Illusions of Time

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1896 snowball fight:
Prospective and retrospective timing:
ISOLATION - Mind Field:
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speed of time as we age:
FELT TIME by Marc Wittmann:
"Age effects in perception of time":
WaitButWhy article about The Lion King:
Barbara Walters for scale subreddit:
Barbara Walter world history image:
Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
My "Narrow Slice" video:
construal level theory:
Pipe Dream" -
Early smile image:
2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987:
Great subreddit for candid video:
New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape:
"Historical consciousness: the enigma of different paradigms":
Zachary Sayre Schiffman's THE BIRTH OF THE PAST:
History of twitter UI:
Effect of roads:
Talking With Attenborough Vsauce video:
archive footage from and shutterstock
MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode:
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"carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
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"imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
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"twisted trip" audionetwork
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Malkolm Dahlén
Malkolm Dahlén - Minutt siden
Hey vsause, malkolm here!
I have a video idea for you...
Do laws apply outide earth?
xtommy X4
xtommy X4 - 18 minutter siden
Hi HowToBasic
Cameron Ross
Cameron Ross - Time siden
At 12:00 where did he get that sweater?!
Aaron - Time siden
Chills when this ended.
ReinX - Time siden
Anyone watching in 2021?
Giancarlo Villaverde
Giancarlo Villaverde - Time siden
Your video is life changing
Aaron - Time siden
Depressed nihilists shouldn't watch this
MR. SMITHBOX - 2 timer siden
27:30 just leaving a timestamp for my personal use

Edit: You're not allowed to use this or like this comment

No this is not reverse psychology


I promise.
MR. SMITHBOX - 2 timer siden
ssssoooo.... basically speaking... To avoid short/short time patterns, always ask yourself: "Is the information I'm receiving now really important and relevant and affecting for me enough, such that I WILL remember it in the future, and feel like it wasn't for a brief, negligible, and hardly valuable moment?"
MR. SMITHBOX - 2 timer siden
I said it a lot before and I'll say it again...

I freakin love you :)
Going Bonkers With My Honkers
Hmmm. Soy?
AYUSH SHOME - 5 timer siden
Can u please explain what is swirlon and swirlonic state please 🙏
Karla Faulkner
Karla Faulkner - 5 timer siden
I think it feels like that because we forget everything
Ali Youssef
Ali Youssef - 5 timer siden
I have watch every vid I have reached infinite power
ErisedyM - 5 timer siden
Without a beard he looks lowkey like Phil Collins
LawsonDev - 7 timer siden
I may or may not have fallen asleep while watching this video.
Arslan Naseer
Arslan Naseer - 8 timer siden
I thought he was in 60s🤣
Victoria Jenkins
Victoria Jenkins - 8 timer siden
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Nickolas Nielson
Nickolas Nielson - 9 timer siden
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Vinicius Panceiro
Vinicius Panceiro - 9 timer siden
Great video!
Fiona Martin
Fiona Martin - 9 timer siden
This makes me want to go antiquing
Thomais Nikolaidu
Thomais Nikolaidu - 9 timer siden
Marilyn Monroe died at the age of 36 so that is probably the reason why we see her as young and in black and white because of how young she was when she died and the film quality back then. Unlike the Queen, she is still alive but obviously old so that is why we see her as old and in colour due to the camera quality these days. So if the Queen died at the same age as Marilyn Monroe we would also see her as young and in black and white, likewise if Marilyn Monroe was still alive we would probably see her as old and in colour (only if Monroe was still popular).
Der Betrachter
Der Betrachter - 10 timer siden
you are telling me i am not the center of this illusion i call reallity? this might sound terrifc to you but this genuiently shocked me..
SK - 10 timer siden
This is my first time watching vsauce video and I'm just sitting here thinking what the faq is going on 😂
TEAM PIRATES FF - 10 timer siden
Sir, I am very much interested in these fields , want to use some parts of your content in india because many of us don't understands english so I wanted to make it in hindi.... please allow me to do it🥺
So that all of us can gain this unimaginable knowledge
Jokes Up
Jokes Up - 12 timer siden
I always think about the fact that being born in 1200 nothing really changes in your life time. Now, major change happens every day.
Jack Chisam
Jack Chisam - 12 timer siden
Man this guy is great.... His acting's not bad at all, hilarious, informative, etc. I'm upset I haven't heard of this sooner! The topics of each episode are all intriguing. Thanks for real, I don't laugh much, l love to learn but I have a hard time staying focused , but i watched about 7 episodes in a row for the first time viewing the show and already I believe I could host a episode of 2 from all that I have learned and I'm still smiling from the humor. Needed that!
