Joe Rogan is Leaving LA for Texas

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Taken from JRE #1514 w/Joe De Sena:
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Finley Wren
Finley Wren - 16 minutter siden
So much upset from 'fans' as if it affects you in any way other than positive:
1. Joe in mid America means easier access for guest booking and traveling, so a better chance at guests he might otherwise not get.
2. It means more travel for Joe, which means more lively stories about said travel.
3. Joe will have tons of new stories about the complete change of climate / culture.
This is a win for listeners too, not just for Joe.
goodolarchie - 22 minutter siden
Errybody socialist gangsta until the payday taxman come
Patman 21centurykid
Patman 21centurykid - Time siden
Jokerr - Time siden
Brendan is totally bout to miss his buddy and move to texas lol
Cosmic - 5 timer siden
I feel like Texas suits Joe more than LA does
Gator Head
Gator Head - 6 timer siden
I love TX and it’s a great place to live. Having said that the Texans don’t any more ego boost. They already put the TX flag on everything. And believe their state is gods gift to the world.
no matter
no matter - 6 timer siden
They're all moving to Texas and going to keep voting blue never realizing that 2 + 2 = 4 and the crappy government they're fleeing is all blue.
Calinederschpiel - 6 timer siden
I'm Southern, but I've lived in TX and CA. Give me CA ANY day, despite its problems. TX really is a self-overrated, ugly-ass pancake. That said, if I were truly wealthy, I'd probably move to AZ, UT or NM.
Ever high
Ever high - 18 timer siden
Texas is becoming blue really fast 😔😔😔😔
Joe Wynne
Joe Wynne - Dag siden
I’m sitting on my front porch in Calif right now. Typical summer day. It’s 7:52 pm and 72 degrees heading to an overnight low of 57. In Austin, it’s 9:52 Pm and 90 down to maybe 79 overnight. Typical summer day. California is the promised land no matter who tries to mess it up.?Wanna leave? Great— but you’ll be sooor-ry! And Joe, check out Austin property taxes.
ramiro garay
ramiro garay - Dag siden
Die Like button Die! _ I live in TEXas"
Pete Roses
Pete Roses - Dag siden
Joe, cmon guy. But........ live outside a big city, assimilate, leave that liberal Cali shit there. Find a great High School Football Team to support.
Tell Elon that here in Ellis county we have the old super collider tunnel dug underground ready for his factory.
And if Washington can’t get right we’ll go back to being a republic.
Todd Sullivan
Todd Sullivan - Dag siden
So it isn't the f/u goverment thru out the state that your tired of dealing with hu? I sure as hell hope your not a dummyrat, Texas dont need them there to f/u another state.
I’m glad you’re coming. Welcome Home Neighbor!!!
Chris Wriglesworth
Chris Wriglesworth - Dag siden
Joe Rogan is moving to a state that doesn't have legal weed???
slade900 - Dag siden
think he is a tad over reacting. really hope its not a move just because of covid it will pass sometime
slade900 - Dag siden
dont texas hate weed.
Jake Howie
Jake Howie - Dag siden
Texas is beautiful...if you don’t open your eyes. It is a state of big freeways and fast food restaurants. The best thing about it is the bbq, burgers and Mexican food. Also, the freedom. Not much going on other than that. If you don’t like God or church lol could be an issue.
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - Dag siden
Only issue is, Joe is a democrat. If you leave Cali you leave the Democrat party, leave that shit at the door, Texans don't like it or want it.
ILLUMINATHAN79 - Dag siden
Funny thing, Joe voted for all these people that raised taxes. Texas will be the new California in 5 years.
Rainer Rappel
Rainer Rappel - Dag siden
Yea but which state has the best girls???
10 Dangerous Mistakes Men Make That Ruins There Chances With Women:
Sam P
Sam P - Dag siden
Joe just rememeber why you are leaving bud!! Vote red when you get to Texas!!! Don't try to turn Texas into Cali.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Dag siden
Joe is about to have a sick ass ranch and cool ass guns.
GFX - Dag siden
All Cali posers eventually come to Texas
Tyanak Atakers
Tyanak Atakers - 2 dager siden
Somebody please explain to jr how federal and state/local governments work 😂
daniel raleigh
daniel raleigh - 2 dager siden
Hollywood is dead haha
BrielaMichelle - 2 dager siden
Texas is where it’s at
jtssrx - 2 dager siden
Matt C
Matt C - 2 dager siden
There is more people in the state of California than all of Canada....
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 2 dager siden
Don't vote into Texas what you are leaving LA for.
L0rd0fTh3N3rd5 - 2 dager siden
Tell Jamie to leave his lefty idealogy out west.
raysville - 2 dager siden
Hilarious! I can live anywhere in the world. I pick Texas?
The Itis
The Itis - 2 dager siden
Corey Kelley
Corey Kelley - 2 dager siden
A message to all California, if you flee CA and move to a different red state do not continue to vote for Democrats. If you do you will ruin that state for future generations.
DubsBrown - 2 dager siden
Pot ain’t legal in Texas, but it doesn’t have a 20% tax either!
Matt H
Matt H - 2 dager siden
it'll be pretty hilarious to see a quick blurb on the news when they raid his ranch and take hundreds of pounds of weed
Cassie - 3 dager siden
"Tax hike on California millionaires would create 54% tax rate." - CNBC Joe had the inside scoop of CA taxes rising 😂
Chippy & Friends .
