I tried intermittent fasting for 30 days

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key arca
key arca - 4 timer siden
I think IF is good for those who lack structure in their lives, which I think is why it didn't really work for Matt who already has that. I find that people who struggle with overeating or just have all around bad eating habits tend to be the ones that see the most results. Myself included. IF pushed me to stop eating snacks and to start drinking more water. Even though I'm not doing IF at the moment, I still retain better eating habits and I'm especially not as bothered by hunger anymore. Now I know when I'm actually hungry and can eat more intuitively rather than just cause.
Anastacio Aranda
Anastacio Aranda - Dag siden
So his negative results (losing weight and eating fewer calories) is why people do it, yet he didn't want to be inconvenienced. Oh, OK. Seems like he can't relate to the people who are overweight and are empowered by this method.
lauratompkins1 - Dag siden
What you don’t know about the benefits of IF could fill a large library. You just don’t want to benefit from autophagy & that’s fine but your anecdotal ‘evidence’ is self-serving nonsense. You can look thin but have dangerous adipose fat. Check out Dr. Mosley for more. Selling squarespace! 😆 Americans are so spoiled!
Yohannes Bayray
Yohannes Bayray - 2 dager siden
Its really not that complicated you just eat whatever you want once a day and it works. I lost 20 kg in a month n i eat whatever i wanted
MakeMyCrazy - 3 dager siden
This video is so dumb.
Corey Norman
Corey Norman - 3 dager siden
How do you politely explain to someone who has prepared you food that you're in a fasting window?
DaniloKING 2
DaniloKING 2 - 3 dager siden
Wait you guys are getting food?
Илья - 3 dager siden
Zohane Bal
Zohane Bal - 4 dager siden
matt: i quit life for 30 days
Anne Coetzee
Anne Coetzee - 4 dager siden
*laughs in OMAD*
Arnau Ortiz Amenós
Arnau Ortiz Amenós - 5 dager siden
How ridiculous you are starting a video just hating something you have just tried for a ridiculous 4 weeks (skeaping breakfast omg!) when it requires double for results, with your shitty face expression, conditioning the message 100% having no idea.
And how ridiculously ambitious you are with that 10:01 time video...
Shame on you
1fancy nancy
1fancy nancy - 6 dager siden
I don’t think you have enough fat to do this lol, you know, like the rest of us.
Sava Dimitrijevic
Sava Dimitrijevic - 6 dager siden
Sometimes 30 days aren't just enough to adjust to the new eating pattern. Skipping the breakfast after let's say 30 years of eating breakfast, that's too strong habit to break and too little time to feel the real benefits. Maybe it's not for you most suitable but it definitely have large impact on health, actually worth mentioning. Next time, please, do more research, but real research. Go dig and read some books on the subject, don't just google childish opinions on forums and blogs. At least you tried it, nice video overall. Keep improving.
Rebecca Coup
Rebecca Coup - 6 dager siden
My nutritionist told me that I stop my fasting at anytime and it doesn't have to be the same day every day as long as I only eat 8 hours out of the day I'm good... I normally eat between 12-1pm so an hour or 2 will not make a huge difference....just make sure you cut it off by 8 hours later.
Argodaemon - 6 dager siden
I love IF. Been doing 18:6 for a few months and am down 30lbs so far (also cut out sugar). I can definitely see where someone may not like it, but it has worked out wonderfully for me and is a lifestyle change I can see being easy to maintain into the future (which was always my biggest concern). Losing weight and keeping the weight off are separate challenges.
Anne Coetzee
Anne Coetzee - 7 dager siden
I’ve watched a lot of doctors reviews of intermittent fasting, if your goal is weight loss it’s much better to eat your meals earlier in the day. It’s worked for me! :)
Eleanor - 7 dager siden
do your research!
michael portaloo
michael portaloo - 8 dager siden
Been doing one meal a day plus a snack three or four hours later. Lost 14lbs aka a stone in a month. I'm curious as to how the loss would keep going until it plateaus.
Shaun Keaney
Shaun Keaney - 9 dager siden
So you never actually tried it at all 😂😂😂 great video
arrghgarry - 10 dager siden
Just eat at 600pm ,next morning eat at 1000 or 1200 ,you are fucking pathetic
vinay gujjar
vinay gujjar - 10 dager siden
guys dont dont need to skip ant meal.. i have my breakfast around 10, lunch around 2.30 ,3 and dinner around 7.....and nothing after that till my next breakfast..try thos .. u ll be surprised with the results
Some Guy On the Internet
Some Guy On the Internet - 11 dager siden
So only eat dinner ?
