INSANE ICON SBC PULL!! - FIFA 21 First Owner Road To Glory! #56

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In this episode we get an INSANE ICON SBC PULL!! - FIFA 21 First Owner Road To Glory! #56. We also complete marquee match ups and have a look at the new hug the line sbc.
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Todays video is called : INSANE ICON SBC PULL!! - FIFA 21 First Owner Road To Glory! #56
Game Camera Settings : Co-op (20 height, 0 zoom)
Runtime: 22:28


Pj Jjj
Pj Jjj - Måned siden
I got the best of the best and his name is Best 🤪
Kevin Hovens
Kevin Hovens - Måned siden
When you sell van dijk and put your auba in the sbc And than you het baby veron....
Touwtje_plays - Måned siden
U dont have neymar tho ....
Colby connolly
Colby connolly - Måned siden
Fair play
CazzCH - Måned siden
I got Trezeguet in mine 😭 LLL
Rabona Lisa
Rabona Lisa - Måned siden
Hey guys hope you all a fantastic Black Friday and get some great deals.
I’m Valid YT
I’m Valid YT - Måned siden
So what type of rewards does he choose for div rivals in this series ??
Tusshar Goyal
Tusshar Goyal - Måned siden
Cedric Homan
Cedric Homan - Måned siden
I got dalgish out of my baby icon pack last year used him till tots crazy card
CheeseOnToast - Måned siden
Was just wondering how are you gonna afford ney ney
Baxter Gosch
Baxter Gosch - Måned siden
I need to stop watching these videos. Everyday I want to do the icon SBC more and more
Hammer FD
Hammer FD - Måned siden
All these good Icon packs make me want to do the SBC, but I know I’m gonna get stiffed 🙄
HeartstyleBross - Måned siden
RTG is done, goodbye till next year guys see yaaaaaa
Curly Will
Curly Will - Måned siden
Neymar it’s first owner
Tay-K47 - Måned siden
Red listed account paying out yet again I see.
Alvaro Hernandez
Alvaro Hernandez - Måned siden
In the transfer Targets how can you have 226 winning
I only have 50 spaces how can you unlock more spaces ?
Ears - Måned siden
Me - "ffs why Kluivert"
AHTV - Måned siden
Every year Fifa do something to kill their own game. Last year gameplay was poor, menus were fun. This year gameplay is okay and menus are useless.
Peter de Draak
Peter de Draak - Måned siden
Me packing Inzaghi
Ben _
Ben _ - Måned siden
I did one and got Nesta. Think I’m gonna kill myself
HOZA1FA - Måned siden
What a pull !! so deserved, loved the content this year man even though i ain’t touched the game 👏🏽
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton - Måned siden
GG, Nep! You deserve it
George Crofts
George Crofts - Måned siden
I was screwed I got Bobby Moore for the second year in a row ffs
Oamanoel Hawel
Oamanoel Hawel - Måned siden
I got zidane
BMGAMING01 - Måned siden
I’m so tempted to do it but just going to keep my Neymar 😂
Ali Badavi
Ali Badavi - Måned siden
Man, I'm so happy for you!
CMx7 - Måned siden
Got Ian Rush from my Icon SBC... cost me 350k to do so L on the price but when you're expecting Nakata or Inzaghi you'll take it 🤣
CMx7 - Måned siden
@Cellar Art. ahhh so savage 😥 thinking about you at thus difficult time
Cellar Art.
Cellar Art. - Måned siden
I actually got Inzaghi😭
Abg Zulkarnain
Abg Zulkarnain - Måned siden
Greetings from malaysia nep
Been following u since fifa 18 hehe, got baby sol campbell last week, n my wl reward red ronaldo :)
Flakern 1913
Flakern 1913 - Måned siden
GG on the icon Nep, fully deserved!
Dom J
Dom J - Måned siden
God what’s going on with these packs?? Is there a best time to open them. I’ve done all weekend league’s since the first all 14 wins. Plus the division rivals. Best player I’ve had is Carlos vela -82. It’s just not worth the grind!
