Joe Biden Is Officially POTUS 46

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James Corden recaps the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, from the giant Bible, to all the leather gloves to Bernie Sanders being instantly memed, James loved it all apart from a small issue he had with J Lo's performance. And he looks at how the day began, with former president Donald Trump leaving Washington DC to the tune of "YMCA."
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Runtime: 13:09


timmy - 7 dager siden
1426 days to go 🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩
wanida anderton
wanida anderton - 9 dager siden
He was funny, but now he's boring, he is what he is, boy band singer,,,,
rockmister - 10 dager siden
Biden is already becoming an authoritarian and its horrific to watch everyone supporting this man
Simon Chapman
Simon Chapman - 17 dager siden
Fat Boy Corden stuck in the US because he is despised here in the UK . Comedian ? Never said a funny word in his life . TRUMP 2024.
The best part 12:00
typhoonwill15 - 22 dager siden
I’m from England and I can see that America is fucked now. God help America.
barbara sites
barbara sites - 27 dager siden
I think all of you is stupid for liking the joke of Biden,,baby sniffing Biden,,,hes destroying usa,,,,he works for china
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 28 dager siden
Seeing Bernie Sanders at the inauguration sitting in his inaugural chair with his man mittens was priceless. We love Bernie too!!
Kmica Na Kreku
Kmica Na Kreku - 28 dager siden
Joe Biden destoryed Bernie in the primaries.... a much popular candidate
The Watcher
The Watcher - 29 dager siden
8:47 this convo made me laugh so hard! 🤣
Peter Tanner
Peter Tanner - 29 dager siden
James Corden, the USA can keep him he is an total arsehole. He should listen to the black workers who cannot now make their mortgage payments now Biden has cancelled the pipeline project. Or the mothers whose daughters will have to share changing rooms with men identifying as women. Unity, ha ha ha. Democrats are the KKK.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 28 dager siden
This guy is cringe in human form.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 29 dager siden
This show doesn’t get the love it deserves. I was dying laughing
Oh my god, I was literally thinking about all the leather gloves too😂😂😂
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Måned siden
Finally I can breath again 🇺🇲💙🙏Thank God the nightmare is over💖
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - Måned siden
Bernie - He was just wearing vegan, hemp mittens.
Weird NotLame
Weird NotLame - Måned siden
Anyone else notice Clinton falling asleep at some point I’ve been waiting for the blasts on it lmfao
Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson - Måned siden
You make me ashamed to be British
Gone Gaming.
Gone Gaming. - Måned siden
*Hunter Bidens laptop from hell.*
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Måned siden
protocols at play. But The Crazies are signaling a Debt of Honor they've yet to Pay.
David Carter
David Carter - Måned siden
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - Måned siden
Who is the woman who writes notes in the show ?
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - Måned siden
OMG I love it so much?
Seef Eldeen
Seef Eldeen - Måned siden
Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani
(10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri)
(05 - 03 – 2020 Kr.)
Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt
((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka)
.(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre
Yuvika Dhawan
Yuvika Dhawan - Måned siden
*Carpool Karaoke with Louis Tomlinson*
ryyy - Måned siden
Nothing fantastic about watching a illegitimate president be given power
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - Måned siden
Perfect video...thank you so much..
j pain
j pain - Måned siden
MR Green
MR Green - Måned siden
This guy is cringe in human form.
Abrahamic Religions Bow Before Nate
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - Måned siden
I'm from England and I feel like the whole world can breath now
Blackbess - Måned siden
"We will be back in some form !" I hope it is in an urn on the mantelpiece !
sannio komi
sannio komi - Måned siden
Seeing Bernie Sanders at the inauguration sitting in his inaugural chair with his man mittens was priceless. We love Bernie too!!
alice carrol
alice carrol - Måned siden
Oh and the village people ? By the Book as Kirk said. Is the Birthdate of a foretold one yet to come. 32162 in florida Zip Code to be sure. Signaling Protocols established had not been followed. So Thank You Mr. President, for your service to Our Country. No matter how you go, Best of Wishes and Luck where ever the Path we all walk takes you. And To 46 who was never told the Secret Presidents are told... now the High Office is his. Does he dare treat a High Office holder the way 43 treated Seal? Or is the High Office Still Watched and Guarded By Masons? Is that office untainted more important or Impeachment. Those of Solomons Temple now await the POTUS 46 answer. Pardon or let the Games began is sent from the warmsprings little white house. Last Man Standing of a Vanishing Line. Sent this: I refuse to Turn Out Those Lights. what line you ask? The roots of Kenya which include QEii Obama and ... Well I will tell you James, That Guy who is the third? The House Solomons Heir ...
