I quit caffeine for 30 days

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Chris made a video about the experience: noburn.info/id/video/qqvNYsyaYoRqm3I.html
And his coffee company: catandcloud.com (try their blend "The Answer". It's great I love it and drink it).
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Cinematographer: Conrad Golovac (instagram.com/conradgolovac/)
Cinematographer: Matt D'Avella
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Chris made a video about his experience and there are some cool behind the scenes stuff of our time together. WATCH IT: https://youtu.be/Dwj1hi2L2dA
Raymond Xiang
Raymond Xiang - 3 måneder siden
Do you do the "no nut november" month?
Irfan Ismail
Irfan Ismail - 4 måneder siden
I don't really drink coffee.
G - 7 måneder siden
Matt D'Avella visit r/decaf
Otie Jason
Otie Jason - 9 måneder siden
So basically you’re a pussy
G - 10 måneder siden
I think you needed longer to feel the benefits.
Akmal Irsyad
Akmal Irsyad - 3 dager siden
Maybe it’s the same feeling you get when you quit smoking for 30 days, i guess
Noah Lu
Noah Lu - 3 dager siden
I don,t drink coffee i drink green tea everyday.
Zohane Bal
Zohane Bal - 4 dager siden
lol ive never had caffeine in my life
Jaskirat Hundal
Jaskirat Hundal - 4 dager siden
My mom always gave me tea( 2 times a day) since i was 7, now I'm 17 and i quit drinking tea 1.5 years ago.
Oleg P
Oleg P - 6 dager siden
If you don’t have ADD/ADHD stay away from coffee unless it’s a one off day. And even then, pair it with L-theanine to give yourself a clear and smooth effect
Vic officiel
Vic officiel - 6 dager siden
6:45 why do u have a lighter
Sneaky Weasel
Sneaky Weasel - 7 dager siden
Anyone just like coffee for the taste 😃
Diana L
Diana L - 7 dager siden
Thank you for sharing such a Thumbs up video, you both had Me, Smiling, I tried stopping my one Cup of Coffee and it seemed like all the Coffee Shops started appearing before my Eyes, 😆😔, Have a Wonderful, Day, sincerely, Diana Lipski 💕
Loki Ro
Loki Ro - 10 dager siden
I dont plan on permanently quitting but I want to remove all of the negative chemicals from my body. I quit drinking booze a bout a month ago, now im trying alcohol.
Aduenam Z
Aduenam Z - 10 dager siden
I dont need cocain, I just love it.
Buddy Piper
Buddy Piper - 11 dager siden
I quit carbs and booze. Get away from my coffee if you value your life.
Pavel Lelin
Pavel Lelin - 11 dager siden
The issues very closely resemble alcohol
Yash Rathi
Yash Rathi - 11 dager siden
I did not understand how did that guy who works in a caffeine factory changed his environment??
Noksaa - 11 dager siden
check our store for instant download digital print of 'coffee phrases & sayings' https://www.etsy.com/shop/Noksaa
Mitchell Jack
Mitchell Jack - 13 dager siden
How about digestion?
MyBigLife Weight Loss Portal
MyBigLife Weight Loss Portal - 13 dager siden
No Coffee, We loved your video! It will be featured as Video of the Day at Mybiglife.com 7-27-2020
Garima Joshi
Garima Joshi - 14 dager siden
then there's me who never drinks coffee..
Levy Schultz
Levy Schultz - 16 dager siden
☕🤙 Has anyone noticed Matt's cadence and tempo in his narration as he sipped the coffee? He had a dull monotone prior to, and as the caffeine hit his brain, it was as if playback speed was at 1.25x. Priceless! The look on his face, made my day! Cheers ☕🤙
Hagi Hayu Siwi
Hagi Hayu Siwi - 17 dager siden
everytime i drink coffe i feel my heart beat faster ended up with pain in chest area n my stomach also get sickening…even it taste so good but my body keep reject it
Chris - 18 dager siden
Apparently from hour 36 to day 30 not much happened.
Also check out Alex Beckers caffeine withdrawal vids.
vincent_cnds - 21 dag siden
I’m watching this as im drinking my daily iced coffee lol
SuperHkang - 22 dager siden
Coffee has no nutritional benefits but if u want some benefits im sure the coffee manufactures can make up some. east a fucking apple. lol
SuperHkang - 22 dager siden
coffee is a fucking drug, drink up
Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life - 23 dager siden
I don't like coffee, and I see how it effects my mom and my sister, so I think I'm never gonna drink it. They are both so tired, unproductive, and rude when they don't have it at least once in a day. It's almost like an addiction. I don't want to be addicted to anything when I'm older so..
