I took cold showers for 30 days

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WARNING: If you have a heart condition be smart about it & consult your doctor before taking cold showers.
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Krishna Kamal
Krishna Kamal - Time siden
When he said, "you could just pause this video and go take a cold shower". I got off my bed and striped, went under the shower, put my hand on the faucet. I laughed like a min and cursed for like another min, finally turned on the shower. IT SUCKED!!!
BUT I'm gonna do this for a month. THIS better change me.
EDIT: and yeah i am now watching the rest of the video (I went for the second one)
simm samma
simm samma - 17 timer siden
i love cold showers!
Sonaそな - 21 time siden
But I thought it was normal to take cold showers?
فَارِس قَيْسِ عَيْلَانَ خُذَيْنَةَ الْحَرَشِيَّ
I can't take cold shower because I live in Saudi Arabia.
im fine & im not sad
im fine & im not sad - Dag siden
Filipinos: first time?
Andrew - Dag siden
Btw I wash my body with cool shower everyday from child to now
Vivek Dahal
Vivek Dahal - Dag siden
Charging in directly into the cold water can change your body temperature suddenly and you might have fever. Starting with the head first then the body is the better way imo
inge widya
inge widya - 22 timer siden
No that will give you stroke. do it from your toes than build it up to your head. this can lead to shock.
THOMAS BLAKE - 2 dager siden
I took one today and it was actually kinda good now that i think of it it was completely weird but at the time it felt really good you should try
Aleksandër Gjini
Aleksandër Gjini - 2 dager siden
Just take 30 showers bro!
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul - 3 dager siden
"I was at the pool" lmao 😂
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul - 3 dager siden
I made the same calendar to keep track on it 2:10
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul - 3 dager siden
After watching for the third time..Only then i know who all the people at 0:37 are
Anthony L.R
Anthony L.R - 3 dager siden
I literally went and took a cold shower when he told us to haha!
Project Paul
Project Paul - 3 dager siden
I just did 1 week of cold showers, see it on my channel !
Harry Mcough
Harry Mcough - 3 dager siden
Just dont feel clean wen I have a cold shower
하연 707Bangtan 진
하연 707Bangtan 진 - 3 dager siden
As someone who lives in a tropical country, cold showers are the best thing in the world.
Having a vacation in the high cold mountains too. 💕
Sheduw - 4 dager siden
Bruh I always shower cold
임송 - 4 dager siden
Please translate Korean.😄🇰🇷
jaz loor
jaz loor - 5 dager siden
Bueno he empezado a pensar en mi cuerpo como un templo y para tratarlo como tal he iniciado diferentes métodos para cuidarlo mejor
intermittent fasting:
✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ ✅✅12 days
✅✅ ✅✅ 5days
Cold shower
✅✅✅✅day 4
I Will keep you updated on my journey 😬
Thought Corner
Thought Corner - 5 dager siden
I only take cold showers hot ones are depressing.
Vivek Dahal
Vivek Dahal - Dag siden
HAWKMAN 05 - 6 dager siden
Aug.5th 2020 start day👍🏻💥 Hope for the best
RobM - 6 dager siden
The shock of the cold only lasts a very short time then you're used to it. I've started having cold showers for a week , not sure if I can do it in the winter though
StaticErick - 6 dager siden
If your a teen don’t do this it caused me to get acne and have horrible skin on my face
Blaster Jay101
Blaster Jay101 - 6 dager siden
I have been doing it for 4 months
Brian Gray
Brian Gray - 6 dager siden
Let’s be honest: we’re all wondering what the rate of shrinkage is you experienced with your wiggly doo.
