I Spent 100 days in HARDCORE RLCraft.. Here's What Happened

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[SNAPCHAT] Enivlac
Runtime: 36:39


Cxlvxn - Måned siden
credit to Luke TheNotable ♥️ https://youtu.be/AY04VuKI55k also at 8:55, i was taking screenshots of the house before i went back in. theyre here. sorry xdd
Amir Alaouie
Amir Alaouie - Dag siden
Brandon Liang
Brandon Liang - 5 dager siden
almost at 1 million subs
FoxHawkPvP - 6 dager siden
@randomized ok
randomized - 6 dager siden
@FoxHawkPvP it really doesn't just saying
FoxHawkPvP - 6 dager siden
@randomized ok? Does that matter?
The Gaming Smurf
The Gaming Smurf - Time siden
Tbh, I think it would be really cool if you made your videos longer
Fabian Schöpp
Fabian Schöpp - Time siden
not only did i find rufus but i also found DEATH. best sentence in the world
edit: i just realized that his first fight against the dragons is not on the hardcore world the look of the hearts changes and he has more armor points while fighting and he has one heart less
FERİDUN YAMAÇ SUTAŞ - 2 timer siden
Banshee's arent that hard to fight they come to my house all the time
Corbin Lliteras
Corbin Lliteras - 6 timer siden
Eli Harris
Eli Harris - 7 timer siden
How does this man make rlcfraft look easy
E gaming
E gaming - 9 timer siden
25:05 why is he playing Mario Sunshine music?
Aspid - 10 timer siden
I would like to play it but with mod "Techgun's" installed for the night-vision, rocketlaunchers and gun's (mostly sniper rifles, but others are pretty good). Oh and also for jetpack
GABESTERWITZ - 11 timer siden
What is the name of the music at 27:05?
Gr4ay2k - 12 timer siden
he was in creative mode day 11-15
Chatd Ydshs
Chatd Ydshs - 14 timer siden
When you have ear plugs in and the siren starts sing
Cody The GAMER MANATEE - 16 timer siden
When are you doing 200 days
ThatRandomAnimator - 17 timer siden
Bamse Lindgren
Bamse Lindgren - 18 timer siden
No you find 6 golden apples
Tf Chaffee
Tf Chaffee - 18 timer siden
From almost 500k to now 856k in a month. Thats awesome!
Essa Ansary
Essa Ansary - 18 timer siden
I love your videos
sebastian rodriguez
sebastian rodriguez - 19 timer siden
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Skipping Tyson
Skipping Tyson - 22 timer siden
i also found DEATH XDDDD
Davide Stirbu
Davide Stirbu - 23 timer siden
This guy be like:Hippity Hoppity, your attack tower is my property
Klamano - Dag siden
3:36 did he really not take the diamond armour?
Jameson Davis
Jameson Davis - Dag siden
Bro this man technically stole forge labs videosame title and same content
Josh Bautista
Josh Bautista - Dag siden
I got jumpscared at 1:06 lmao
Della Taylor
Della Taylor - Dag siden
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jordon blackwood
jordon blackwood - Dag siden
1:07 LMFAO that scared me so bad
Gandir Poops Alot
Gandir Poops Alot - Dag siden
hoooooow my bro and i cleared so many dungeons and villages but we found no exp tome
Daniel Bob
Daniel Bob - Dag siden
I don't like this modpack. It's so ugly...
Tristan Rode
Tristan Rode - Dag siden
Make a diamond halbert
next time
Jeronimo Ramírez Restrepo
Which is better and hard? Sevtech ages or RLcraft?
Jacqui Bamford
Jacqui Bamford - Dag siden
Anyone else noticed that during the first three dragon fights he was in survival
shaun ying
shaun ying - Dag siden
LOL 222K LIKES GOOD JOB cant wait till 420 old meme but still alive
Taktical - Dag siden
Quick Question Cxlvxn, why are your hearts in days 22-30 footage like normal survival and not hardcore? You said you put a fight there with a dragon you just did because the recording software was paused but I thought it'd be a fight from the same series, not another one, or am I missing something?
