Is Beer Supposed to Look Like This ? (1st batch ever)

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Alex - 10 måneder siden
Salut ! Highjacking the first comment to answer a few questions I read :
1) Nope, Starsan isn't available in average supermarkets.
2) We did sanitise everything except the fermentor itself, which we presumed (perhaps wrongly) that it would be clean.
3) We did the elongated mash as we wanted the starch for body and as much flavour as possible but didn't need to "mash" the malt extract
4) We boiled the fruit peel to ensure we got the bitterness from the grapefruit and that bacteria were killed. Only went in at the end so plenty of flavour and aroma in there.
5) The water we used for the airlock, and for the yeast dilution, was bottled.
6) As for now it is a suspected Lactobacillus infection, very sour. Not related to any esters or bleach issues.
Jacek Nowak
Jacek Nowak - Måned siden
I would bet on pouring cold water into the solution after boiling. You should have boiled it after that and then cool down. Cold water, even bottled is not guaranteed to be infection free, the bacteria just don't have anything to consume there, so they are not active.
MoonWithNipples - 2 måneder siden
But Alex, Bakers Yeast does not work as BEER Yeast...... That's WHY you got an infection!! There are different types of yeasts for different types of beer and cider
Free Speech
Free Speech - 3 måneder siden
I have not watched the video. But if you dont make INDIA PALE ALE with 8% alochol content , its a FAIL for me. That is best beer on the planet not beligium crap beer. It needs to be fresh as foams all the time.
Herr Nilson
Herr Nilson - 10 måneder siden
Alex try to use alcohol in the air lock it is safer
hetspook666 - 10 måneder siden
@Szymon Pioterek you can buy starsan in the eu, (Dutch, Belgium webshop)
David Applegate
David Applegate - 4 dager siden
Love this video. As a homebrewer myself I love the creativity. Thinking out of the box is so much fun. I feel your pain. When things go bad.
Jose - 10 dager siden
For better yeast you could have cultured some from an unpasteurised beer you would find in the supermarket
Jose - 10 dager siden
Instead of an airlock you could have just got a cork with a hole in it and a tube running off into a bowl of sanitiser
Lebensgott - 19 dager siden
you go to GB to learn things about Beer? you should've gone to bavaria :D
Troll Hidden Cave
Troll Hidden Cave - 24 dager siden
Next time add sugar so that the alcohol content will be high enough to kill anything
Troll Hidden Cave
Troll Hidden Cave - 24 dager siden
The first beer I ever made was made with all-purpose flour corn sugar oats and rice it tasted really good but it was very cloudy because of the all-purpose flour
if I were to recreate it I would make it either without the flower or I would let it set longer so I can get it clearer
I'm not sure if the starch is converted or not cuz I didn't even know that that was thing most of my experience was with making Mead and wine but it turned out really good it was smooth and had a nice head to it and tasted good
leonard linzer
leonard linzer - Måned siden
Asking an English guy to make bear is like asking a butcher to bake bread... Couldn't you ask a German guy?? XD
tSp289 - Måned siden
This man is excessively French.
Christian Solis
Christian Solis - 2 måneder siden
where is the f* recipe ???? i need to know the recipe :c
ChuckCanada - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for showing us your failures, Alex. It is our failures that make us better people when we are able to look back at them and then do something better. Learning from our failures makes us mighty! Cheers!
Nik nik
Nik nik - 2 måneder siden
MoonWithNipples - 2 måneder siden
But Alex, Bakers Yeast does not work as BEER Yeast......
That's WHY you got an infection!!
There are different types of yeasts for different types of beer and cider
Birdnest - 3 måneder siden
I’m the 700th comment
tek413 - 3 måneder siden
Comment 669.
alexandre nicholas duprat
alexandre nicholas duprat - 3 måneder siden
Salut. Possible de remplacer la levure par un ginger bug ?
David Falk
David Falk - 3 måneder siden
I love the videos. However, I think the malt extract was a cheat. You can't get malt extract in any of the supermarkets near where I live.
prestige games
prestige games - 6 måneder siden
Why don't go to Belgium? Its the country of the best beer's in the world.
AnikiBillyGaming - 7 måneder siden
The cooling has to be quick cause the longer it takes to cool the more chance bacteria gonna be in there
Dick Kickem
Dick Kickem - 7 måneder siden
RIP Reinheitsgebot
Herm Wanderer
Herm Wanderer - 7 måneder siden
Ah Alex French guy how have you been? It's been awhile I forgot to sub after I made this channel...
Majestic Snow Leopard
Majestic Snow Leopard - 8 måneder siden
Josh L
Josh L - 8 måneder siden
In the U.S. we say it’s beer:30
rob shaw
rob shaw - 8 måneder siden
Anyone know the brand of his glasses!!! I want a pair! Love em
Erik Laska
Erik Laska - 8 måneder siden
5 year old thinking.....
it's a salad in a drink but like not as bad as an actual salad as a drink
Sarwagya Wasti
Sarwagya Wasti - 8 måneder siden
awaking the flavour
its like a movie
Mathijs - 9 måneder siden
Upnext, lets build a brewingmachine on a shoppingcart. Btw english don't drink beer
DesertFernweh - 9 måneder siden
6:24 My inner 14 year old spit Mnt Dew out his nose!
Peter Milenkovic
Peter Milenkovic - 9 måneder siden
What recipe did you use?
