Kygo, Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It

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Kygo x Tina Turner - “What’s Love Got To Do With It” now available everywhere

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Writer/ Director - Sarah Bahbah - @sarahbahbah
Production Co - Virgin Soil - @virginsoilpictures
Executive Producer - Malcolm Duncan - @malcolmduncanyolo
Executive Producer - Fabien Colas - @fabiencolas
Producer - Leah Younesi - @leahyounesi
Producer - Christina Jobe - @see_frances
DP - Isiah Donte Lee - @isiahdontelee
Production Designer - Ester Kim - @estersongkim
Stylist - Ib Abdel Nasser - @mostlysadboy
Editor - Aaron Bencid - @aaronbencid
Color - Quinn Alvarez - @quinnnnnstagram
Casting - Harlowe Casting - @kasia
1st AD - Clyde Gains - @clydeegoins
Hair - Joshua Liu - @thejoshliu
Make Up - Sean Harris - @seanharrismakeup
HMU - Leibi Carias
2nd AD - Lonnie Cayetano
1st AC - Michelle Clementine
2nd AC - Allison Waite
Gaffer - Arjun Prakash
Best Electric - Ryan Hueter
Key Grip - Joanna Nguyen
Best Grip - Josh Bell
Art Assistant - Aaron Kee
Art Assistant - Kevin Reyes
Styling Assistant - Charlie Burke
PA - Christine Algere
PA - Luca Liberall
PA - Bill Colino
PA - Nailah Robinson
Medic - Lyle Weiser
Sound Design Flame Artist - Nico Pacheco
Flame Artist - Tim Hendrix
VFX Assistance - NOA Graphic Studio

Laura Harrier
Charles Michael David
George Todd McLachlan
Ayanna Flemmings
Michael London
Jenny Rieu
Derick Bell