THE - 11 dager siden
Rokas Val
Rokas Val - 11 dager siden
weakling... 2 weeks since i started daily fasts i have to say could not to be easier...
TheYee ToMyHaw
TheYee ToMyHaw - 11 dager siden
I think feeling dizzy is normal in the beginning, but after some time you get used to the hunger and it won't even feel like actual "hunger" anymore.
TheYee ToMyHaw
TheYee ToMyHaw - 11 dager siden
I lost a bit under 10 kg when doing intermittent fasting. In grade 10 I weighed about 64 kg but I kind of by accident ended up doing intermittent fasting for a long time, maybe a year or so. I used to feel very nervous going to school, so eating in the morning would not be good for me, it would make me get an upset stomach probably due to feeling stressed for school. At first I used to get a glass of juice, just because drinking something worked much better than food itself for me when feeling stressed. But after noticing the juice would start causing my skin to break out I stopped with it. Basically what I did every day was that I skipped breakfast, and sometimes lunch if I didn't feel like going outside to buy something. I also walked a bit every day, between 30-60 minutes every day mostly to and from school, and from school to downtown to buy lunch. The amount of exercise wasn't much different from previous years, mostly my eating habits, as in when I ate was what had changed. What I ate remained the same, often smoothies during lunch, hamburgers, fast food, or just whatever simple thing we had at home that I wanted to eat, so not very healthy and quite a lot of calories, and I did not cut back on thing such as soda or sweets. A year or so later I weighed myself and saw I now weighed about 54 kg. I was really surprised because I hadn't tried to lose weight, but looking back at the past year I realized the weightloss bust have been a result of my lifestyle that had changed to a lot of fasting during the day.
Phantom Cat
Phantom Cat - 11 dager siden
No wander I was slimmer in school than home😂
Callum Briton
Callum Briton - 12 dager siden
Whole point is to lose weight and be complains he loses weight. 😂
Calin Pirau
Calin Pirau - 12 dager siden
Eating a keto diet while doing IF should make it a bit easier to overcome fasting.
Nana 1997
Nana 1997 - 12 dager siden
To actually do intermittent fasting correctly and to achieve results you do have to watch what you eat 🤷🏽‍♀️ if you don't the results might not show and you will suffer side effects
StOUt ThE BeEr
StOUt ThE BeEr - 12 dager siden
i have been only eating from 1pm to 7pm everyday is that a time to be fasting from 7pm to 1 pm the next day
Bradley Bennett
Bradley Bennett - 12 dager siden
I do an advanced version of this but I skip Lunch to and Have no Snacks. The first thing I eat is dinner and I'll have a dessert after that. That's it.
Pedro Moreira
Pedro Moreira - 12 dager siden
Water with some salts and minerals (like the snake diet) would keep you in the gym without any fainting issues, tried myself
Maribel Ramos
Maribel Ramos - 13 dager siden
Lost 100lbs reversed diabetes. My leptin, insulin and Ghrelin hormones regulated. Fasting is not for all, but saved my life. You fast around your life, you don’t live around IF.
KobeK2 - 13 dager siden
Why is everyone saying that he did it COMPLETELY wrong or thay he doesn't know whay he's talking about. In the first minute if the video, he literally says, "Key word, TRIED."
Zac Toni
Zac Toni - 13 dager siden
10 minutes of explaining how ignorant you are on a subject and how you never prepared any plans...
Großer Schwanz
Großer Schwanz - 15 dager siden
Its works really well. But maybe not for a tiny little skinny dude...
sportbikeguy - 15 dager siden
definitely failed because you set yourself up poorly from the start. you need to stick it out the first few days. i fast about 22 hours a day, and eat for 2. i work a highly physical job, and dont seem to have trouble. eat LOADS of protein, a good amount of fat. this schedule works great for me because i know i cant eat until i get home after work, and i realistically cant eat 3000 calories in 2 hours without feeling like shit, so eat meat and veggies, i supplement with protein during my eating window also. i personally find the best way to stick with intermittent fasting is to eat high satiety foods. low carbs and sugars which will leave you feeling hungry shortly after eating are bad. foods high in protein, fat and vitamins help keep the hunger away for the whole day.
