I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC

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As a MASSIVE Back to the Future fan I welcome to the channel the Delorean DMC 12 and to go in it a loverly Stainless Steel Extendable Bat.........But stay tuned as next video I try n learn to use @Gravity Industries jet suit to ride a hover board.
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colinfurze - 2 måneder siden
Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgw/join Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.
JC Denton
JC Denton - Måned siden
You should invert the telescoping design with perforated ceramic cylinders and a grip to make a functioning plasma lightsaber. Of course I have no idea how you’d put the consumable electrodes within each of the perforations, nor how you wore magmatic coils through the telescoping ceramic tubes to create a magnetic field to retain the plasma to the outside of the ceramic “blade.” I honestly have no idea. But I’m sure you could hook up a nitrogen tank to the handle, or turn the blades handle into a battery operated compressor. Just an idea.
Havoc Demo
Havoc Demo - Måned siden
make a wingsuit jetpack would be crazy
BulbBunny - Måned siden
You should try experimenting with ion propulsion if you want a real hover board
aserta - Måned siden
Ebay = PBS110 < mini momentary switch.
adam kane
adam kane - Måned siden
To stop the black wire from not retracting, you could possibly encase the wire in a long spring..?! I guess when the bat retracts the wire would not get entangled.. 🤔
Vyshnav Vyshnav Lal
Vyshnav Vyshnav Lal - 5 timer siden
More tom content needed😂 you guys are all funny
IrishGamerBoi - 16 timer siden
Bro hover boards already exist.
Matthew Ellul
Matthew Ellul - Dag siden
i made myself a sim setup for ps3, with the wire not retacting properly, you could do a sectional elastic retraction. if you (colin) want to see what i mean, i will be happy to send you pictures..
ArthurGaming 123
ArthurGaming 123 - Dag siden
Cool intro!
aaronjatherton - Dag siden
We have a Deloreon too
RubyIsGaming - 2 dager siden
can we appreciate the music
Masuta Okami
Masuta Okami - 3 dager siden
He could of used an internal pulley rail system. Or have the extension under load (preasurised or mechanical) and the retraction creates the load.
M4GMaR - 3 dager siden
Try to make a Extendable Telescopic Bó STAFF
YtTGKsmoke X
YtTGKsmoke X - 4 dager siden
I love Collins channel its such good content 👌
epicFoxTriumf - 4 dager siden
air pressure based propulsion and umbrella lock when fully extended. would have been epic and useful. cool project!
adamgh0 - 4 dager siden
4:46 Playing the "Shake Hands With Danger" song.
PickleToonz - 5 dager siden
Did he actually buy a Delorean? Or did he just rent/borrow it?
George Washington
George Washington - 5 dager siden
Instructions unclear: microwaved a barbie
Joachim Schillinger
Joachim Schillinger - 5 dager siden
Why not use compressed air or a little gunpowder to extend it very rapidly? With a locking mechanism?
SF- Xxxtract
SF- Xxxtract - 6 dager siden
That delorean must’ve costed over a million they haven’t made those in over 30 years about
DaddybearDewks Bruce
DaddybearDewks Bruce - 7 dager siden
Why does the title say “Griffs bat”?? But you said Biff... come on Colin!
Tony - 7 dager siden
All the clocks I own lmao
Tim Groce
Tim Groce - 8 dager siden
Of course he did not modify the car, he's crazy not stupid.!!!!
Samuel Shelton
Samuel Shelton - 8 dager siden
"I wanna whack somthing now."
Jaffyguys gaming and MORE
Jaffyguys gaming and MORE - 8 dager siden
Who finds those cats with the eyes really scary
Mitchell Lockyer
Mitchell Lockyer - 9 dager siden
Where the hell is the ten mil fireworks
mr 1 assassinater
mr 1 assassinater - 9 dager siden
An upgrade to the bat you made is now you can put a touch switch at the bottom of the bat instead of the side
FleeBiss - 9 dager siden
The things I would do to have a time machine right now...
Lucifer Nymphetamine
Lucifer Nymphetamine - 9 dager siden
win my like at the video start , by the nostalgia =D
Maths with Luigi
Maths with Luigi - 9 dager siden
Should've made it gas/spring powered so it could shoot open
DudeNamedDan - 10 dager siden
Why didn’t you just use a stiff spring? You’d just pull from the top of the bat down, putting the spring under tension. The spring can be held in this position using a detent. When you want to extend the bat, you just push on the detent and the spring fires the top back up. This design would be way cooler and way more efficient...
Sargentjetsky - 10 dager siden
This is the best thing I've ever seen
활멍TV - 11 dager siden
한귝말 몰롸요오
Telogor - 11 dager siden
So out of all the things you hit with the bat, how was a baseball not one of them?
keven grubb
keven grubb - 11 dager siden
I'd buy a bat like that that would be cool as shit
Ninja Pickle
Ninja Pickle - 11 dager siden
the hell was that intro? lol. fucking random as hell. love it
NuthinNew - 12 dager siden
Batter up!
CGagnon5 - 12 dager siden
I can almost guarantee that Colin is the last person alive who still wears etnies
Garrett Rector
Garrett Rector - 12 dager siden
I'm still waiting for my hover board if you get the joke your awesome
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
AA BETSUR - 12 dager siden
do you batman movie car colinfurze
Dustin Hester
Dustin Hester - 12 dager siden
Bread board momentary toggle switch, anything from household items to marine or boat watercraft switches you do remarkable work. Thank you.
MET_ YT - 12 dager siden
Ho is a spy ninja
Joshua Gadsby
Joshua Gadsby - 12 dager siden
Only Colin Furze has that many gadgets that he can perfectly recreate the BTTF intro
Victor QuyUy
Victor QuyUy - 12 dager siden
I think if it would be cooler if it can move faster :D
alfie boyd
alfie boyd - 14 dager siden
can i buy the slugger 200 for 2000 pounds
Crazy0neL3gFr0g YT
Crazy0neL3gFr0g YT - 14 dager siden
Hi Colin have you seen them skateboards where you pull a trigger and it goes ( an electric skateboard) could you make one but instead of a skateboard use heelys😂 the shoes with wheels on the back. I really wanna see electric heelys 😂. I don’t want any credit for this idea (even though I know it’s amazing😂) but I beg you to make a pair . Thanks -Alfie White
Rob Hargreaves
Rob Hargreaves - 15 dager siden
What if it was purely mechanical. Spring loaded ratchets I'm thinking
Benjamin Watkins
Benjamin Watkins - 16 dager siden
For the bat.
Make the whole thing spring extending.
And place a little gear winch in the handle that retracts the bat and holds it closed
Ben vanhemert
Ben vanhemert - 17 dager siden
Where did you get the Delorean and how much did it cost ??
Spooky Spoops
Spooky Spoops - 17 dager siden
“That’s all the clocks I own” is what got me 😂
PeteyMcPeteFace OneOfThePetes
Momentary kill switches for guitars are pretty small. They are all over ebay.
Tucci - 21 dag siden
Isn’t it biff?
DemithaOnly - 21 dag siden
Amazing content
HeroesNFools Zeshin
HeroesNFools Zeshin - 23 dager siden
why not see about getting a large copper plate and some super magnets...i suppose that would be a bit expensives tho...but it is the current way people have made hover boards irl
Mehmet Krall
Mehmet Krall - 24 dager siden
Omg turkler burdami ;)
XylonV1 - 24 dager siden
i saw this video after i watched the movie 1 day ago
She Guinto
She Guinto - 24 dager siden
Chad wild Clays delorean