Is GaryVee a minimalist?

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
I've been wanting to make this video for a long time. Super appreciative that Gary took the time to talk with me. Let him know what you think of the video:
Ghalia Villanueva
Ghalia Villanueva - 10 måneder siden
Cómo siempre Matt trayendonos las mejores mentes 👍
Leo Clarke
Leo Clarke - År siden
This conversation was all time, I hope you guys talk again some time... I feel you drew stuff out of him that he hasn't shared in that way anywhere else 👍♥️
Chris Dufey
Chris Dufey - År siden
Absolutely phenomenal video Matt. Great questions and really well shot!
Andrew Maher
Andrew Maher - År siden
Been watching Gary from the wine days and you for a while now. What an interesting cross-section. Really well done edit. The outcome not sure I understand what you conclude, if anything. But thanks for making this
Tucker Pearce
Tucker Pearce - År siden
Matt D'Avella this video is fantastic... Thanks for sharing this. Obviously you put a lot of time in the prep and edit of this one...
MarieH P
MarieH P - 3 måneder siden
It's true people judge you when you're living with your parents. I live with my parents while I was at the university and my friends were pushing me to move out . I told them that if I was doing this it could put me in debt and they answer was : It's better to be in debt than living with our parent. I never understood this and I was also the only one who didn't have debt when I finish the university. I never judge them for their choice but they often judge me for my choice.
Marwan Alley
Marwan Alley - 3 måneder siden
Maxime Boucher
Maxime Boucher - 4 måneder siden
xxPorcupine - 4 måneder siden
Still an inspiring video, even a year on.
Gold Coast Flower Wall Hire
Gold Coast Flower Wall Hire - 5 måneder siden
Love your videos!! So good 🙌
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 7 måneder siden
2:01 i’m never not smiling in my Fiat 500 - it’s pretty fuckin’ awesome
Brenda Mitchell
Brenda Mitchell - 7 måneder siden
#guns Love your work Matt!
HakuThePockyEater - 10 måneder siden
I like a combination of minimalism and Hustle. Minimalism AND Gary V have both made me realize I don’t need to be spending to impress others. As a result I spend less now and have more time to put effort into what I am pursuing right now. I’m a full time electrical engineering student in my 4th year. I also work 32 hours per week. Because of this I need to have the hustle in me but at the same time use minimalism to keep my goals and environment clear. Yes we are all different and this might not be doable to some but don’t let the “we are all different argument” be the reason why you don’t pursue your goals. Don’t lie to yourself.
Betty Love
Betty Love - 10 måneder siden
I live with my parents. Me and my husband only pay $800 of rent. I don’t feel ashamed, I feel smart. I can focus more on studying and paying off my car and our debt. Plus we are in a debt free journey!
the seeker
the seeker - 10 måneder siden
and of course Gary is not trying to kill u😂 beacuse he's not telling u what to do...u have to use ur head for the way i just fall in love with ur video making skill...I just love it.. that's looks so damn professional 💙👍. how did u learn videography?
the seeker
the seeker - 10 måneder siden
i love gary vee beacuse he's doing what he loves to do & when u love what u do u can do it for prolonged hours without fatigue
Loosey Guuzey
Loosey Guuzey - 10 måneder siden
Been watching u for a few Months Matt. But been following Gary for a few years. Finding out u guys made a video together was like my 2 fav rappers collaborating on a track.
❤️ love
shirish kirtiwar
shirish kirtiwar - 10 måneder siden
I want more people to believe that living with your parents is not a downside. I understand the individualism of the western world, but, if Parents are less interfering in their adult children's decision, there is a great possibility of transformation in happiness of parents and the adult children. living with your young kids , your parents would have purpose in life and would way longer, and the percentage of Dementia would also decrease.