Andrew Bull
Andrew Bull - Måned siden
gutted that nep got kenny
Alberto Staicu
Alberto Staicu - Måned siden
Yeah!! Deserved!!
Nathan Cutcliffe
Nathan Cutcliffe - Måned siden
Got to keep fati nep
Andrew Bull
Andrew Bull - Måned siden
daglish was the icon
Nathan Cutcliffe
Nathan Cutcliffe - Måned siden
Let’s gooooo 🤴🏼 kenny
Sam95HD - Måned siden
I got Nedved.. don’t play fut that much anymore but did it for the fun of it. Not replacing Sane either meh
Sam Turnbull
Sam Turnbull - Måned siden
You could play neymar at CAM
Maestro -FIFA
Maestro -FIFA - Måned siden
Mon eh Scotland
Kirk Bickley
Kirk Bickley - Måned siden
I got Sol Campbell from mine. Dub?
jehad wadi
jehad wadi - Måned siden
Why isn’t Del Piero in the team?
Matt Wall
Matt Wall - Måned siden
If he actually puts a dead eye on him then I might just unsubscribe
Cellar Art.
Cellar Art. - Måned siden
He did
Zak Davis
Zak Davis - Måned siden
Was so gassed to do it and got nesta man 😓🙅‍♂️
Fredrik Cullen
Fredrik Cullen - Måned siden
absolute legend nep. So happy for you that you got Daglish❤️
Mohamed Omar
Mohamed Omar - Måned siden
great one nepp .. congrats .. i packed LAURENT BLANC from it
Ted - Måned siden
I thought you said Lacazette just wasn’t good enough
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma - Måned siden
Watched this, thought i should do the sbc finally, got freaking pele 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sam Magic trix
Sam Magic trix - Måned siden
What is clickbait
Aaron Hahahahahhahahahahahhaah
Would you prefer back in the old days when totw players was an insane pull and the only promo players where TOTY and TOTS and promo cards were non existent imo made the game not completely dead by January as people didn’t have god squads by TOTY or this me just remenicing
Bhaswat Raj
Bhaswat Raj - Måned siden
got hyped after watching this and packed petit fml
Matt Switalski
Matt Switalski - Måned siden
You deserve a quality pull, love the epis daddy
Omar Hernández
Omar Hernández - Måned siden
How is he able to get neymar if it’s first owner road to glory?
Sparky - Måned siden
I got Ian rush....
momzii 911
momzii 911 - Måned siden
Got cruyff from mine hella gassed
Offical Reubster
Offical Reubster - Måned siden
Let's go neppo amazing icon pull I did one and got icon trezeguet not the best but you get what you get and you dont get upset 👍🏼
祈欣吳 - Måned siden
Would EA moves out maradona(?
SwishyF7 - Måned siden
RIP Maradona
TimmyTheSnail - Måned siden
If you keep your base icon pack until December 4th then you could get beckham right?
Tony Conroy
Tony Conroy - Måned siden
Nice one Nep awesome content good to see you happy 😂
colin wolfinger
colin wolfinger - Måned siden
I’m doing the same thing with my back line for weekend league.
clayton lemberger
clayton lemberger - Måned siden
if he actually manifests cr7
HomuaGoum - Måned siden
I got Riquelme I thought it was Maradona. It was going to be so meaningful if it was him but sadly not. RIP king.
oceanside2010 - Måned siden
YouTubers 1st day : not worth too expensive
2nd day : completing icon sbc !!!
iOi Fixity
iOi Fixity - Måned siden
I got makelele feelsbadman
Emanuel Cortez
Emanuel Cortez - Måned siden
RIP Maradona💔
RPC543 - Måned siden
I got van der sar :(
Truls Dahl Wiese
Truls Dahl Wiese - Måned siden
Got Owen
Eric Leflour
Eric Leflour - Måned siden
Packed mbappe in the uefa matchups packs
JamesJH - Måned siden
I got wright
SumthinScottish - Måned siden
Use him for a celtic past and present, dalglish, Larsson, Keane, Barnes ( if you want i personally wouldn't) van dijk tierney etc...