Satwik Anmol
Satwik Anmol - 13 timer siden
The man the myth
xNiiiCoLaSx - 13 timer siden
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Flappy Jackky
Flappy Jackky - 14 timer siden
isaiah murray
isaiah murray - 14 timer siden
Commenting on this video so my brain remembers it and connects with it better
Tony Lee
Tony Lee - 14 timer siden
The stupid secure emotionally stamp because dedication comprehensively wrap athwart a parallel report. ritzy, gamy substance
Lerax - 15 timer siden
who’s watching in 2035?
Sam Gins
Sam Gins - 16 timer siden
fucking amazing
T Baker
T Baker - 16 timer siden
As usual, an entertaining and thoughtful video. Sort of ironic I watched this tonight. Earlier today I was driving home in my new vehicle from the dealership; and consciously wondering if I would remember the drive and the "moment sensation" of driving home the new purchase. Well; considering that I can recall the purchase of all vehicles I've owned (and I'll be 59 within the year), there's no reason to think I won't remember this 1st drive. I've always had a fascination, and spent time thinking of the past; what can be recalled correctly without "making up a memory" to fill in the gaps; and how the compression of a time past, affects how it is recalled. I spent over 20 years in the Navy; and the old saying "the mind recalls the great times, and tends to discard the bad/ordinary times" is quite correct as you alluded to in the video. Plenty of routine times at sea (underway); with only a few interesting things to break the monotony. And while home-based (I was in aviation); it was much of the same (on the job), but was a little more varied while home-based. Thankfully, my memory of home life during my service is pretty memorable. I attribute that to the fact that I had many deployments; and moves to different cities/bases, that acted as "markers" during those +20 years. Additionally, in the service I held a wide variety of positions as a technician and later as a manager as my professional development advanced; seemed to once again, act as "markers" which allows me to recall parts of my working life in the service (however; again, the deployed periods were very routine...little of which stands out...although photographs quickly help). As a kid, I was extremely active, and we were always outside playing. I grew up in the northeast, and because of the change of seasons (more dividing markers), many more memories were developed and held. I've lived the last +20 years in the southwest; and with the lack of seasonal change; one day is not much different then the next. However; I do a lot of sight seeing and traveling which help develop "markers". After the service, I moved to AZ (always sunny...of course there is the occasional storm which stands out), and went to work at Intel Corp as a lithography tech and later as a manufacturing production specialist (fancy description for a person remotely operating the equipment that makes the processors). A very, very boring job that produced little of any exciting memories to speak of; other than the friendships made, a job I regret ever taking (a lot of boring times grouped together). Adding to the mundane workplace, was the fact that I was working 12 hours a day (figure in another hour commute), which only increased the stagnation of work-life. Thankfully, we worked 3 days one week and 4 the there was plenty of long weekends. I retired from Intel 4 years back, and now fill in my time with hobbies...a lot of photography, hiking and motorcycling across the country. In-other-words, a lot of diversity to keep building memories; as well as having the knowledge that I control what happens the next day (not having to be "set" in a work routine). The new vehicle today (4 wheel drive) will open up a lot more adventures for my wife, grown children, and friends. You hit a lot of the points I've always pondered....40 years back to 1980 seems like yesterday (and I can recall plenty); but 40 years prior to that was before Pearl Harbor; hard to imagine it in the same context of time. Some points in my life seemed to whiz on by, like the long boring days on a ship, or the mindless routine at Intel...but then there are many times on vacation (or a port visit on the ship) where a single day can be vividly recalled and seemed to last a long time (in retrospect, makes the mundane days acceptable). Being active my entire life has made it seem that I'm actually not aging as a "normal" person should. For example, I could still dunk a basketball at age 51; still run a mile in under 8 minutes at 55. However, the last few years, the age seems to be finally catching up; still active; but body is finally not performing, nagging injuries, weight going on, although I can still "taste it in my mind" as I do things, and think I'm still capable of recapturing levels just a few years back. I've wondered if my "slow progression" to a non-active person will act as a "non-marker" in separation of life events. I suppose that my advice to help make time count (and to reduce the periods that seemed to whiz on by) is to keep looking forward to the future (and acting on it)....make decisions that get yourself out of your comfort zone. I failed in that respect by taking the job at Intel Corp (1st, Intel is a great company; but I allowed myself to fall into a comfort zone). And remember that the past is the past; live the present as well as decide on the future. A friend and his wife asked me why I haven't put in a pool...several reasons...but I said that I just have to imagine I have a pool and used it regularly up to the "now"...they were puzzled; but my contention was , we are "now" talking only about a thing that can be perceived as a memory; and I can imagine really well (and if I want a pool, I'm sure that having one with the anticipated thought of having it at my disposal would be great). One thing I have been hooked on for several months now, is watching the "where are they now" or, "the cast of "x" then and now", and seeing those changes over the past decades that seem to be more recent than it is. In the end; if you want to do it. I delayed buying the 4x4 for a couple years; but reminded myself that more than likely I have no more than a dozen good years (hopefully more) left to enjoy the great outdoors. Then again it could end any minute. And last; who's to say my entire life is nothing more than some elaborate matrix scheme.
