I spent a day with YOUTUBE'S BIGGEST LEGENDS (PewDiePie, MrBeast, HolaSoyGerman/JuegaGerman)

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I spent a day with NOburn’s biggest legends to learn what it’s really like to be one of NOburn’s biggest powerhouses in 2020.
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AnthonyPadilla - 18 dager siden
come back next week for *I spent a day with LEGENDARY EMO BAND LEADERS*
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dxyasmin__ Xoxo
dxyasmin__ Xoxo - 5 dager siden
@EpicCoolDude21 hi
Ash - 8 dager siden
Are you going to post the genderfluid episode?
kittsuei - 15 dager siden
Bruh poggers
Perfect Relationship
Perfect Relationship - 15 dager siden
Hello, bro I need your email 📧, please I want to contact you , can you please share me
lucie does stuff
lucie does stuff - 15 dager siden
Turkey Cheese
Turkey Cheese - 2 timer siden
I like this episode cause it feels like more of a conversation between great youtubers than an awkward interview
Henti Kirby
Henti Kirby - 3 timer siden
Pewds camera quality is awful here.
YoMama SoFat
YoMama SoFat - 4 timer siden
Florr gang commander having conversation to a ceiling gang member. CRINGE
Connor Overturff
Connor Overturff - 4 timer siden
Wait I'm older than Mr Beast 😱
Hana c
Hana c - 5 timer siden
Jimmy is such a teddy bear
Rick Morit
Rick Morit - 5 timer siden
Seriously why are you not talking with Rhett and Link, they made there own place on the Internet and nobody is talking about/with them
MusicMike512 - 5 timer siden
Honestly I don't know any Youtuber being interviewed here except for Pewds...
Face Tank Hank
Face Tank Hank - 5 timer siden
I subbed because MrBeast told me to.
Comedy With Tate as well as pokemon video
I'm suprise Anthony didn't say thank you to Mr beast after all he got to play an airsoft game and won 33k
Big Quap 220 Bands
Big Quap 220 Bands - 7 timer siden
don’t forget you’re a legend too Anthony.
Rykiion - 7 timer siden
2:49 Thanks.
elfy - 8 timer siden
acting like he isnt a youtube legend himself
RummageTheRum - 9 timer siden
Finding out I’m older then mr. beast has sent me spiralling...
danyisnoob - 9 timer siden
All men, not surprised but you could’ve gotten at least one girl 😑
doliio volay
doliio volay - 11 timer siden
Feel like if PewDiePie keeps going he’s most definitely gonna be the 1st youtuber to get a billion subs
cherith ?
cherith ? - 11 timer siden
here for 19 year old gang
cherith ?
cherith ? - 10 timer siden
doliio volay you’re so right!! great way to take advantage of his achievements to come off really rude. this is the internet. there’s no need to be like that
doliio volay
doliio volay - 11 timer siden
Gosh, Anthony, you're such a good guy - speaking up for BLM, mental health, police brutality etc. You're doing a great job being non-judgemental and respectful.
Katelyn - 11 timer siden
The drama channels getting worked up over what pewds said was golden.
Macdab101 - 12 timer siden
Now This is great content
Jorge Maydana
Jorge Maydana - 12 timer siden
Subtitles in Spanish please
Nick Lundy
Nick Lundy - 14 timer siden
It is funny how this guy has 4 mil
Gagvms - 15 timer siden
The fact the none T-series representator is here warms my heart
PedroSan Gaming
PedroSan Gaming - 15 timer siden
Imagine Cocomelon and T series are their😂
Video stats:
Dislikes: the population of the world
IdrisHyper9999 - 16 timer siden
Everybody say it with me

Evan Burke
Evan Burke - 17 timer siden
You shouldve spent a day with your self
bilias hour
bilias hour - 18 timer siden
I love that German Is here, he Is literally my childhood
beardedtrott games
beardedtrott games - 18 timer siden
Did you say finger tits????? Mad i just found this channel wish i had known about it sooner
bilias hour
bilias hour - 18 timer siden
Damn bro I miss ray William Johnson. RIP =3
Sunic - 18 timer siden
I'm gonna LEARN what it's like to be a massive youtuber on the platform. Also Anthony: was 50 percent of the leading youtube channel at one time
Leonardo Ginting
Leonardo Ginting - 19 timer siden
You know it's pewdiepie when the video quality is over the top
Evan Streufert
Evan Streufert - 19 timer siden
I wish he interviewed our childhood Dantdm
Marilou Flake Stardust
Marilou Flake Stardust - 19 timer siden
German: *starts speaking spanish*
Captions: *too lazy to translate it*
Foreigners: ????