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Runtime: 04:18


kcmn00 - Time siden
Damn, look at her dad go
Jody C
Jody C - 4 timer siden
Omg this is like wow , you did the sing justice ❤️❤️
milson castro
milson castro - 4 timer siden
Me duele los huesos pero igual.
Mzwakhe Martin
Mzwakhe Martin - 6 timer siden
Kygo is a musical genuis 😭😭
Howl's Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle - 6 timer siden
How i ADORE this nowadays music! Thank you!
CHUENE ALFRED - 7 timer siden
Always a nice song, new or old version. Still worth every ear on earth.
Brandon - 11 timer siden
Brandon - 11 timer siden
Brandon - 11 timer siden
Dr KIMONI - 12 timer siden
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 14 timer siden
I have high hopes because the collaboration with Whitney on “Higher Love” was amazing! 👏👏👏
Matthew 'MJ' Jordan
Matthew 'MJ' Jordan - 14 timer siden
*Marcel Gerard*
John Callandrillo
John Callandrillo - 16 timer siden
I thought he could of transformed this song a little more out more tropical undertones in it. Like sounds very close to the original... I love the original song don’t get me wrong but there ain’t that much difference with this one .. ehhh
Gotdon Watson
Gotdon Watson - 18 timer siden
Brilliant remix Tina is simply the Best
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 14 timer siden
Where is Tina? 😭💛💛💛💛💛
Pierre Gendre
Pierre Gendre - 18 timer siden
tina ballerina
tina ballerina - 19 timer siden
Dual Shock
Dual Shock - 19 timer siden
Everybody in the video is black because of BLM and the death of George Floyd.
Because it can't get any more pathetic than having a guy from Norway having white guilt because of police brutality in USA. It doesn't matter that the police brutality against blacks exists for decades because hey, you have to kiss ass of the Americans to make it there , the hashtag BLM is trending
Jose Padron
Jose Padron - 19 timer siden
Wow!!! Amazing @KygoMusic
Artistpro Label & Publishing
Artistpro Label & Publishing - 20 timer siden
I‘m stunned how bad it can get! Without any ideas and creativity- it seems that someone explores the recording software the first time. Congrats
Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn - 20 timer siden
Black L🖤ve❣️
Libbie Davies
Libbie Davies - 21 time siden
Just here for Charles Michael Davis!🥰
Sarah Hardin
Sarah Hardin - 22 timer siden
Ahh, Kygo. But your music is magical!
tubish tuba
tubish tuba - Dag siden
🇹🇷 ❤️
Fabiane Lima
Fabiane Lima - Dag siden
Brazil 🇧🇷 2020 ❤️
fuzzy cuddle bear
fuzzy cuddle bear - Dag siden
People pah- leeez just because the media isn't talking about her DOES NOT mean she's dead
Milena Senčič
Milena Senčič - Dag siden
Monica Alonso
Monica Alonso - Dag siden
Absolutely beautiful
jojo langifisi
jojo langifisi - Dag siden
Loves got everything to do with it 💯
Chika Smurf
Chika Smurf - Dag siden
Where is Tina? 😭💛💛💛💛💛
Dutchmusicfan1992 - Dag siden
I'm happy Kygo is introducing a younger generation to artists like Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. I love old(er) music thanks to my mother and a lot of people my age or younger need introduction in another way.
I usually don't like remixes but Kygo respects the artists.
eric r
eric r - Dag siden
beautiful, next remix please try "do not stop the dance" by Bryan Ferry
Ieva Šaliņa
Ieva Šaliņa - Dag siden
Its Marko Rotko? Paintings in bedroom!
Koziara m
Koziara m - Dag siden
This woman is so beautiful I want to cry
Justin O
Justin O - Dag siden
My bet is the next rip off victim will be Paula Abdul smdh
Justin O
Justin O - Dag siden
Isn’t this Tina Turner singing? So let me get this straight somebody just put her singing on a crappy beat and calls it their song? She didn’t need this the original song was great the way it was, this dude or gal whatever Kygo is , just ripping off great songs from great artist, Tina then Steve Winwoods “higher love” like dude write your own fucking music this is rediculous, next it’s gonna be a Micheal Jackson song or Madonna, have the original lyrics dubbed over a crappy cereal box beat, Kygo new hit single GTFOH with this nonsense
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia - Dag siden
@Justin O hélas c'est la triste réalité !!!
Justin O
Justin O - Dag siden
Dude getting rich off , other artists hard work, and talent. People actually applaud this?
Juan Antonio Navarro
Juan Antonio Navarro - Dag siden
Eres un crack 🤩
Rock girl
Rock girl - Dag siden
jr 2607
jr 2607 - Dag siden
Num yo ho rang ge keoh
Rock girl
Rock girl - Dag siden
Ficou muito, muito bom...🥰🥰🥰
Stephanie Puentes
Stephanie Puentes - Dag siden
[anxiety intensifies]
I felt that.
Ørjan Olsen
Ørjan Olsen - Dag siden
Stolt over kygo
N J - Dag siden
Alba Ciaccia
Alba Ciaccia - Dag siden
M C - Dag siden
thank you for made one so old song,with this remix peroect to relax and enjoy a good tiwmes from the past👍👍👌👍👍
Syd Hawdon
Syd Hawdon - Dag siden
Please put your magic on "Take Me Higher" , Diana Ross ❤️
de se la n
de se la n - Dag siden
whereare _theavocados
whereare _theavocados - Dag siden
I'm seeing Marcel😨❤️
David Hairston
David Hairston - Dag siden
I can totally see Tina Turner bopping her head to this as she sips her tea sitting on the terrace of her Zurich home. 😍 🎶 ❤️🎧
luke g
luke g - Dag siden
So this is what Marcel does in his spare time
Agnieszka Stawicka
Agnieszka Stawicka - Dag siden
Wow mega fajna piosenka aż chce się tańczyć i śpiewać
ALE - Dag siden
Zespol Sunset
Zespol Sunset - Dag siden
Po pierwsze harmonia w tym utworze ( przerobionym ) zabiera to co najfajniejsze w refrenie nie ta funkcja wogole na początku .. po 2 totalnie przekombinowane, totalnie z brakiem smaku .. oczywisxie to mja subiektywna opinia
German Francisco Verdugo Miller
Kygo never dissapoint!!! 😁☺️👏👌
Claudirene Rizzo
Claudirene Rizzo - 2 dager siden
Ficou muito, muito bom...🥰🥰🥰
vallencia matamu
vallencia matamu - 2 dager siden
ruben madariaga
ruben madariaga - 2 dager siden
estephani de gonzalez
estephani de gonzalez - 2 dager siden
Wow, it's beautiful! Good cover! greetings from Mexico!
Rock girl
Rock girl - 2 dager siden
Bruce Leo
Bruce Leo - 2 dager siden
Tina musica eterna maravillosa!!!
Rock girl
Rock girl - 2 dager siden
Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Making an impact , way to go Kygo 🙌🏻😎
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński - 2 dager siden
Every fan of Kygo must comment this video:
Wiktoria Nowak
Wiktoria Nowak - 2 dager siden
I ❤️.
Mónika Hotykai
Mónika Hotykai - 2 dager siden