I tried breathwork everyday for 30 days.

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 8 måneder siden
If you want to learn more about breathwork go check out my sister's work: http://pushingbeauty.com/breathe
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
@Joel Laamo Sadhguru
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
@Arjun Chougala yeee. I do cold showers daily. Philippines. I'm originally from America.
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
@David Antonio Chavez yesssss!!
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
@Free Speech if you say so. Said the butthurt, leftist or right wing numbed drone. He probably does far more healing than you with creating tons of jobs, yoga, planting trees, etc. #Centrist #Vegan #Agnostic. #DrJoeDispenza #Sadhguru. Science.
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
I'm happy to read such! This video appeared in my feed. #Centrism #Agnostic #Yoga #Veganism #Meditation #BrainwaveMusic #Sadhguru #DrJoeDispenza #DrBruceLipton #GreggBraden #AbolishAgeOfConsent #AbolishTaxes #TaxesAreTheft #TaxesAreUnconstitutional #EndTheFederalReserve #LucidDreaming #Fasting #Tea #Maca #Neem :3
chochooshoe - 7 timer siden
protip: you don't need to go to a retreat. you can do this at home and it's totally free!
Del Marie
Del Marie - 2 dager siden
Joe dispenza backs up all his work by science and also goes into detail about body chemistry, anatomy,energy,meditation breathing techniques, so much more in detail his testimonials are by far supernatural
Mandeep Mann
Mandeep Mann - 3 dager siden
Lisa Croft
Lisa Croft - 4 dager siden
I completely appreciate you sharing your experience. I have just stumble upon Breath work I had no idea about this. I have visited your sisters site and want to go to the retreat. I am only in day three BUT I have already have observed how many times during the day my breathing is not consistent. I seem to hold my breath A LOT at work when I am stressed. I am so excited to learn more and keep doing this exercise daily. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it helped so much and also gave me your sisters website info which is Fantastic.
Relaxing Meditation Sounds
Relaxing Meditation Sounds - 7 dager siden
07:51 The moment you focus on your breatwork, your body starts to communicate with you
Hello World
Hello World - 7 dager siden
This is ancient hindu yoga. Hindu has really some fascinating things.
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
The Rock. 😅
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin - 8 dager siden
I'm happy to read such! This video appeared in my feed. #Centrism #Agnostic #Yoga #Veganism #Meditation #BrainwaveMusic #Sadhguru #DrJoeDispenza #DrBruceLipton #GreggBraden #AbolishAgeOfConsent #AbolishTaxes #TaxesAreTheft #TaxesAreUnconstitutional #EndTheFederalReserve #LucidDreaming #Fasting #Tea #Maca #Neem :3
Deep Salelkar
Deep Salelkar - 10 dager siden
Matt's sister sounds EXACTLY like Dr. Rhonda Patrick
joey k
joey k - 11 dager siden
Right here 2:33 thats the difference between a spiritual person and a non-spiritual person. You're looking into your head for all the answers and do that all the time. A spiritual person would be looking down at their heart and talking from wisdom and the knowing in the heart, and using the intellect as a way to express what they're feeling. It's when you can combine the 2, the heart and the head that you will be guided in the right direction - towards your dreams. Its when your heart says one thing and your head says another that drama occurs because your vibration becomes chaotic, therefore your life will. Look down at your heart and feel more - if you can't theres a blockage thats probably from childhood trauma.
Jouni Heikkilä
Jouni Heikkilä - 11 dager siden
I've been Hoffer for over 30 months. I find also SOMA which is good as well.
Myo - 13 dager siden
Thanks for sharing, Matt.
