Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends

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Not forgiven. Not forgotten. See the story of brothers torn asunder.
Created in partnership with:
Directed by Haolin
Haoliners Animation
Paper Plane Animation Studio
Studio Tumble
CMC Media
Music by Brian D’Oliveira
Sound Design by Hexany Audio
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Runtime: 10:24


Ben Jia
Ben Jia - 26 minutter siden
Yasuo: I'm no murderer.
*as he murders his brother*
Kris allen Zimmerman
Kris allen Zimmerman - Time siden
Why dont make a movie of leage of legends?
Othello Ousay
Othello Ousay - 2 timer siden
Why don't they just make an animated series already, not like they don't have any time to work on it between cinematics once a year.
Zero Two
Zero Two - 2 timer siden
I hope this gets continued lmao
Ethan Cotton
Ethan Cotton - 2 timer siden
No one:
RIOT: "Lets make our game into an Anime"

End Product: *God tier animation*
Leonardo Biancalana
Leonardo Biancalana - 2 timer siden
Was I the only one expecting Yone to have that sick ultimate voice like Yas?
Kinda sad he doesn't say the same thing in game like in the video
Vân Huy Vũ
Vân Huy Vũ - 3 timer siden
yasuo killed yona
Yasuo: sorry brother, but I need more 300 golds to buy statikk shiv
Phreak Phayse
Phreak Phayse - 3 timer siden
ahriiiii is so pretttyyyy :((((
Adam Hill
Adam Hill - 3 timer siden
This needs to be a tv series!!
RiceIsRice - 3 timer siden
create a TV show or movie, please! AAAAHHHH
Dioann Sumongcad
Dioann Sumongcad - 6 timer siden
I waaant moooooorrreeeeeee
Nalog za Doubleaim
Nalog za Doubleaim - 6 timer siden
This looks like ghost of tshusima
Isak Ronestjärna
Isak Ronestjärna - 6 timer siden
1:32 that shot is so dope
suicide gang
suicide gang - 6 timer siden
so perfect that words are not enough to describe it..
Magnus BS
Magnus BS - 7 timer siden
imagine if this was his ult sound 8:20
Xendar2007 - 7 timer siden
So awsome cinematic!!So no one is talking about ahri at the end? The end looks like more is coming
Tyler Kim
Tyler Kim - 7 timer siden
Can somone make an edit of this where all the sword noises are replaced with the Johnny Test whip cracking noise?
River Barry
River Barry - 7 timer siden

