iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max! Which Should You Buy?

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NEW iPhone 12 vs 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs 12 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
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iPhone 12 Pro features recap.
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Chandrajeet Singh
Chandrajeet Singh - 4 timer siden
waiting for the iphone 12 and 12 pro every color unboxing video..
Matthew Liu
Matthew Liu - 4 timer siden
The edges sort of reminds me of the iPhone 5 series.Infact they have bought back the iPhone 5 and SE sharp edges design back.
Jennifer Wilcox
Jennifer Wilcox - 4 timer siden
When are your cases for the The 12 and 12pro/max going to be released?
tapinbrysx - 4 timer siden
Russialit Twerking Next To Her Mom 😍
Mr Nice
Mr Nice - 4 timer siden
Every other youtuber is out there unboxing the 12 and 12 pro LOL
Austin Wyatt Petersen
Austin Wyatt Petersen - 5 timer siden
You have a healthy glow to your skin, unlike the past few months? Tanning bed, or is someone finally servicing your little man down under?
st1nkyfarts - 5 timer siden
its the ✨veins on his biceps✨ for me
sjk creation
sjk creation - 5 timer siden
Which is better to buy 12pro or 12pro max..full confused..
Flaming Hedgehog
Flaming Hedgehog - 5 timer siden
Overpriced and Made In China. Apple profit has doubled in the past year. Wake up iMuppets they're RIPPING YOU OFF till they wet their pants.
Saigon 98 Sửa máy bay không người lái
Stop ask your Government for help if you can pay $1,200 for this iPhone 12
Bobo Getting Strangled
Bobo Getting Strangled - 6 timer siden
We rebels Android users watching this and laughing spending your money on a inferior products.
Ben G
Ben G - 6 timer siden
I want the 12 Pro.
keith jenny Brooks
keith jenny Brooks - 6 timer siden
All thanks go to *wereytoolz* for hèlping me unlocked my iPhone 11 pro max pérmanëntly, He's the bēst *100%*
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora - 7 timer siden
Did iPhone go back in time? 💀. Oh 5g My fault y’all 😭😂
Isabelle Studies
Isabelle Studies - 7 timer siden
Great video, I wish they kept the purple color!
Tarheels295 - 7 timer siden
Had an iphone 11 pro. Bought and loved your case. Went with a Note 20 Ultra because the iPhone 12 didn't inspire much of anything. Love the Note Ultra. BUT I terribly miss your Rebel case!! Perfection. I think you've said it before but are you ever going to make cases for the Samsung phones?? I'm going through withdrawals here missing your case.
James Spinaris
James Spinaris - 8 timer siden
Are you making your sick case for the iPhone 12?!
Joel Bailey
Joel Bailey - 8 timer siden
Worst so called improvement for apple in years
Who wants a smaller battery
Malith Lahiru
Malith Lahiru - 8 timer siden
iphone 12 unboxing??????
Carlos Bunag
Carlos Bunag - 8 timer siden
You been bulking bro? I see them biceps gains 🦾 side note, good video as always very informative 💥
Zak Srdanovich
Zak Srdanovich - 8 timer siden
When is the phone rebel case for the pro max coming oit
Haron Gugo
Haron Gugo - 8 timer siden
I pray that you give me a iphone 12..☺
sabyasachi paul
sabyasachi paul - 9 timer siden
Is it water proof ? If its falls down will damage occur ?
Adeniji Stevens
Adeniji Stevens - 9 timer siden
should I buy this phone I only had my XS max for a year and a half and I can't decide someone help meeeeeeeee
Abdullahi yare
Abdullahi yare - 9 timer siden
How much money
Kiarash Abdi
Kiarash Abdi - 9 timer siden
I was waiting for your iphone 12/pro unboxing video why didn't you post anything
Dabbie Gratuito
Dabbie Gratuito - 10 timer siden
fabio neves
fabio neves - 10 timer siden
Another bullshit I can’t get work my money 💰 is not that much I really try hard not die in this coronavirus I just wanna work I and others ppl try survive by what we got in our job last year but even this apple 🍎 want low our wallet c’mon man 🤔😭😭😭 don’t do me like this man .everyone is not that rich like apples company stop 🛑 taking our money 💰.i felling well after saying that but I know some dumb people will ignore it and will buy a new phone 📲 stuuuuuuuuupid 😩
Mason the Martian Gaming
Mason the Martian Gaming - 10 timer siden
Aham Dharma
Aham Dharma - 11 timer siden
He is damn 🔥😻
RasVee 17
RasVee 17 - 11 timer siden
De ce nu vrei sa recunosti ca esti roman? 😔
Why you don’t want to tell people you’re Romanian? 😔
Jack Nichols
Jack Nichols - 11 timer siden
can you make a video about cases for the 12 pro max?