Thanks for hearing us out Sir.
Keep the great Programs coming.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - Måned siden
Biden and Trump are corrupt.
alice carrol
alice carrol - Måned siden
James a reminder of the Masonic Protocols at Play THIS is Potus Obama's VP... is it not?
Much has changed and I just got back. Eastwood the time traveler.
KiaWillow () 1:40PM | Sat, 18 February 2017
Finnius! You're here! Thanks for the Post!Amarkerintime.jpg
here's the story with the reference to the Kennedy Center Led Zeppelin Honors: I know a guy who talked about your post being here...To make matters worse his Father is from a place called West Bromwich England same town as robert plant... plant bought a house once owned by a man named aleister crowley... so the occult (druid Magic) may have some bearing on all this. Maybe A backwards time traveler counts as much as a backwards stairway to heaven!!! The movie back to the future is maybe based on real events! MWTHUNDERCLAP seems to be the leading candidate for being the real time traveling tuba player EASTWOOD! Tom WIlson (biff who steals the time machine) is a tuba playing drum major in real life...anyway the guy MWThunderclap went to a high school called Eastwood. says he went back to leave clues in time and would use the stars themselves to prove it! He may have actually done it. Your Post is one of those clues... or will be as of the time he show's up today to confirm that fact... There are to many similarities to the story for it to be any thing other than what he claims! He used the time machine when zemeckis stole his story, he even put a band from Texas (zztop) in the third movie when The name EASTWOOD is first used in the movies. Eastwood high School is in El Paso Texas! and he really was a tuba playing drum major in 1979 and 1980 there! and his Social Security number actually matches the KIC 8462852 numbers when you place them in different order as 245-88-xxxx from 62! (see fox news story: Why is this star dimming? Astronomers still don't know) look at the comments on that story! Jack Black joked about Led Zeppelin making a deal with the devil... the same way Universal Pictures head Sid Sheinberg did not like the title "Back to the Future", insisting that nobody would see a movie with "future" in the title. In a memo to Robert Zemeckis, he said that the title should be changed to "Spaceman From Pluto", tying in with the Marty-as-alien jokes in the film, and also suggested further changes like replacing the "I'm Darth Vader from planet Vulcan" line with "I am a spaceman from Pluto!" Sheinberg was persuaded to change his mind by a response memo from Steven Spielberg, which thanked him for sending a wonderful "joke memo", and that everyone got a KICK out of it. Sheinberg, too proud to admit he was serious, gave in to letting the film retain its title.
I made their words true! The time traveling alien said:
I gave it a different KIC KIC 8462852 Believe me it was hard to travel back in time far enough to he told me! Going back far enough to make the Jack black joke about the occult come out the way it did... Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Award Broadcast - Part 1 of 2 on youtube Now That was way way hard!
The danger is still just as real
Thanks Kia for the Call sent to Quarternain By Tom Sayer relay to James here.
And Thank You Mister Gordon...
Always send the real to reel deal or the Crazy Train begans boarding. Mr Churchhill wrote of who drive that train...
No threats implied Just the protocols at play. But The Crazies are signaling a Debt of Honor they've yet to Pay.
Philip Bauer
Philip Bauer - Måned siden
Who is the woman who writes notes in the show ?
Ines Benali
Ines Benali - Måned siden
Fun fact u came here, bcs u saw Joe Biden instead of the orange guy that everyone hates 😀
bilij pdan
bilij pdan - Måned siden
Biden's speech was pretty normal actually, but considering Americans haven't seen such normal speeches in the last four years, yeah.. That gotta be special.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan - Måned siden
Biden's speech was pretty normal actually, but considering Americans haven't seen such normal speeches in the last four years, yeah.. That gotta be special.
Tango Alpha
Tango Alpha - Måned siden
Interesting how he is supposedly the most loved president in history yet there were hardly any people at rallies, barely any people at his inauguration... barely any views at all for social media... liar, pervert, thief, waste of tax payer dollars... those words can be used in several different descriptive sentences!
Filipe Costa
Filipe Costa - Måned siden
Plotus Trump finally got canceled
Tom Branson
Tom Branson - Måned siden
I read the suggestion somewhere that the FCC needs labels or disclaimers legislation for Opinion networks such as Fox, AON and others. There should be labels like the movie and music industry has... there should be a large scrolling disclaimer every 30 minutes or so that repeats that the show isn't "news" but only represents the opinion of the network and is not pretending to present the truth.

