I got SHREDDED in 30 days | Body Transformation (Documentary)

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I tried to get SHREDDED in 30 days | Photoshoot Body Transformation, full documentary
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This is me. I am helping my brother and sister getting into the best shape of their lives, but I thought, I don't want to sit on the sidelines, I am challenging myself as well. Get a shredded as possible in 30 days together with my family…
I made these pictures on day 3 of this journey, I genuinely wanted to look good and promote these glasses from my own brand Forged London, but I am going to recreate this exact picture 30 days later
Hope you enjoyed this video! Crazy project that took hundreds of hours to make - so if you liked it make sure to destroy the liek 🔥🙌
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Shredded in 30 days | My Best Physique Ever (Body Transformation)
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Browney - Måned siden
Hope you enjoyed this video! Crazy project that took hundreds of hours to make - so if you liked it make sure to destroy the liek 🔥🙌
Anonymous - 7 dager siden
Bhupinder Kaur
Bhupinder Kaur - 12 dager siden
PRAKASH MISHRA - 19 dager siden
Yeah done this already but you have to promise me to get me a chance to look like you
FederalPropertyJC - 20 dager siden
What are the music or songs played on this video?Many people are asking but nobody had answer or find out the list. Can you please post or edit the your playlist of this video.
Kishan Kasana
Kishan Kasana - 20 dager siden
What is your height ....
Thomas Jacob
Thomas Jacob - 2 timer siden
Bro i play football myself
BringBackRen ¿
BringBackRen ¿ - 5 timer siden
Browney be fat for 1week as posible then try to exercise and have abs for 90 days
88budz - 8 timer siden
sorry but you weren't 11% when you started and weren't 11 or even 10 when you finished, more like 15% ish when you finished. if you have a six pack you're 15% you have no cross striations fethering which all occurs in the range your claiming 🤷‍♂️ just dont rely on your weight scales as they aren't accurate
Memes 4life
Memes 4life - 18 timer siden
The cover is like a photoshop challenge
Zenitsu Dave
Zenitsu Dave - 21 time siden
Oh you really got shredded.
Ibrahim Tall
Ibrahim Tall - Dag siden
If you really wanna shed fat, don't go one foot in/one foot out. Either keep your carbs under 20g a day so your body can just switch to ketosis and isn't confused by getting enough carbs to keep burning them primarily but not enough for them to be a sufficient fuel source... or consider water fasting.
Esjee One
Esjee One - 15 timer siden
you are incredibly misinformed bro. you can burn fat with a moderate or even a high carb diet. keto makes you temporarily drop weight but it won't keep the weight off for a long time. your body will pack on weight as soon as you stop doing keto, and it will hurt itself the longer you do keto. and water fasting is just as bad. don't do fad diets. just eat healthy and keep your calories in check.
Shane Burkhart
Shane Burkhart - Dag siden
They say no scales can really give your accurate body fat percentage
luke baldwin
luke baldwin - Dag siden
What type of poll up station do you have
AKSHAY DETHE - Dag siden
How to lose all bodyfat
Mark Bernales
Mark Bernales - Dag siden
Thank you bro for inspiring me 😇
Aerozy88 - Dag siden
I'm gonna be shredded as fuck next year haha
Huseyin Teke
Huseyin Teke - Dag siden
Welke weegschaal gebruik je?
Charles Vadakin
Charles Vadakin - Dag siden
What is the song at 12:45
Scarch97 - 2 dager siden
What weights are he using at the beginning of the video?
Deivis Stulpinas
Deivis Stulpinas - 2 dager siden
Hello budy. Well I can't find weighting scale like yours, btw I'm from Lithuania. Yours sold out, I would be very grateful if you could help me with that, I really want to follow my correct body stats.
DONVASKA - 2 dager siden
When he said let the journey begin new day started in my country lol
Coy Oliver
Coy Oliver - 2 dager siden
its easy to get shredded when you're already shredded
SYKO Akwa - 3 dager siden
Me looking for the comment that says Browney is packin 👁👄👁
Crybaby - 3 dager siden
You should work out Lower abs more
AliHK - 3 dager siden
Which song is playing in the start of the video?
dapiri barker
dapiri barker - 3 dager siden
Shredded from a shredded body LUL
Resident Evil Umbrella
Resident Evil Umbrella - 3 dager siden
If I could get my body down to your before image, I would be happy.  However, you're current physique looks great.