YT_Unknown Nova
YT_Unknown Nova - 20 timer siden
I post ok content😢🥺
TheButterflyChaos - 21 time siden
Gosh, Anthony, you're such a good guy - speaking up for BLM, mental health, police brutality etc. You're doing a great job being non-judgemental and respectful.
Shaneil Sequeira
Shaneil Sequeira - 22 timer siden
Why does this channel have only 4 million subs wtf
Whiterun Soldier
Whiterun Soldier - 22 timer siden
This is good
Kassie Mae
Kassie Mae - 23 timer siden
I love how all of these legendary YouTubers care so much about donating to charity and living a minimalist life
Cassi Gonzales
Cassi Gonzales - 23 timer siden
God I love Felix 😂
Julio Uchiha
Julio Uchiha - 23 timer siden
Anthony: "are you ever nervous that your channel would die?"
Me: *chants unnus annus*
King both
King both - Dag siden
Son of a mom
stressed dictator
stressed dictator - Dag siden
Wheres stampy?
;D - Dag siden
Me realising I watch global stats: *are you stalking me-*
To anybody talking about how Anthony should have interviewrd himself,
you guys should check out nigahigas video interviewing Anthony, it's pretty deep.
John Goter
John Goter - Dag siden
Damn bro I miss ray William Johnson. RIP =3
Mr. Togo
Mr. Togo - Dag siden
Im honored jimmy called me stupid
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog - Dag siden
can we talk about how Anthony was part of one of the most legendary YouTube channels in the world (Smosh), the days Anthony was in Smosh it was legendary, so I'm surprised he didn't interview himself and Ian lol, and let's also talk about how Ian and Anthony had one of the very first and most loved youtube channels around that time, those were the glory days of youtube. R.I.P. Smosh's Glory Days- also I love your channel Anthony. 0:22 if you pause and look at the 3rd most popular youtube channels, you can see Smosh, lol just wanted to point that out-
Zorica Chilimanova
Zorica Chilimanova - Dag siden
Mrbeast im 12 rn and i love ur vids does that make me like not stuipid idk
Ayomide Adedayo
Ayomide Adedayo - Dag siden
After saying he will eat every leaves off the tree when he reaches 5M I had to check again how many he has ...and I'm like he better get ready soon
ChezDayable - Dag siden
0 deaths
Genevieve Appnel
Genevieve Appnel - Dag siden
You say YouTube gods but I don’t know who Germán is.
P.S. Sorry if I used the wrong á(it might be à but oak)
Fu Fu
Fu Fu - 23 timer siden
I'm sorry but it's because you're a kid
Belnick6666 - Dag siden
expecting this to be cut together answers using old vids, did not expect interviews :P
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez - Dag siden
German speaks better english than he does spanish
ROBHET_xD 2 - Dag siden
German es de los mejores youtubers del mundo, y lo será siempre
Pablo Visconti
Pablo Visconti - Dag siden
Mr beast is sick. He's cutting distractions, activley requesting feedback (constantly) to get better, doubling down, has a goal he's actively working towards, is reinvesting...and never quit for 5 years. Imagine being "unsure you'll succeed" for FIVE years...and still winning. Relentless.
Hana c
Hana c - 5 timer siden
It's admirable but I hope he doesn't get a burnout.
Stephanie - 14 timer siden
honestly the guy slightly terrifies me but you gotta give him props he’s definitely getting places lmao
DilutedHero - Dag siden
A YouTube legend interviewing YouTube legends.
Amy M.
Amy M. - Dag siden
I’m absolutely sure you tried to do this, but it really would have meant a lot if you had included some of YT’s female legends (Jenna, Lily, Hannah, etc.)
アニメ分析する - 16 timer siden
I agreed. But including them only because they're girls would not be right.
Bernardo Bila
Bernardo Bila - Dag siden
HolasoyGerman is my favorite YouTuber ever ❤️
Kaveen Sudeepa
Kaveen Sudeepa - Dag siden
I was waiting for this since his post thx Anthony
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - Dag siden
PewDiePie talking to his interviewer like a true bro.
Shawn James
Shawn James - Dag siden
I’m still very sad about your haircut I hate it
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - Dag siden
Ryan higa should also be here
FrostBitz Gaming
FrostBitz Gaming - Dag siden
U forgot 1 legendary YouTuber. U are one of those😃