Live in the Moment - Dispo by David Dobrik

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Executive Producer: David Dobrik
Executive Producer: Mark Romanek
Executive Producer/Producer: Krista Worby
Executive Producer: Daniel Liss
Producers: Natalie Mariduena and Jason Nash
A Translucent Media Production in association with Dispo, Inc and More Media
Directed by: Mark Romanek
Prosthetic Makeup Designer: Kazu Hiro
Director of Photography: Alexis Zabe
Starring: David Dobrik and Ever Powell
Editors: David Dobrik and Robert Duffy
Assistant Editors: Joseph Vulpis and Jason Nash
Color Grade: Stefan Sonnenfeld with Company 3
Visual Effects: Scissor Films
Production Design: Sam Neidenbach
1st AC: Bas Tiele
2nd AC: Emily Hock
Gaffer: Nghia Khuu
Grip: Isaiah Reza-Soto
Makeup Artist: Vincent Van Dyke and Thomas Floutz
Makeup Assistant: Gwen Ramsey
Production Manager: Cat McCabe
Production Assistant: Johnny Mojica
Runtime: 00:58


David Dobrik Too
David Dobrik Too - Dag siden
yes, i had them add a little to the hairline!! a guy can dream
Vixs - Time siden
Ribnal - Time siden
Plz come back
Take It Easy
Take It Easy - Time siden
I just teared up
Nick Olson
Nick Olson - Time siden
LOL David you live a life very few people get to live, so take a hundred and wipe those tears away. Also that kid looks nothing like you or Natalie 🤷‍♂️
Megan Hart
Megan Hart - 2 timer siden
hi david dobrik! I'm a big fan of the vlogs and was so excited to see that dispo is out in the app store. one issue, I have a Samsung and it's not in the play store. can you work on getting in the play store so people with samsungs can use the app too?
菅原優里 - Time siden
The unwritten letter structurally boast because typhoon histomorphometrically kiss apropos a brown calf. juicy, poor hour
Frank - Time siden
Ok predator
Laura Lenau
Laura Lenau - Time siden
This is awesome
I’m Masonman619
I’m Masonman619 - Time siden
He waited 7 hours for that makeup just to make a 58 second ad
mortokleschok - Time siden
SwHealy123 - Time siden
We all know David belives everything he's uploaded in the past are "the good old day" 🤣🤣🤣
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming - Time siden
*This video is a Paid Sponsorship by Clickbait Enterprises*
upchuck - Time siden
if you came here to insta pause ad and come to the comment section and test out how much David filtered it...
Yeah. Me too. F*ck you David. Confront your shit
PROD. AZERTY - Time siden
lilcow - Time siden
Natalie Padilla
Natalie Padilla - Time siden
Wow it took me 1 minute to realize that’s David lmfaoooo
Da Stinky Ninja
Da Stinky Ninja - Time siden
Was wondering why there was so little commentary on his controversy in his comments and then I remembered the coward banned keywords... your a real ‘cool’ guy David
Arturo Gutierrez
Arturo Gutierrez - Time siden
We’re all not ready for this are King 👑
The Conoconuts
The Conoconuts - Time siden
I didn’t realize it was David in makeup till he smiled
Jasper lol
Jasper lol - Time siden
I think David has a fetish for old men...
konner the gamer5
konner the gamer5 - Time siden
konner the gamer5
konner the gamer5 - Time siden
konner the gamer5
konner the gamer5 - Time siden
VQ Beats
VQ Beats - Time siden
Dang that's sad
Noah Ahmed
Noah Ahmed - Time siden
A molestor.
Noah Ahmed
Noah Ahmed - Time siden
A predator.