D Miz
D Miz - 24 dager siden
The ending bummed me out that y'all happily went back.... 😐
Thrasher Brendan
Thrasher Brendan - 24 dager siden
I love how Chris has "f*ck you" written in Japanese on his T-shirt! Haha
Prince of Zimbabwe
Prince of Zimbabwe - 28 dager siden
my headache is horrible
Matilde Daddato
Matilde Daddato - 29 dager siden
smettere col caffè per trenta giorni è un impresa ma da i suoi benefici
KEVIN HG - 29 dager siden
Incredible I have also left the caffeine and now I notice the results
kemal can
kemal can - 29 dager siden
harika video
Inspirational people
Inspirational people - 29 dager siden
Dude you are addicted
François Leroy
François Leroy - 29 dager siden
Hi, i thank u so much. In this video i found video i was looking for long time. Great job
Muhammad Sarfraz
Muhammad Sarfraz - 29 dager siden
i appreciate this wonderful video and i am motivated
martell presco
martell presco - Måned siden
Well, id say the acting skills at the Intro can win an oscar
officially azzam
officially azzam - Måned siden
I wanna see how you made this video, is that possible. I remember you made a video saying that you made a video on how you made this video but I can't seem to find. Someone please help!
Batalha - Måned siden
Had he really completed this challenge then he would have experienced a couple of benefits at least and the withdrawal symptons would gradually diminish. He obviously avoided criticizing coffee either to justify his addiction or to please his sponsor... I mean friend.
Adam Zeller
Adam Zeller - Måned siden
I'm rn on my 18th day no caffeine
Ali I
Ali I - Måned siden
As an Asian, I was trying to get used to coffee, but I could not. And here is an American trying to quit coffee...
Captain Kaedon
Captain Kaedon - Måned siden
Is it ok that I drink coffee? Im 13
Pēteris Krusts
Pēteris Krusts - Måned siden
What's that tea your'e drinking?. Did you know that black and green tea has exactly the same amount of caffeine as coffee?
Nonus - Måned siden
Here I am my whole life without coffee and not struggling in the morning
Kerim Kerim
Kerim Kerim - Måned siden
Bruh it's just coffee lol
Abhilash Mishra
Abhilash Mishra - Måned siden
i quit it for week and i was sleeping 13 hours a day -_- although i drink just 2 mugs of coffee a day..never realised how IMPORTANT it is for me :P
N3all_1 - Måned siden
I’m not a caffeine guy But I do drink two cups of tea a day doesn’t count right ?
jb - Måned siden
Can you start drinking caffeinated drinks again after 30 days and will it cause anxiety
connor b
connor b - Måned siden
i got hooked on soda at the age of like 10 i am 17 now started my caffeine withdrawl yesterday my head is pounding i feel really tired it sucks but it will be worth it once i break it
Zeicon - Måned siden
I did like 6 cups of caffeine a day and my whole brain was dizzy and i didnt have a control of my body, after i quitted it my body felt so much better... never doing it again lol
Charles Mackatoni
Charles Mackatoni - Måned siden
That made me laugh that 30 day later sip.
Love Your videos Bruv
Pranav Choudhary
Pranav Choudhary - Måned siden
I haven't missed a cup of tea in last 15 years...
davin budiman halim
davin budiman halim - Måned siden
Matt davella:why would I stop caffeine
Fans: are you sure about that
Svetoslav Dimitrov
Svetoslav Dimitrov - Måned siden
I cant be without caffeine. And coffee respectively. Im an MD to be and I cant work without it
Gri Ghhh
Gri Ghhh - Måned siden
I drink coffee couple times a week and I don’t cease it at all I could stop anytime
Kira Rojas
Kira Rojas - Måned siden
Should have taken a cold shower. That would wake you up.
fahmi katab
fahmi katab - Måned siden
Tea contain caffein too
jacquesix - Måned siden
How much you thought about getting it back and your reaction once you did should be enough of a deterrent. Clearly, there is a reliance.
Christian Valdez
Christian Valdez - 2 måneder siden
You don't love it dude, your brain does. Caffeine is awful for your health make your research
zwebackshyper - 2 måneder siden
i don't understand how people can like coffee or soda to me that stuff is disgusting
zwebackshyper - 2 måneder siden
lmao it's crazy how you have to make a video about quitting caffeine for 30 days and then there's me who doesn't drink coffee or soda or anything that has caffeine at all because i hate the taste of it and i always have
Juan Rosado García
Juan Rosado García - 2 måneder siden
What is the name of the caffee device he uses?