Lil Wayne - Glory (Official Music Video)

28 708
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Woo, this that shit they didn't want me on
I'm 'bout to act a badonkadonk, shamone, shamone
Don't need sugar, I need cream, I'm dark and strong
The garbage man puttin' on cologne, aroma wrong
I'm on, I'm on, this that shit they didn't want
I act a ass and shit a skunk, I will, I won't
Black your eye like, you Willy Wonka
That's me in the Lam, I'm disappearin' like Jimmy Hoffa
AK-47 my business partner, business is swell
French kiss a bitch, she don't speak French, can't kiss and tell
I push his ass in the wishin' well, then wish him well
Sippin' syrup like ginger ale, but I'm the quickest snail
From here to Hell, I hear them hail, I give them hell
I'm spittin' hail, I'm Clinton, well, I did inhale
These niggas frail, they Chip and Dale, they little girls
Watch me act a donkey, then pin a tail, spit out your nails
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy shit, I'm the holy shit, I'm God's manure
I know how to hack a jeweller ward and not computers
I meditate like a Buddhist, Holy ramen noodles
And now you sleep, I'm inside your room wit' a lot of shooters
You wake up to this chopper tool, it's like, 'Cock-a-doodle'
I'm awkward, cuckoo, I turn your Froot Loop to chocolate Yoo-Hoo
I'm hotter than Honolulu, glory unto you, glory
I'm awkward, cuckoo, I turn your Froot Loop to chocolate Yoo-Hoo
I'm hotter than Honolulu, my clothes and socks and shoes new
I been a boo-boo since ga-ga goo-goo and Dada, FUBU
Make everybody that knew you boo-boo, I got them spooked too
I drive a neutral, shock the future like Dr. Luther
I'm not a chooser, your mom a cougar, I sock it to her
My cocaine white as a white beluga, I like bazookas
I'm high as lunar, I'm wilder than Tyga's Nikes, Pumas
Woo, this that shit you didn't want me on
My weed louder than underarms and car alarms
Cheers, I said, 'Surprise', but couldn't party long
I got to get back to the grind and the drawin' board
But all this fuckin' art destroyed, this the art of war
These niggas' soft as teddy bears, talk to Marky Mark
I wet your block, leave it a waterpark, broad or dark
I whip the work like tartar sauce, you want it hard or raw, huh?
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy shit, I'm the shit, Porta-Potty Tunechi
Unload the Glock profusely, I'm soarin' out confusion
Your motor mouth keep vroomin', I'm goin' Tony Stewart
I'm on the fluid, I'm ruined, I'm cold as Boston Bruins
Lost in the shoo-shoo and who's who and I lost influence
Lost my point of view 'til I find a mirror, start talkin' to it
It told me the truth, it said I'm the shit and you party poopin'
Lord, oh, Lord
Am I talkin' crazy, too much coffee maybe
I smell like money, I know broke niggas feel nauseated
The broads' elated, my boys are faded, my car's the latest
My bars the greatest, they rated X like Marvel made it
She caught the babies, she barfed the babies, they orphans maybe
We got that white girl like in the '80s, that Marcia Brady
I dicked Tracy like Warren Beatty, I'm warm as Haiti
I'm armed and lazy, I'm sprayin' until my arms is lazy
Pardon my mental, I'm higher than Continental
Went from flyin' cockroaches to flyin' without credentials
That's private, tell the pilot, 'Be quiet, we need our privacy'
Throw you off this bitch if you wired, justifiably
Hustle wit' a motive, you know this, I'm wit' my whoadies
No snakes, no rodents, no ad-libs, no chorus
No stress, no worries, took you to a respiratory
It's self-explanatory, the glory is mandatory, glory
Uh, glory, hallelujah
Holy shit, I can't hold this shit, my bowel's looser
My towel's newer, my powder room is for powder-users
You see rolled up dollar bills filled wit' snot and mucus
My tie is Lucas, my driver's crusin', my partner's ruthless
My flower's rootless, my pocket's roofless, she poppin' roofies
I'm not a student, I'm not assumin' I'm not a human
You are not immune to this kind of music, you got 'em, Tunechi
You got 'em, Tunechi, I got 'em
#LilWayne #Glory #FreeWeezy
Music video by Lil Wayne performing Glory. © 2020 Young Money Records, Inc.