Savannah Starcher
Savannah Starcher - Time siden
That’s how we feel waiting for you to upload a vlog lmao
Jasper lol
Jasper lol - Time siden
Not David avoiding taking accountability and thinking it’s all gonna go away when the storm is getting bigger everyday
Noah Ahmed
Noah Ahmed - Time siden
This man uses and abuse people. Period ☕
Nick Boynton
Nick Boynton - Time siden
What is this hah
Luckky1x - Time siden
He went from full black to white clothes what a Miracle
Jasper lol
Jasper lol - Time siden
he’s called David Disposable bc he dispose ur friends after ur done with them lmaoooo
MauricioRG4L - 2 timer siden
What in the pamper ad is this
ブレンドー - 2 timer siden
I like how he’s 70 but you can still tell it’s David from the smile and eyes
I NEED TO FART - 2 timer siden
Is Jason nash Still alive??
chrlotte denise
chrlotte denise - 2 timer siden
wow! now you can be the tom hanks in movies
Aly Rose
Aly Rose - 2 timer siden
Why did i want to cry.
Weekly Clips
Weekly Clips - 2 timer siden
I hate this dude he treats people like trash and no respect.
Pizza God
Pizza God - 2 timer siden
The box full of pictures of his victims like creepy pervert
Donna Hadford
Donna Hadford - 2 timer siden
Answer for your literal crimes.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - 2 timer siden
He manipulated his friends
Jerry Cruz
Jerry Cruz - Time siden
@Sean Luangkhamdeng i guess so kid
Sean Luangkhamdeng
Sean Luangkhamdeng - 2 timer siden
@Jerry Cruz you support the manipulation of his friends?
Jerry Cruz
Jerry Cruz - 2 timer siden
shut up
Charlie Phillips
Charlie Phillips - 2 timer siden
hey it’s that dude from up.
Rohit - 2 timer siden
Take accountability David
Jerry Cruz
Jerry Cruz - 2 timer siden
shut up
Johnny Allen Shane Prater
Johnny Allen Shane Prater - 2 timer siden
It would be so funny if he forced someone to makeout with a random dude
sad hooman
sad hooman - 2 timer siden
Let me guess Jason Nash is 200 years old
Olivia’s Channel
Olivia’s Channel - 2 timer siden
Ivan Solis
Ivan Solis - 2 timer siden
Omg l was crying 😭🥺
Isaiah Burg
Isaiah Burg - 2 timer siden
who else thought this was Warren Buffet and had to watch because they were mad confused??
Manoj Gunawardana
Manoj Gunawardana - 2 timer siden
Can someone tell me what this is?
Curly Jali
Curly Jali - 2 timer siden
This was fucking beautiful
33 0df1g54
33 0df1g54 - 2 timer siden
lam kenal
Loom - 2 timer siden
y u cry tho
rc - 2 timer siden
when your friends don't agree but you still want to do a prank one more time
the setup has begun...
Stacy Carson
Stacy Carson - 2 timer siden
11 s1df51
11 s1df51 - 2 timer siden
multiverse 007
multiverse 007 - 2 timer siden
VIATH - 2 timer siden
"i slipped him the tounge first".............
PeytonHurckman Hurckman
PeytonHurckman Hurckman - 2 timer siden
Guys I think David was actually crying
Romb - 2 timer siden
What’s with the old guy
Emmdotfrisk - 2 timer siden
Was holding my breath for grandma Madison Beer to walk in at the end.
Arif_-21 - 2 timer siden
POV: David regretting the fact he rejected Madison beer
Juliana Ramirez
Juliana Ramirez - 2 timer siden
Did u send a check to that kid on tiktok that helped w the name homie?
Notafratdude - 2 timer siden
Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven,
Like so more people can see this.
