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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 14:17


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 8 måneder siden
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Richard Bekkers
Richard Bekkers - 3 måneder siden
aramide jarn strong
13JohnBlack13 - 8 måneder siden
Hey, Alec... I have a stitch for you to try. In personal experience it's VERY strong, good for heavy duty clothes. Anyway, look up "flat felled double needled folded seam" on google. Should be plenty of info there to get you started! If you do use it, please let me know!
Russell Anderson
Russell Anderson - 8 måneder siden
Really a video mostly of you sitting a the comp and stitching?? That's not why I follow your channel
Dalton Sparling
Dalton Sparling - 8 måneder siden
Alec Steele can you make Damascus out of steel shavings
Morgan Lyttle
Morgan Lyttle - 8 måneder siden
U should join that 20 million trees thing! 🌲Love your videos!
Eric Mackinnon
Eric Mackinnon - 29 dager siden
Anyone know the song when they are forging ?
JeremyK 541OR.
JeremyK 541OR. - 29 dager siden
Do you ever want to see the strongest sewing just look at any Crye Precision plate carrier
Kudemude - Måned siden
Is this Vash the Stampede from Trigun?
Gabriel Solano
Gabriel Solano - Måned siden
Could this have been an early sign of coronavirus sneaking in the US before we knew it? It would be interesting if you got an antibody test and it came back positive... meh what do i know
Gunslinger454 - 2 måneder siden
"Disassemble...dead?!" The question is would Johnny 5 have become alive if he hadn't accidentally squashed the grasshopper that, sadly, could not be reassembled?
Samuel Peterson
Samuel Peterson - 2 måneder siden
Alec: I have the Bubonic Plague.
Will: Don't be silly, its Tuberculosis. *Coughs*
Alec: We are all struggling.
Everyone: *Looks at date the video was released*
Sam Iezzi
Sam Iezzi - 2 måneder siden
Its definitely the big 'Rona
Robert Shores
Robert Shores - 4 måneder siden
I'm not really surprised he didn't know about Johnny 5. It's a little obscure for kids our age. My parents made me watch everything they watched. Like Beast Master for instance another classic.
Robert Shores
Robert Shores - 4 måneder siden
raviraj bhosale
raviraj bhosale - 4 måneder siden
Making indian basket hilt sword khanda
Devon Friesen
Devon Friesen - 4 måneder siden
Behind the 'seams'. eeeehhhh?
KingCurry - 5 måneder siden
Look I know johnny 5 was a peaceful sentient robot but on the off chance, you should never give a sentient robot a weapon.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson - 5 måneder siden
....behind the ....."SEAMS!" kekeke....i'll see myself out...
Noah Trojnar
Noah Trojnar - 6 måneder siden
0:10 - 0:21 why is there so many -ing
derp daddy
derp daddy - 6 måneder siden
No disassemble stephanie no disassemble
Animation 4 Life
Animation 4 Life - 7 måneder siden
why are you're videos so long
Mohammed Amer
Mohammed Amer - 7 måneder siden
You should sell some of the knives you make, like the cane sword.
Collin T
Collin T - 7 måneder siden
yep tuberculosis or pneumonic plague
Shua Melton
Shua Melton - 7 måneder siden
Will said bean juice, was that a MBMBaM reference?
supersonic413 - 7 måneder siden
I'm sick, I've been sick. First thing I did today was sneeze. Three times
Jos Tromp
Jos Tromp - 7 måneder siden
Did you take into account that the stitch takes half of the load? Because both sides of the sample put an upward force on the weight
Dogurasu - 7 måneder siden
Is Britain still great? :D
Michael Weston
Michael Weston - 7 måneder siden
Alec's peppiness when he's sick is 100x more than most of us are when 100% healthy
The Harlequin
The Harlequin - 7 måneder siden
Wait, how did i not notice until just now that you are basically a human version of Johnny 5?
sulliman217 - 7 måneder siden
Really think you should do these vlog parts of your videos separate from your knife/sword making ones. I've clicked on this video to watch you make a knife, not to see what stitches can hold the most weight. When you just make series of your projects was far better!
