It's time to slow down.

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Don’t get me wrong I’m going to continue to work my ass off but I will be implementing some strict boundaries moving forward like “No Work Saturdays”. These kinds of rules are necessary because (fortunately) I love what I do & if I didn’t set them I’d take things too far. It’s easy to let “just this one weekend” turn into "every weekend".
This might not be the message you need to hear right now. You might be in the same place I was a year ago and you need to continue to put in long hours. But don’t forget to pump the breaks from time to time, especially when you’ve managed to make a full-time living.
Thanks for watching! Let me know if the comments some rules that have worked to help you keep your sanity while pursuing your passions :)
Eliabe Ferraz
Eliabe Ferraz - 11 måneder siden
Subtitle in Portuguese
Jerome Bélivier
Jerome Bélivier - År siden
if i win the Lotterry, i will help people in Mozambique, Soudan, California so You Guys create Shelter for home less people
Dewi - År siden
I recommend you to watch a video from Clark, the tittle is "How I retired at 36 and spent 20 years sailing". He mentioned about The Economy of Enough and shared his experience in pursuing his best life.
Carmina Andra
Carmina Andra - År siden
I NEEDED THIS VIDEO SO BAD! After 3 years of working my face off & going through a massive burn out & depression (got to the point of being suicidal - that's how far flipping loving my job got me!) I decided to see a therapist..who is giving me the exact kind of advice that you've share here for free! Would have saved myself some cash by watching this video on repeat a few times, I suppose... I created a small brand & it's been insanely hard to keep up with the goals I was setting up for myself! In my defense, I spend so much time comparing my brand to others that I end up feeling behind & I keep raising my expectations. Yup, I expect to have a website just as cool & an Insta account just as popular as that brand that had 10 employees... while I am being leather artisan, website builder, social media marketer & photographer, all in one. This year I decided to SLOW THE F***K DOWN & came across this video of yours just in time! Thanks!!!!!!!
Robin Fassbrause
Robin Fassbrause - År siden
Am in the same situation right now, working every day almost. Had to learn this lesson the hard way. Thanks for this video, it is good advice!
njdiabeteseducation - 12 dager siden
Matt, You’re an awesome content creator! Please keep sharing your gifts. I love your authenticity and insights.
Yes, balance in work and life is key to our happiness. I got so burn out 5 years ago that I had to take one year off to recharge my body and soul.
András Kapros
András Kapros - 20 dager siden
Thank you for sharing this and all the great content!
Halah Moh'd
Halah Moh'd - 27 dager siden
Islam is great. It answers all of the big questions about life and human and makes everybody's life have a meaning and a goal and feel happy
Batool Fahad
Batool Fahad - Måned siden
That's actually so true sometimes when I feel exhausted from working or studying I take a short break to do something for myself like going out to get some coffee or watching my fav series etc ... thank you for sharing this with us we need to remember this sometimes .
PulpDogg - Måned siden
That question in the beginning - "What would you do, if money wasn't an issue?" - is one of my favorite ones to ask people. Answers are really surprising some times. Other times you just get a shrug and an "I don't know".
أسماء . Asma
أسماء . Asma - Måned siden
Sejr - Måned siden
Every time I finish watching your video I just wanna clap (and I do) ... Autonomy, profound message and perfect set-up. Keep it up!
aicha touchene
aicha touchene - Måned siden
واو الفيديو مترجم😍😍👍
Shashank Sadafule
Shashank Sadafule - 2 måneder siden
If you are gonna be your own worst boss, then you are gonna burn out. Damn that hit hard!!!!
Fast Philosophy
Fast Philosophy - 2 måneder siden
Thanks again for the advice your channel really helped me I hope you realise you really change people's lifes!!! But remember you should do what you want to do!!!
Talha Karim
Talha Karim - 2 måneder siden
Nearly two years later and I realized I haven't subscribed to his podcast yet... my bad. Hitting that subscribe button now
Muhammad Israr Ul Haq
Muhammad Israr Ul Haq - 3 måneder siden
We wanna see that floating head please matt. Wish u had it added, it would have been funny =D. Great video btw fully agree with the health and sanity thing. Also this TOUGH question of having all the money and what to do with life, is really interesting
Daniel Simmons
Daniel Simmons - 3 måneder siden
Anyone notice that Dark side of the Moon vinyl on the record player
Hanno Jacobs
Hanno Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
Here I am watching a video about slowing down in 2x speed
Rifki Saputra
Rifki Saputra - 3 måneder siden
thank you so much matt, im close to burn out
YouTube My
YouTube My - 3 måneder siden
شكراً مرة اخرى
YouTube My
YouTube My - 3 måneder siden
أنا عربي أتمنى دائما ترجمة فيديو
YouTube My
YouTube My - 3 måneder siden
شكرًا على الترجمة
Tânia Nunes
Tânia Nunes - 6 måneder siden
Judge me: I watched it in 2x speed
D - 6 måneder siden
Part 2 this!
Ceylon Life
Ceylon Life - 6 måneder siden
❤️❤️ as your wish bro ..
Laina Luna
Laina Luna - 6 måneder siden
Your energy is so inspiring!