Itz Me Cheyenne
Itz Me Cheyenne - 2 timer siden
If you are into watching vlogs, pranks, makeup or skits please consider watching some of my videos, really would like some support on my new YouTube channel 🤍
Olivia Lisee
Olivia Lisee - 2 timer siden
So ur deleting comments that’s embarrassing. Don’t even speak on what you have done lol
_spxxky_ - 2 timer siden
I like how people are hating but guys remember your never gonna be successful as he is and he doesn’t use his friends
FaTe_Bush - 2 timer siden
David you good bro
The Legend
The Legend - 2 timer siden
"He's crying cause he's looking at all the photos of girls he could of F back in the day" -TheSYNC
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way - 3 timer siden
Why am I crying at old David, he doesn’t even exist yet
Love from a small YouTuber
Austin B
Austin B - 3 timer siden
When you owe Tesla 45 cars
Periwinklevine - 3 timer siden
David I thought you were one of the few good people on the internet until I watched kavos video. Man you really let me down
myshow723 - 3 timer siden
David crying? I don’t believe it lol
jenna Atkinson
jenna Atkinson - 3 timer siden
Why am I crying right now. DEAD ASS IM CRYING LMAOOO?😭
Ringside with the Raymonds
Ringside with the Raymonds - 3 timer siden
qtroberttシ - 3 timer siden
He took to long to post a vlog 😢
Andrew Dum
Andrew Dum - 3 timer siden
What. The. F*ck.
Teyss Brion
Teyss Brion - 3 timer siden
Wait why did this actually make me sad!!!😭
Random Goodness
Random Goodness - 3 timer siden
Wouldn’t it be a shame if we all left 1 star reviews?
moop - 3 timer siden
fishy Army
fishy Army - 3 timer siden
No! 😪😢😭😭😥
Dee Powell
Dee Powell - 3 timer siden
Thought this was an old guy for a second and I seen his teeth and I was like those are not the teeth of an old man but it's beautiful video.
Brandon .220
Brandon .220 - 3 timer siden
I remember when Jason was with us good times😕
felix bonilla
felix bonilla - 3 timer siden
I cried with you
John Smith
John Smith - 3 timer siden
what did David do? what’s w accountability
Vanilla Chocolate
Vanilla Chocolate - 3 timer siden
I used to be a fan of David dobrik, but now I j can’t watch any of his stuff cause it all j comes off so wrong now. It’s all forced and it’s all for money, LA changes people.
Vanilla Chocolate
Vanilla Chocolate - 3 timer siden
When are dobrik stans gonna wake up and realize they are a vessel for his money
BIBLE DEFENDER 144 - 3 timer siden
Phil - 3 timer siden
What is this song??? Need to know
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo - 3 timer siden
Why did I cry?
Vanilla Chocolate
Vanilla Chocolate - 3 timer siden
Tell me your money hungry without telling me your money hungry
Aidan Tursi
Aidan Tursi - 2 timer siden
I’m not money hungry but it’s Opposite Day.
John Alan King
John Alan King - 3 timer siden
Why didn’t you just use Jason as the old man
Lily Harris
Lily Harris - 3 timer siden
Guys he’s just thinking of all the girls he could’ve hooked up with
andres andres
andres andres - 3 timer siden
Lmaooooooo this comment section is filtered over 2eth $a
Bailey Scholonas
Bailey Scholonas - 3 timer siden
logan pool > david dorbrik
Barret Willenburg
Barret Willenburg - 3 timer siden
I didn’t realize the old man was David until I saw that smile. Nothing will every be like it
Manny_Aye_ - 3 timer siden
I tired up..
Grape Man
Grape Man - 3 timer siden
Well it’s been fun, Gen Z is going to try to cancel him. They always gotta ruin it
Damen RB
Damen RB - 3 timer siden
David just fucked up the timeline...
Doo_are_tay - 3 timer siden
Cool den just play dumb
shadowslayer - 3 timer siden
For all us android people can you make it available on Google play
The angry Goose
The angry Goose - 3 timer siden
Ok now david is posting anything but a vlog
I can fix that
I can fix that - 3 timer siden
David regretting all the girls he didn’t smash
Isela Reyes
Isela Reyes - 3 timer siden
WAIT THE OLD MAN IN THIS IS DAVID!?! Why can't I see it?
Joey's third chin
Joey's third chin - 3 timer siden
Cpl. chin reporting in for footsoldier duty