Runtime: 05:08


Mike Evans
Mike Evans - Time siden
Goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Richie Rich 4Dub
Richie Rich 4Dub - 13 timer siden
Jermel Thomason
Jermel Thomason - 14 timer siden
I'm a die hard #LilWayne fan.
I'm a die hard #Eminem fan.
People ask me who my favorite is I answer I would rather die than choose 💯💯💯 mostly because I can't.
If there is a Hip Hop God.
Then I pray 🙇🏿‍♂️🙇🏿‍♂️🙇🏿‍♂️ that Lil Wayne and Eminem do a album or a mixtape together to bless the Hip Hop Game.
Agent 007
Agent 007 - 17 timer siden
Paulina Williams
Paulina Williams - 21 time siden
Actually I love err body and if you bout strippers spread the wealth huh wayne
ISAIAH WRIGHT - 22 timer siden
This song looks 12 years old but it’s really 1 month old wtf...
Tre Y.L.G.
Tre Y.L.G. - 21 time siden
Originally came out in 2015.... but Birdman had this song and the album it was on taking down for years. But Wayne is free now from Cash Money and it was the 5 year anniversary of his album “ Free Weezy Album “ so Wayne re released on all platforms
Jody Jacobs
Jody Jacobs - 22 timer siden
세계최강릴웨인 - 23 timer siden
갓곡인데 생각보다 안뜨누
1000 Subs
1000 Subs - 23 timer siden💯
TLibs Music
TLibs Music - Dag siden
The version with the beat pitched down hits harder. Iykyk
1000 Subs
1000 Subs - 23 timer siden💯
II EgG Om3l3T
II EgG Om3l3T - Dag siden
jd l
jd l - Dag siden
this why EM put wayne on the top list FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!SooooWoooo
Bornventure Siziba
Bornventure Siziba - Dag siden
this is the sh!+ they didn't want me on .... i hear them yell

Kezevile Kera
Kezevile Kera - Dag siden
Wayne’s hair black and we got this in 2020😳
Kezevile Kera
Kezevile Kera - 13 timer siden
Tre Y.L.G. Im shocked after all that fake music videos we at last got it!🤘
Tre Y.L.G.
Tre Y.L.G. - 21 time siden
Song & Video is from 2015/2016.... but Birdman took down all his music from that time period
Donald Walker
Donald Walker - Dag siden
Jake From StateFarm
Jake From StateFarm - Dag siden
Not the original GLORY where the first version
Randy Neal
Randy Neal - Dag siden
fucking powerful!
Satanic Matrix Awareness
Where's Eminem when you need him?
X_WestBrodie_X YT
X_WestBrodie_X YT - Dag siden
There’s no one going to be like him ever again! Appreciating and listening to Wayne before he gone
Modi Ramdev
Modi Ramdev - Dag siden
Suco de Fruta
Suco de Fruta - Dag siden
Kourtney Stantion
Kourtney Stantion - Dag siden
he going, tony stewart-😏😶🤔🤐
Kourtney Stantion
Kourtney Stantion - Dag siden
she caught the babies, bought the babies they orphans maybe😂😂
Texas Red Nation
Texas Red Nation - Dag siden
I remember painting in high school in art class while having Wayne Juvenile Eminem DMX Chamillionaire albums in my back pack. 18 years ago still going strong Mr. Carter and everyone I named is loaded plus Tech 9 Juicy J Bun B & Paul Wall Trae & Scarface too. Much respect to N.O. from H-Town.
killa illa kaze
killa illa kaze - Dag siden
Tyler Spatafora
Tyler Spatafora - 2 dager siden
Almost had to commit suicide after hearing this as im fully convinced my ears will never feel this good again.