Yandi Morffi
Yandi Morffi - 11 timer siden
So what changed apart from the cameras 5 cameras next year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anastasia B
Anastasia B - 12 timer siden
Why does he already has a scratch on the 12 pro max?!?!?!
Mr Tamizhan
Mr Tamizhan - 12 timer siden
Where r u all posted video with iPhone 12 12 pro
juancarlos131291 - 12 timer siden
Why are you not verified, and why haven't you uploaded your first impressions on the new models. Did you get review units?
dm - 12 timer siden
maybe because his first videos are about jailbreaking and stuff like that
Graham Sudol
Graham Sudol - 12 timer siden
fun fact: you’re laying in bed right now.
nabil ahmed
nabil ahmed - 12 timer siden
I feel bad for him.....why dont apple dont give him review units first instead of mkbhd and ijustin
He is always head on ,on apple products but they never give him any review units
Mr. joker
Mr. joker - 13 timer siden
You can give me one phone 2 me bro please bro
Buddha's Lounge
Buddha's Lounge - 13 timer siden
Watching it on📱iPhone 5s 🤭😌
King Turner
King Turner - 5 timer siden
iPhone 6 😔
Ben G
Ben G - 6 timer siden
7+ here
Killa Mufucking Will
Killa Mufucking Will - 6 timer siden
6s here 🙋🏽‍♂️
onur kızılkaya
onur kızılkaya - 14 timer siden
ı dont like this video and ı hope dont try again it
Snapparazzi - 14 timer siden
why is my older iphone 7 plus taking better pictures than my newer 11 max pro ? I also never update the Iphone 7. someone must investigate this !
Kick Rox TV
Kick Rox TV - 14 timer siden
This video is sooooo boring lol
hen ko
hen ko - 14 timer siden
I think the real question you need to ask yourself is “Do you want to buy it now or wait for the next model” because the truth is most people do not need this.
Duytheboss Yt
Duytheboss Yt - 15 timer siden
are you going to make rebel cases for the iphone 12 pro ?
Igor Tarasyuk
Igor Tarasyuk - 15 timer siden
So ur telling me the brand new iphone has a 60hz refresh rate? While their 2 year old iPad pro has 120
theo thour
theo thour - 16 timer siden
Anyone here who still use iphone 6? lmao
theo thour
theo thour - 10 timer siden
@hen ko um wdym? lol
hen ko
hen ko - 14 timer siden
He's not verified anymore?
Tournament Series
Tournament Series - 16 timer siden
Can you durability test the iPod Touch 7?
Rj Al
Rj Al - 16 timer siden
Unbixing videos are out! You are late!
shivamp101 - 16 timer siden
When will iPhone 12 Cases be out
AvocadoMiner - 16 timer siden
Is it me or samsung release phones every month , 😂😂💀
Ritesh Shrestha
Ritesh Shrestha - 17 timer siden
Apple sells POOP💩
Rickey Wright
Rickey Wright - 17 timer siden
I’ve got the 11 pro max, I’m gonna skip the 12 pro max and wait for the 13, doesn’t seem worth it.
amulye1 - 17 timer siden
Apple iphones are getting worst each year. Hit me a thumbs up if you agree 👍
2016: no headphone jack
2018: no fingerprint
2020: no charger
2021: no charging cable
2022: no screen
2023: no phone. Just the box with papers 🤫😜
ifool People will still continue to buy the iphone
Andro Senique
Andro Senique - 17 timer siden
Apple: we removed the charger for the environment, lesser packaging lesser environmental damage.
*Puts the PLASTIC STICKER inside an ADDITIONAL package.

Meanwhile, Apple has tripled manufacturing packages for separate chargers.
Israel Stahnke Lozada
Israel Stahnke Lozada - 17 timer siden
Do Every iPhone Comparison including the iPhone 12 Lineup and the iPhone SE 2020
Jack Wasserman
Jack Wasserman - 17 timer siden
When will your case be here for this??
Gurpreet Sehgal
Gurpreet Sehgal - 17 timer siden
We lucky to be alive in iphone times. I mean it cost nearly 2100 dollars in india for iphone 12 pro max. There won’t be a charger or 120 hz refresh rate. Looks almost identical to my iphone 11 pro but hey wat the hell we got surgical grade steel and magnets now. Take my money. 🥳
Fabien Charles
Fabien Charles - 17 timer siden
Remember when I watched this channel for jailbreaking my iPod Touch. Time has flown.
juju bone
juju bone - 18 timer siden
Oluwaseyi A
Oluwaseyi A - 18 timer siden
iPhone 12 Pro Max in gold-Unmatched!
