTY - 2 dager siden
dont know why, but reminds me of a mk1 golf from the front
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 2 dager siden
👉 If they made a lorry with the same design principles, it'd look exactly the same from the front as from the back 🤣🤣🤣
E S - 2 dager siden
Nice shirt, wrong Engine. F20 Baby
FabiWan's Tech Vault
FabiWan's Tech Vault - 2 dager siden
Honda E is an actual lawn mower now
Peter Sargeant
Peter Sargeant - 2 dager siden
The 1973 Honda Civic had a whopping 76hp and the exact same plastic woodgrain across the dash. Possibly the car that saved Honda from oblivion.
Peter Sargeant
Peter Sargeant - 2 dager siden
How long does it take to charge?
I'm reminded of those soul destroying Christmas presents when I was a kid that needed about a day of charge and only went for 20 minutes before dying.
Toby Jackson
Toby Jackson - 11 timer siden
Most people would charge at home overnight and just wake up to a fully charged battery each morning, but especially thanks to the rather small battery pack that Honda included with this car, you can DC Rapid charge it in about 20-25 minutes from 0-80%.
Carl Lachance
Carl Lachance - 2 dager siden
Looks nice but I can already tell the mirrors will make it impossible to own in Canada, where sludge, snow and shit gets in front of every single cameras a car can have...
Big bang 1
Big bang 1 - 2 dager siden
Alex: 120000 cars pass on this road everyday
Come india someday brother
MTC Car - 2 dager siden
Andy Smallbone
Andy Smallbone - 2 dager siden
The M25 was just a join up of various other planned motorways that were scrapped and then joined together to make the M25 which is why it’s a bit weird in various sections
bssni touir
bssni touir - 2 dager siden
The Honda E is such a cool looking car. I WANT ONE.
Ryan Semionov
Ryan Semionov - 2 dager siden
Is it just me or does it look like a mini rolls Royce cullinun
Ege Mac
Ege Mac - 2 dager siden
Now I have to get to m25 just to listen Road to Hell by Chris Rea...
Mister Motel
Mister Motel - 2 dager siden
That car is so gorgeous
Generously buttered ALCO
Generously buttered ALCO - 2 dager siden
Cofinanced by shady organisations that have some agenda. Regardless, it won't last, what with disconnecting from the EU and all that.
bssni touir
bssni touir - 2 dager siden
I wanna k swap this
Dåligt Förklarat
Dåligt Förklarat - 2 dager siden
👉 If they made a lorry with the same design principles, it'd look exactly the same from the front as from the back 🤣🤣🤣
Liam Christie
Liam Christie - 2 dager siden
oh wow i actually love it :D
Vix Stewart
Vix Stewart - 2 dager siden
It looks like a Polo and a Citroen DS had a baby.
Ankh87 - 2 dager siden
I wouldn't say it's real world mileage if you have to do less that 60mph on a motorway. Real world speed would be 70mph.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 2 dager siden
The Honda E is such a cool looking car. I WANT ONE.
max wolf
max wolf - Dag siden
I love gas
mike robinson
mike robinson - 2 dager siden
Great , think I'll wait for a couple of years
MentalMayhem - 2 dager siden
In America, where we drive on the correct side of the road, we have a rule about pt cruisers. Stay away. The person who drives it is obviously a complete idiot and is not to be trusted.
Valter Cristino
Valter Cristino - 2 dager siden
Legend is If you give it 6000 Amperes, VTEC will kick in
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 2 dager siden
Will van Houten
Will van Houten - 3 dager siden
Weird video idea: Alex hyper-miling in Phil
Hamish Laurie
Hamish Laurie - 3 dager siden
The Honda e is doing the council out of a job cutting the grass
Matthew Austin
Matthew Austin - 3 dager siden
If my commute wasn't a 100 mile round trip I'd definitely get one of these.
jake - 3 dager siden
Haha I seen this exact car the other day in Ealing
Adam McLaughlin
Adam McLaughlin - 3 dager siden
Imagine going in for lunch and someone comes by and unplugs it....
PyrexJDM - 3 dager siden
I wanna k swap this
Tanmay jain
Tanmay jain - 3 dager siden
Amazing video presentation
Flip Flop
Flip Flop - 3 dager siden
Good luck finding real wood in a 2019 Mercedes S- klasse
Harco van Hees
Harco van Hees - Dag siden
You can some in the trunk
Gloragg xD
Gloragg xD - 3 dager siden
also Brittain: Where free charging electricity for our cars?
Mudasir - 3 dager siden
Should have took a power bank with you to charge the car
Ivan Jovanović
Ivan Jovanović - 3 dager siden
Holy shit that THING looks the same from the front and behind
Trasher - 3 dager siden
Brett Ackland
Brett Ackland - 3 dager siden
Moans about a driver using a phone, continuing to use a walkie talkie.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️#fail
Panos Sojhin
Panos Sojhin - 3 dager siden
Why most of the electric cars are ugly af?
Y2Kvids - 3 dager siden
Charlie Anslow
Charlie Anslow - 3 dager siden
Cristina Ramos
Cristina Ramos - 3 dager siden
Free chargers from the European Union. They will probably disappear next January 🤣
Dima Keane
Dima Keane - 3 dager siden
That is one ugly car. Something a lot of EV's need to sort is the looks. New Leaf isn't bad, and Tesla is sleek, but the others seem to be awful.
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - 3 dager siden
for the in-car 230V socket, it has a maximum output of 180W. That vacuum cleaner is around 800W!
Daniel Głąbicki
Daniel Głąbicki - 3 dager siden
10:16 The first real e-Honda right there. Noice
TheShubbah - 3 dager siden
They should have made this with the option of having a little 1ltr engine.
I'd buy one if that was the case.. being able to stop at a petrol station and leave on a full tank 5mins later is wayyy to valuable to me.
Dawid Wilczewski
Dawid Wilczewski - 3 dager siden
The side profile reminds me of a civic ej9
Boombozling !!
Boombozling !! - 3 dager siden
where can i get that shirt
Dobry Kolacz
Dobry Kolacz - 3 dager siden
capes - 3 dager siden
Why do you pronounce it honder
Corey Drake
Corey Drake - 3 dager siden