Rotten Feather
Rotten Feather - 10 måneder siden
when we make magic mushrooms we put the stuff in a box and spray bleach to kill all the bacteria in the air and you make 2 holes with gloves for your hands. also one side of the box is glass or plastic something you can see inside.then you put all the stuff there spray it wait a little then open the bootle put your bacteria close it and out of the outside contaminants are introduced. ooo yea and we cook it in a presure cooker soo when its done its still not in the contact with the outside world
Eto Hige Gamer Culture
Eto Hige Gamer Culture - 10 måneder siden
Alex so now what? You going to try again any time soon. This was a very interesting topic.
Anson Mansfield
Anson Mansfield - 10 måneder siden
7:20 that's like what, a capful of bleach in an entire gallon of water? That's a low enough concentration that you could _drink_ it if you had to. I've used only slightly lower concentrations of bleach to sterilize water for drinking when hiking.
Herr Nilson
Herr Nilson - 10 måneder siden
And the air lock is for letting the CO2 leave the fermenter
leonalchemist - 10 måneder siden
Feels like I'm watching a real life version of Dr.Stone haha, both quite entertaining :)
Zfrenchy - 10 måneder siden
A siphon
kiwanoish - 10 måneder siden
Another old home-brewer here (intermediate experience though): People often seem to underestimate how clean things need to be. (I know these guys are experienced, so I don't mean you specifically; But, even the best can get sloppy.) 1.) I see below that you said you did not sanitize the fermentor, so yup, that's probably it. Since it's going to be in contact with the beer the longest, this is probably the most important thing to sanitize. If you had the cap off from time to time, and poked around the rim with your fingers and so on, it will not be clean enough even if it was from the start.
2.) Did you sanitize the mug you poured the yeast in when mixing with water? And did you handle the cap with a straw (airlock) alot after sanitizing it, and so on.
3.) How did you take the temperature before pouring in the yeast?
These are my best guesses, but keep it up, and thanks for always great videos!
Rasko & Disco #StaySafe Beer Review
Unlucky mate. Unfortunately these things will & do happen. Keep up the positive attitude determination.
Alexander Borsi
Alexander Borsi - 10 måneder siden
I know the next video is out already, but you could have used a simple balloon with a tiny pinhole in it for your airlock. The pressure from the gas pushing out will keep the air from getting back in. Much love from another Alex! #AlexClub
_Oxytropis_ - 10 måneder siden
Was bound to happen when using yeast that can't take much alcohol, that low % is gonna leave it open to infection from other nasty things to grow. I bet it would of turned out "okay" if you used a decent yeast.
sin 33
sin 33 - 10 måneder siden
You might make/break the internet but also show us how to make beer at a grocery store! Hahah
Tyler Tapp
Tyler Tapp - 10 måneder siden
‘’This is the first time I’m brewing beer and it’s in a f plastic bottl”... stopped to give it a like
Paweł Szkolik
Paweł Szkolik - 10 måneder siden
As it comes to the sanitiser, try to look for sodium percarbonate based products. In europe they are sometimes sold in supermarkets as active oxygen washing detergents and are perfectly suitable for sanitizing home brewery equipment. You make a great piece of work with the videos btw. Keep it up!
LA CARS - 10 måneder siden
Wait, mold?
*Sees Malt*
Ohhhhhhhhhh, phew
Shadowgolem - 10 måneder siden
This might sound cheeky is ordering a basic home brew setup off Amazon ( or wherever ) different from going to the grocery store? And/or why can't you hit the hardware store too? Just seems like you are making it harder than you need to for a "realistic" home brewing setup.
Maybe order the cheapest brew kit you can find online (30$ US)? I'll bet it costs less than you spent on your grocery store trip.
You could still make your own recipe of course!
Mill Burray
Mill Burray - 10 måneder siden
Next Episode: How to make a proper kimchi
Saheryk - 10 måneder siden
Ask your friends about fiscal history of witbier. That's why you'd be more witbittery than witbier if you didn't use malt at all.
Lazarus Wilhelm
Lazarus Wilhelm - 10 måneder siden
What's with the thumbnail
Xerion - 10 måneder siden
I infected mead when I brewed that, suuuucks!
PinkDuck - 10 måneder siden
Alex I just saw your video on croissants. And what if instead of just folding the dough you roll it and then fold it
hatem aslan
hatem aslan - 10 måneder siden
You should do it yourself in your lab 😉
Mike Avery
Mike Avery - 10 måneder siden
Starting with tea? A GREAT idea! Starting with tea bag tea? Somewhere in London Don Mei is crying.
waldosan - 10 måneder siden
Gently kicked in the nuts. How does one do this?
Christopher Stafford
Christopher Stafford - 10 måneder siden
Always remember that in science failure is progress. You're awesome.
Rakion Laveur
Rakion Laveur - 10 måneder siden
J'ai vraiment du mal avec ton accent français... on a l'impression que tu te force à parler mal alors que tu a un bon vocabulaire...
J'adore tes vidéos mais ça me fait mal avec le son... je regarde sans le son avec les sous-titres anglais...
Jorg - 10 måneder siden
judging by the bandaids possibly Alex's dna was the cause....
Graphene - 10 måneder siden
persevererererererererererererererRERERERERERERERE..... ok you got it :)
Marr - 10 måneder siden
Isn't he from drumsy?
Steve Watson
Steve Watson - 10 måneder siden
Is that a Kaweco Sport I see at 1:35? Any other fountain pens we should know about?
master man
master man - 10 måneder siden
1:50 let me guess Alex, you've burnt your fingers?
IAMDIMITRI - 10 måneder siden
I just came from 3clicks and the sound in the beginning of this video sounds similar to a C4 in csgo.