I quit sugar for 30 days

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
If you want to learn more about Becca’s work go to http://minimalwellness.com. She has a lot of great essays about simplicity, health & wellness.
Canuckbelgo - Måned siden
If your dietician friend wants to do youtube work, I highly suggest she train her voice to get rid of that extremely irritating "voice fry".
Yalla Miami
Yalla Miami - 2 måneder siden
That bacon 🥓 is as bad as the added sugar.
OpenWorldGamer - 2 måneder siden
the end was fuc-king stupid lol, sugar is bad and thats it
OpenWorldGamer - 2 måneder siden
so Americans actually eat rice lol ! , haha
Suki Sunner
Suki Sunner - 4 måneder siden
Matt D'Avella how much weight did you lose?
onlinemarketing13 - 29 minutter siden
I lost 10kg in one moth how ? https://www.slimroastretail.com/Willymejia
ريان - 4 timer siden
Eat to live don't live to eat
Branatatat - 5 timer siden
It would be so much easier to get into these good habits if there weren't others in the household
RavioliSquirrel - 7 timer siden
Nerd! i havent eaten sugar in 60 days
ELProductions - 9 timer siden
If you have bad acne like I once did, cutting out added sugars really help clear out your skin too! Only sugar I've eaten over the last 6 months have been fruits (I try to limit myself to one or two a day) and honey. Although my acne hasn't completely gone away, it's not NEARLY as bad as it once was.
hannah • 6 years ago
hannah • 6 years ago - 23 timer siden
i've been off it for a while, and i'm a teen.
Wil2004 - 23 timer siden
I ate healthy and junk food feels wrong now after eating it
fatemeh shahmohammad
fatemeh shahmohammad - Dag siden
i kinda went through a flow, without much struggle, of quitting added sugar. My dad and many other family members are diabetic and I have weight to shake off, so i just shifted away from it for a couple of months now. but I notice that the time periods when I need a pick up are shorter, I don't need much, but about every two and a half hours I have to eat something, like half an apple, or it gets ugly. has any one else had a similar experience?
Sarah :D
Sarah :D - Dag siden
My family doesn’t eat sugary foods and I’m very grateful for that
Instead their all creating these “sugar free” and “healthy” alternatives to gummies, brownies, pudding, ice cream, lemonade LIKE YOU NAME IT 😂
Mira - Dag siden
Does quitting sugar mean quitting fruits and other naturally sugary things??
Sarah Fayecroft
Sarah Fayecroft - Dag siden
I did the same thing, I use monkfruit now to sweeten my matcha lattes
PhythrowSwaage - Dag siden
30 days with no masturbation
Sydney RBLX
Sydney RBLX - 2 dager siden
I’m not doing this until I finish my box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch I only get it like once every 6 months
Sun Moon & Stars
Sun Moon & Stars - 2 dager siden
To me bacon isn't bad for you as long as you eat uncured nitrate free bacon
Sun Moon & Stars
Sun Moon & Stars - 2 dager siden
In the end of February this year 2020 I started grain free sugar free diet. Since then I've lost 40 lb. What was hard for me is I liked all those sugary coffee creamers. I was and still am pretty over weight but I now put non-sugary creamers in my coffee and I don't add sugar to my coffee. All though the only time I added sugar to my coffee is if I had it non-sugary creamer.
Chris Gilling
Chris Gilling - 2 dager siden
Your friends's vocal fry is annoying as fu*k to listen to.
Darth Reese
Darth Reese - 3 dager siden
Video should be titled no added sugar
JOBIN BABU - 3 dager siden
Really liked this video. Do check this out too. I think it will be helpful. Stay healthy
Poendasie - 3 dager siden
I have a brain tumor what do you suggest me doing after radiation
Hugo Andreoti
Hugo Andreoti - 4 dager siden
THAT Rice in your patry is a CARB.
it does not matter if organic or not. rice is a carb no matter the color or the planet.
so if you eat that rice thing, you are eating sugar. BECAUSE that is who the body breakdown carbs. as sugar. no exception. fyi.
Michael D
Michael D - 4 dager siden
I am hoping someone could answer this for me, but why did you reduce carbs when reduced your intake of added sugar? I for one love desserts and I am now trying to really cut back on sugar and sweets. Should I cut back on carbs as well?
Roberto Pacheco
Roberto Pacheco - 4 dager siden
That s exactly what I did since a few months ago, I only eat sugar once a week, and no longer feel guilty. and I feel better (I am not a young person) it is a good way to take care of your health.
Mol K
Mol K - 4 dager siden
30 days of vegetarianism
Lei Xiao
Lei Xiao - 4 dager siden
You didn't really get withdrawal migraines and such because you still consume large amounts of carbs which spike your blood sugar levels as well.
Megi Peeva
Megi Peeva - 4 dager siden
I never understood why people have to "force" themselves to eat more greens - I love greens and salads so much, it's hard to understand why people hate them - unfortunately, consuming them is nowadays hard because of some IBS issues I have; however, I wonder if that isn't some kind of American/Northern kind of diet, because here in my region green salads are the go-to for many people and we eat them with pleasure, not force. It's interesting to see how people think about green foods.
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi - 5 dager siden
I farted, poop came out.
For 30 days.
OZZY Guilty
OZZY Guilty - 5 dager siden
You're so cute and nice thank you for sharing this 💕
Ben Feld
Ben Feld - 5 dager siden
Super late, but FYI Guru has a lower calorie option with 7 grams of sugar.