The day after i break my fasting routine, is always the hardest to get back on track. if i eat bread, beer, chips, snacks, the next day is very difficult.
once you get into a good routine, it actually gets very easy, and convenient. you spend less time preparing food, eating food, thinking about food, mental state is clear, and energy is high, no sugar crashes or cravings.
sweat soul
sweat soul - 16 dager siden
Don't eat at night and sleep early. And wake up at 6
sweat soul
sweat soul - 16 dager siden
Day 6
Simibili - 16 dager siden
First video i see from you man, i honestly saw it out of full curiosity after seeing the title because i have been Ifing for a long time now, so far lost 24 KG, but the reason i stopped a minute to like and subscribe to your channel is what you said from minute 8:17 to 9:18, thanks for those wise words dude, i have kind of being doing things i don't really like, and things that are pushing me away from other things that make me really happy to pursue a goal that i am very close to achieve, and that goal is what keeps me positive and going.
You got a new sub! congrats for your channel, keep up the good work
Alex Cordero
Alex Cordero - 16 dager siden
You don't have to plan anything. Just skip breakfast, seriously--it's that simple. After a while you won't wake up hungry anymore and stomach will start bugging you for food around noon -- 16 hours later. It's not hard to do. I've been doing this every day for about 2 years and totally sustainable.
Brandon Anthony
Brandon Anthony - 17 dager siden
If you are not the absolute epitome of modern day tech man... A walking cliché
B.L. Miller
B.L. Miller - 17 dager siden
Dude shut up
Gain a 100lbs walk around for 20 years freling like crap until you forget what feeling good means then do your test.
Azel Joy Portugues
Azel Joy Portugues - 17 dager siden
Eat less, reduce your sugar intake and try a low calorie diet if you really wanted to lose weight. And don't forget to sleep early and drink more water.
john smith
john smith - 17 dager siden
You're a pussy, and this was a waste of time.
CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL - 17 dager siden
Lifting close to your feeding time is really good . You can have a recovery meal straight after. Cardio on an empty stomach is normal.
CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL - 17 dager siden
It is about what you eat. Having high carbs means that it will take longer for your body to use actual body fat for energy.
Blaxkflower_ vlogz
Blaxkflower_ vlogz - 18 dager siden
i have a question, can i skip dinner and lunch and only eat breakfast because i workout after my breakfast!
zyi xisin
zyi xisin - 19 dager siden
if you don’t eat healthy, fasting will only cause tremendous issues with your body and mental health. when eating healthy it can be very beneficial. remember this before you try and diss it guys, what you eat ALWAYS matters.
About Shotting
About Shotting - 20 dager siden
Muslim fast in one all monthe
Pilar Ventura
Pilar Ventura - 20 dager siden
It seems like you are an active person and you don't have problems with you weight, you should do IF 12/12, from my point of view you are not skipping breakfast, you just do it later (break your fasting) because you have to do three meals a day. But you did good because you did the research and you tried it for yourself and did't work for you, so you know what you are talking about. I'll give you a like for that. It is working for me .Good day
emacwakeup - 21 dag siden
I don’t know why he needs to plan? I make breakfast in the morning as usual and take it with me rather than eating it. I have black coffee for breakfast. When it’s time to eat then I eat my breakfast, and then have my lunch aswell. Then I don’t eat until dinner. It ensures I’m eating enough calories. It’s my 3rd day.
Farquharson - 21 dag siden
It's really a form of being hungry consistantly. Gives the body some time in a low blood sugar state rather than be full of sugar all day
Monica Marie
Monica Marie - 21 dag siden
he looks like ryan from the office lol
L. K.
L. K. - 22 dager siden
at least you were honest about it.
Lymer - 22 dager siden
Basically the research around skipping breakfast says that skipping breakfast makes you more likely to eat less healthily or eat more - if you can counter-act this likelihood with WILLPOWER, and maintain a healthy calorie balance, then this resolves this potential issue.
Also, I understand his lack of willingness to keep up the fast - I think he had no real incentive to keep it up, as he isn't responding to a health/weight issue, but more just trying it out to see how he feels about it.
Like many things, if you don't have MEASURABLE goals, it can seem pointless or feel like it was a failure (this is a flaw with human nature in general - we don't know what we want, yet get disappointed by a lack of obvious/extreme results).
Wells Family Life
Wells Family Life - 23 dager siden
This video is what is wrong with you tube. This guy tries something that is designed to help people lose weight, then when he does he says he didnt want to lose weight in the 1st place?! Wth. Then an ad in the middle of the vid. Massive thumbs down for a very poubtless video.
1JZGaming - 24 dager siden
Could tell right away that he didn't do it right. Eating burritos and sandwiches, that's a whole lot of calorie and carb action.
Jason - 24 dager siden
When you're doing IF your body takes your food much more effectively. If you're eating healthy you'll see faster fat loss. If you're eating like crap you'll gain faster. Lost 23 lbs in a month and a half. Been working out fasted for 3 years. You adapt.