I meditated 1 hour every day for 30 days

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Seek Discomfort
Seek Discomfort - 27 minutter siden
Why this video look like a Nolan movie at start!...
Red Writer
Red Writer - 5 timer siden
I used to meditate but fell out of the habit and I got back into it just recently but I’d advise going from 10 minutes a day to 20 to 30 and so on,it helps ease your self into the admount of time your going for with out spending all your time wondering when your done
Red Writer
Red Writer - 5 timer siden
I used to meditate but fell out of the habit and I got back into it just recently but I’d advise going from 10 minutes a day to 20 to 30 and so on,it helps ease your self into the admount of time your going for with out spending all your time wondering when your done
Abijith Chandra
Abijith Chandra - 11 timer siden
Meditate only if you need it,
zakur0hako - 11 timer siden
I wouldn't suggest a long serious meditation practice to people who have traumas or any serious unresolved psychological issues. For those cases, it's better to find someone professional who knows a lot about meditation and psychology. Also check out videos on the dark side of meditation in general. Topic is overlooked
João Vitor Fernandes
João Vitor Fernandes - Dag siden
pussy hahahah a headache stoped you from meditatin? thats really, like yo, it makes the headache hurt less(?) duh
Charles León
Charles León - Dag siden
I started meditation because I was reading The Willpower Instinct, and it was one of the recommended techniques the book suggested. Short summary:
- Reduce your breathing to 10 seconds inhalation and 10 seconds exhalation, and focus on you breath (I guess other physiological processes such as the heartbeat works too).
- When your mind wanders off (because it will), just focus again on your breath, saying "inhale/exhale" out loud helps too.
- You can keep your eyes open.
The whole point with this is not about developing spirituality nor enlightenment, but practicing willpower, which is believed to be a function of the prefrontal cortex. Breathing slower increases heart rate variability (HRV) which increases blood flow in the prefrontal cortex (aka the long run planner), allowing it to control our actions more effectively.
It also doesn't matter if you keep getting distracting after weeks of meditation, since that is exactly what you are practicing for, identifying the moment when you get distracted (self-awareness) and going back to focus (exerting willpower). You could argue that is actually contra productive not thinking during the whole run, because you are not really practicing anything, and you are supposed to apply this stuff (self-awareness and willpower) during the day.
Although I'm still reading it (I'm in the middle of chapter 5), I seriously recommend the book, because it touches on physiological aspects of willpower (such as blood flow and sugar levels), psychological aspects (don't moralize your wins or loses) or a mix of both (ex. gamification of dopamine through randomized slips on a fish bowl).
Tom Sanderson
Tom Sanderson - 4 dager siden
Great video thank you. Have you kept up a meditation practice?
Adi Jackson V1
Adi Jackson V1 - 4 dager siden
There is also a thing called sadhna and tapas in hindu mythology you have to sit in cross cross and say a mantra of a gos
Adi Jackson V1
Adi Jackson V1 - 4 dager siden
God I mean
A Naghieh
A Naghieh - 6 dager siden
Last 10 seconds is the best
Aakash Jadhav
Aakash Jadhav - 6 dager siden
While meditating treat your thoughts like un-welcomed guests. #heartfulness
DJTube - 7 dager siden
1:17 idk man it’s easier to find weed in Chicago than it is to sit still for 10 min🤣
Vedant Vaghela
Vedant Vaghela - 7 dager siden
Matt D'Avella: The next Heisenberg of trying to kill a fly.
EthanYT_ _
EthanYT_ _ - 7 dager siden
10 mins is lazy trash, even the minds of the most experienced meditators require atleast 20 minutes of meditation to reach a beta state in which you get the actual benefits
Christian Espino
Christian Espino - 8 dager siden
14:06 hahahaha weirdos
Sarah Levine
Sarah Levine - 8 dager siden
try yoga for 30 days!!!
Class Punk
Class Punk - 10 dager siden
If you set a specific amount of time to meditate every day, you will certainly be good at keeping track of time. But if you lose track of time, you will certainly be meditating.
If the idea of meditation is just to be aware, what is the bliss for?
Rachel Stallone-Johnson
Rachel Stallone-Johnson - 10 dager siden
I have 3 meditation apps but i just can’t listen to that “relaxed voice” if i start one.
Rachel Stallone-Johnson
Fabio Gell most of the meditation apps have someone who talk so “relaxed” or something. I just feel uncomfortable with voices like that. I am reading things about meditation for beginners. Maybe that helps
Fabio Gell
Fabio Gell - Dag siden
@Rachel Stallone-Johnson i would recommend you try using guided meditations first, with earbuds in and you just let yourself go. You'll expierience mental clarity you never had before.
Rachel Stallone-Johnson
Fabio Gell i struggle with that, idk how to begin.
