Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi)

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Original by Roxette
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.
Runtime: 06:30


Skunk Soldier
Skunk Soldier - 3 minutter siden
Just wow some times I feel music is the only time I feel and only certain songs can trigger feeling
Ken Thompson
Ken Thompson - 4 minutter siden
No surprise at all to say this was awesome just like always! And this goes without saying but, Violet your voice is AMAZING!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Ancient Of Days
Ancient Of Days - 21 minutt siden
Corey____________ ____
Corey____________ ____ - 22 minutter siden
Two extremely talented artists. Both of you are so damn good
Joshua Mangini
Joshua Mangini - 27 minutter siden
Have you considered throwing some guys together and touring? I'd buy tickets.
Blaskeggr - 42 minutter siden
Badass 😎😎😎
Cleber Tavares Jr.
Cleber Tavares Jr. - 45 minutter siden
Kalin Fuson
Kalin Fuson - Time siden
DeepPurplethebest - 2 timer siden
finally you did Collab!
Zachary Pierce
Zachary Pierce - 2 timer siden
You should radar love idk if you done that one yet?
wave of vapor
wave of vapor - 2 timer siden
Oh shit, another amazing instrumental but I didn't like the vocals on this one. Marie's sections just weren't strong enough imo and they never hit that crazy peak that she takes it to.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony - 2 timer siden
This is just freakin' awesome! Rockxette for life 😎
Bjørn Halvor Nilsen
Bjørn Halvor Nilsen - 2 timer siden
Violet Orlandi
rootofskynet - 3 timer siden
Damn. Give us more.. :3
gioviecelli - 3 timer siden
HELO FROM BRAZIL. VIOLET chance to hannah mod? kkkkkkkkk
Jery Jay
Jery Jay - 4 timer siden
hope more cover metal,,,
seiom jvony
seiom jvony - 2 timer siden
I have a request after watching swamp people, credence Clearwater revival, born on the bayou, the show has more of a rock remix and it sounds good but was wondering if y
Jati Rachman
Jati Rachman - 4 timer siden
sir can you cover Tex Avery OST "whacky world.." please
Florin D
Florin D - 4 timer siden
Hey Leo, what about Guano Apes Lord of the boards? That would be a great cover! :)
MikeStacy Emett
MikeStacy Emett - 4 timer siden
Dog-faced boy-Boo Radley
Bittersweet Symphony-Verve
Ruby or I love you less and less by Kaiser Chiefs
Anything from the Muse
Take me out by Franz Ferdinand
Hate to Say I told you so by The Hives
Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
Live and Let Die
Steve Baker
Steve Baker - 4 timer siden
as usual... perfect... timing
Travis Lilley
Travis Lilley - 5 timer siden
would love to hear/see a metal cover of The Archies - Sugar, Sugar
& COVER-REMİX & MUSİC - 5 timer siden
good workk...
Dark Soul
Dark Soul - 5 timer siden
New Fave...just epic
Azam Rashid
Azam Rashid - 5 timer siden
please please PLEASE cover Chippin' In by Refused/SAMURAI
Heiko Klink
Heiko Klink - 5 timer siden
Dexie ML
Dexie ML - 5 timer siden
Listen to the death.
Jason 7 years
Jason 7 years - 5 timer siden
Maybe the song... When the rain begins to fall.
Joey Cottrell
Joey Cottrell - 5 timer siden
Fuck yes!! I love this
Rian Miller
Rian Miller - 6 timer siden
Sendrut Bogdan
Sendrut Bogdan - 6 timer siden
awesome job :D you guys should also do a collab with First To Eleven
Christopher Owen
Christopher Owen - 6 timer siden
I have a request after watching swamp people, credence Clearwater revival, born on the bayou, the show has more of a rock remix and it sounds good but was wondering if you could do a metal version of it could be something amazing, let me know either way I am a hard metal fan but I like my old time rock as well and just feel like the old rock could be used as an upgrade, rock and roll will never die! Thanks. This remix was amazing keep it metal \m/'__'\m/...
Phillip Kennedy
Phillip Kennedy - 6 timer siden
That ending was probably the best plug I have ever seen.
Ou Zung Simon yang
Ou Zung Simon yang - 6 timer siden
Can listen to ur heart song become a metal ??
Answer is= Yes it can !!!!!!
Paul Seitz
Paul Seitz - 7 timer siden
Some Heart would be cool!
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 7 timer siden
thank you arigato necessary on this days.
Rocks Off Bad Tölz
Rocks Off Bad Tölz - 7 timer siden
Your Masterpiece!!!
Abegail Lafford
Abegail Lafford - 7 timer siden
Omg yaaaaaaaaas. I love the collab. Definitely should do some more songs together. 💜💚🖤🤘🏼😊
Draconatic - 7 timer siden
This is just AWESOME! What a great cover!
Darrin Gosse
Darrin Gosse - 7 timer siden
Been watching Frog Leap for years. 🤟🤟🤟 Every song sounds better with some metal added
Tim Thompon
Tim Thompon - 8 timer siden
Awesome job on this song
farcunnard - 8 timer siden
I love you Leo, no homo
The Fireline
The Fireline - 8 timer siden
hmmm, what would Marie in heaven say?
Patrick Carey
Patrick Carey - 8 timer siden
Love the content keep up the hits !
Paddy 9199
Paddy 9199 - 8 timer siden
Renele GamingTV
Renele GamingTV - 8 timer siden
Wow.... I hope one this day I can see or watched you joining the voice blind audition. Rock en roll brother 🙌
J.J. Daniels
J.J. Daniels - 8 timer siden
Would of been good if all vocals were from female..
roco perroni
roco perroni - 8 timer siden
🤣🤣🤣 the lego tattoo!!!
hook357 - 9 timer siden
Really liked that, thank you.