GAMER rr - 4 dager siden
woww your from the netherlandss.. ALBERT HEIJN JONGEE
Lucid Landon
Lucid Landon - 4 dager siden
news for you
news for you - 4 dager siden
එස්.එෆ්. ලොක්කා 100 ගහපු හැටි/most push ups world record/100 push ups per day
S - 4 dager siden
Wtf I’ve been working out for almost a year now and I still look kind of chubby :(
Bartal Eidesgaard
Bartal Eidesgaard - 4 dager siden
10:04 That monitor triggered me
Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar - 5 dager siden
He started from my aim.
Silvo Souza
Silvo Souza - 5 dager siden
Parabéns, você é um monstro my brother...
TKO Blackmist_13
TKO Blackmist_13 - 5 dager siden
0:55 is your right chest pec smaller than your left chest pec
gaming clash
gaming clash - 5 dager siden
what i lift is heavier than me
gaming clash
gaming clash - 5 dager siden
and i lift thing too
gaming clash
gaming clash - 5 dager siden
i am a nine years old kid and i’m seeing this right now
Rom P
Rom P - 5 dager siden
Haha if I could be like at day 1, it would be the best time of my life lol
Mo - 5 dager siden
0:13 I thought he was gonna start rapping
dogukanmi? ?
dogukanmi? ? - 6 dager siden
Gerhard Bekoe
Gerhard Bekoe - 6 dager siden
ChocoChip - 6 dager siden
3:03 lmao you got me
Meshaltheflipper - 6 dager siden
Is that sunburn on your chest😂😂😂
Meshaltheflipper - 6 dager siden
Finally you have a six pack not four
rey024 - 6 dager siden
You look great, but your biceps are way to small bro. Try more variants i´m sure that will do the trick.
sourav ganguly
sourav ganguly - 6 dager siden
Awesome video sir
Vladimír Pokorný
Vladimír Pokorný - 6 dager siden
How to make yourself miserable for likes.....get help
Matteranixe_1 0015
Matteranixe_1 0015 - 6 dager siden
Stan, why don't you rry to rap for your channel using the same soundtrack in this video?, I don't know, it's just a suggestion
Hatem ALotibi
Hatem ALotibi - 6 dager siden
What name the balance ?
David Thomas
David Thomas - 7 dager siden
Haha 69k likes
Noobie Plays
Noobie Plays - 7 dager siden
Smash leik
Grobbekee - 7 dager siden
Haven't managed 'shredded' in 25 years of going to the gym. Basically look the same, just bigger belly and older face.
Jakub Ševčík
Jakub Ševčík - 7 dager siden
Your height?
Richard DeFranco
Richard DeFranco - 7 dager siden
I think you mean to say that you "juiced" for 30 days, Congrats on your first steroid cycle poser!
Thor - 7 dager siden
Caffeine Addiction
Caffeine Addiction - 7 dager siden
Is veiny arms and biceps good????
Marcelo White
Marcelo White - 7 dager siden
Bro, your deadlifts are killing my lower back...
Mac Knowledge
Mac Knowledge - 7 dager siden
Photo shop is real
Anonymous - 7 dager siden
Entertainment and Awareness
Entertainment and Awareness - 7 dager siden
Neew sub is here ,
Nina - 8 dager siden
„It‘s not about feeling better, it‘s about looking better“ wow...
I do understand what you did in this video and why you wanted to challenge yourself, however I feel like this kind of content is extremely dangerous and fuels the already unhealthy and hazardous body ideals that are overrepresented in our society. Especially young people are at risk of copying parts of your method and putting their health at risk as well as damaging their metabolisms for a long time. You should have some kind of disclaimer or state the risks of what you are doing.
Browney - 8 dager siden
I always say that this is not recommended
Prexxah - 8 dager siden
Yeah man!
Boss Milan
Boss Milan - 8 dager siden
day 4 and already there is a difference