Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through NOburn binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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Runtime: 14:04


grandma - 11 minutter siden
Pov your online school websites dies when you finnaly stop procastating amd get all of your work done
Melissa Beck
Melissa Beck - 29 minutter siden
I just procrastinated writing a take-home final by watching this video.
Cass Francois
Cass Francois - 38 minutter siden
I'll watch this later.
sm foo
sm foo - 44 minutter siden
XPS + PAC + (IQ + EQ) = Success
Kaeleigh Garrick
Kaeleigh Garrick - 55 minutter siden
This sounds like me
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Time siden
wasn't this guy on the apprentice ?
Azad Jellyfish
Azad Jellyfish - Time siden
I remember when I have to submit my TOEFL test to the university I was still procrastinating till the deadline of the semester comes and I wasted my chance to study in Sweden!
Al Goodman
Al Goodman - Time siden
Reid Ballantyne
Reid Ballantyne - Time siden
My academic advisors in collage sent us this link just now 😂
Jocelyn Carpacio Madrigal
I was so interested in the video, and I could also relate to it 100%,
omkar mahajan
omkar mahajan - Time siden
I put off watching this video for over a year...
HotPocketsBoy - Time siden
What about Inside the mind of a masturbater?
Ari Chama
Ari Chama - Time siden
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pooya130 - 2 timer siden
I've been meaning to watch this video for years now (still in my "Watch later" playlist)
mike ford
mike ford - 2 timer siden
He mentioned richard feynman magnets. I immediately when to the search bar in youtube and typed "R". It came up "richard feynman magnets"! How does that happen?
tahm kench usta
tahm kench usta - 2 timer siden
It's kinda sad that i eliminated the panic monster :(
Glorificas Gamer
Glorificas Gamer - 2 timer siden
I have been procrastinating for so long I have no idea how I got here...
MAHESH K - 2 timer siden
Well played youtube recommending me this during my 41 pending assignments 👍
unknown user
unknown user - 3 timer siden
This is cringey.
rosyhye - 2 timer siden
Tracey Lin Miller
Tracey Lin Miller - 3 timer siden
Isn't it also possible that procrastination serves to feed an adrenaline addiction? By waiting until the last minute the surge of adrenaline might be the reward of procrastination when we remember that everything we do serves to induce a specific reward response.
Ariii L.
Ariii L. - 3 timer siden
everyone's laughing but i'm literally about to cry, why do I do this to myself every single time😭😥
Erin Tapia
Erin Tapia - 4 timer siden
I think that has very good analogies and is very useful.
Ellie Pavletich
Ellie Pavletich - 4 timer siden
not me watching this as a way to procrastinate
Soushnabh Bagchi
Soushnabh Bagchi - 4 timer siden
thing is, im in the dark playground while watching this
Michael Castelaz
Michael Castelaz - 4 timer siden
I think I'm going to start trying to attempt to implement some of what I learned here on Monday. Oh, wait. I have company this weekend so I'll be playing catch-up Monday, so this Monday is probably bad. Next Monday then... In fact... let's just do the beginning of next month. Nice clean start. Oh wait but it's the holidays... probably a bad month to introduce something new... This would make a great New Years resolution!
Shannon Trevino
Shannon Trevino - 4 timer siden
Im exercising, breathing, lifting, chewing, running, right now!
Michael Castelaz
Michael Castelaz - 4 timer siden
I got distracted when I got to the part I wanted to hear most and had to rewind... twice.
Shannon Trevino
Shannon Trevino - 4 timer siden
The panic monster! Wtf... embarass me in what happen?
Click 2 The Second Owner
Click 2 The Second Owner - 5 timer siden
He is talking with me... :D
Madison Henderson
Madison Henderson - 5 timer siden
why is this literally me lol
daniela moreiraa
daniela moreiraa - 5 timer siden
i have never related to something more in my entire life
Genevieve Costello-Doherty
Genevieve Costello-Doherty - 5 timer siden
gotta love how im meant to be doing my hw when im watching this
noelani - 5 timer siden
when you put off your homework by watching this
coolboygoldi - 5 timer siden
when i get 100 on an essay i wrote with an hour left before deadline i feel happy and thats not good LMAO
Animation Generation
Animation Generation - 6 timer siden
Like here if your a procrasinator.
dankunicornbud9 - 6 timer siden
I think my monkey learned not to fear the panic monster and ended up beating it up, taping it and throwing it in the closet..... that or I’m constantly in panic so it’s all just normal... probably that one
marscruz - 6 timer siden
it's 6:42 in the morning and I haven't gone to bed yet... yeah, the monkey is flipping channels on the remote....
dankunicornbud9 - 6 timer siden
I’m literally procrastinating going to sleep by watching this
A R - 6 timer siden
Konrad Kieli
Konrad Kieli - 6 timer siden
am I the only one that is watching this instead of doing my homework