Beety -Remix
Beety -Remix - 9 timer siden
Boy is like a zombie
daniel alves de freitas
daniel alves de freitas - 9 timer siden
simply amazing. The best
Martin Grosslein
Martin Grosslein - 9 timer siden
loved this, thanks Leo+Violet. Might be the best looking guitar I've ever seen?
Benny Garr
Benny Garr - 10 timer siden
That was awesome so powerful🤣😉
HudsonValleyReptile - 10 timer siden
Awesome, just awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker - 10 timer siden
Holy shit.
X Fade
X Fade - 10 timer siden
Make sure to keep healthy, get some proper sleep. Awesome song.
Boomshine - 10 timer siden
Amazing work. Can you please do Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song? I think you'd kill it.
Sasquaffle - 10 timer siden
THAT SHWAPS... life is changed.
bryan ortiz
bryan ortiz - 11 timer siden
Oh. Wow.
charles Lockmiller
charles Lockmiller - 11 timer siden
Beautiful voice! Stunningly gorgeous! Captivating eyes! ... Violet is pretty good looking as well! 😂😉
Marcelo Fernandez
Marcelo Fernandez - 11 timer siden
how about needles and pins, you need to give more love to The Ramones...
Dustin Ouellette
Dustin Ouellette - 11 timer siden
More Hannah!
Frank - 12 timer siden
Freaking awesomeness ! Luv your content!!! The neighborhood luvs it to !!
Kristy Haayer
Kristy Haayer - 12 timer siden
Try Break Me, Shake Me by Savage Garden!!!
Bean Ster
Bean Ster - 12 timer siden
Fuck yeah Leo!!!!
Keelan Giesinger
Keelan Giesinger - 12 timer siden
So bloody talented.
mnnblck - 12 timer siden
you guys fcking amazing... so happy to see you collab
James Rea
James Rea - 13 timer siden
Incredible man I remember when your channel was small and now over 4 mil congratulations on all of your success bro always has been always will be top quality content
Paweł Kowalik
Paweł Kowalik - 13 timer siden
creepy... and magnificent....
WarlordAlpha - 13 timer siden
Leo + Vio = Awesome :) made my day
Edit: This is coming from a huge Roxette fan, maybe She's Got the Look next?
Tek Services
Tek Services - 13 timer siden
Bill Baker
Bill Baker - 13 timer siden
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my two favorite people on earth!!!!!!! Had goosebumps on the opening riff! Amazing job guys!
Joshua Stafford
Joshua Stafford - 13 timer siden
Such a great cover it brought Tears to my Eyes.
tattooedcutie07 - 13 timer siden
chills... that's all I can say really. THANK YOU!
zorrow - 14 timer siden
This song was played a lot in my childhood but this version is gonna be played a lot in my adulthood
Randy Loyd
Randy Loyd - 14 timer siden
Nope can't do it!
CUB3D Ltd - 14 timer siden
Leo, I love your stuff, been listening to you for years. Got a song I reckon you could make into a class metal cover. 'Hints' by Hose your magic!
Anton Mared
Anton Mared - 14 timer siden
this is so cute hahaha
MindSolution - Visão e Gestão
Awesome, a very different version, but extremely talented executioned!
Otergutt94 - 14 timer siden
Awesome, next some Halocene colab would be insanely cool :D
Magnus Samuelsson
Magnus Samuelsson - 15 timer siden
Awesome work!
Andreas Koch
Andreas Koch - 15 timer siden
In memory on Marie Fredriksson.
Theodoros Papadopoulos
Theodoros Papadopoulos - 15 timer siden
This is whats happening after you take something very very good and make it... EPIC!!!! Congrats!
Christian - 15 timer siden
This is so fuckin awesome!!
Iri dmm
Iri dmm - 15 timer siden
Mart P.
Mart P. - 15 timer siden
More of Violet and Leo, please - ingenious combinations!!!
Elias Cavalcante Junior
Elias Cavalcante Junior - 16 timer siden
Uau, Brasil...
GamesMan - 16 timer siden
Nice work
Andrea dxx
Andrea dxx - 16 timer siden
Leo and violet in a team!! I love that!! Wow beatiful make up and cover guys! I like the BI-colkr of your hair violet 👍 great! I hope you do other covers together😊 broken of seether and Amy Lee please 🙏
Thiago Martins
Thiago Martins - 16 timer siden
Awesome! Leo must be in the next Grammys to perform!
Zelker Songs of myself
Zelker Songs of myself - 17 timer siden
Nem acredito que essa linda é daqui do brasil S2
Felix Schubert
Felix Schubert - 17 timer siden
Pendrym - 17 timer siden
noopan thongnarin
noopan thongnarin - 18 timer siden
\m/ FC Thailand!!!!!!!
Rafael Alvarez
Rafael Alvarez - 18 timer siden
wou!! You Rock!!!
Nicolas Cabral
Nicolas Cabral - 19 timer siden
Metal voice and distortion isnt make a metal version...
Scott Suehle
Scott Suehle - 19 timer siden
Can you do "The Last Unicorn"? That would be amazing!
Gareth Paddock
Gareth Paddock - 19 timer siden
Swingmesideways - 19 timer siden
R.I.P Marie Fredriksson (the female singer in Roxette) . Great cover greatings from Sweden
jonhalix - 19 timer siden
epic final , Violet Orlandiiiiiii!!!
Kabi - 19 timer siden
still waiting for Leo to merry Mary Spender