Fabio Gell
Fabio Gell - 2 dager siden
Why don't you just sit down and meditate?
great respect
great respect - 11 dager siden
You are one of kind bro... Last part was sooo funny....
YOSHAAA! - 11 dager siden
People think too much and can't become meditative because of trying to stop your thoughts and too much identification with what they are not
menaka sounder
menaka sounder - 11 dager siden
Try twin hearts meditation. That’s very easy to follow and powerful
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson - 13 dager siden
If you ever read about hermits most of them go to a place surrounded by nature, woods, places with lots of animals. Never truly alone. In today's society it's easy to feel alone. I think meditation is a way to get in touch with the side of you that's meant to be in nature
Maashiul Morshed
Maashiul Morshed - 13 dager siden
Thank you very much!
Karan Bhardwaj
Karan Bhardwaj - 14 dager siden
I can hold on to things longer and still let them go.
- Matt D'Avella
what a beautiful line
Free Speech
Free Speech - 15 dager siden
Meditation is a conjob like islam. Its blatant truth. How many ready to accept it ? Not many. watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwGjkuFW0cY&t=1s
Ben smith
Ben smith - 16 dager siden
I think the thing with meditation is you start doing it for small amounts of time initially like - 2min, the next day - 5min, then 10 min and so on. And the key is to give our chattering monkey brains something to do when we meditate and that is to watch our breath. Breath in, hold for a second and breath out and our minds job will be to watch that process. (Its normal for our mind to wander and that is okay, just bring it back to watching our breath when you think its wandering).
Nicolai Marquez
Nicolai Marquez - 17 dager siden
Matt, desperately trying to get that fly: STOP JUDGING ME!
Circa 2002
Circa 2002 - 18 dager siden
U should b meditating everyday not just for 30 days
Taru Uppal
Taru Uppal - 19 dager siden
theirs to me seems like a perfect marriage. :)
Md Shanto
Md Shanto - 19 dager siden
Give subtitle plz
spirit walker
spirit walker - 20 dager siden
We don't have to stop our thinking.. instead as others said watch your thoughts imagine that you stand as a observer near your thoughts . another effective method use the secret technique just imagine your successful life,like after you achieved that how it could be after you've done it..just be on that happiness ..it's just mold your subconscious to achieve it
Joyce Amarillas
Joyce Amarillas - 21 dag siden
I think nathalie didnt like it cuz she doing it wrong
Katherine Judy
Katherine Judy - 21 dag siden
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M A H A D E V - 22 dager siden
I think meditation was first started in India 🇮🇳
Sahil Tai
Sahil Tai - 22 dager siden
For best meditation contact Heartfullness way institute it is great.
Lili - 22 dager siden
Well that's 30 hours of your life that you'll never get back.
Perry the platypus
Perry the platypus - 22 dager siden
Guy: “a average America can barley stay still for 10 minutes” Gamers: are you challenging me?
Ananzilla - 23 dager siden
what makes you think it is a good idea to put fly sound into the video ughh
Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life - 23 dager siden
I wish you would've have gone more slowly into things, then maybe you'd see the benefits! Maybe start with 2 minutes then 5, and slowly work your way up. Recently I've been watching a certain guided meditation that lasts 9 minutes. Maybe eventually I'll work my way up, but if I go to fast I'll get bored while meditating and I probs won't see benefits! I hope that you'll try this again but maybe try watching guided meditation and going slower rather than starting off with an hr a day.
Yashada Gotmare
Yashada Gotmare - 23 dager siden
I am extremely blessed and grateful for this beautiful life. Thank you universe. Thank you thank you thank you.
Proud Apostate
Proud Apostate - 23 dager siden
As a child I wasn't allowed television, didn't have computer or internet.
During holidays I would immerse myself in reading books. I could read for 10-12 hours in a day. And I read fast and could recollect what I read even after years. My reading horizon wasn't limited to children's book. I read science books, literature, criticism of literature, politics and more.
Later in my late teens and early twenties I got bad friends and started smoking and drinking, heavily. I got addicted to television in all my free times, and later more addicted to social media.
My health crashed due to work pressure, sleeplessness, alcohol addiction, junk food. It got so serious that I was forced to resign from my work.
One day while in my childhood room, I found my expired library membership card. It pained me to realise that for almost 7 years I didn't read a new book.
That brought the resolve and gave me a reason to continue to fight. I refused medication and started meditation. I cut out all my alcoholic and smoker friends. I called and asked the alcohol shops not to sell to me. I started to eat high amount of steamed vegetables(mostly green ones) and fruits. No curbs, no meat, no dairy. I eat pretty much the same steamed recipe with mixture of many vegetables in five meals a day, along with different fruits. I forced myself to goto the market once every 2 days. I cleaned and steamed vegetables by myself. I didn't have a job, so moved back to my home. And sold my smartphone. Kept my laptop in locker, reserved only for work applications and interviews.
