Keeping Fitness Simple // Ground Up 090

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 1:03:33


카보아도 - 10 dager siden
25:15 ~ 25:49
khushali vaidya
khushali vaidya - 12 dager siden
I have just watched half of it and I'm soooo muccchhh happy that I decided to watch it
You guys are really great , keep it up
So that people like me see u and grow better😇
h rrj
h rrj - Måned siden
Is veganism a fad tho?
Ted talk:
"Every argument against veganism ever"
by Ed Winters
Adela Rodrigo
Adela Rodrigo - 2 måneder siden
From now on I will call my left overs meal prep👍🥳🙏
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez - 6 måneder siden
I'm watching this video eating pork skin and drinking beer 🤔
Fred Chevry
Fred Chevry - 10 måneder siden
Great interview, although my fitness experience has been almost the opposite of this guy, yet very positive as well.
Phoenix - 11 måneder siden
Your audio editing is ASMR quality. Thanks!
gomitogomez1 - År siden
Fitness is NOT simple. Stop talking bs. If it was simple, everybody would be fit and healthy. The beauty of it is to be very tough. Don't lie to people.
Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan - År siden
Waiting up for Dwayne Johnson episode.
OK. - År siden
25:08 gold (Y)
DrGyalfren - År siden
love kevin. his app is the only thing I use now for recipes and meal planning.
The Life Created
The Life Created - År siden
This is the best combination of inspiring, honest and funny human beings I have seen in a long while!
romyl swarnkar
romyl swarnkar - År siden
Got some great value out of this video 👌
bhagyesh sharma
bhagyesh sharma - År siden
Hey Kevin great words. Thanks Matt to having Kevin on the show.
Jorge - År siden
If you eat right, you won’t have to spend so many hours stuck in the gym trying to change your body
Amanda Marie Mullins
Amanda Marie Mullins - År siden
Addicted is absolutely the right word for me... Love this episode!
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz - År siden
Love both of your guys’ content!
Bruce - År siden
I really like how Kevin references the "algorithm" of your body. Healthy living is really about understanding yourself and how to be successful in the long run. Thank you for this podcast!
Annlaug Maria Tolo
Annlaug Maria Tolo - År siden
This is good! Great down to earth information. This is a voice of reason in this messy world of fitness and health.
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson - År siden
dont mind me im just a flower
hey! just wondering what camera you usually use?
rEflection man
rEflection man - År siden
In Brazil we pronounce Quinoa the same way Kevin said it the first time, so at least in here he's saying it right lol loved the podcast
Miriam Endres
Miriam Endres - År siden
In my job I am moving for either 5 or 8 hours Monday to Friday. I walk to the shops 1km to get my food. I am getting back into cycling for 1 hour on my days off, I use to do more. I cut way down on my protein for a while and was loosing my bounce for life. I am a grazer, I tend to eat something every two to four hours, a hard boiled egg is my breakfast, later an apple (I love fruit and make a variety filled fruit salad for Christmas--this year 14 fruits). Cook from scratch and my significant other is now kicking me out of the kitchen on his days off to cook. We are in a lifestyle change moving from a city to a place where we can grow our own food. From Australia.
B Ray
B Ray - År siden
Great podcast
A M - År siden
Please caption your videos Thanks!
Carlos Miguel Rivera
Carlos Miguel Rivera - År siden
I just wish you would upload shorter versions of the ground up show. They're really fun to watch but most don't actually have the time to finish an hour of it. Still enjoyed your videos tho.
Helen Krane
Helen Krane - År siden
Where can I find this guy! YouTube, tumblr, where? I want to follow this guy!
Helen Krane
Helen Krane - År siden
Where can I find your guest here, for this episode on YouTube?
Stacy Tchouanguem
Stacy Tchouanguem - År siden
Absolutely love this. Matt, I just ran across your videos and I adore your work! Kevin, as a young woman who had ALWAYS struggled with her relationship with food, thank you for the honesty in the process.
Equaldust 493416
Equaldust 493416 - År siden
Where do you get your clothes and food?
giff74 - År siden
25:25 is the exclamation point of this episode!
James Vongprachanh
James Vongprachanh - År siden
janichiu - År siden
Loved this, esp. on how he spoke about not forcing diets onto people or making fake promises just to rope people in. Great podcast!
Ema Ostřížková
Ema Ostřížková - År siden
Where is the jingle when you mentioned the Rock?
Iconic Bass
Iconic Bass - År siden
Brother, I just want you to know, I just came across your channel a few days ago and it's been a life changer. Thank you. 🤟🏻❤️👍🏼
Mindful Moments
Mindful Moments - År siden
Yes...I really appreciate the information you share and the guests you seek out and present. Really great content that feels relevant to what so many of us are going through or thinking about. Thanks for that...It's become one of my favorite channels to tune into over the past few weeks since I discovered it.