Gabriel Jimenez
Gabriel Jimenez - 16 timer siden
Psychedelics with this guy right here please
rabbitron85 - 17 timer siden
This video makes me contemplate suicide.
NotBuddas - 17 timer siden
i think i found out why i’m failing in school. i’m addicted to feeling time. i know when due dates approach but don’t do anything about it. and i feel like time is passing more slowly. i don’t even feel bad for letting the assignment go. i also smoke pot which also helps time move slower. but the negative affect it has with memory is kinda like time passing by. i meditate and live a more real self but this addiction to time is overwhelming and i just noticed it after turning 18.
NotBuddas - 17 timer siden
21:38 boom boom pow reference?
Aborachis - 17 timer siden
thats wild. ab ovo was a thing i thought about when i was only 8 (in the 80's). the idea that nothing existed before i did was a thought i had, but not seriously considered. i like it.
chris granado
chris granado - 17 timer siden
who's watching the first week of march 2021? if after, tell me how ur spring break was :0
Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson - 18 timer siden
Man he still has a big following even with next to zero uploads. Love the channel though
zukefilms - 18 timer siden
incredible video wow vsauce should be a noun for the feeling you get when watching vsauce
Sid Knight
Sid Knight - 18 timer siden
Oh, Michael... When will you stop fucking with my mind. 😅
And as always... Thanks for watching.
Mahad Baloch
Mahad Baloch - 19 timer siden
Thats why it took him so long to make a video...
He was growing a beard
Ranesh Vanan
Ranesh Vanan - 19 timer siden
My god this video felt like 10mins long but its actualllly 30 whole minutes...
Now thiss...
Beaniieee ks
Beaniieee ks - 19 timer siden
If this guy was my teacher maybe I would have a good attendance xD
Maricela Chavez
Maricela Chavez - 19 timer siden
Hes dead
Ashten Royse
Ashten Royse - 20 timer siden
His calves must be ripped considering how many times he stood up and rose from the bottom of the screen.
Farrel Ghoissan
Farrel Ghoissan - 20 timer siden
Love the background music
Who’s who
Who’s who - 21 time siden
I got a question is pee stored in the balls?
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun - 21 time siden
19:00 That blonde guy looks like Jake Paul.
Daniel Moon
Daniel Moon - 21 time siden
How is he still producing such quality content?!
e f
e f - 21 time siden
I dont like non bearded vsauce
cmfrtblynmb - 21 time siden
Why the fuck he says hey vsauce
Josh - 22 timer siden
I guessed 3 minutes
AlephZero - 22 timer siden
Can't wait for 2022 to be here asking "Who's watching this on 2022?"
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs - 22 timer siden
No wonder he takes long, dude needed a beard
Étienne Laflamme
Étienne Laflamme - 22 timer siden
10:51 how the heck did Michael guess my age?!? spooky
MrSteve - 22 timer siden
how much IQ does this dude have
Joel Steinke
Joel Steinke - 23 timer siden
Just read Durkheim.
Smol Floppa
Smol Floppa - 23 timer siden
for some reason the short short thing scared the hell outta me
Gabriella Zapata
Gabriella Zapata - 23 timer siden
Hes back!
TrendSweater - Dag siden
You’re the best!
Shubham saini
Shubham saini - Dag siden
It feels like the video lacked the usual Vsauce, the usual Michael in it. It could be down to Michael not going in tangents as much as in his older videos.
Nonetheless, the video and the content were great.
Barna K
Barna K - Dag siden
What the Dead Men Say from Trivium was released a year ago...