Moisés Quintero
Moisés Quintero - 7 dager siden
Bitch I'm from venezuela, i dont have gas since may, i already have like more than 100 days in the callenge. I won 😂
Fatima Burki
Fatima Burki - 7 dager siden
The reason its uncomfortable is because your hearts beats faster and it does that because cold is different and the heart needs to produce more oxgyn because you a re breathing faster
Ultra Instinct trumpku
Ultra Instinct trumpku - 7 dager siden
*are you preparing to meet jesus?*
Henry Burford
Henry Burford - 7 dager siden
16°c that’s not cold
Andre Voirol
Andre Voirol - 8 dager siden
Lil’ story here: I have been taking cold showers for the past 2 years and I enjoy it a LOT. It is the moment of the day I don’t wait but when it comes, I’m happy about it. Some days ago my grandma passed out, and I was sad and I wasn’t feeling like taking cold showers, I would say to myself things like: “I will retake the habit in some days when I’m feeling better” but two long weeks passed and today I decided to retake it. But I wasn’t feeling it 😂, so i ran into this video and now I know I’ve been crossing the flinch very easy, I feel motivated to do it again! Hope this motivate you too! - AV
My edible logic
My edible logic - 8 dager siden
Where I live it's not even a big deal to take showers
Elias Burow
Elias Burow - 9 dager siden
Nice video Tank you!
S Barb
S Barb - 10 dager siden
I work out in the morning and took a cold shower after to stop the red face and sweating so I could put my make up on. After a week of cold showers it feels INCREDIBLE! Body tingles all over, blood is pumping! I definitely recommend 😀
Besar Sinani
Besar Sinani - 10 dager siden
Anyone who wants to do this dont just jump into ice cold water your muscles can go into shock u wanna start off with lukewarm then transgress into really cold
Rohin - 10 dager siden
ryan howard?
Jay's Mental Health Advocacy
Jay's Mental Health Advocacy - 10 dager siden
Dude! I commend you for doing this! I’ve had to take cold showers for a week one time because my water heater was out...worst time of my life! 😂
TheDIYandPianoGuy - 11 dager siden
Your first cold shower was just like mine (which was this morning). Literally couldn't take a full breath and washed my hair with body wash haha.
It took me so long to be able to start washing I was in there for 9 minutes.
It felt horrendous at the time, but afterwards I felt way better than after a normal shower. Maybe just a sense of achievement...whatever, I felt good.
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 11 dager siden
Matt flexing he's muscle for almost 10 mins.
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira - 11 dager siden
I've done this for something between 140 and 152 days, here are some tips:
- *SING* this is going to take your attention from the disconfort and help you breath better during your cold shower
-*CHARGE ON THE WATER* is better trust me
-*DO SOME PHYSICAL ACTIVITY* before its gonna warm up your body and help it get less tense under the water
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira - 9 dager siden
@saureah PLUR the same thing matt says in 5:07 sorry if my english was not clear it isn't my native language
saureah PLUR
saureah PLUR - 9 dager siden
What do you mean with charge on the water?
m0um3n - 11 dager siden
I'm rewatching this video every day and taking a cold shower every time he says "you could just pause this video and go take a cold shower" 4:36 FEELS GREAT EVERY TIME
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel - 12 dager siden
First couple times you do it feels horrible. All I remember to do is to breath. Breathing really does help guys
SK B - 12 dager siden
It's gonna be 32 degrees C tomorrow so I suppose it's a good time to start!
[LSD]_ƏŁITƏ各个 - 12 dager siden
Im not even joking i only shower with cold water
Nemi - 13 dager siden
I have a pool. so for a week, and every now and then I take a dip. and it's like 17 or less degrees in there, Celsius you know. but it's uncomfortable which kind of expands your comfort zone if you do it enough. I hate it, and I think people who've done it for months, hate it. I think cold showers are way easier than taking a cold bath. but I always do it around 8 pm, I'm always tired or kind of getting ready to go to bed. but it wakes my body up, I get excess energy and I feel so good afterwards. tho due to low blood pressure, it takes a few hours for me to completely recover. but it feels so nice having warm, dry clothes against my skin. try it. It'll teach you things
P Nikhil Yadav
P Nikhil Yadav - 13 dager siden
Next I'll try larva shower. Lol
PANDA - 14 dager siden
If u take a cold bath it's much easier to get used to it I tried a shower and I think I almost die xd can't say the same for my hair I always use warm water to burn dandruff yeah I'm an idiot
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart - 14 dager siden
Did you only shower in the morning? I take cold showers every day before bed and sleep like a baby.