TallTalk涛声 - 10 måneder siden
*great conversation,thanks for sharing this.*
Jd Mangosing
Jd Mangosing - 10 måneder siden
I would love to work
John K Lindgren
John K Lindgren - 10 måneder siden
*7:10** Gary "The Hustler" putting up is dirty sneaker in the FACE of his co-workers. The is insulting! Not only in THailand. Bangkok-Johnnie Carsanook Media*
John K Lindgren
John K Lindgren - 10 måneder siden
*MERCI INFINIMENT - SPASIBA BOLSHOY! Johnnie - Polyglotte, born in Suomi-Finland (Aki Karismaki country) educated in Sweden (Ingmar Bergman, Roy Andersson kingdom) further studies in Germany (Werner Herzog). Johnny de Bangkok resident in Thailand. Here bungee jumping in Macau, Red China*
Chris D'Andrea
Chris D'Andrea - 10 måneder siden
such a great video, love both of their perspectives
Chris D'Andrea
Chris D'Andrea - 10 måneder siden
Gary: You're in excellent physical shape
Matt: Thanks *I did biceps today*
J. Daniel Moore
J. Daniel Moore - 10 måneder siden
Right video at the right time for me. I didn't know I needed to watch this, but it helps fill a gap I've been struggling with. Thanks for making it :)
Moose Bme
Moose Bme - 11 måneder siden
I have been hated, called a liar and envied, all at the same time! From the same SELF-ABSORBED, NEAR-SIGHTED, IMPULSIVE, INSECURE, EGOTISTICAL MORONS, when I have said the same things!
To justify their B.$. BY THE F*****G BOAT LOAD, CONSTANTLY!
BEST REGARDS, to ALL that are not and were not SELF-ABSORBED, NEAR-SIGHTED, IMPULSIVE, INSECURE, EGOTISTICAL MORONS! That stood up for me, saw things for what they were and said "he's right!"
THANKS Gary Vee and Matt D'Avella for making this video!
YEOZ - 11 måneder siden
Have been inspired a lot by Gary recently on my life and music career.. thanks for sharing!

BTW, love your shooting and contents, always looks forward to more of your new stuff :)
Josh Baesal
Josh Baesal - 11 måneder siden
1:10 that moment out of context is so hilarious 😂
shankh - 11 måneder siden
Am I the only one who heard Apex Legends soundtrack towards the end?
Sasha Magdaleno
Sasha Magdaleno - 11 måneder siden
This guy GaryVee seriously seems like just another con artist. I would not trust his views at all.
Róbert Nagy
Róbert Nagy - 11 måneder siden
a jogdijam változatlan 900 milliárd euro/havonta/csatornanként 13 év re +késedelmi kamat +80 % minden ertékesitésbol :))))))) számolási alap 170 csatorna /13 évvel:))))))))))) és igazán leszarom ha mégis túl sok nektek:))))))))))))))
és egy centet nem engedek el belole:)))))))) semmi kozod ahoz milyen autot veszek :)))) egyedul ti fogtok sirni ha az orrotok allá fingok :)))))))))))
Le_ep - 11 måneder siden
Reminds me Jordan Peterson "TAKE RESPONCIBILITY"
People see what is wrong.
Alex Guaricci
Alex Guaricci - 11 måneder siden
sorry guys, but what does hustle means?
Nelson Nunes
Nelson Nunes - 11 måneder siden
I saw a GaryVee video about 1 or 2 years ago ? He was talking in the middle of the street, about work focus, and pursuit for your self happy, work your ass off , bla blabla. But, like everything in life, If you don't understand, you will not like. I tried to see more videos about him, then realized that even if the message was there, he was not very good at make it public or expressing it, I felt like he was those guys that get paid for making overdramatic scene about something that needs to be addressed with more simple words, actions, and less drama ? ...everything in Gary is drama! ..yeah some people need or apprecciates that kind of "Call to earth" act/drama .... but does the subject/content should be address like that ?. Well honestly it makes think that "overdrama" did payoff ... nothing against Gary,.
