Jonathan McReynolds & Kane Brown Perform “People” & “Worldwide Beautiful” | BET Awards 20

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This uplifting moment by Kane Brown & Jonathan McReynolds from the #BETAwards is presented by McDonald’s #BlackAndPositivelyGolden! #BETAwards20 #JonathanMcReynolds #KaneBrown #BETAwards


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Runtime: 05:13


Rosie Wood
Rosie Wood - 3 dager siden
Doesn’t Kane Brown’s pianist look like one of the actors in Jonathan McReynold’s Visual Album ‘People’?🧐😀
Hannah Afia
Hannah Afia - 4 dager siden
Anyone else notice that the man who played the keyboard(?) for Kane's performance was also an actor in Jonathan McReynolds' People Visual album?
ObedienceOrSacrifice - 14 dager siden
One of my fav artist, love him!
Mellow Vybes
Mellow Vybes - 17 dager siden
Wow. This one had me crying
Coley Gilchrist
Coley Gilchrist - 23 dager siden
Yes and yes
Melissa Segovia
Melissa Segovia - 24 dager siden
Richard Collins
Richard Collins - 25 dager siden
This is beautiful 🔥🔥🤗💕💕💕
Mpume Mtshali
Mpume Mtshali - 27 dager siden
N Esq
N Esq - 27 dager siden
Jonathan is literally an angel in a human body
Eyasu Desalegn
Eyasu Desalegn - 28 dager siden
Jesus is the only way to heaven
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore - 29 dager siden
Kane Brown i do believe this is one of your best!! You are a beautiful young man that us so very talented ❤ with a lot of GOD'S wonderful blessings to come your way. Please keep up putting out your wonderful music!!! You are loved and blessed!!💜💜💜💜💜💜
Josiah Mulvihill
Josiah Mulvihill - 29 dager siden
Kane brown all the way💯🙏🙏🙏🙏
Malik Wright
Malik Wright - 29 dager siden
Love it
Emmachrist - Måned siden
L Bee
L Bee - Måned siden
These lyrics are the truth.
OfficiallySinder - Måned siden
Wow..People! Thank you for sharing your gift Jonathan!!
Mia T
Mia T - Måned siden
Beautiful voice
LEECOLEify - Måned siden
Jonathan sung this!!!!!!
Kailyn Ryals
Kailyn Ryals - Måned siden
Ad wow mr. John
Wumi Makunku
Wumi Makunku - Måned siden
I'm touched black 🖤 lives matter
donna daniels
donna daniels - Måned siden
Thank you for my deliverance!
Selasi Ayittey
Selasi Ayittey - Måned siden
very blessed I am now able get my dream home all thanks to the help of this here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley - Måned siden
Black excellence. Black Kings. Black Love. I mean seriously, why they hate us that much? Is it jealousy? Afraid. WOW!
julianna burns
julianna burns - Måned siden
🤔🤨😶 Forget these people.😒😴😏🙄
S. Rose Smith
S. Rose Smith - Måned siden
Two really good artists and two great songs.
evelyn m
evelyn m - Måned siden
Amazing 🙌🏽
Herbert Hunter
Herbert Hunter - Måned siden
We already know Jonathan's vocal skills but his lyrical prowess is just stupid-crazy! God Bless Jonathan & Kane.
J Lawrence
J Lawrence - Måned siden
Yo. This is nice 4real. Much needed this way.
Bongiwe Mdaka
Bongiwe Mdaka - Måned siden
Yvette Dargbe
Yvette Dargbe - Måned siden
💖💖💖I LOVE IT!!!
NS - Måned siden
Those who disliked need Jesus
Angel Williams
Angel Williams - Måned siden
World wide beautiful is an amazing song this is why I. Keep watching this performance because of the way he delivered on this song ❤️
Pinkie Girl
Pinkie Girl - Måned siden
I try not to listen to “People” around others because it makes me sad 😢
Latress Williams
Latress Williams - Måned siden
I love Kane Brown😍😍😍😍😍
Latress Williams
Latress Williams - Måned siden
I love this. Kane Brown is my favorite. They both delivered me. Bless you both.
Latress Williams
Latress Williams - Måned siden
I love this. Kane Brown is my favorite. They both delivered me. Bless you both.
Michealla Newbold
Michealla Newbold - Måned siden
Um what happened to kane brown's signature deep baritone voice..he sounds so average country here
Shozeh Tutorials
Shozeh Tutorials - Måned siden
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - Måned siden
I recently discovered Kane Brown. Love this young man's voice!
Alliyah Dabo
Alliyah Dabo - Måned siden
Why can’t gospel singers perform like this on the Grammys. We’d love to see it.
Debra Carter
Debra Carter - Måned siden
Worldwide beautiful
Debra Carter
Debra Carter - Måned siden
Deliver me Halelujah Johnathan we love you
Doranna Jones
Doranna Jones - Måned siden
Tyanna S
Tyanna S - Måned siden
I wished BET invited Mickey Guyton as well, she’s a black country artist.
Maxine Nails
Maxine Nails - Måned siden
Roslyn Williams
Roslyn Williams - Måned siden
Simply beautiful 🙏🏽
My Busy Bees and Me
My Busy Bees and Me - Måned siden
wrharris05 - Måned siden
Kane Brown is a like he came from the Neville brothers family! He sounds just a little like Aaron. Love his blended Southern beats, so smooth and cool
wrharris05 - Måned siden
Johnathan McReynolds is like the nephew of Babyface while being Michael Jackson’s son if they were brothers wow!! Adore Kane as well he’s amazing doing Country! So glad to see all these brothers doing country on stage it’s beautiful
wrharris05 - Måned siden
BeeSugar1 - Måned siden
Dear Jonathan, my kids were watching the awards and I was passing by....your voice made me search for you....
Love from Kenya!!!
Karabelo Moloi
Karabelo Moloi - Måned siden
Jonathan is gifted with such a beautiful gift!!!!!
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa - Måned siden
One of my favorite drummers, Lester Estelle killing them drums!! 🔥🔥🔥
Walter Kimaro
Walter Kimaro - Måned siden
3:46 Wait, Blackastone holding it down on a country song? I thought that time at the CMAs with JT and Chris Stapleton was just a one time thing haha
evelyn kissi
evelyn kissi - Måned siden
This is perfect for any day!
Tracey Sumler
Tracey Sumler - Måned siden
Sara Scott
Sara Scott - Måned siden
Chills!! So much talent 💕
Charles williams
Charles williams - Måned siden
Tia Saitadra
Tia Saitadra - Måned siden
Karen Parker
Karen Parker - Måned siden
I'm trying to understand why Jonathan McReynolds keeps teaming up with secular groups and doing interviews lgbtq(talk shows) what's really going on with him🙏🏿