Riggles 09
Riggles 09 - Dag siden
what version is this?
HydrangeaGamerYT Alvarez
8:57 why are you in creative?
Adrees Khan
Adrees Khan - Dag siden
the music In this is fireeeeeee
Ishan Soni
Ishan Soni - Dag siden
Hey what are your PC specs? I want to know if I can run RLcraft on my computer.
Ayxuas_R - Dag siden
how to get RLCraft in mobile?
Ian Torca Chaves
Ian Torca Chaves - Dag siden
Do a 2nd part, but you put more insane mods, dino mod, zombie abocalypse mode...
Bank Shot
Bank Shot - Dag siden
u should of made a halbert you scammed yourself lol
Caleb youtuber my videos r cool
Laurenz Roy
Laurenz Roy - Dag siden
Panos Biz
Panos Biz - Dag siden
What the hell is the march of the gorgomites
Panos Biz
Panos Biz - Dag siden
Do you know that the tied guardian armor is as good as the dragon scale armor it just give you extra effects
Stopingo Start
Stopingo Start - Dag siden
32:53 march of the gogomites
Panos Biz
Panos Biz - Dag siden
There was diamond armor in the battle tower chest why didn't you take it
Stopingo Start
Stopingo Start - Dag siden
2:35 “8 golden” apples, do you see the mistake here
riley knight
riley knight - Dag siden
yo what was the thing on the side you cheating ???
Volty -
Volty - - Dag siden
Mom can i get that dragon
Mom: we already have a dragon at home
Dragon at home: 15:37
Adrian Z Kai
Adrian Z Kai - Dag siden
Adrian Z Kai
Adrian Z Kai - Dag siden
Sorry, dragons
Manch Bregvadze
Manch Bregvadze - Dag siden
that was such perfect timeing lol 1:06
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore - Dag siden
Hey, the zombie was shifting! Why did you attack him?!
Am Am
Am Am - 2 dager siden
The legend told the beach is where the hero fought and slain a lot of monster
Edit-1 that KH theme while fighting ender dragon caught me off guard, but i love it
MrRight Official
MrRight Official - 2 dager siden
that scared me when you say that i also found deatttthhh
CharelZZ - 2 dager siden
to all the people who want to play a mix between RLCraft and vanilla, then just play in peaceful. Dragons are still agro, there are lots of hard things, just there is no hunger, along with less mobs. you can also just switch out if you want XP or something else
1k Bhop
1k Bhop - 2 dager siden
Please do 100 days in sky factory 4
Awmeration -Animations and art
What is the song at 8:06
Maxus 58
Maxus 58 - 2 dager siden
Good content
Maxus 58
Maxus 58 - 2 dager siden
Good content
Noah Jang
Noah Jang - 2 dager siden
8:58 why was he in creative mode!!!!!!?????
Midnight Mary
Midnight Mary - 2 dager siden
Him: charge your phone
My phone: **hits 15%**
Me and my mom: this man can tell the future?!
And good vid
Rando - 2 dager siden
You also wanna mention how at 16:20 you weren’t in hardcore smh
kyoto - 2 dager siden
Did you even listen to what he said, he said he lost the footage so he re did the fights for the video.
SharpLoud - 2 dager siden
My nigga WHAT u said half a mil in the video but today you’re at 852k amazing
Kennedy Barchigei
Kennedy Barchigei - 2 dager siden
Say 3 he skips 6 dimonds and diamond block
Zhansultan Abdugaliyev
Zhansultan Abdugaliyev - 2 dager siden
Wait I am dumb or he is in creative mode at 8:56
Dragon Born
Dragon Born - 2 dager siden
When you killed those dragons you were not in hard core but then you were how does that work
emily barclay
emily barclay - Dag siden
He literally said. He lost the footage from when he fought the dragons in hardcore so he just inserted some dragon fights for the sake of completion
Ayberk Cancan
Ayberk Cancan - 2 dager siden
u are mad
Juris Jairus
Juris Jairus - 2 dager siden
1:04-1:08 XD
Dt T
Dt T - 3 dager siden
That's that impossible
Kurt Martin Enriquez
Kurt Martin Enriquez - 3 dager siden
How to go on servers i mean
Kurt Martin Enriquez
Kurt Martin Enriquez - 3 dager siden
How to download rlcraft and how to play
Fletburrito2826 Stender
Fletburrito2826 Stender - 3 dager siden
6 not 8
SovaKnight - 3 dager siden
Pretty sure forge labs is pissing his pants since this guy got dragon armor so early
Fortune PRN
Fortune PRN - 3 dager siden
Doni Bobes basically did this, but instead of items, he kept making the server increasingly realisitic making Seths computer shut down live haha. Heres the video: @t i think they uploaded it like 2 days ago.