Kevin Choi
Kevin Choi - År siden
1:10 lmaaooo "fuck you motherfucker" i love gary
Will Buchanan
Will Buchanan - År siden
it’s all about intention, with intentionalism guiding hustle it fulfills ambition with so called minimalism
Emmanuel - År siden
Thank you so much Matt. Learned so much on this video
NickaPaulo - År siden
I smile a lot in my Toyota
YourBeatzSupport - Rap & Trap Instrumentals
amazing video
editing is on point
so very enjoyable to view
Tim Koerner
Tim Koerner - År siden
What Gary ultimately preaches is accountability. I love that. Whiny victimhood is a disease that will kill you but it is all too prevalent today. Keep up the great work Matt.
Nicole - År siden
Not on message: This has motivated me to go to the gym RIGHT NOW. Thank you!
invalead - År siden
I just realized that I had watched the scene where Gary compliments your biceps but didn't knew who were.And now I'm here after finding you somehow and watching this clip after 3 months.Enjoyed this clip and have been following you recently and love your work.
Liliya Lapik
Liliya Lapik - År siden
I love your contract. Its very inspirational. Thank you.
Emmanuel Mordom
Emmanuel Mordom - År siden
Is this a crossover episode?
Diane R
Diane R - År siden
He's just trying to kill himself, but doesn't know it.
Diane R
Diane R - År siden
Plenty of videos about people enjoying life in an RV. Learn to go without. You'll be so much happier.
Diane R
Diane R - År siden
For me, minimalism spurred my ambition towards more time for leisure. Walking in the woods, bike riding, lounging in the sun, watching an old movie, etc. When there's very little to clean or very little work that needs to be done, there's more time for fun.
Emrah DEMİRCİ - År siden
plase subtitle turkish all video ☺
Malik Hoff
Malik Hoff - År siden
Dude wears no accessories. Just Simple Shirts and jeans.
Joel Victoria
Joel Victoria - År siden
Hustle is life! Some can do it and be it and other people are just not destined for it.
Mo A
Mo A - År siden
Yes...…"If you are buying a BMW, or anything beyond what you can afford, to look good in front of your peer set, a certain house, a yacht, or will lose." I used to know someone who can barely afford a BMW, Gucci shoes, etc....yet he buys all of these expensive things, doing things to impress others, way beyond his means, and lives paycheck by paycheck, and barely has any savings, always worried about what others have, and always comparing himself to others......and he lost. I'm happy I'm away from that.
Mo A
Mo A - År siden
Yes......I'm simple and minalistic, anti materialistic, but also very ambitious, competitive, and driven. I love my extremely stressful and overwhelming career, and what helps me is my simple way of living.
Gabriel Caballero
Gabriel Caballero - År siden
dude just wants to buy the New York jets
RaulSupreme - År siden
I love your content. You are so authentic and informative. You are literally the only person who stresses the importance of establishing context in a situation. Honestly I’m glad I found your channel!
realplod - År siden
1:02 Warsaw ✌🏻️
Jason Odom
Jason Odom - År siden
I did exactly this ten years ago.
Brandon Farley
Brandon Farley - År siden
I just watched the minimalism documentary this evening. And i believe that minimalism starts with more of a mindset and adapting it fully than your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is a side effect of that minset.
Story of One GOD
Story of One GOD - År siden
Monetize your vdos you deserve that!
Matt Webber
Matt Webber - År siden
6:44 "I did biceps today" - I can tell.
pravin singhmar creative
Gary's message is simple: Do "you", which basically means be more self-aware and your words must map your actions. If you are ambitious enough, there wouldn't be any other way than hustle.
Mentes Livres
Mentes Livres - År siden
“Nobody taking a week long ski vacation at age 24 will be the next billionaire”
Gary Vaynerchuck
Sure, Gary, whatever you say.
Maria - År siden
Don't appreciate the colorful language Matt, you could have given us a warning up front or placed a disclaimer or better yet, blanked out that man's foul language.
Nadia Oosthuizen
Nadia Oosthuizen - År siden
Loved the interview. I think people get too caught up in the rush that they forget to stop and take stock. Think before you do anything, so that you know that what you are doing is a calculated step in the right direction. Thanks for the awesome content.
Dan_Destroys - År siden
If his hustle going to kill you then why is he not dead?