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Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects

#Anyone #JustinBieber

Runtime: 04:24


Tracy Manzo
Tracy Manzo - 41 minutt siden
I am a huge fan
Tracy Manzo
Tracy Manzo - 41 minutt siden
Hi Justin Bieber
romain1993 - 44 minutter siden
Toto "Goin' Home" ...
Victoria Diaz Lodol
Victoria Diaz Lodol - 44 minutter siden
como me tatúo un audio?
Victoria Diaz Lodol
Victoria Diaz Lodol - 45 minutter siden
me quiero tatuar esta cancion
Victoria Diaz Lodol
Victoria Diaz Lodol - 45 minutter siden
amo esta cancion con mi vidaaaaa
cesar ojeda
cesar ojeda - Time siden
América Torres Rangel
América Torres Rangel - Time siden
Anyone: en la riqueza
Holy: en la pobreza
Hold on: en la enfermedad
Pero siempre contigo 👌🏻 omg
Segun Oguntade
Segun Oguntade - Time siden
i love justin bieber kim
No Name
No Name - Time siden
Aww, this song is so cute.. I’m gonna cry 😭
Dounia Dounia
Dounia Dounia - Time siden
Where's his tattoos . He look so different.
Jade Rosado
Jade Rosado - Time siden
Hermoso!💕😍Justin Bieber!
Xenia Sanz Sole
Xenia Sanz Sole - 2 timer siden
At 2017 i hated justin i dont know why but now, the songs he have are so so so good and i like listening to he
logos for live
logos for live - 2 timer siden
I am a big fan and please reply i love you you are the best you are my idol since i was born .😘😍😘😍PLS REPLY IT WOULD MEAN EVERY THING TO ME JUSTIN .😍😘😍😘
Carlyna Stackhouse
Carlyna Stackhouse - 2 timer siden
I am here from Sam and Jess tik tok
Carlyna Stackhouse
Carlyna Stackhouse - 2 timer siden
Did anyone else see the paparazzi video
Dulce Anahy Morales Martinez
Remember stream Hold On to get that #1
Aninha Lisbôa
Aninha Lisbôa - 2 timer siden
justice - march 19th
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin - 3 timer siden
so where are the tats? NOT that I'm missing them.
Ümmü Çinkılıç
Ümmü Çinkılıç - 3 timer siden
Ümmü Çinkılıç
Ümmü Çinkılıç - 3 timer siden
Ümmü Çinkılıç
Ümmü Çinkılıç - 3 timer siden
exanny - 3 timer siden
E io che mi ricordo ancora di 11 anni fa
Wade Martin
Wade Martin - 3 timer siden
Toto: Goin’ Home
rajendra dixit
rajendra dixit - 3 timer siden
I Love you justin bieber so much
Schwars Ewa
Schwars Ewa - 4 timer siden
justin is back for the first time with changes album and start with good music and video clip like intentions, stuck with you and yummy, and now he make aanother level good music good video like lonely, holy, monster, hold on
XoNexXieI XIVaehxO
XoNexXieI XIVaehxO - 4 timer siden
This song makes me feel SINGLE
Lebron Ja,
Lebron Ja, - 5 timer siden
Esto me recuerda al libro "tardes de otoño" de Joana Marcus
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx
Si aquí se ve re bello, en el video de HOLD ON, ni hablamos verdad? Es que por deos cada día este hombre se pone más preciosoooooooooo
Cam Par
Cam Par - 5 timer siden
oh sweet, its toto-going home I LOVE THIS SONG
Lydia Laticia
Lydia Laticia - 5 timer siden
Bishnu jyoti Das
Bishnu jyoti Das - 5 timer siden
Without tatoo he looks different
Enes Topcu
Enes Topcu - 6 timer siden
Türkler ceza daha iyi diyenler🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Oko Nzuzo
Oko Nzuzo - 6 timer siden
Get dat bread
tanmay singh
tanmay singh - 6 timer siden
Looks good without tattoos
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford - 7 timer siden
It’s easy to slip into worrying about the number of people you are reaching but remember, THIS ...”If one person is impacted by the hard workout into an effort for God,that one soul is worth all of the work.Have peace with reaching one ☝️ You Justin Bieber touched me & I am 65 years old with stage four breast cancer! So keep up the good that you do!....🙏🤟🏻🦋❤️
fans dyler 19
fans dyler 19 - 7 timer siden
Noluthando Dhlamini
Noluthando Dhlamini - 7 timer siden
"forever is not enough time to love you the way that I want" 😭😭♥️
Noluthando Dhlamini
Noluthando Dhlamini - 7 timer siden
Danielle Lester
Danielle Lester - 7 timer siden
My friend Meghan is a big fan of your music. Her favorite songs are intentions holy
Stewart Gray
Stewart Gray - 7 timer siden
Really not a Bieber fan but this tune is pure class, i like this Bieber 👍
Stefan Nagy
Stefan Nagy - 8 timer siden
TOTO has entered the chat
buckiiie - 8 timer siden
Love his latest female castingd
Jennifer Echano
Jennifer Echano - 8 timer siden
Candice Skye
Candice Skye - 8 timer siden
I hear that Jon Bellion touch to this and I'm L I V I N G for it 💚
tinah tinah
tinah tinah - 8 timer siden
Inlove with the song..it's my favorite ❤️❤️.. and you justine beiber your my favorite artist.