SinBADDY - 14 dager siden
the science behind the 'tetany' Matt experienced:
repressed emotion has a relationship with the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) where it leads to muscle tension. There are degrees of severity to this where the higher the degree, the more unhealthy the repression is. Skeletal muscle is the lowest degree where it leads to skeletal muscle contractions, next is smooth muscle which is where there are smooth muscle contractions like consistent burping/farting, next is conversions which is temporary loss of certain functions/sensations like numbness in the body, loss of vision or hearing. There are other degrees of severity but these are the most common ones seen in the general population by psychiatrists/psychologists
The association between repressing emotion and the SNS is currently under research. Learn more about this from searching 'tension myositis syndrome' or 'psychosomatic muscle tension'
Sir Sir
Sir Sir - 15 dager siden
Learning breathing correctly has great effects. Belly breathing they call it
Marc - 16 dager siden
Awesome video, reminds me of an experiment i once did when i was in my early 20s. I tried to hold my breath as long as possible for 3-4 times a night every day for months. I went from about 60 seconds to being able to hold my breath for almost 3 minutes.
Your NewBoy
Your NewBoy - 16 dager siden
It’s called Wim Hof Method 🤦🏽‍♂️
Péter Horváth
Péter Horváth - 17 dager siden
Sometimes you should do things a little more than 30 days and a whole new world will open for you :)
Karima Digital
Karima Digital - 18 dager siden
Man going have to try this online, got dern rona
Ethan Hansen
Ethan Hansen - 19 dager siden
He looks like Emperor Cuzco and his sister looks like Emperor Cuzco pretending to be Pacha's wife when they go into the restaurant for pill bugs.
Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran - 19 dager siden
Your sister is kinda hot
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer - 20 dager siden
watching this and not hearing a corona joke after 'pandemic' is so 2019
Italiana 7
Italiana 7 - 21 dag siden
You look at the brother and the sister sitting next to each other and you see how the sister who is spiritual and does healthful practices looks so put together, healthy, tall spine, and glowing compared to the brother who is shrunked into himself.
Mike Everson
Mike Everson - 21 dag siden
This is Matt’s best video I think
Denise Maria Branquinho
Denise Maria Branquinho - 21 dag siden
You are twins?
Vijay Reddy Tirupari
Vijay Reddy Tirupari - 22 dager siden
Try Sudharshan kriya
Life think Malayalam
Life think Malayalam - 24 dager siden
Good 👍
Age Of Aries
Age Of Aries - 24 dager siden
Sage isn’t for contacting spirits. Most people use it to cleanse their space of negative energy. Please keep it respectful.
Ada - 27 dager siden
I read that as breathplay and got excited.. 😞
Mac Pal
Mac Pal - Måned siden
So, if you go at part : https://youtu.be/go8ibd-hGiw?list=WL&t=815 ; she clearly says that nothing would happen, don't have expectations. In a group , people are forced to just say what is expected to happen because of peer pressure.
bruh bruh
bruh bruh - Måned siden
How do u breathe into the heart karen?
summer girl
summer girl - Måned siden
Matt, please upload a video of your wedding. You guys are so cute ❤
Scottlp2 - Måned siden
Breathing shallow (which many of us do) is a great way to avoid one's feelings. I like your sister.
Jonathan Heuvelman
Jonathan Heuvelman - Måned siden
Wimhofman is de best methode
Dave Njeru
Dave Njeru - Måned siden
There is a YouTube channel called "What I've learned". He has a chronological playlist which when you watch you will understand the science behind breath work among other things. Trust me, it will be life changing.
taxiuniversum - Måned siden
„MY experience was THE RIGHT experience!“ 😂😂😂
Gabriella Meat Tray
Gabriella Meat Tray - Måned siden
People tend to think that science and spirituality are separate. When really they go hand in hand. Everything is connected
Miss Relaxed
Miss Relaxed - 9 dager siden
Exactly mi thought
J Blank
J Blank - 15 dager siden
Absolutely! We are linked to each other. Misty eyed🙂
Dee - Måned siden
When I saw the lobster hands I said "Oh, heck no! .. nope!" 🤣 Anything happening without my knowledge is too relaxed for me. Lol
KJKiltIT !
KJKiltIT ! - Måned siden
His sister low key sounds like Summer from Rick & Morty.
Super Invandrare
Super Invandrare - Måned siden
i farted everyday for 30 days
jravell - Måned siden
A mere ten minutes in and this dude turns into a total hippie. Skeptic no more.
kiwi8476 - Måned siden
Michelle is really pretty. Really admirable.
kiwi8476 - Måned siden
I want to do this.