Me: *My Ahri :0 :3*
Botton França
Botton França - 8 timer siden
amir khoob
amir khoob - 8 timer siden
8:23 thats literally me when i just killed a flying bug with Flycatcher
Denis Prosenc
Denis Prosenc - 8 timer siden
Copy of Genji and Hanzo
ub umer
ub umer - 8 timer siden
Riot should have made Ghosts of Tsushima and yasuo as the lead character
Nguyễn Quang Khôi
Nguyễn Quang Khôi - 9 timer siden
Riot làm phim cuốn quá 😂😂😂
Deni Jovanovic
Deni Jovanovic - 10 timer siden
Ahri x Yasuo
Okashido - 11 timer siden
Looks like Yasuo fighting Hanzo.
M E M E TRASHHH - 11 timer siden
Pa cuando mi historia de poppy??? :'v
Little Dungkey
Little Dungkey - 11 timer siden
Yone: You might deserve death.. but not by my hand.
Me: But by the other 148 champions.
izzes - 12 timer siden
As if we needed more reason to appreciate Liam O'Brien's voice acting. Always a pleasure
daenys the dreamer
daenys the dreamer - 12 timer siden
dsfsd qeeqw
dsfsd qeeqw - 12 timer siden
Riot should set voice Kuro Sagol for Yone when him using ultimate in game :
LOL HighLight
LOL HighLight - 12 timer siden
Riot Games đúng chuẩn công ty làm anime
Soki - 12 timer siden
Neo HunterEnder
Neo HunterEnder - 12 timer siden
Daniel Condori
Daniel Condori - 14 timer siden
No entiendo nada de ingles
andre von palad
andre von palad - 15 timer siden
A movie is what we need.
Aniket Dhiman
Aniket Dhiman - 17 timer siden
God tier animation
Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ - Kᴜɴ
Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ - Kᴜɴ - 18 timer siden
The reason why Yone have overpowered Yasuo in their fight was because Yone has already left the past and Is now moving forward, While Yasuo still carries the burden of killing Yone
seth ullrich
seth ullrich - 18 timer siden
Whats with these animations and songs being better then the game
Bento Box
Bento Box - 19 timer siden
Sasuke and itachi......
ореховая овсянка
Oh my god I beg you to create your own show
Mob Destroyer
Mob Destroyer - 23 timer siden
Is that ahri on the final part
Misaka 19666
Misaka 19666 - 23 timer siden
Question: what demon will Yasuo face?
Me: hmm.... 0/21/0 ?
micro Phone
micro Phone - Dag siden
Jeez dude this animated video so cool😆I really love it even thought I main katarina😅
Emily An
Emily An - 20 timer siden
What's the kind of music (genre) at 7:28 called? I just can't find any similar songs
Josh Reign
Josh Reign - Dag siden
please make a tv show
kryyee - Dag siden
hanzo and genji, nice to see you.
MasterBG - Dag siden
When Yone kills the Azakana(the demon) he says: KURO'SAGOL
Peyton Cox
Peyton Cox - Dag siden
I was hoping that was going to be his student, Taliyah, but just more Ahri.
Peyton Cox
Peyton Cox - Dag siden
@xD that makes sense! I was just hoping she'd be the cameo.
xD - Dag siden
Taliyah is in Shurima now
Kishore Rawat
Kishore Rawat - Dag siden
yauso prove that younger brother always a foolish brother like sasuke
SuperSaiyaman3 - Dag siden
Now we just need a Souma the ghost champion to attest for Yasuo in court

"He's not guilty. It was just a very windy day in my tent and I fell down 3 flights of stairs. *I didn't lose in a duel or anything* ; I just lost my balance and *fell down some stairs* . "
Hououin Kyouma
Hououin Kyouma - 6 timer siden
Yasuo is already clear, he’s already known as innocent
Griffith Hawk
Griffith Hawk - 10 timer siden
@ThePrisonBottle funny part is there was literally nothing yasuo could've done to save Souma since no one knew Rivens sword had a dead mans switch.
ThePrisonBottle - 10 timer siden
souma was killed accidentally by riven so yasuo would theoretically be innocent
͔ - 12 timer siden
What is the name of the one with red sword
MovieCutter - Dag siden
This is like genji and hanzo lol
SUBHANJAN - Dag siden
Amumu: i want a buddy
Yone : i can be your buddy if you stop rooting me
Inkar Temirkhan
Inkar Temirkhan - Dag siden
who was the girl at the end?
xD - Dag siden
Eric Tran
Eric Tran - Dag siden
So, Hanzo and Genji version LOL?
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Dag siden
Ah yes, Genji and Hanzo but this time the older brother dies.
Trebla Nerol Gnatibgam
Riot: Let us make a character out of this animation.
Alexandros Aggelakoudis
Riots animation team fund’s : +9999
Riots balance team fund’s : candy bars
bigfatbananacyclops - Dag siden
make a MOVIE already
Sera Drama
Sera Drama - Dag siden
Make Netflix series already
Darryl Magcanta
Darryl Magcanta - 2 dager siden
8:20 Demon: It won't be the last.
8:22 Yone: You are a BAKA! 😂
ImShou - 2 dager siden
What's the kind of music (genre) at 7:28 called? I just can't find any similar songs
Neo Shock
Neo Shock - 2 dager siden
has anyone noticed how yassuo and illidan sound the same?
Neo Shock
Neo Shock - Dag siden
@Ragdoll Heart XD i know
Ragdoll Heart
Ragdoll Heart - Dag siden
cause its the same voice actor dude