Kedesha Wilson
Kedesha Wilson - 5 dager siden
Those donuts hurt my feelings😭
Cody Pomeroy
Cody Pomeroy - 5 dager siden
When you already eat healthy and want to do a no sugar challenge
Brian janssens
Brian janssens - 5 dager siden
Quitting sugar is so easy for me. You cant 100% completely sugar so i just get rid of anything that will supply the most amount of sugar. I mainly quit sugar cubes, cookies and chocolate, i completely got rid of those, but i still eat stuff like peanutbutter(which i ate my whole life its delicious!)
Human Emulator
Human Emulator - 6 dager siden
*watching this while eating a pop tart*
Average little Artist
Average little Artist - 6 dager siden
Hey I’m just putting this comment here to ask anyone reading this to please comment on this reminding me to stay healthy and to keep cutting back on sugar... diabetes runs in my family but my brothers are addicted (to the point where there is always at least two bags of chips) but manage to stay healthy through it all........ I however am not like that and would like to take care of my body but I still get strong cravings PLEASE remind me to stay healthy 🥬🥒🍅🥦🥑
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan - 4 dager siden
You got this! Stay healthy, stay strong :)
Calum Lewis
Calum Lewis - 6 dager siden
I quit added sugar a week ago. The first 3 days I felt like absolute shit(I started working out as well), easing off now though. It was like a complete shock to the system, I barely got any sleep on the first night. A really wake up call on how dependent I am on crap.
Dylan Byne
Dylan Byne - 7 dager siden
Can you read audio books I find your voice very calming
Blue Tiger Inc. Studios
Blue Tiger Inc. Studios - 7 dager siden
I just ate salad a few times for dinner and I lost 8kg in 5 months
KickingTheLens Tkd
KickingTheLens Tkd - 7 dager siden
I am on day 2 of no sugar!!.... just had a Reese’s cup I found in my cabinet.
Abigail Seyfert
Abigail Seyfert - 7 dager siden
now i dont have that much self control; i am also a minor with no control over what groceries we get, so
5 likes: 5 days with no dessert
ELProductions - 9 timer siden
Best of luck!
idk lol
idk lol - 7 dager siden
i cant unsee what u said
Melanie Jane
Melanie Jane - 8 dager siden
“Have dessert on a special occasion” 😯😦
Misha HJ
Misha HJ - 8 dager siden
But why? No sugar at all it's too much.
Gaming With Gen
Gaming With Gen - 9 dager siden
Does anyone have any tips? My whole entire pantry is full of sugar like cookies,chips,ice cream and everything and I’m trying to lose weight but they are right in front of me
Ryan Irwin- Diehl
Ryan Irwin- Diehl - 8 dager siden
Throw it out, dude
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta - 8 dager siden
U can eat them but eat less
Ona ssa
Ona ssa - 9 dager siden
I hope he didn't throw away all that food :x
Crêpe Suzette
Crêpe Suzette - 9 dager siden
If you cut off salt or sugar for a week, you will find a lot of food tasty as it is
Anamika Chowdhury
Anamika Chowdhury - 9 dager siden
Hey hey guys use mishri and jaggery we indian from ancient time use to use mishri and jaggery which is unrefined form of sugar much healthier and almost taste the same guys just dont eat sugar use mishri and jaggery u can get it on amazon
Robin Miller
Robin Miller - 9 dager siden
Sugar is the most consumed drug on this planet! Its criminal how its legally pushed to such levels. Sugar addiction kills more people than any other substance on earth.
Robin Miller
Robin Miller - 9 dager siden
Try 40% healthier!!!
Robin Miller
Robin Miller - 9 dager siden
Try 40% healthier!!!
Fatima Asakura
Fatima Asakura - 9 dager siden
Its d challenge am looking forward too. Nxt month
Aside from being vegan back in which i don't think i can go back again (well someday) .. yeps ikuzo 💪💪💞💞💞🥰 xD
Sara Bodkin
Sara Bodkin - 10 dager siden
I work too damn hard to be telling myself “you can’t have that ONE butterfinger once week”.
Zainab Anwar
Zainab Anwar - 10 dager siden
Everyone : I quit sugar for 14 days and lost 20 lbs

While Me : I quit sugar for a week and lost nothing 🤣
Mr. Burnham
Mr. Burnham - 10 dager siden
5 likes equal one day of the daily recommended amount for sugar
Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma - 11 dager siden
I'm going to take up this challenge very soon I hope I'm able to push through. I'm a huge addict to sugary things :/
Matthew Bull
Matthew Bull - 11 dager siden
Made a difference cutting my sugar intake.... Plus the donut slo mo at the end... Erotic af
Yumeyuni - 11 dager siden
This video is awesome and more people should watch it.
shadowthetwisted - 11 dager siden
quits sugar
eats fiberless carbs
cmon now, they are basically the same thing
Sumuka Indhu
Sumuka Indhu - 11 dager siden
It is harder for me to stay even 8 hours and lol I ate kit kat , well hmmm.......
Jeppe Nielsen
Jeppe Nielsen - 11 dager siden
Rice & Milk is also Sugar. White-Rice is 80% Carbohydrate = 80% Sugar (The amount of disinformation on google search is mindblowing - They mention how much carbohydrate(sugar) there is in rice, that have been cooked and absorbed water.)
Katie Breyman
Katie Breyman - 12 dager siden
Tbh it didn’t work for me; I did it for a full month in college, and all I got was gassier 😷💨