Rizki Aprilian
Rizki Aprilian - Måned siden
drugs ? 1:20
Pop Lame
Pop Lame - 27 dager siden
Endo canabinoids I think
Curtis K
Curtis K - Måned siden
I didn't get to the end of the video just yet...I will...I wanted to stop and say if you think that this stuff is woo woo you need to take at least an 8th of magic mushrooms or two lsd tabs and then come back and see if your perspective has changed when it comes to spirituality and "woo woo"...on another note, I've liked most of the stuff you have to say on your videos 😎
Alfonso 83
Alfonso 83 - Måned siden
That was amazing brother ! Thank you 🙏 much love !
tyanite1 - Måned siden
Nothing wrong with it at all, so please don't take offense. I think I do it, too. Just noticing that both you and your sister have cultivated a gravelly sound in the way you talk (7:05, for instance). I wonder if that's due to being from the same family, location or culture.
Gregory - Måned siden
Can you please explain the breathing technique? Two breaths in one breath out? Do you breathe through the mouth do you breathe through the nose, etc?
Richard Fields
Richard Fields - Måned siden
I'm going to present my sisters teachings as an unbiased look into her interests. oh ok. I'm going to need you to get all the fuck the way out of here.
nandodb2000 - Måned siden
do yoga for 30 days
a Perigosa
a Perigosa - Måned siden
But who told you sage contains the spirits of ancestors? Lol
Sea Bunny
Sea Bunny - Måned siden
I tried breath work and let me tell you it feels amazing 😌 💜
Sprout Love
Sprout Love - Måned siden
The hand thing is interesting. I just came across the exact same "Mudra" the other day.
"Mudra means “seal,” “gesture,” or “mark.” Yoga mudras are symbolic gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers. They facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within."
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Dancer - Måned siden
Wim hof has done this for years.
Gatakari Manojkumar
Gatakari Manojkumar - Måned siden
This is called pranayama and it is considered as part of yoga (out of 8 parts of yoga)
Breathe is considered as bridge between mind and the body
It need not be necessarily spiritual
Here in india we just do it in the morning as part of excercise routine
Like Kapalbhati, anulom vilom etc
Laiken Newcombe
Laiken Newcombe - Måned siden
6:35 “We continued breathing for the next few minutes”
What happened after?
HeyLady08 - Måned siden
A lot of this "woo woo" stuff is backed by science. That's not talked about because there is a lot of money in keeping us depressed and insecure. So doctors write off these practices because they don't get paid for it. Watch the documentary 'Heal' on Netflix.
Scott Maclaren
Scott Maclaren - 5 dager siden
@Conscious Movement beg your pardon, i was :)
Conscious Movement
Conscious Movement - 5 dager siden
@Scott Maclaren Are you incapable of detecting sarcasm?
that youtube channel
that youtube channel - 8 dager siden
@Barrrrrt You're wrong on one major point: The vast majority of pharmaceutical research is paid for by the government with grants given to universities and independent research teams. Pharmaceutical companies, the vast majority of the time, swoop in and patent these pharmaceuticals after the fact. If I remember correctly, the last statistic I heard was around 80% of ALL pharmaceutical research was paid for by the government and patented after the fact.
Scott Maclaren
Scott Maclaren - 8 dager siden
@Conscious Movement try before you decry ;)
Conscious Movement
Conscious Movement - 8 dager siden
I dunno about this "breathing" thing. I get that it's the most essential activity a human can do, and it literally supplies every cell in my body with oxygen, which they would otherwise die without... but I'm just a skeptic, it seems like woo woo. /s.
Eloise Linger
Eloise Linger - Måned siden
this gave me goosebumps
IMA MUSIC - Måned siden
the brain produces DMT during breathing, its the strongest natural drug
Tom Bolo
Tom Bolo - Måned siden
Now I know how to hiper ventilate efficiently. ...do this up to a point and then follow-up with a slower diaphragmatic breath sync'd to metronome.