I made a mistake.

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Sucharith Battina
Sucharith Battina - Dag siden
Superb Video.
Saurav Sarkar
Saurav Sarkar - 2 dager siden
5:11 My Little Brother : When I Say "Let's Play WWE Again."
Michael Deem, Jr.
Michael Deem, Jr. - 3 dager siden
only intellectuals understand the 5 D’s
Federico Zein
Federico Zein - 6 dager siden
Hi, everyone on the comment section. I could be annoying for a lot of people by promoting something of mine, but this is what happens when you have no network or money to create proper marketing. I also wanted to do it that way because on matt’s channel you are a community that would more appreciate this type of work than the average person. So, for the people that didn’t scrolled yet, here is my message: For those that would like to implement gamification in their own self-development. I created an app for android on this topic. At this point, the app is quite simple, and it doesn’t do much, but I am craving feedback to improve it and make something very cool we can all be proud of! I created this app because I never found ways to improve myself while having fun and enjoying the moment. Check this link to download it and give it a try: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=zeinfederico.example.theboldgame
I made a google survey which is in the app description for feedback and you can also help me through Google play rating as well. Thank you so much to the people that will help achieve this project! I am so happy to show you my work even if all of this is completely new to me.
Prince Stephen
Prince Stephen - 7 dager siden
Wait... What? Matt has a shirt and a tie???
My edible logic
My edible logic - 7 dager siden
Man your intros 😂
BOPINHO JR - 9 dager siden
Blessed In Bowie
Blessed In Bowie - 9 dager siden
Great video as always. On the caffeine issue--I wish I could drink coffee. Unfortunately, I am so sensitive to the caffeine, I become like a gerbil on meth--it ain't pretty.
Alehabarr Gaming
Alehabarr Gaming - 10 dager siden
To the person who is reading this:
You’re amazing and beautiful, stay safe and I hope your dreams come true one day! 🌈

My dream is to reach 100 subs. I’ve been struggling to get there.🍦
Chor Puschtak
Chor Puschtak - 11 dager siden
important topic and crisp and nice video. love it. ♡
Griff Griffiths
Griff Griffiths - 12 dager siden
The whole start of this video should be about your mistake supporting BLM. Supporting a racist, communist organisation just to virtue signal is a mistake. If you genuinely support black lives, a little research goes a long way.
Cortney Salerno
Cortney Salerno - 12 dager siden
Love your book suggestion at the end!
Matthew Wallace
Matthew Wallace - 13 dager siden
There’s ads?
Soudia Ahad
Soudia Ahad - 13 dager siden
Right your advice
The America Meditating is the scientific process of developing the infinite potential of human beings.
Максим - 14 dager siden
Hi, GaryVee
breathing - 14 dager siden
you said dodge twice
Mauricio Augustin
Mauricio Augustin - 14 dager siden
Can someone please tell me where is Matt's new video? I need it to keep living !!!!!!!!!
Noah Rosenberg
Noah Rosenberg - 14 dager siden
Constance Adione
Constance Adione - 14 dager siden
Loving your channel, just noticed that each topic has it's own intro.
Constance Adione
Constance Adione - 14 dager siden
Loving your channel, just noticed that each topic has it's own intro.
Oleg Kalinkin
Oleg Kalinkin - 15 dager siden
If even for a moment you think resistance bands can substitute weight-lifting... then you shouldn't give advice online (or anywhere).
William C
William C - 15 dager siden
You were wrong?
عيون المها
عيون المها - 15 dager siden
Big support to you my friend I wish you do the same thing to me 😍👍🔔
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta - 15 dager siden
I'm waiting for the new video :(
Hussein Shamdeen
Hussein Shamdeen - 15 dager siden
Thx Matt when I’ll be wrong I’ll admit
Euiyang Kim
Euiyang Kim - 15 dager siden
Why no post?
Mohd Memay
Mohd Memay - 16 dager siden
Still waiting for the next upload...
AKA - 16 dager siden
Well low self confidence has helped me admit even the mistakes I've not even committed
Apurva Padwal
Apurva Padwal - 16 dager siden
You're not here to be Right, You're here to eventually GET IT RIGHT!
Calvin Perez
Calvin Perez - 16 dager siden
Woah did you produce the minimalist on nextflix?!
ROSY AUGUST - 16 dager siden
You are absolutely right! I could possibly be wrong. Great tips. As always love your videos.
Xavier Davis
Xavier Davis - 16 dager siden
Real question for you Matt, could you talk about whether or not college is a good idea and whether you regret it and why and why not? The idea of still being in debt from student loans when I retire scares me.
Bichr Salhi
Bichr Salhi - 16 dager siden
I don't like the idea that "everybody should be doing what they love or else they'll be miserable for the rest of their lives". If every person quit the job they have because they hated it, you probably wouldn't have this youtube channel because there would be no youtube, no iphones, no computers and no cars ... etc because there won't be people willing to work in these jobs that created these innovations
Bichr Salhi
Bichr Salhi - 14 dager siden
@Rebekah 54 Spot on
Rebekah 54
Rebekah 54 - 14 dager siden
Agreed. No patreon supporters if no one's working a 9-5.
Ayush Mourya
Ayush Mourya - 16 dager siden
The idea of accepting and improvising your mistake is very useful to grow in any career.
michelle revisited
michelle revisited - 17 dager siden
Mistakes are the only way we learn! Thanks for sharing
Aiden Pethick
Aiden Pethick - 17 dager siden
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Arghya's alley
Arghya's alley - 17 dager siden
Your work here reflects your deep insight.
Josecler Powell
Josecler Powell - 17 dager siden
Hey Matt, you might wanna try next time some dumbbells with adjustable weights. So, you can add weights as your workout progresses...
