I quit social media for 30 days

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Sarbani Paul
Sarbani Paul - 5 timer siden
Thank you sir . I am inspired . If you can do this so why i can't . Today I promise i will do this
Dharamnath sah
Dharamnath sah - 6 timer siden
I was so addictive to FB that I was spending 12 hours at social media. Now I have left using FB Twitter and Instagram and I feel I am happy and using my time for my personal development 😊😊
西里尔 - Dag siden
deactivated my Facebook a week ago and honestly i don't want to go back anymore lol, but our class will start next month so yea, guess i don't have a choice but to reactivate.
Jose Echeverria
Jose Echeverria - Dag siden
Man I've been doing this for a while, mostly because I'm not that interested into the lifestyle of other people. But due to the lockdown, I'm just downloading random apps and looking at how people spend their time quarantining. But there is a difference between now and before, people are facing the same difficulties.This is caused me to take more interest of social media. I do realize this effect will slowly begin to disappear, as people go back to their different lifestyle. It made me realize that I have a normal life ,nothing great, nothing bad; but when other people experience the same lifestyle I gain interested in them to see how they face the smae problems everyone has.

Sorry for this random rant, I just wanted to share something I believe, it might be meaningless to you but it isn't to me. Thank you for reading:)
Avs Sridhar
Avs Sridhar - Dag siden
N E - Dag siden
The only reason I use social media (apart from YouTube) is to communicate with family and friends. I don't get how people say that they don't have time for video games but can be on social media for hours upon hours. I can literally ignore my phone for days especially during school days.
Watermelon Sahnun
Watermelon Sahnun - 2 dager siden
I just impulse quit all my socials, gonna give it a month and see how I feel :))
Raghav Mathur
Raghav Mathur - 2 dager siden
I've been doing this challenge for the past 13 years