Lee Shields
Lee Shields - Måned siden
GG on KK bro! 👑
lewis henderson
lewis henderson - Måned siden
Great work, you deserved a good pull from a pack from the hard grind 🙂
Jim Hunter
Jim Hunter - Måned siden
I got nakata 👍🏿👍🏿
Adam Moloney
Adam Moloney - Måned siden
Nice pull on both accounts still cant bring myself round to doing it packed inzaghi last year its just my luck plus i sold all my fodder and made bank ..keeo it up living the seires
Miguel Paisana Santos
Miguel Paisana Santos - Måned siden
Got king kenny too Ggs man
BLiP _YT - Måned siden
Got crespo;/
CheekyM8 Productions
CheekyM8 Productions - Måned siden
Im so angry. I debated last day weather to do or not and I would’ve been fine with any central icon or defender and instead I got one of the 2 I didn’t want. fucking overmars
XXUKETHXX - Måned siden
i got bloody Rui Costa
aaron baldwin
aaron baldwin - Måned siden
Don’t stick on that team nep, you’re getting red pick cr7 tomorrow I can tell
Brandon Mason
Brandon Mason - Måned siden
Alex telles is awful in this game btw
SSD Wellsy
SSD Wellsy - Måned siden
Played you in the weekend League last weekend honestly I underestimated you way to much ggs man
tHe_EnGiNeEr - Måned siden
I hope this drives you to at least try to get Elite in Champs. You always use the argument that's not worth it, but you should at least try it.
Jacob Perry
Jacob Perry - Måned siden
I genuinely don’t get the hype around icons🤷‍♂️ that dalglish is worth 1.3 million coins and has the same stats, SM/WF as heung min son, who’s 150k. Laurant blanc is 1.3 mil with some ok stats, but totw Paulinho is better. You’re paying so much money for chemistry basically🤷‍♂️ I really don’t get it
Drizzly - Måned siden
Icons have custom animations so they feel way better ingame.
benryan66 - Måned siden
So happy you got a good icon Nep! You deserve it!
TheFifaMeerkat Yt
TheFifaMeerkat Yt - Måned siden
I got nedved 😔
Ryan Bungay
Ryan Bungay - Måned siden
Out of everyone who's done this icon pack who u got? I'll start: Eusebio
Tiago Nascimento
Tiago Nascimento - Måned siden
i got Cruyff
Eirik Larssen
Eirik Larssen - Måned siden
dominic bonfanti
dominic bonfanti - Måned siden
How does he get so much on his purchase pile?
harvt05 - Måned siden
the only fifa you tuber that doesn’t clickbait
Owen Chetty
Owen Chetty - Måned siden
so happy nep got lucky
Will Tate-Davis
Will Tate-Davis - Måned siden
get Messi he's sooooo good
Joash Dryburgh
Joash Dryburgh - Måned siden
Done quite well from my marquee packs. Got Lewandowski and Buskets.
hxsh - Måned siden
Nep the only one to always use bad Chem styles on this game such as deadeye 😂 Hunter is way better for him 87 pace isn’t enough lmao
Ryan Bungay
Ryan Bungay - Måned siden
oiiii, just did the base icon for 280k, only got 89 cf Eusebio 👀 fucking loving it
connor bassett
connor bassett - Måned siden
You’re the guy! Love the videos g
Aaron - Måned siden
Couldn’t believe it. I got pele. My account is rigged this year. Got an untradable Neymar already. Packed Messi and a few other big players that I’ve sold. But Neymar and pele strong link now in the team for the rest of the year
Kysar _13
Kysar _13 - Måned siden
Nice pull!
VantheMan96 - Måned siden
I got Vidic out of my pack. It is pretty underwhelming but at least he’s very usable with a shadow
Flux_YP - Måned siden
Rip maradona
josh R
josh R - Måned siden
Man said de jong at centre back
King Cantona
King Cantona - Måned siden
Nep is so strange to me he always uses some of the least popular chem styles for his players and my guy is planning on using Lacazette in centre mid...
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright - Måned siden
He is jose no doubt