Samantha Beson
Samantha Beson - 3 dager siden
your like: what the hell
Precious Evans
Precious Evans - 3 dager siden
Okay 👌
Samantha Beson
Samantha Beson - 3 dager siden
sxfia r0s3
sxfia r0s3 - 3 dager siden
This is so relaxing
ZULARZEKE - 3 dager siden
Wait when he fought the dragons that we saw his hearts are survival hearts not hardcore survival
kyoto - 2 dager siden
He literally said moments before there wasn't footage of it so he did a redo of it for the video
Stop Motion by Daniel
Stop Motion by Daniel - 3 dager siden
Thank you so much for this video, I watch it a while ago and it encouraged me to start playing RLCraft and make my own 100 days video.
Rustic - 3 dager siden
Looks like you took my idea.
EMG ben on it
EMG ben on it - 3 dager siden
lol the guy from forgecraft set the dragon free unless this isnt a server?
Pandora's actor
Pandora's actor - 3 dager siden
Was simple and clean is her somewhere song btw
Lorenzo Garcia
Lorenzo Garcia - 3 dager siden
Forge labs does the same thing
cayden playsXd
cayden playsXd - 3 dager siden
I'm blue
Lalthanmawii Chawngthu
Lalthanmawii Chawngthu - 3 dager siden
Summon staff:*Suman's a stage 5
fire dragon lucky* me:*gasp*
Lekk3r - 3 dager siden
forge lab must be proud!
darrell art
darrell art - 3 dager siden
Lt.-TTV_DEATHTROOP2W.BF2 - 3 dager siden
kieran games
kieran games - 3 dager siden
kieran games
kieran games - 3 dager siden
Redraft is so cool I wish I could play it
package auto
package auto - 4 dager siden
The broken cheese philly command because environment currently stain near a small plastic. cloudy, elfin help
Call Me Navi
Call Me Navi - 4 dager siden
When he unlocked the usage of the boys in blue on day 17
Jazz Man
Jazz Man - 4 dager siden
200 dayssss pleaseee
Tristiano Alfano
Tristiano Alfano - 4 dager siden
So you’re telling me that this man was at half a mil 1 month ago and is now at 850k. Well done!!
Call Me Navi
Call Me Navi - 4 dager siden
That's what happens when you're a great ass NOburnr
Krackin 123
Krackin 123 - 4 dager siden
The title is an exact copy of forgelabs’s video, word for word except for hardcore
Ghillie Gang
Ghillie Gang - 4 dager siden
Fake hardcore, you don’t have the correct number of heart and you copied Forge Labs series and sus editing of the fight
Phinex Some one
Phinex Some one - 4 dager siden
6:26 he sounds like techno blade to me
Veraz Clan
Veraz Clan - 4 dager siden
you are better than xNestaro or what ever his name is
Super Snake Gamer
Super Snake Gamer - 4 dager siden
I’ve played rlcraft for a while but I never found a xptome in the a battle tower before
TOAST_ART - 4 dager siden
jokeman FN
jokeman FN - 4 dager siden
kicktrap and things
kicktrap and things - 4 dager siden
I find that the footage was paused on the dragon fight sus tbh
kyoto - 2 dager siden
@rosie wow it must suck to be deaf
Haku - 2 dager siden
@rosie he said he put in a dragon fight he just did, which means that before editing the video he probably just made a new rlcraft world or went on an old non hardcore one to fight some dragons so that the audience could see a dragon fight that was similar to that one.