I think that this would go a long way towards breaking this cycle for a few of our citizens... for to "re-educate" these folks will be nearly impossible, or will be generational rehabilitation. It is becoming absolutely absurd and disgusting and we cannot continue in the current direction to have a healthy nation.

We need to pressure the FCC to place labels on these networks.
F.U. Productions
F.U. Productions - Måned siden
Subtitles: you knit the
big stones
big stones - Måned siden
Big fat james un funny corden
MyQueenFreddieMercury - Måned siden
Bernie 💭 This was supposed to be me damn it.
bilisha coli
bilisha coli - Måned siden
Dide, smudge the hell out of the White House.
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy - Måned siden
Biden and Trump are corrupt.
Kelly Robin
Kelly Robin - Måned siden
I really feel sad for all of you! I will pray for you when you find out the Truth🙏❤️
Crystal Thornton
Crystal Thornton - Måned siden
James star, I'd hate to have to tell you this but we swear our han on the Bible in every Court proceedings
bilisha coli
bilisha coli - Måned siden
no one wants to listen to all this politics
Isabelle George
Isabelle George - Måned siden
doesn’t anyone else wanna se james as president??? like he be walking in every room with mic drop playing in the background.
Sara - Måned siden
Thanks to each and every one of you who voted for Biden! It's been lovely not having to hear a single word about what the orange president have done or said (apart from the news about the absolute bellends that swarm the capitol). I can get used to that, so thanks for making politics boring again and restoring my faith in humanity!
witchmom davis
witchmom davis - Måned siden
False president, impeach biden
Becky - Måned siden
Got to be your top women on sanitising the White House, not men?
Russell Kempe
Russell Kempe - Måned siden
What a nightmare. Joe Biden the Bob Barker impersonator. Too old to have any sense left.
Frida Karlsson
Frida Karlsson - Måned siden
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - Måned siden
Fun fact: Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.
rick duncan
rick duncan - Måned siden
Impeach 46!
Meghan Fredericks
Meghan Fredericks - Måned siden
Shakespeare was the king of insults. He compared lots of people to dog turds. So he's the first to call someone a piece of shit in writing.
Jamie Wong
Jamie Wong - Måned siden
Joe Biden says unity, but what kind of unity is that gonna be? What is his definition of unity?
sam lawrence
sam lawrence - Måned siden
shut down anyone who doesnt agree or voted trump and/or call them a buzzword ending in 'ist' or 'obic
Tabea W
Tabea W - Måned siden
We need a carpool karaoke with Joe and Jill! How cool would that be
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - Måned siden
Fun fact: Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.
Samuel2k10 - Måned siden
Nothing like celebrities spewing left-wing bias to its viewers. ❄️
sam lawrence
sam lawrence - Måned siden
imagine what their 'jokes' would be like without trump there. btw, i'm from the UK and i can't apologise enough for what we produced, we hate him here too.
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb - Måned siden
no one wants to listen to all this politics
Samuel Becker
Samuel Becker - Måned siden
The banter on this show just gets better and better.
VELALOSU2020 - Måned siden
He is your potus, not my potus.
joe chombo
joe chombo - Måned siden
I’m a Mexican resident and I can say that now I feel like I am in US. Came here 5 years ago and the sensation was great back then but then trump won and it felt different. Now it starts to feel like that again. Good luck to joe and kamala and god bless em.
JJnS Farms
JJnS Farms - Måned siden
Which is the reason I have not been using mine! BWHAHAHAHA
Steve Douglas
Steve Douglas - Måned siden
James and Reggie: "So fresh and great". Seattle: ""
Proud Gemini
Proud Gemini - Måned siden
"As a Canadian..." No guys stfu. This is America's moment, not ours to intrude on.
rathofturkey - Måned siden
Yup. And we are so screwed until at least 2024 unless the plot of Designated Survivor comes true.
Toyz N Comix
Toyz N Comix - Måned siden
Wow, all late night talk show hosts have been saying for 4 years that Trump is Hitler every minute of every day, and now all of a sudden, they think Quid Pro Joe is Jesus of Nazareth.
Toyz N Comix
Toyz N Comix - Måned siden
James Corden is creepy. Almost as creepy as Biden.
sam lawrence
sam lawrence - Måned siden
I'm from the UK, i cannot apologize enough for what we produced. We fuckin hate him over here too.
Isaac Bolton
Isaac Bolton - Måned siden
*4:24* That seriously unlocked a memory for me
Denise Moore
Denise Moore - Måned siden
thank you so juch,much, having the courage to stand up to à tyrant, and helping to save our democracy.I may be 71,but YOU are mysuperhero.