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh - 17 dager siden
The Finest Steel must go through The Hottest Fire 🔥
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh - 17 dager siden
U have changed my life truely. From productivity to self development. Now having a systematic and productive life became my passion. U dont know how much u videos mean to me .Tq 🥰. Keep doing..u r champ
adeeb sultan
adeeb sultan - 17 dager siden
Vaniksha Pal
Vaniksha Pal - 18 dager siden
love your productive, positive videos. i am going to write this because my life is something incomplete due to some past depression memories. from past some week i started to watch motived videos here, here i got you channel and this is completly awesome to change my life purpose.
thank - you so much Matt sir.
love from India.
Eddie - 18 dager siden
I quit my cushy corporate job at 29 after a great promotion to Digital Marketing manager and went to school to be an EMT. I started working when COVID hit and I'm happier now than when I was in an office. This all has to do with purpose. I want to help people. Now I'm beginning Paramedic school in January.
Gabe Carbaugh
Gabe Carbaugh - 18 dager siden
You should try out gymnastic rings: Portable, small, killer workout.
sebastian rey
sebastian rey - 19 dager siden
hey, Matt just being a concerned viewer. your getting bags under your eyes hope your not killing these videos and not taking rest time.
Aaron N
Aaron N - 19 dager siden
Much love Matt!
divya booshanam
divya booshanam - 19 dager siden
You need to bend the resistant band to have two strands and then do your exercise and that increases your resistance. So you can actually use it with more resistance. Let me know if you were able to understand what I said 👍🏻
Matteo Molinelli
Matteo Molinelli - 19 dager siden
Hi Matt! I just want to let you know that your content truly inspired me and since I started to follow you I became more confident and focused on my passion and now I Just started my YouTube channel! This is a big step out of my comfort zone so thank you for your work and your great videos! Greetings from Italy!
Ilia Alexanderson
Ilia Alexanderson - 20 dager siden
Miss Relaxed
Miss Relaxed - 11 dager siden
Lol 😂
Madhav Daga
Madhav Daga - 13 dager siden
Copied comment
Rawan Kahwaji
Rawan Kahwaji - 20 dager siden
I generally like your videos, but this is one "first world problems"
TekCheetah Battlefront
TekCheetah Battlefront - 20 dager siden
Hey Matt, I was wondering if you could get Stephen Greer onto your podcast. He's a really "out there" guy but his scientific advances are pretty cool!
Justin Teo
Justin Teo - 20 dager siden
Matt, you did not make a mistake to me. I have continued the resistance bands I have learnt from you for 6 weeks already since I saw your video! I feel so much fitter and my Resting heart-beat dropped to 67! Thank you so much for posting the exercise video!
tooba - 20 dager siden
the people who disliked are wrong
Help Me get 200 Subscribers Without Any Videos
I believe this comment will get pinned
icha - 21 dag siden
i made a mistake!!! Ups it’s ok 😁😆
Gregory Katsonis
Gregory Katsonis - 21 dag siden
Which sports tracker do you wear ?
Maarten Midden
Maarten Midden - 21 dag siden
Did you try kettlebell(s)?
You can do a lot of excersices with them, are small and not too expensive.
Amiesteven Clarke
Amiesteven Clarke - 21 dag siden
Hey Matt, missing the podcast!
Myron Venero
Myron Venero - 21 dag siden
1:01 who was in that workout vid on his phone ?
Vladislav Petkov
Vladislav Petkov - 21 dag siden
Okay, Matt ... hilarious content, funny, containing a decent amount of lessons and also the one and only Bob Ross to top the idea against the anxieties that our decisions at some point in our life might bring us to. Matt's content shows a massive chunk of the personality he adopted. But for those of you who haven't attended a therapist, ever, the content is not helpful... not at all. It's even the opposite. The reason behind it is that the creator is not a professional psychologist. Not that it is some form of requirement to make the sort of content, but it acts as a bad fertilizer! Despite the wittiness, it can cause bigger problems in the long run of your personal improvement. Some things might be slightly changed in our lives but need a little helping push from a specialist. Please do consider attending therapy at least once in your lifetime. And Matt can you research the topic and make content about it?
Vladislav Petkov
Vladislav Petkov - 7 dager siden
@TekCheetah Battlefront Thank you for the interest in my comment and excuse me for the delayed answer. Matt is great and there is nothing wrong with him nor his content. But NOburnrs are not psychologists they are marketers and people like you and me that are trying to make it into the world, but for a massive amount of the population, this type of content or self-improvement books does not work it even makes the life possibly worse when you see that you cannot live up to the standards. Finding the true answers to these questions is essential: 1 Is there something wrong with me. 2 do I really recall my life correctly, honestly to my self And many others (I have these two on the top of my head right now) who are dug deep into and answered when working alongside a professional. The same when you were/are in school... You have your teacher who explains how to calculate or read. He/she gets paid by the country through your parents' taxes to do his/her job. Well, it is a topic for another time to dive into about their criteria of quality work... Anyways, knowing your self have been always a process that requires you to work with others, even better if they know what to look for and how to make you see it. I've worked with hundreds of people that have become improvement junkies. One of the greatest American comedians, George Carlin(R.I.P) talks about the advertising, and it really hits the spot when showing what can people make you do when you don't know how to listen!
TekCheetah Battlefront
TekCheetah Battlefront - 20 dager siden
I'm confused, you say that therapy doesn't work but to go for it anyways? Or am I understanding you wrong? Or are u saying that Matt's personality isn't helpful unless you have had a therapy session? Please clarify.
Botond Bertalan
Botond Bertalan - 21 dag siden
This video found when I needed it the best. I was "VERY" wrong 🤣
A really BIG happy accident 👍
Thank you