DJ Hawke
DJ Hawke - År siden
Hi my names DJ and I was inspired to become a minimalist about 3 weeks to a month ago by your video. I am also the healthiest person I can possibly be so I love this podcast, I was vegan for two years till I realized I had a Candida over growth and started doing a lot of research and came up with a food plan that has been healing me my hormonal acne and my gut which includes eating meat plus it helped the gains😌! Almost everything I own is out of the house or in boxes I’ve gotten ride of a thousand items if not more. For the last 2 years I’ve been loving my job as a behavior therapist for children with autism and the last almost 5 has been being a personal support worker for a cool guy who’s non verbal autistic. One of my clients insurance couldn’t pay for therapy so I’m using this time to travel out of the country. This trip I’ll be back packing, vlogging and challenging myself to find out what is “enough” for me to live a joyous life, I’d like to discover more about myself through doing things I’m passionate about which is traveling, learning then spreading awareness and also using the right part of my brain especially with dance! If you can help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated I am planning the trip this week as quickly as I am able to and then leaving for two weeks I’ll be gone on my 24th birthday (December 23rd) through Christmas and New Years which could make it expensive for a girl who has no financial help but believes she can make her dreams come true with enough love and dedication.
Ares Dominguez Castillo
This person is an inspiration. I'm the type of person who connects these things to a bigger cultural picture. And something I notice is that he says, does, and preaches things that women do more often.
We're getting past this but cooking and nutrition from a health standpoint are still feminized (with exceptions, there are famous men who talk about this but they stand out because they are men). More men talking and teaching and learning about these personalized topics, helps everyone regardless of gender. It allows men to benefit from these health practices and allows women to practice these without seeming innately feminine (which they may not want to seem).
Mateus Rissi
Mateus Rissi - År siden
Please, do not take vegan as just a diet. It is so much more than that. Love your videos!
Mateus Rissi
Mateus Rissi - År siden
@Mircea Ilie Ploscaru i take it as the Vegan Society definition "Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.". It is not -just- a diet. It's about being against animal cruelty in every way you can.
Mircea Ilie Ploscaru
Mircea Ilie Ploscaru - År siden
Take it as a religion. Or a cult. But no, seriously, what do you mean? What's the kind of mentality or lifestyle that you imagine when thinking 'vegan' ?
Yuliusgi Arts
Yuliusgi Arts - År siden
looks delicous, ( fitmencook )
Michael Garbas
Michael Garbas - År siden
I love this Podcast. I guess it's extremly hard work to edit a video that goes for 1 hour.
PHD in Me TV
PHD in Me TV - År siden
Thanks for sharing 🌸
Dana Raquel
Dana Raquel - År siden
Kevin is a great self made man .. thank you for bringing more light to him 🙂
Dawn Santacroce RD
Dawn Santacroce RD - År siden
Thank you Kevin for being more logical about health and nutrition than most nutrition "professionals ".
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang - År siden
Matt! You should get the Light Phone on indiegogo
Tall Dark
Tall Dark - År siden
Hii Matt, can you do a program on how to deal with Digital clutter located on (Mobile/PC/cloud storage) Be a minimalist with all the bs we have accumulated online , and our own digital stuff including important documents and pictures etc and and how to organise things there too ?
Oceans Fortnite channel
New too tour channel loving this podcast! Would love to see you sit down with Justin lovato could be a great show
Hassan Mohiudin
Hassan Mohiudin - År siden
I have signed up for your news letter to unlock unstuck luck ! what could be the reason?
June Twenty
June Twenty - År siden
When he said he was accountable i thought he said I was a cannibal and I kinda died lmao
Daree Allen Nieves
Daree Allen Nieves - År siden
For me it was Brussels sprouts too- kept me hostage to the dinner table as a kid!😖
ADR 421
ADR 421 - År siden
Gratitude and appreciation
Dons G
Dons G - År siden
You made it onto 2018 Creators On the Rise! Congrats!
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Kelsey Maher
Kelsey Maher - År siden
Hahaha, I died when I heard the spaghetti and ketchup reference! When I lived in Russia that's all my host family ate. I thought it was a Russian thing, but maybe it's an international taste.
Mark Bubb
Mark Bubb - År siden
One of the better episodes. Thanks for this.
Lani A
Lani A - År siden
I was a member of the Clean your plate club as a kid. My kids are not joining.
Lani A
Lani A - År siden
So true! Diet is more important that exercise. You can not out exercise a bad diet. Reduce sugar and carbs. 80% diet.
Joyful Living
Joyful Living - År siden
Darn, this was so good!
ian lagac
ian lagac - År siden
Great episode Matt!
Jaya Grewal
Jaya Grewal - År siden
I absolutely love your videos for its meaningful content. I got into your video through pickuplimes. So a question for you is: who r the youtube people that you draw your inspiration from. I have watched your video about your influential books. I would love to know how you became inspired to be able to produce your invaluable contant.