Allotrios Apolis
Allotrios Apolis - 15 dager siden
So, in 4:05 do you really want us to take seriously that guy with those big holes in his ears?
this was missing on youtube so i posted it
@Allotrios Apolis we'll just to be clear from my view many of our leaders who are considered intelligent or worthy of expression are very dependent on their appearance. makeup applies too, anything not natural like you said. but it doesnt change the expressed idea.
Stef Myt
Stef Myt - 11 dager siden
Yeah? In what does that make him less relevant or intelligent?
Allotrios Apolis
Allotrios Apolis - 14 dager siden
@this was missing on youtube so i posted it Yes, because it shows a person heavily dependent on the approval of others through superficial means as it is the external appearance.
this was missing on youtube so i posted it
tf does that matter
Toxicfox - 15 dager siden
they really aint as bad as he sets them out to be all you gotta do is get your ass in the shower and dont wait
Vinayak Kulkarni
Vinayak Kulkarni - 16 dager siden
Matt: imagine your water heater breaks and you can't repair for 1 week.
Me: simple. I will NOT bath (a hostale boy)
Sar DA GOAT - 16 dager siden
Well all the "kinda easy" stuff like taking a cold shower is not that hard cuz i just tell my mind "it's just a cold shower, nothing's gonna happen, it's not gonna kill you, remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and it does makes you stronger cuz you stop feeling cold easily and its feels so good after the shower and thats my motivation for for easy stuff in life.
this was missing on youtube so i posted it
Thanks for that
Z G.
Z G. - 18 dager siden
Hey, that's the yes theory team min 0:48
Rahib - 18 dager siden
I always had cold showers.
Don't know why but I never had hot water even though I live in the UK in a not poor neighborhood.
Live, Learn and Teach
Live, Learn and Teach - 18 dager siden
I guess if you go back far enough humans only had cold water.
Slip Park
Slip Park - 19 dager siden
Starting mid May:
Stopped drinking soda, only drink water and coffee
Brush my teeth everyday
Do a 7 min workout everyday 5-6 days a week
Lately I’ve also been doing a minimum of 20 push-ups a day
And starting last week I began my journey with cold showers
It’s the small things that can really improve you as a person
XiaoWu _
XiaoWu _ - 3 dager siden
You might want to add a back muscles exercice with your push ups, or else your shoulders will start to be too forward Keep it up tho !
Sar DA GOAT - 16 dager siden
Honestly this pandemic got me stuck in one place and i got used to staying home all day doing nothing and now that the life started moving again its hard but im forcing/getting out of my comfort zone to be a better person. Ps i got stomach problems for all the eating and not walking and now i gotta deal with it too.... keep it up man
Patrick Kincannon
Patrick Kincannon - 17 dager siden
Awesome man! I am starting cold showers tomorrow as well as waking up early with organized workouts in the day
we don't know what is next
we don't know what is next - 18 dager siden
Keep it up, dude 💪🏼
vxCOCOxv - 20 dager siden
I love the cold shower at night! I have it cool to wash, then all the way cold to rinse.
I love it in the summer especially, getting ready for bed, you feel so comfy in your PJ’s... and CLEAN!
nick schager
nick schager - 21 dag siden
Once you get into the habit of taking cold showers, you will not feel the urge to take warm/hot showers.
StormTrooper - 21 dag siden
At least this dude has a mounted shower. Try this shit with a handheld one. YOU have to hold it over your freezing ass, you have to resist not to throw it away. Not just stand under it.
Marc - 22 dager siden
Freaking awesome job man!
Ps. That must be one of the ugliest bathrooms ive ever seen !!!!
aulia exza eka putri
aulia exza eka putri - 22 dager siden
Oh ya try to live in my country... Cold shower is a norm starting at the age of 3 hahahaha
Ademir Alijagic
Ademir Alijagic - 22 dager siden
Respects to you 😂💪