Grifin Berge
Grifin Berge - 8 timer siden
This is a fantastically produced video! It's like watching a short yet great movie.
Alexander Playz
Alexander Playz - 9 timer siden
0:16 dancing over the diamonds lol
Yasmin Pratti
Yasmin Pratti - 9 timer siden
Belieber forever
Belieber forever - 9 timer siden
Beliebers: that you are the only one I've ever love
Justin: Hold on..
Darlene Lennox
Darlene Lennox - 10 timer siden
Luísa Ferreira
Luísa Ferreira - 10 timer siden
Pame Videla
Pame Videla - 10 timer siden
Quien pudiera ser la actriz
Rossa Mccann
Rossa Mccann - 11 timer siden
PLIAGARISM. Fuck you beiber. Can’t just slap some different words over a pre existing melody and call it your own
Avrylle Sofia Sagum
Avrylle Sofia Sagum - 11 timer siden
Camilla Cabello - Anyone
Nattapat Chotirawi
Nattapat Chotirawi - 11 timer siden
Cobra kai never dies
Manh Hoang
Manh Hoang - 11 timer siden
Very gooooods thank you gods justin bieber
Pikachu Greninja
Pikachu Greninja - 13 timer siden
Rocky Bieber!
Siu Ho Ho
Siu Ho Ho - 13 timer siden
I.lovey.you justin..the song.the vedios so beautifull,holn on love it.
Jesus - 14 timer siden
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆he looks like a hippie wearing the band around his head.But,did he really get knocked out?
Imtiaj ahmed Raj
Imtiaj ahmed Raj - 14 timer siden
Hold on I like it
Kayden Wilkes
Kayden Wilkes - 15 timer siden
I love this song
Disha - 15 timer siden
it feels like an angel putting me to sleep
Steph Dean
Steph Dean - 15 timer siden
Its i ripoff of Toto!!
Joynal Abeden
Joynal Abeden - 16 timer siden
Justin Bieber with no tattoos why?? 🤔
Ale - 15 timer siden
I mean it's not obvious for the music video...
alexander wikinson
alexander wikinson - 16 timer siden
United gays of invalids coronavirus is Justin gayber and selena gomez global bullshit
justin beiber
justin beiber - 16 timer siden
Love you and your voice justin 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘
Amen Austin
Amen Austin - 13 timer siden
@alexander wikinson ok Boomer 🤡
alexander wikinson
alexander wikinson - 16 timer siden
United gays of invalids coronavirus is Justin gayber and selena gomez global bullshit
Jose Veltman
Jose Veltman - 16 timer siden
Bronny - 17 timer siden
Stop kissing other women Justin, you’re married
J o a n n
J o a n n - Time siden
@Justin Fanpag lol. Dont be presses! It was prob not even his choice
Justin Fanpag
Justin Fanpag - 13 timer siden
So ? Don't judge him it's his wish if he wants to kiss her or not . I know he's married . But it's just a small kiss stop making it a big issue
Артур Кузьмин
Артур Кузьмин - 17 timer siden
Бибер не перестает удивлять! Клип - фильм!