Chippy & Friends . - 3 dager siden
Good luck ✌🏽
Benny Turbo
Benny Turbo - 3 dager siden
Joe is about to have a sick ass ranch and cool ass guns.
David Stone
David Stone - 3 dager siden
🚨Wow did you see the Podcast host Joe Rogan on Wednesday. Rogan believes voters are concerned about the mental state of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
“I believe there is also a large group of people that are very uncomfortable with a man who seems to be mentally compromised winning the election and doing so by hiding in his basement for months," Rogan said on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Show.” I think Biden is not up for the job and when he debates Trump we will all see for ourselves if Biden debates 3 times like he agreed to do. Joe Biden handlers have kept him hiding out in his basement for months. The few meetings with the Press Biden has had, all he was given was softball questions. I agree with Joe Rogan that Joe Biden seems to be mentally compromised and so do millions of voters.
Cassie - 3 dager siden
Who the hell would want to live in Texas?. The land of the shit stompers!
Davis Horowitz
Davis Horowitz - 3 dager siden
I wonder when Rogan's gonna notice that weed is very illegal in Texas
Timothy Pinto
Timothy Pinto - 3 dager siden
you know roges bought jamie a house down there or is going to buy him one!!!
T Zero
T Zero - 3 dager siden
Joe, move to Frisco. It's 30 minutes to Downtown Dallas, it's 30 to the airport. The Addison Improve is 15 minutes. The Winstar in Oklahoma is about an hour. They have medicinal there, with four dispensaries within spitting distance of the casino. We have robots that bring you food. Robots Joe!
Channy D
Channy D - 3 dager siden
I'm moving to Texas in two weeks. Very exciting
Cody Rinehart
Cody Rinehart - 3 dager siden
I got a farm in Vermont, fuck Vermont! Catch me in Texas how bout dat! We finally manipulated joes fragile Hollywood mind into some ultimate man shit. I’m oozing heat shock proteins. I can’t agree with joe more when he said in one of his skits, saying Texas said we’re just gonna sit back and watch this play out. Lol
J. Butt
J. Butt - 3 dager siden
Joe should come to Oklahoma instead. Our weed laws are the best in the nation. It’s a better fit, and otherwise quite similar to Texas.
Snarkonymous - 3 dager siden
Nathan Grundler
Nathan Grundler - 3 dager siden
Stay in L.A, please.
I don't want Texas to become super liberal.
Nathan Grundler
Nathan Grundler - 6 timer siden
@guitarsANDcars39 It is 😎 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
guitarsANDcars39 - 6 timer siden
Who are you to tell another US citizen what to do? I thought this was America..
Tracy Haus
Tracy Haus - 3 dager siden
Joe is moving during the hottest month and during a major heat good from Austin..ironically I left because it is now Little Cali...the traffic..the heat..the annoying dream house in Austin was 480.000 ..i bought my house in southern tier NY for 53.000 in foreclosure and there is no traffic and beautiful scenery..the people r culturally different but at my age I'm more concerned with how my kids and I all bought houses for under 115.000 and minimum wage is 12 bux vs. 7.50
J V - 3 dager siden
okay get it ready for me, joe make sure the califori-marixists don;t fuckk it up before i get there, don't let the dems come over and mis-manage it like they did their other shyt hole cities!!!.
dooner1979 - 3 dager siden
He’s leaving because Texas allows him to protect his family and have the tools to do it. also the Monetary value of being in a conservative state.
Joanna - 3 dager siden
Taxes seems like just an additional perk. “Why would anyone still be in Cali” is the real question.
Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree - 3 dager siden
Congrats Joe! God bless you and your family
Spoon Man
Spoon Man - 4 dager siden
And you don't think Texas is crowded? Ha! Get ready...traffic sucks in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas
Rayder42 - 4 dager siden
Who the hell would want to live in Texas?. The land of the shit stompers!
Josh Dub
Josh Dub - 4 dager siden
Joe: I wanna go somewhere with MORE FREEDOM
Also Joe: I'm REALLY FAR left and vote for the people and policies that caused the problems I'm fleeing.
Joanna - 3 dager siden
fortunate enough to earn more than I need. I enjoy being in my beautiful home with my family. But I caught Covid-19, I tested positive. But I'm staying isolated from my family in
Eric Douglas
Eric Douglas - 4 dager siden
He's picking a good time to go to Texas. They have the best elk hunting during the rut in September and October. Joe is gonna love Texas
Dan White
Dan White - 4 dager siden
Have fun with that. Tax Valuations have doubled here with everyone leaving the PRC.
Dirty Zanches
Dirty Zanches - 4 dager siden
You better not be moving to Texas and start voting like you're still in Cali then; keep that b.s. overthere.
Dirty Zanches
Dirty Zanches - 2 dager siden
@Matthew Abel I'm in TEXAS period.
Matthew Abel
Matthew Abel - 2 dager siden
you must be in rural texas.
chris Brooks
chris Brooks - 4 dager siden
Hes moving to the suburb of Austin, TX
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 4 dager siden
"don't California my Texas"
Richard Collier
Richard Collier - 2 dager siden
Think I'll move to Texas too. Just because.