Brenden Van Brunt
Brenden Van Brunt - Dag siden
.evil uoy erehw wonk I dna cisaBoTwoH er'uoy wonk I
SethTheTechWiz - Dag siden
Wait, was this video almost 2 MONTHS AGO!?
Eviana Vazquez
Eviana Vazquez - Dag siden
The quirky letter perinatally dust because meteorology provisionally plant under a messy output. dysfunctional, white train
peter - Dag siden
Just the other day they fed me, now im a bread- winner
Ramses Seven One
Ramses Seven One - Dag siden
"People didn't just wake up and say guys its the 80s!"
Respectfully disagree. My Dad told me that when he was in college, "Come on, t's the 80s" was basically their version of YOLO lol
martin alvarez
martin alvarez - Dag siden
Is someone watching this in 1993 too???
ben sch
ben sch - Dag siden
this was insanely trippy and accurate. Time flies.
Noora P
Noora P - Dag siden
V susss
amogh bhanushali
amogh bhanushali - Dag siden
Sir with due respect bu it all depends on when you saw the movie wrt the moon landing if i was10 yrs old and both events happen that i have paid attention to moon landing more or appropriatly on the same day but i might not consider to see lion king movie as the same day it has released or the movie might became famous after its premier on television rather than its official release date more over. These movie perhaps repeated several times on television hence the movie might be old but it might recent view event for brain hence the recent perspective also the moon landing broadcasting will be infrequently compared to movie. ,It might also happen that you saw moon landing lately. But while seeing the moon landing it is repeatedly specified the time and date ,day to which this event occour 1969 coated specially. But while seeing the movie there is no relevence of time and date which further add to this illusion of time
ExtremUnknownAl - Dag siden
What if you feel like your childhood is gone? as if it might not even have existed? xD
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute - Dag siden
Wait Michael is in his 30’s?!
Kempo - Dag siden
all this mindblowing shit then he finds a way to mention stanning ffs
Ariel Centeno
Ariel Centeno - Dag siden
Hello to the future people of year 2120. Hope y'all see this comment.
Juhee Juhei
Juhee Juhei - Dag siden
Can anyone tell me the name of the song in 21:15?
Buck Beats
Buck Beats - Dag siden
X plore
X plore - Dag siden
*vsauce posts a video*
youtube algorithm : 👁👄👁
lbocaj - Dag siden
The perception of time is so stupid. Time goes by so slowly at work and so quickly when I'm at home that it feels like I'm always at work and it's making me miserable.
Fahad xix
Fahad xix - Dag siden
Heyyy shalom, Micheal here!!
Butsujen Abakumov
Butsujen Abakumov - Dag siden
chaoticravine - Dag siden
vfx. minu
vfx. minu - Dag siden
My brain got hacked
Raul Martina
Raul Martina - Dag siden
Content Suggestion: MASTERMIND Code breaker game, my friends showed me recently and I love it 😻
Kurosen - Dag siden
This is the teacher we all wanted
Holly Therese
Holly Therese - Dag siden
in the barbara walters timeline, around 1317 i believe from reading the image, who is the muhammed born? googled it and not sure!
shelleypark - Dag siden
marilyn monroe died young so their aint gonna be aged pics of her like the bloody f'ing quack. sorry, queen
jon bruni
jon bruni - Dag siden
Sometimes I get that Ab Ovo feeling because everyone else seems so fake.
Lemonaide - Dag siden
Hey Michael, the music on this video is a 10/10
Vedant Yadav
Vedant Yadav - Dag siden
Someone compare the all-knowing Michael, and his very much informative videos of today, to the Michael 9-10 years ago, who posted weird videos on YouTube. And only in 2 years, he became the Michael we know today. Time has passed, along with character.
Ayam Mekdi
Ayam Mekdi - Dag siden
who wacth this is in 2021
Boxious - Dag siden
Damn this video felt like a min but It thought me A lot of things about time, And we should be enjoy what time we have left
Kickin Rocks
Kickin Rocks - Dag siden
Why is Michael always introducing himself to Vsauce, as If they don't know each other?
Samsu Nihar
Samsu Nihar - Dag siden
Vsauce walks into a bar
Or does he?
Samuel Sanders
Samuel Sanders - Dag siden
I'd also like to comment that I was only off by 3 seconds when asked to guess how long into the video I was.
Mendel Finkelman
Mendel Finkelman - Dag siden
can you make a video about chills?
You'reADumbass - Dag siden
Come back