I had trouble to bring focus for weeks. I tried many methods of keeping my mind calm. Then, one night while mind was racing and I couldn't sleep, I unintentionally tried to recall one of the story from a novel I read 14 years back. While I could recall fragments, it was only 2-3% of the story.
And I tried harder to recall throughout the night, till I fell asleep. Next day the urge to recall the story got extremely frustrating. I couldn't even recall the full name of the protagonist.
I challenged myself to not look it up in the internet. But, concentrated only on that book and the days when I read it. It took me 4 days but I started to recall more and more about the storyline, including the names of all the characters. I realised I wasn't feeling restless or jittery anymore. It has been only 3 weeks without alcohol and smoke.
I thought of dedicating more time in this process of recollection. One by one each day I would sit still after each meal and try to recollect the books and contents I read years back in as much details as possible.
My health started to improve within 2 months. Each day I would sit in my room, completely insulated and meditate to recollect. I had regained the control of my faculties and my sensors. I wasn't toxic anymore. I never smoked and drank again in the last 4 years. I use my laptop to read and to work. I still like to read physical paper books, I got a good job, I buy books. I created a small library. I use only YouTube of all social media, for news and other updates for 20 minutes each day. I don't watch television, I still am eating the same recipe five time every day of steamed vegetables(sometimes soup), and fresh fruits. My testosterone level went up, my health is back, I run 6 Kilometres every day and I still meditate for atleast an hour each day.
Each week I read atleast 3 new books and on Sundays I reread from my old collection.
navya sruthi
navya sruthi - 2 dager siden
Thats really a great story 🙂
Venture A Highway
Venture A Highway - 2 dager siden
Wow congrats on your journey and future success. Thank you for sharing what a great story
Irena Sh
Irena Sh - 7 dager siden
Wow congratulations I'm so happy for you. Keep it up a your story is so inspiring ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love
Elorah Grove
Elorah Grove - 8 dager siden
Very inspiring! ✨
Elli Arellano
Elli Arellano - 8 dager siden
That’s inspiring, it’d be awesome if you could do a video on it one day !
de7io - 23 dager siden
just came here from the joe rogan video and then watch the same clip again
Mehraan Khan
Mehraan Khan - 24 dager siden
I also have tried meditation but i felt no change in anything
youtuber Dhyan Meera
youtuber Dhyan Meera - 25 dager siden
cozzy mack
cozzy mack - 27 dager siden
You don't meditate when it's chaotic. You meditate when your mind is calm.
Tushar Shukla
Tushar Shukla - 27 dager siden
I am on day 20
Arie cancer
Arie cancer - 27 dager siden
You aculy have to meditate 20min. A morning before 12 and in evening.
Reilly Forsyth
Reilly Forsyth - 29 dager siden
Meditation is actually just noticing your thoughts and letting them glides past kin a like a cloud in the sky
Viper - 29 dager siden
lol, 30 hours experience...
Show me a video of one of those cave dwelling munks who've meditated 30,000 hours and maybe their opinion will matter.
Jarne Vm
Jarne Vm - Måned siden
"Wait for the next tought and the mind goes into silence."
-Eckhart Tolle
Indiana Musarch
Indiana Musarch - Måned siden
The film making skill is awesome
thefeeps - Måned siden
Never work with animals, children or flies...
Blest Adeleye
Blest Adeleye - Måned siden
meditation is just detention at my school, like you couldnt even do your homework
Semi Nehan
Semi Nehan - Måned siden
A helpful way to meditate for beginners is to imagine your mind like a stream of water and your thoughts like random pieces of debris. When you come across it don't pay attention just let yourself acknowledge it and just flow right past it. It also helps to focus on your breathing in any way you want. Breathe in for 4 seconds through your nose, hold it for 7 and blow out for 8 with your mouth. As you are doing this you can imagine yourself almost like a Firebender from or any other way that helps. Imagine yourself charging up some sort of energy as you are breathing in and hold it and expel it out when you blow out for me I use fire but it can be anything you want
Frozen Helios
Frozen Helios - Måned siden
Why is nobody talking about the ending?
TacticalAmv - Måned siden
Matt vs fly who wins? nobody knows.
John Whtt
John Whtt - Måned siden
Meditation should be effortless. You shouldn't try to *do* anything. Just simply have the intention to focus on the breath and your mind will keep reminding you when you get lost in thought, and when it happens simply bring it back to the breath. That's the whole point, bringing it back over and over and with deligent practice this will become the minds default state.
Blake Warford
Blake Warford - Måned siden
"I was born enlightened Bitch"
Yessss lol
Caleb Bare
Caleb Bare - Måned siden
Best way I've meditated is pretending to be dead 🤷‍♂️
Joshua Byram
Joshua Byram - Måned siden
I think I’ve reached enlightenment on this trip. Hold up, let me go back to the house to kill that fly even though I’m leaving for good.