Kourtney Stantion
Kourtney Stantion - Dag siden
right he keeps me enertained
Chris Wachira
Chris Wachira - 2 dager siden
you got them Tunenchi WAYNE WORLD.
Ronald Fry
Ronald Fry - 2 dager siden
Justin Gandy
Justin Gandy - 2 dager siden
This not the original beat
1000 Flow's Records
1000 Flow's Records - 2 dager siden
Custom print
Custom print - 2 dager siden
rap not death thanks Lil you are the boss
alireza shsevari shsevari
alireza shsevari shsevari - 2 dager siden
Trump Tshirts
Trump Tshirts - 2 dager siden
Scottie Lee
Scottie Lee - 2 dager siden
This old
Snizzle GanG Aka Santa
Snizzle GanG Aka Santa - 2 dager siden
Da Rap God Is Back 🙏🛐😇
Gman98 - 2 dager siden
He better never had a ghost writer ever.
Green Lantern
Green Lantern - 2 dager siden
Lamar Strong
Lamar Strong - 2 dager siden
I act a ass and shit a skunk i will i won.t ⛽
Peter Nasr Mahrous
Peter Nasr Mahrous - 2 dager siden
This is underrated
Quentin Huntley
Quentin Huntley - 2 dager siden
Blassic Wayne 👌🏿 niggas need to know at anytime he will rain fire on the industry.
lenny adams
lenny adams - 2 dager siden
Sotrix - 2 dager siden
Chad Jones
Chad Jones - 3 dager siden
This man is Krazy! 🔥
J Alexander
J Alexander - 3 dager siden
did he just say " I Duck Tracy like Warren Beatty"
bruh... 🔥
Jermaine Payne
Jermaine Payne - 3 dager siden!
Adriian Braxton
Adriian Braxton - 3 dager siden
This that shit that they didn't want me on
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński - 3 dager siden
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manny aries
manny aries - 3 dager siden
manny can burry them 🤷🏻‍♂️♈♈♈🔥🔥🔥👺👺👺👑👑👑👑🌪🌪🌪🌪👑👑👑👑♈♈♈👹👹👹🇨🇺🇨🇺👺👺👺
manny aries
manny aries - 3 dager siden
when its mannys turn late me know wolf wolf
manny aries
manny aries - 3 dager siden
hanalulu hmmmmmm,🔥🔥🌬♎👑👑🔥🔥♈♈♈👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺
manny aries
manny aries - 3 dager siden
wolfwolf 🤷🏻‍♂️♈♈👹👹👹👹👹👹👹♈♈🔥👑👑👑👑🔥👑🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🌪🌪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
manny aries
manny aries - 3 dager siden
kol you go bro a diferent view ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈🔥👹🔥🔥🔥👺👺👺👺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🔥🔥🔥🌬♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎😂🔥🔥👑👑👑
Mike Langer
Mike Langer - 3 dager siden
Man, I haven't heard this in like 5 years. Wayne is the 🐐
Daggie Salgado
Daggie Salgado - 3 dager siden
Me to Wayne: who's gonna be in your video?
Wayne: No one.
Me: C'mon, there got to be someone.
Wayne: Me, only me.
Me: but..
Wayne: O.k, me and the wolf.
Mac Bando
Mac Bando - 3 dager siden
I didn’t think I ever see this the performance was DIRTY 🤢 🐐 🔥
Jarius Smith
Jarius Smith - 3 dager siden
U can mix this song with Kobe Bryant
Philip Gibbs
Philip Gibbs - 3 dager siden
Yea he ripped it. Sounds like old wayne
Austin Dedeaux
Austin Dedeaux - 3 dager siden
This is a stand alone album, I listened to it 15 times, PlATNIUM.
The Warrior All Day
The Warrior All Day - 3 dager siden
So damn nasty! Wayne is the truth
Wilson Waruta
Wilson Waruta - 3 dager siden
Goat Lil weezy.. Still listening till the year ends
Robert Mpofu
Robert Mpofu - 3 dager siden
The KING IS BACK !!!!!!!!