I Hope Google Doesn’t Ban Us... - Abusing Unlimited Google Drive

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Vitenskap og teknologi
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Marvelous Ifezue
Marvelous Ifezue - 8 timer siden
Wtf how many files do you guys have
Marvelous Ifezue
Marvelous Ifezue - 8 timer siden
I saw this and was like oh no google not again
TNS - Dag siden
I work with a hand talker. I ask him to put his hands behind his back or in his pockets while speaking with me just to torture him :)
Friedrich Endlicher
Friedrich Endlicher - 2 dager siden
and if someday your office burns down it would take you just 2 years to get the data back.. will you make a video when that happens?
LeetHaxington - 2 dager siden
First of all you have no need for hundreds of terrabytes of data. What is linus mc linux fucking doing with a pedophilebyte storage system of all this data? Hmm?
Secondly it doesn't take a brain scientist to have an idea like this. And to have the cost even lower.
Third of all you can afford the backup price if you have that much data. You're either not using the data correctly or you're being a damn fool if you think $20k - $100k is too expensive to save your business. It's a shit business if you have that much data and you think this cost is too high. Again back to the pedophilebyte storage system question.
1v1 LOL
1v1 LOL - 2 dager siden
You would of done it by now :)
NightWolf Playzzz
NightWolf Playzzz - 2 dager siden
Linus why you dont make copy of data in big server!
Sam W.
Sam W. - 2 dager siden
So it's been a little over two years. You finished uploading yet?
Serban Hero
Serban Hero - 2 dager siden
I just got a linus tech clips ad and after a linus tech clips video
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 2 dager siden
Plot twist: I can't think of anything
Infamousvlogger - 2 dager siden
So there was 3.3k Google workers that watched this
Sameera Shaakunthala
Sameera Shaakunthala - 3 dager siden
Two years ago I used this method to store about additional 60 GB of data for $0.
ICARUS PUBGM - 3 dager siden
I was hoping for an update
Moises Alonzo
Moises Alonzo - 3 dager siden
Linus you my friend are a genius👽
Windows 7 ultimate
Windows 7 ultimate - 3 dager siden
Hopefully the chair does not have 85852582715706 settings to cgange
Hit-Hunt - 4 dager siden
This abuse system is pretty old.
I remember when one of my friends made multiple accounts to get the first month free service of every antivirus software.
Appleberry Smith
Appleberry Smith - 4 dager siden
aspect ratio!!!
Scientiae Magicae
Scientiae Magicae - 4 dager siden
"lift with your back while i shatter each of your vertebrates one at a time with a ball point hammer, while you make twisting jerking motions" Would be the proper way of Job Safe heavy lifting! Do it right or don't do it at all, safety first!
Eli Hunter
Eli Hunter - 4 dager siden
Linus: So we’re pretty happy...
Googler: *Sees Linus taking advantage of Google Drive then proceeds to press a red button under his desk*
Air Force Commander from Revenge of the Fallen: CUT ALL SERVER HARD LINES NOW!
Cameron M
Cameron M - 4 dager siden
Linus takes up like 2 server racks.
Some Thing
Some Thing - 4 dager siden
Is this still working fine?
Zymph - 5 dager siden
Channel Super Fun
Stop! You violated the law!
Stop! You violated the law! - 5 dager siden
Apparently 3354 people who watched this video work at Google.
cross nic
cross nic - 5 dager siden
Google is the disaster it's already happened lol..
cross nic
cross nic - 5 dager siden
Before even watching the next half of video of course google is unlimited... Just give your data for free.... They should be paying you to store your data..... Just saying...
lava - 5 dager siden
Road Runner
Road Runner - 5 dager siden
10:33 - Burn!
If the data is that important, you take all opportunities possible to backup the data
AwH Vex
AwH Vex - 6 dager siden
370TB? Geez
Max Rios
Max Rios - 6 dager siden
Why would anybody buy a 1000 dollar chair like no ones going to get it
CatUnderHood Gaming
CatUnderHood Gaming - 6 dager siden
*Me having a PC with 1TB of storage*
*heh i could use that*
Leifenator - 6 dager siden
around 3.3k dislikes=3.3k google employees.
SimonOpsi - 6 dager siden
I love that spelling correction thingy at 4:09 🤣
TeuGamer09 Yt
TeuGamer09 Yt - 6 dager siden
10:22, imagine if the power runs out!
Banana in Pyjama
Banana in Pyjama - 6 dager siden
WEll my Idea would be just to mirror every Hard drive and just store the Hard drives anywhere else
no additional storinator needed no extra bandwith
easy as that
well you couldnt really add something but thats not my Problem lol
skyf - 6 dager siden
skyf here,anyone plz support me if u like
Francisco Rojas
Francisco Rojas - 7 dager siden
When he said you know ehat else is easy? Your m... i though he was gonna 0ull a COD and say something like "your mom"
TungstenCarbideProjectile - 7 dager siden
I use rclone is great... don't really need it in windows though... no Google drive integration? I hate Google drive anyway good luck pulling your data off drive. It's a mess
xxxtortila - 7 dager siden
Google is typing...
foxy. - 7 dager siden
I love how he checks on him while he carries the case away
The Flying Sailor
The Flying Sailor - 7 dager siden
TBH you broke zero rules. Also I don't see any ethical or moral issues. This is their service they offer, and you took advantage of it. Well played.