Laina Luna
Laina Luna - 6 måneder siden
The Lo-Fi music
Neal - 6 måneder siden
I buy my freedom. Become a luxurious hermit
Junjun Bogart
Junjun Bogart - 6 måneder siden
I needed this a lot. Thanks
Jim Willeford
Jim Willeford - 6 måneder siden
Matt. I just subbed to your channel. Very interesting commentary. I am a big fan of Captain Sinbad, and find your attitudes and commonalities of great interest. At 80+ a few months, I am at a much different step on the ladder of self discovery. If you don’t mind I would like to be among your regular guests, commenting n perspectives from the age of an elder who, too, is a seeker. Is this cool with you?
E - 7 måneder siden
You always have great background music.
TO TA - 7 måneder siden
You are cute! Just don't use swear words.
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 7 måneder siden
it’s almost 6am, january 3rd, i have two 2500 word assignments due on the 6th - i have been ill all week, fallen so far behind, and i’m worried i won’t get these done, let alone to a good standard .. pressed to my tv is a post-it note with the words ‘all out sprint’ - the motivation i need to maybe not sleep for three days, still make it to work over the weekend, but ultimately, get this shit done 😬
Galen Seilis
Galen Seilis - 7 måneder siden
I've been casually publishing YouTube videos over the last approximate year, and as I go into 2020 with even more content I am thinking about how to pace myself so I don't get close to the burnout edge. Thanks so much for this video, Matt!
Should You
Should You - 7 måneder siden
He is such a hottie
Joao Oliveira
Joao Oliveira - 8 måneder siden
The 2010’s are nearly over. By the end of next decade, you’ll be looking at these videos and be saying “they looked so modern and cool at the time”
mahtab - 8 måneder siden
Add FREE videos (looks at the end of the video)
Jordi F
Jordi F - 8 måneder siden
6:19 dude, i want to see that kjakjakj
Suzanne Boily
Suzanne Boily - 8 måneder siden
Samuel Morotti Martins
Samuel Morotti Martins - 9 måneder siden
Matt, thank you very much for sharing such awesome information and ideas. I've just started looking inside myself, and hopefully, I will find myself again!
Bonne Chance!
Bonne Chance! - 9 måneder siden
😂 lol, situation with shirt is fun as hell
Thanks for all your videos, Matt!
SOLDADO TETOUANI - 9 måneder siden
Vutha - 9 måneder siden
I just seen Matt get 2 mill
Channy - 9 måneder siden
I wonder what Matt's favourite colour is... 🤔🤔
María Fortino
María Fortino - 10 måneder siden
why are you always showing your coffee??
Михайло Гурський
Михайло Гурський - 11 måneder siden
Recently discovered your channel. Love your videos and the message you're sending. Keep it up:)
Valeria Marus
Valeria Marus - 11 måneder siden
Hey Matt. Watching you from Ukraine. Thanks for great and inspiring content.
Fitness Toffer
Fitness Toffer - 11 måneder siden
I have to admit the ads feel uncomfortable as before he didnt put ads on youtube.
Techie-X - 11 måneder siden
You have an amazing channel brother. Every video is a gem. God speed !!
Robert Chamling Rai
Robert Chamling Rai - 11 måneder siden
Dear Matt DA'vella,
Its been a while that I have been stalking you.( caught ;-).
But few months ago.
My life was miserable, I had no goals, I was depressed,procrastinating things,spending hours scrolling youtube videos.
Than I found one of yours video.
Since then.I forgot the count of times I have checked your videos.
I feel alive, I deleted social medias, I have started meditating, waking up at 5, journalling,( not taking the showres🤓).
But its all worth it.
I didnt come here to thank you because the word is too trival..
However, Thank you❤😊
You are amazing flimmaker and storyteller.
You changed my life❤
Ivan Tran
Ivan Tran - 11 måneder siden
slowing the fucking down😂😂😂
Jhowie C.
Jhowie C. - 11 måneder siden
I honestly wished you'd have included the "floating head" in the end. 🤣
Harold Lladoc
Harold Lladoc - 11 måneder siden
Thanks Matt for your effort in bringing this topic. Very honest, inspirational and full of wisdom. I just started my journey into minimalism and your channel has very good insights on the topic. (Subscribed).
crazysexyfuntraveler - År siden
Been in a similar situation but not with editing videos, but with writing articles about my trips as I've been living out my travel blog and I constantly have to keep up with writing, no break, so I understand you. Trying to slow down in the past year after crazy years on the road and it's not easy, but it's necessary :)
Cecilia Mac
Cecilia Mac - År siden
What camera did you use to film this video? I love it !! Wishing you the best !! 💕💕💕
Martha Galvan Sanchez
Martha Galvan Sanchez - År siden
I love your videos.
Jake - År siden
Thank you so much for making your channel! its been inspirational and eye opening for me in all aspects. you've voiced the minimalist inside of me that i didn't even know existed.
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider - År siden
Minimalism and over working, maybe both obsessions to escape the real truth. I’d say, what is that personal truth you/we can’t face? When you find that,
the peace will come/or we’ll just cohabit with our Shadow
Andressa Araujo
Andressa Araujo - År siden
Love how you combine meaningful content with a humoristic approach. Great delivery! Your channel really adds value to my life, big thanks for that.
Diana Lising
Diana Lising - År siden
Matt, I just wanna sincerely thank you. I owe you a lot.
Lost Boy
Lost Boy - År siden
I really love your channel Matt ! No adds just the essential, great !
KillaManZilla - År siden
Love your work Matt.
Al Gonquin
Al Gonquin - År siden
I really needed to watch this video. Thanks Matt!