I'm 13 and have never used social media.
Kénan Inan
Kénan Inan - 2 dager siden
Social network is a painful distraction for us. But we shouldn't forget that social media has (even though) many advantages. Yes we can delete social media but delete social media = delete the advantages of social media. In fact, the true truth is that we must learn how to use social media and how to maximize our lives with the benefit of social network.
Abby K
Abby K - 2 dager siden
needed this so so so so so much. i felt bad for not being attracted to beign on social media and felt like its something id have to eventually get into especially when it comes to promoting my art. but i knew i had to trust my gut. thank you for giving me that relief. been waiting for something like this to come my way
TheGamer Ngaihte
TheGamer Ngaihte - 3 dager siden
Social media is like cancer. Infecting the young minds with what is acceptable and what is not.
Stay away
Invisible Voice
Invisible Voice - 3 dager siden
One thing's for sure, your peace of mind and focus will increase and your real life experience will be much better :)
KrispyKris - 3 dager siden
I can never do this. I cant survive 4hrs without it... yea. I need help.
Jaz Jillette
Jaz Jillette - 3 dager siden
The quote about Mona Lisa hit HOME!
J P - 5 dager siden
You left your phone at home? You're aware phones have uses other than social media right?
am I the only teen here with no social media??
Abdul Tubowl
Abdul Tubowl - 5 dager siden
I quitted social media 2 years ago and it was the best thing I've ever done in my life
Khalil Juan Johnson
Khalil Juan Johnson - 5 dager siden
I don't use social media that much anymore and I'm trying to quit it's too much going on and my heart has been beating really really fast and my happiness is gone mixed up with my sadness
Bear Maple
Bear Maple - 5 dager siden
The stat about Millenials spending 3 hours on their phone surprises me. I'm sure it's much longer lol.
For me I temporarily deactivated my social media apps. I used to post without a care in the world. Slowly I've become more approval seeking. Checking my follower count in the morning. I even noticed that most of my conversations with people were about what we seen on social media recently. Also I was addicted to catching every moment on camera but not being present in every moment. Temporarily getting rid of social media has been awesome so far.
Abhay S
Abhay S - 6 dager siden
Can you do a detox for not using your Mac/computer
Vic officiel
Vic officiel - 7 dager siden
0:02 thought my phone was ringing
ღɢαввყღ - 7 dager siden
Me with 16 hours a day on my phone 👀😅
Mirza Sahibaa
Mirza Sahibaa - 7 dager siden
U used alot of social media bro
NOU TFF - 8 dager siden
The internet is to learn and benefit from the world , not to spoil us
MrPRO75 - 9 dager siden
I quit social media specifically Facebook, instagrams and tweeter when my little daughter born 6 years ago. I feel the freedom to stay in contact with the people around me and my family in the old ways. Just visiting them and call them or even send a letter. Thanks for sharing your experience bro! I learned so much from you.
Rhys Cushion
Rhys Cushion - 9 dager siden
The thumbnail is literally me right now
Rahib - 9 dager siden
Thing is I never had social media. I just didn't like Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram
LetsPlayWithAC - 10 dager siden
You have quit social media for 30 days but I have quit social media for around 5 years
Nada Yattoun
Nada Yattoun - 10 dager siden
I only have Instagram. Or i would say had (because i just deleted it ) and i feel like it's take all my time . Wish me luck. 🙃
Sam Donelan
Sam Donelan - 9 dager siden
Good luck man!
Melissa Aydi
Melissa Aydi - 10 dager siden
I remember I once quit social media for half a year. It was the most transformational time of my life. And I consider myself to be someone with decent social media habits. Quitting just makes lie easier. Im gonna do it again :)
Rachel Stallone-Johnson
Rachel Stallone-Johnson - 10 dager siden
I love talking to people face to face instead of “snapchat or DM”. sometimes i just wanna meet up with someone who i don’t haven’t seen in person but then my social anxiety kicks in and i’m an introvert person 😅. That means it’s never gonna happen 👀😂 even if i want too.
Katana FN
Katana FN - 10 dager siden
But what about now? It is 27th July 2020, the World is off from real speeches, only social media connects us and after quiting the social media u feel urself alone .
And i have a question : Do YouTube or Twitch are social medias too?
Thank for ur answer)
S Cobar
S Cobar - 10 dager siden
Can one of us here in the comments talk about addiction to YouTube and tag me
ドライ - 11 dager siden
Hall M
Hall M - 11 dager siden
Good timing, glad I watched this.
MS - 11 dager siden
next video i stopped minimalism for 30 days !
Scribbles - 11 dager siden
the only reason I haven't quit is because I have no friends outside of social media
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker - 12 dager siden
I quit social media for a while. I probably spend 30 minutes on social media every month. I'm happier. I spend copious hours on youtube though but I just love learning too much to deal with the BS. I also have a cheap and slow android where I have limited space so apps are down to the necessities. It just works for me.
Karan kaler
Karan kaler - 12 dager siden
My life and mental state is hell right now and this pandemic triggered it more.These past 1-2 weeks i stopped eating,i couldn’t sleep properly and i thought that i’m not gonna survive and will leave this earth. I am 18 and i don’t think that much teens of my age had gone through this. My hands start trembling due to these issues. My weight decreased in last 2.5 years.Anxiety,stress,Compulsive thoughts,overthinking,fear,anger, self doubts and some times depression.I don’t know why i start crying sometimes.It’s hard sometimes to even get up for same shit everyday. we spend over 50% of our life’s time in social media. There is just one life we all get. So today i made a decision that i will quit socia media for 1-2 or even 5 years. I will heal myself completely. We can spend time with our loved ones,do the things that we love or always wanted to do and realise what is life. Thers is not extra stress in lofe if we quit social media. we can communicate with people more in real life and understand them. The real life rocks than on social media. it’s an suffering for some people like me. Stay happty,healthy and safe people! There are 7.8 billion people around the world. Everyone have their own problems,sufferings. And one day we have to leave this earth. So love everyone unconditionally, understand,help everyone. Nothing stay forever! Sending love and peace to people out there! Stay healthy,happy and safe! 🙏🏻👍🏻❤️ This world has my heart and i wish we all live forever 👍🏻 and i feel sad about the people who spend their life without enjoying it and spreading love,peace and happiness.
Lani Nyree Rae
Lani Nyree Rae - 10 dager siden
We are in the same boat my friend. Recently, I deleted social media due to all the stress and high exceptions I felt I had to live up to. Since I've deleted it I feel so much better !
Reggie Lubinda
Reggie Lubinda - 12 dager siden
I quiet social media for a week, started reading books and planning my days and my life changed for the better
sagar gal
sagar gal - 12 dager siden
I quit social media for 30 days | Social Media Detox | https://youtu.be/g0HTzEFB2nk
FREE MAN 16 - 13 dager siden
I quit sosial media for ever I delete it completely yesterday I feel amazing now I go out with friends and I don't nave a reason to take my phone with it is amazing 😁🙏🙏
StrawberryAppleCream - 13 dager siden
I went without fb for 1 or 2 months a year ago and while it did made me feel better as in that it made me less anxious, I did not automatically felt motivated to spend that time differently, I would just spend more time on yt, wich is better for my mental health but still 😅
Hasina Kohistani
Hasina Kohistani - 13 dager siden
He quit social media for 30 day's
But me : till I don't have phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roumaissa Romy
Roumaissa Romy - 14 dager siden
I quit social media for 1 month now and i feel like i don't want to go back
Alondra - 15 dager siden
I think quarantine taught us that we should appreciate living in the moment :)
Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital
Challenge: quit internet for 120 days in a row starting a day after reading this.
Jason Foy
Jason Foy - 16 dager siden
Imagine quitting sugar,social media, and masturbation,
And taking cold showers, exercise daily
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 16 dager siden
I'm wondering, what if people quit social media? For sure the world becomes better and happy.
yamerrific - 16 dager siden
so i woke up to finding that my power went out and spent the past 5hrs in the “stone age”... i’m completely helpless without technology... that’s gotta change.
David Sarkar
David Sarkar - 16 dager siden
Awesome experiment, analysis and video,
By the way folks, if you thought fb is bad, lol, you should take a look at people on apps like Meetme and Skout, people are crazy there, like they cant even breathe without it, really horrible and scary to witness those poor people there, they dont know what they are into
Elisabeth Herzog
Elisabeth Herzog - 17 dager siden
I don’t even do social media why am I here.
Nitro Janks
Nitro Janks - 17 dager siden
I quit social media for good at start of 2019, it’s been the best decision I’ve made in a long time, life is so much more richer and nicer without it!
Alina Aslam
Alina Aslam - 17 dager siden
Try doing a read-a-thon
Hardcore_ legend
Hardcore_ legend - 17 dager siden
How can I resist when we're all in total lock down and bored 😒
Batgirl P
Batgirl P - 17 dager siden
I got off Fb 6 yrs and never looked back. I don't miss it at all.
TrampoTrav - 18 dager siden
0:17 is no one going to comment about how he dropped his phone on himself on purpose. True commitment
Veronica Courtney
Veronica Courtney - 18 dager siden
July 19, 2020 23:29
-The moment I decided to quit social media.
I will come back here when I got better, I am fed up with social media and it ruins my mental health.
Rapping Yoonmin
Rapping Yoonmin - 19 dager siden
I have social media but I don’t have many friends😭
123 - 19 dager siden
I would be so proud if I only had 98 minutes screentime