Thetablet Nonya
Thetablet Nonya - 7 måneder siden
Union Jack pattern Damascus AR upper and lower when?
Kilo Echo
Kilo Echo - 7 måneder siden
I miss the Pilkington. :(
1Faith1Fate - 7 måneder siden
A blade for Johnny 5? Interesting.
Nope Noway
Nope Noway - 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one that is really not liking how this channel in general is progressing?? I kinda miss actual instructional content, and things basically back to its roots.. This is becoming a massive farce for the blacksmithing community.
Sam Danzer
Sam Danzer - 8 måneder siden
Mate. You need a Nespresso machine. I promise you'll get more work done.
islanddoc90 - 8 måneder siden
Ah yes, good ol' dirty bean water.
Ralph Beatty
Ralph Beatty - 8 måneder siden
Need to divide the weight of the load in half in testing the stitching if the stitch failed. When fabric failed, you still do not know how strong the stitch is. Stronger than half the total load for sure.
Leslie DeArman
Leslie DeArman - 8 måneder siden
I absolutely need a shirt with Alec standing in front of the power hammer saying "squishy! squishy!"
Marc Kenner
Marc Kenner - 8 måneder siden
You really hadn't heard of Short Circuit previously? Christ, I feel old now...
THEAPRILFOOL 1983 - 8 måneder siden
About time my favorite robot of all time has a knife
divingwbubbles - 8 måneder siden
hottest channel on forging metal & creation, and setting global Damascus steel sexiness went coffee shop uhm coffee branding. -- sad. -- Big fan of your work and inspiration, still.
Leethal W
Leethal W - 8 måneder siden
Nice job Alec 👍 great looking Montana flag hanging there!
FlyingDropBear - 8 måneder siden
I feel old now, hearing someone not having seen Short Circuit before. Thanks for reminding me I am getting old. :P
Pheym !!
Pheym !! - 8 måneder siden
I really hope that the first thing a sentient robot wants IS NOT a weapon. But, if it is, may as well be Steele made. If it isn't, what is the point...
2kanchoo - 8 måneder siden
You need to watch short circuit the comedy series by harrisonm on youtube it's hilarious!
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 - 8 måneder siden
Cyrus seriously has that 70s porn star look
E3 UnderGround
E3 UnderGround - 8 måneder siden
Jesus you got hulk hands, but I feel like you struggle to grow facial hair.
Jarred Jones
Jarred Jones - 8 måneder siden
Almost every garment I've ever broken failed in the fabric, not the seam. Even failed seams tended to be the thread of the seam ripping through the weave of the fabric. Thread for sewing seams tends to be far stronger than the fabric it's stitching. I'm not counting cheap/free t-shirts, they're not intended to be hard-wearing to begin with.
Jared Buschschulte
Jared Buschschulte - 8 måneder siden
And here I thought he was making a blade for a guitarist...
Nathan Facteau
Nathan Facteau - 8 måneder siden
Alec, does your flux do any damage to your forge? I’ve heard that welding flux is absolutely terrible for forge insulation. Has any damage been done?
Kraitok [Prodigal Theives]
Kraitok [Prodigal Theives] - 8 måneder siden
Will calling coffee "hot bean juice", as a bean juice connoisseur I love it!
DAN HUNIK - 8 måneder siden
Johnny 5 was totally non violent. Why would he need a knife?
raptor man
raptor man - 8 måneder siden
That movie was my childhood
James W Gleason Jr
James W Gleason Jr - 8 måneder siden
Hot bean juice? Is will an MBMBAM fan?
christopher wagner
christopher wagner - 8 måneder siden
Wtf I got unsubscribed to you I’ve bin a sub since 5k wtf
Jared Payan
Jared Payan - 8 måneder siden
New tshirt design: Pretty dang good. - Will Stelter
xMr Awesome
xMr Awesome - 8 måneder siden
You're going to tell us next that you haven't watched ghostbusters, or back to the future.
everett dale
everett dale - 8 måneder siden
I gotta say, your last few videos have kinda turned me off a bit. I'd like to watch you forge, grind, and polish stuff. Watching you check your email makes me just click away from your channel. I'm really not trying to be a d*ck, I just hate going through my own email, why would I want to watch someone else do it?
Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson - 8 måneder siden
Should we be giving weapons to robots? I don't think so, but if we are, then we might as well enjoy it.
Standlylion Gang
Standlylion Gang - 8 måneder siden
can you try to make a video in dutch
Matthew Meuleman
Matthew Meuleman - 8 måneder siden
i think Alec Steele needs to spend some time with Baltimore Knife and Sword to get leasons on how to do what he does
Geckomayhem - 8 måneder siden
Of course Alec hadn't heard of Short Circuit. He wasn't alive in the 80s. He was barely born in the 90s. >.<
Epic 80s films. :)
Alec, if you haven't seen Flight of the Navigator, that's another 80s classic you're missing out on.
Akabufford - 8 måneder siden
Did you visit the wonderful City of LA? Where else would you pick up the Black Death!!! GoDems
uriah highsmith
uriah highsmith - 8 måneder siden
Can make the stitch stronger by adding an additional piece of fabric at the stitch as well.
Blake Williams
Blake Williams - 8 måneder siden
you'd never heard of short circuit... ....?! get out
Scout Braveheart
Scout Braveheart - 8 måneder siden
love the irish flag, damn class right there.
Adam B
Adam B - 8 måneder siden
Alec is the human embodiment of Johnny 5s positivity.
jacob anderson
jacob anderson - 8 måneder siden
i like cyrus :)
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas - 8 måneder siden
Jamies editing is worth the transatlantic missions
D A - 8 måneder siden
*pulls out blade*
But you won’t be
Prairie PrincessOK
Prairie PrincessOK - 8 måneder siden
In your fabric loop weight tests it's worth pointing out that your stitched seams were holding half of that weight; the other side of the loop held the other half. A straight single strip of fabric with a seam in it would be holding the entire weight. But the results should all be accurately relative to each other as tested.
William C Allen
William C Allen - 8 måneder siden
I still want to see the eyes on the Anyang while it is working.
Illuminati Corgi
Illuminati Corgi - 8 måneder siden
Johnny 5 is ALIVE! ...because he has this blade 😂👍
qwerty975311 - 8 måneder siden
I appreciate the new stuff you're getting in to hock and the stitching your learning. However, I really think all that could be in a separate video. I come here for cool blacksmithing not watching you in the office or test stitches with weights.
William Cunha
William Cunha - 8 måneder siden
Awesome Job Alec! Cannot wait until y’alls grinders go on sale.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo - 8 måneder siden
is will getting paid? lol
Oliver Guthrie
Oliver Guthrie - 8 måneder siden
Instead of getting that scale off with an angle grinder you guys should just get a big bead blast cabinet
Chris Sjogren
Chris Sjogren - 8 måneder siden
I have no association with forging stuffs, but I would for sure say that Alec Steele is the best Youtube channel this world have every seen. Keep up the awesome work !!
Daan de Roon
Daan de Roon - 8 måneder siden
3:50 You sound like Eminem on “Ass like that”
Josh Chamberlin
Josh Chamberlin - 8 måneder siden
Get a Surface Hub in your office, you can thank me later.
ibrahim Mohammed
ibrahim Mohammed - 8 måneder siden
02:37 Alec said Damascus blade
Me: i love croissant
UncleJoe - 8 måneder siden
When did Johnny number 5 have a sword? I'm confused...
Joe Casillas
Joe Casillas - 8 måneder siden
Glad your doing your research before investing time and money into the garments. Can’t wait to see what you design next.
Brett Poe
Brett Poe - 8 måneder siden
I’m soo glad Jamie is still editing! It just wouldn’t be the same if anyone else did it! 🙏👌🏻