Denise Moore
Denise Moore - Måned siden
forgive my mistakes,these screens are so tiny!
V H - Måned siden
Biden STILL proves 2 be fit 4 the job in many ways, even if his Peloton has 2 be tweaked!!!🗽🙋🏾‍♀️🗽😉
Mel D
Mel D - Måned siden
In Minnesota we all have mittens like that. Its cold in them states,y'all. Big mittens are warm. Gloves aren't.
IC URANIS - Måned siden
My theory is P.O.S. was created by George Carlin. If not, I like to think so.
robotron17 - Måned siden
It took biden less than a day to violate his own mask order in public.
Sher - Måned siden
Love it all! And it felt so freeing to be in such a better place! This is the administration we've needed! 😉 💖
p a
p a - Måned siden redirects to Whitehouse website. USA is dead. Sad times. Militant extremists supported. Glad I’m alive to see it.
Kees Brooimans
Kees Brooimans - Måned siden
Tony Pitsacota
Tony Pitsacota - Måned siden
"Feeling of being an American again?" Jeez. This group is why you don't SEND YOUR KIDS TO ART SCHOOL.
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed - Måned siden
As a result of the overwhelming evidence, we can clearly see that the election of Joe Biden was a fraud, and as a result has no lawful power or legitimacy; and therefore no word, order, policy, or instruction from Joe Biden or his representatives has any authority, power, or legitimacy, and should not be accepted or obeyed in any way. To do so would clearly be an act of treason.
Umbrella With no videos or content?!?!
Joe Biden, the president of the United States: “My whole soul is in this moment.”
James Corden: *LOOK AT THEM GLOVES!!!!!*
Wolf Dragon
Wolf Dragon - Måned siden
Know that feeling, feeling proud these days.
TruePatriot 1776
TruePatriot 1776 - Måned siden
Beijing Biden is not president for any true Americans. Being selected by a fraudulent election does not mean it's so.
Sandra Foxley
Sandra Foxley - Måned siden
o,good lord
o,good lord - Måned siden
Trump promoted a deadly riot which resulted in the loss of a Police Officer! I am the mother of a cop. Trump should be tossed into a small room with officer Brian Sicknick's family! If he caused the death of my son, I'd already have gotten to him, no matter how many secret service agents were around. Maybe karma will leave the pain of losing a child in his heart?
Nobody Anon
Nobody Anon - Måned siden
🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹Democracy is just a word, it is the actions that count. America must re-evaluate their policies and laws. Lots of work ahead❣️
HoshiReed - Måned siden
Winner of the Challenge gain
an actual functional economy complete with societal amenities like parties, sporting events and large gatherings.
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz - Måned siden
joe mama wont be proud
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz - Måned siden
what about the iran nuclear deal
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz - Måned siden
biden is the seriel killer
Gary Lee
Gary Lee - Måned siden
Actually, Beijing Biden is PPOTUS.....Puppet President of the U.S.
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann - Måned siden
why does he like the YMCA song so much??!? lol
Paul Faducci
Paul Faducci - Måned siden
The reminiscent crib fortuitously play because alligator namely suppose toward a educated tadpole. shaky, angry name
tieja_burnew - Måned siden
And time for late night and the media to stop doing whatever it is that they do. Which is what exactly?
re no
re no - Måned siden
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
GinaMaria Opalescent
GinaMaria Opalescent - Måned siden
Jill is very strong!!!
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse - Måned siden
I STAYED up ALL NIGHT to watch the inauguration LIVE.
I'm an Aussie living in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 🦘🏏😎
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - Måned siden
How many fine basses does she own? Every night a new beauty.
adriel fletcher
adriel fletcher - Måned siden
And we are all screwed
Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran - Måned siden
The proud art additionally stop because sociology conceptually dream next a broken soccer. special, warlike dahlia
WC 'Strawberry' Fields
WC 'Strawberry' Fields - Måned siden
Has James slipped? He was funny once. Is this another "Ash Experiment?"
GNR Forever
GNR Forever - Måned siden
Ridiculous. Masks have been mandatory everywhere here in Toronto, ON Canada since July 12th, over 6 months. And my province of ON with 15 million people only has 5500 covid deaths
sam lawrence
sam lawrence - Måned siden
same here in the UK, were now on lockdown 3. You can feel the public's tempers about to snap
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - Måned siden
I will never understand how someone can be proud of a citizenship