Siyah Beyaz Aşk
Siyah Beyaz Aşk - 18 timer siden
He's not verified anymore?
bribaybayx3 - 18 timer siden
Where is that light pink iphone 12 you showed????
Santiago Jose
Santiago Jose - 18 timer siden
Mi iPhonë 11 pro max se desbloqueó principalmente a través de *wereytoolz* en Instãgram. Él es el mejor.
Lyxil - 18 timer siden
The real answer would be, do not buy any of it. Simple as that, stupid fanboy.
Sotheab Sem
Sotheab Sem - 19 timer siden
Hasha love 12 pro
Evan Gordon
Evan Gordon - 19 timer siden
Thx pro 💪🏻😎
alucard kaizokudan
alucard kaizokudan - 19 timer siden
Hey where new video?
Zaid Al-Kailany
Zaid Al-Kailany - 20 timer siden
This is isn't phone anymore
Zaid Tanveer
Zaid Tanveer - 20 timer siden
why does he not get a review unit
EasySweepz - 20 timer siden
“Everything we hoped it would be” - what? 😂 where’s the 120hz Pro-Motion ? Every high end android has it, and iPhone still can’t add it for us. SMH 🤦🏻‍♂️ for the money I may just buy the Note 20.
van0tot100 - 21 time siden
None of them.
Kaybee Tkb
Kaybee Tkb - 22 timer siden
Is upgrading from the iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 pro worth it?
Pape Medoune Fall
Pape Medoune Fall - 22 timer siden
still use iphone 6 in 2020
SBM Brodie [Sku11Runn3r]
SBM Brodie [Sku11Runn3r] - 22 timer siden
Aye bro I’m so cool I have a iPhone 8 😎😎😎🔥
Halim WERGHEMMI - 23 timer siden
Stay tuned guys iPhone 13 leaks starts soon
riley busse
riley busse - Dag siden
It looks delicious lmfao right now
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe - Dag siden
He makes his videos boring
Jonathan My
Jonathan My - Dag siden
Do you think the rebel case will work with MagSafe?
MasterRPJ - Dag siden
Hope someone give me something like that for my online class🥺 my phone is always hanging...
Shutterbug - Dag siden
Everybody want magsafe charger compatible case for iphone 11 now
Lovely Fleury
Lovely Fleury - Dag siden
1:25 So funny
Jay Kune
Jay Kune - Dag siden
That's it? 😔
I would rather keep my iPhone 11 Pro Max or,
upgrade to Galaxy note 20 ultra.
Piyush Singh
Piyush Singh - Dag siden
iPhone 12: No Charger
iPhone 13 Assemble the phone yourself
KARAN SONI - Dag siden
Hello, i wanna a iphone 11 pro can u give me .. 😊🤔
Fredo Carter
Fredo Carter - Dag siden
Question can the camera record on 8k ?
SpiT Yo Game
SpiT Yo Game - Dag siden
Trying to figure out what color to get in the 12 Pro Max .. Gold Or Blue anyone want to help lol
Gucci gunga
Gucci gunga - Dag siden
Blue to show off
SATAN - Dag siden
They need to add 5 less for super bright flashlights
Anthony Coronado BG
Anthony Coronado BG - Dag siden
What about iPhone 100 pro
SATAN - Dag siden
In 6 months it will be obsolete 1200 well invested
SATAN - Dag siden
Apple slogan: Be different and buy the same exact phone everyone else has.
SATAN - Dag siden
The day I spend 1200 on a phone is the day I check into a psychiatric hospital.
TheTpanative - Dag siden
Not loving the seizure risk OLED. I’ll stick with my LCD 11 as long as possible.
Toothless the Night Fury
I have an iphone8 plus with minimal scratches and dents on the sides but screen and back is perfect I think with tmbolie I get like $680 if I trade it in maybe I will get the 12 or mini
Oscar T
Oscar T - Dag siden
I own a Samsung s20 I recently preorder my iPhone 12pro directly from apple, will I have problems when I switch my SIM card? Or can I just insert and move on.
Gucci gunga
Gucci gunga - Dag siden
You’ll have problems you’ll have to get a new one
Dinesh Jeewooth
Dinesh Jeewooth - Dag siden
Even those biceps are pro max
Kristian Henry
Kristian Henry - Dag siden
Go check out You Tech
Emily An
Emily An - Dag siden
What’s with the cheese grater behind you?
Isaiah z
Isaiah z - Dag siden
I’m trying to focus on the info but I’m distracted by the pulsing muscle veins...
Midhun Jayanandan
Midhun Jayanandan - Dag siden
Next year, u buy an envelope for $1000 in which u'll get a link to buy the components..buy them for another $1000 online which u'll get in a paper bag and assemble them as u please and call it iphone 13....how environment friendly...awww