Ren. _
Ren. _ - 17 timer siden
Kaylee Lane
Kaylee Lane - 17 timer siden
Kiss wasn't even necessary. Poor hailey
Kaylee Lane
Kaylee Lane - 17 timer siden
Welp. His marriage ain't gonna last 😂
Justin Fanpag
Justin Fanpag - 11 timer siden
Not going to last 🤣 . It is going to last forever. When I comes to justin every body notices what he's doing and comment their F*cking opinion. Even many other artists,actors,etc does this not only justin so it's not a big issue
Justin Fanpag
Justin Fanpag - 13 timer siden
Stfu it's just a small kiss
Lluvia RH
Lluvia RH - 17 timer siden
No les pasa que
✨Creed II✨
Nainika Bhat
Nainika Bhat - 17 timer siden
Hailey watching this be like (eeep)
GOLDEN DREAMS - 18 timer siden
Favourite singer
Sarahi Angles
Sarahi Angles - 18 timer siden
Quien aquí después de que salieron con la mamada de que JD le copio?
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx
Qué original el panochas
Miriam Corlione
Miriam Corlione - 18 timer siden
I love you so much Justin Bieber you are the best ❣️❣️
Carol Phillips
Carol Phillips - 18 timer siden
Where are his tattoos tho👀
Tristan Cloyd
Tristan Cloyd - 19 timer siden
This song is amazing should do more like this! I can’t still listening to this song
roger dou7
roger dou7 - 19 timer siden
22 seconds , 35 seconds, 3 minutes 12 seconds
Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed - 19 timer siden
I don't wanna talk about the views it has got,but this video song deserves way more than what it's got.The song is just another level of music and especially the video has added extra beauty in it.Now Justin' music is better than ever.#Love_ya_JB💜
BTS Golden Hearts
BTS Golden Hearts - 19 timer siden
How many Army's and Blinks are watching this?
Ale - 15 timer siden
Armylieber here
BTS Golden Hearts
BTS Golden Hearts - 19 timer siden
Who are listening in 2021?
BTS Golden Hearts
BTS Golden Hearts - 19 timer siden
Justin Bieber with no tattoos look soo different
Bobita Pal
Bobita Pal - 20 timer siden
Man justice will beat purpose for sure
Best of luck justin
World looking up to u
A perfect role model
Blackpink Slave
Blackpink Slave - 13 timer siden
I hope it does but Purpose was a Legendary Album. 3 #1 hits and every song is pretty good too, also includes Where are you now.
Zeyar Ye Yint
Zeyar Ye Yint - 20 timer siden
Love you😍😍😍
Ximena Ávila
Ximena Ávila - 20 timer siden
Love u JB❤❤❤❤
Mackenzie Lynn
Mackenzie Lynn - 20 timer siden
This song is so lovely!
Am sorry but I love yoyo baby
Justin boxer
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita - 20 timer siden
Feeling this from a 1986 baby 👶
Nam Cuong
Nam Cuong - 20 timer siden
I'm Vietnam like you
ASMR delight
ASMR delight - 21 time siden
Hailey should of been in this music video lol
ASMR delight
ASMR delight - 20 timer siden
@Reneé Kelly I didn’t watch the whole thing I was like halfway through when I posted this comment
Reneé Kelly
Reneé Kelly - 20 timer siden
No she shouldn't have
Oreoluwa Adenowo
Oreoluwa Adenowo - 21 time siden
This video is lowkey reminding me of Creed😭😭❤
BR4M OFFICIAL - 21 time siden
Good luck, i like your voice
fabiana domingues
fabiana domingues - 22 timer siden
Let's intercede "anyone" with "hold on"
Inked Tattoo
Inked Tattoo - 22 timer siden
jb without tattoos...
Daniela Castañon
Daniela Castañon - 22 timer siden
Es mejor cómo lo canta Camila❤
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx
Stream HOLD ON
EMMANUEL SG - 23 timer siden
EMMANUEL SG - 10 timer siden
@Justin Fanpag 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂😂😂
Justin Fanpag
Justin Fanpag - 13 timer siden
Who your parents
EMMANUEL SG - 22 timer siden
@renee kelly ? 😆😆😆
renee kelly
renee kelly - 22 timer siden
I did the same thing when I looked at your picture weirdo!