I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

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We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.
Check out Lexie’s version of the experience!
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Shot by Cory Martin
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Runtime: 16:09


Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 5 måneder siden
Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)
Tanner Wood
Tanner Wood - 2 dager siden
You guys are honestly just amazing! You do so much for anyone that needs it, and you put out amazing content! I love watching! See you in the next one!
Kat Reeves
Kat Reeves - 5 dager siden
Good bless all of you for your huge hearts!
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 16 dager siden
Just a question,is she First Nation?..Or Native American?..She looks Native,and sad to say a lot of us Native American have very similar stores to hers..Since our Ancestors were introduced to Alcohol,and the abuse of colonizers they took to Alcoholism and put that abuse onto their own,and it continued even up to today..I know when a lot see a Native person on the streets drunk they think they made a choice to be there,when really it’s generations of Abuse of all kinds and introduced to it at very young age due to a family member abusing Alcohol to deal with abuse and harsh living..I know I said a mouth full off asking about her,but realize us Native Americans have been thorough more then most know and should educate themselves,and support better living for us,and better support for education!..Right now reserves look like 3rd world countries,and it’s a lack of government support!..her upbringing could have been a different story if what I say was done years ago..and many others.
Snailord Skates
Snailord Skates - 19 dager siden
Hello! I’m a 19 year old horticulture student passionate about cosmic cultivation, colonization, and industrial hemp and horticulture innovation! Founded on 4/20/2020, The Initiative for Martian Hemp Industrialization (I.M.H.I.) exists to advocate the research, cultivation, and utilization of Cannabis sativa (hemp) and the hypothetical subspecies Cannabis cosmicus in space exploration to sustainably and independently produce tens of thousands of resources across industries on Mars and its moons as the foundation for a self-sustaining Martian society. If hemp’s versatility is utilized in cosmic colonization efforts, a subsequent renaissance of industrial horticulture and hemp innovation will maximize yields and prosperity in civilizations on Earth, Mars, between, and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about utilizing cosmic factors to maximize yields, the Initiative for Manned Venusian Atmospheric Residency Research and Innovation of Hemp Industries (I.M.V.A.R.R.I.H.I.), a theoretical subspecies of cannabis (hemp) known as Cannabis cosmicus, or the Initiative for Martian Hemp Industrialization (I.M.H.I.) in general, check it out on my site! www.imhi.space
Richard McCormack
Richard McCormack - 25 dager siden
how about instead of bringing it to other "planets" how about helping the needy on earth first
Farah I 3
Farah I 3 - 23 minutter siden
I can't imagine this on mars

John Hendrixson
John Hendrixson - 3 timer siden
Lexie ... oh Lexie ...
John Hendrixson
John Hendrixson - 3 timer siden
All I can think of when I see this is Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin sitting in a room getting high off nitrous.
Halen T
Halen T - 4 timer siden
Thank you for making another person's dream become a reality.
Gabrielle Adam
Gabrielle Adam - 4 timer siden
We've heard you from France Symphony 🥰😘 thank you, keep going you are amazing! ✨
Hitz Manji
Hitz Manji - 5 timer siden
Keep up the great work
Hudson Chase
Hudson Chase - 5 timer siden
Anyone else see the lightning strike at 4:28
skyler salzer
skyler salzer - 5 timer siden
Ronin - 6 timer siden
Wouldn't she be almost 50 now?
Slo - 6 timer siden
Not forgotten I live in tucson
Yajaira Hernandez
Yajaira Hernandez - 7 timer siden
Wow amazing work you guys do glad to finally be part of it
Terrence Dull
Terrence Dull - 8 timer siden
Dope shit yo 😁💯💯💯
CJL Aviation
CJL Aviation - 12 timer siden
I went on a field trip there for biology class in 9th grade. Cool place! :)
Mathew Tan
Mathew Tan - 12 timer siden
These Biospheres should be a tourist attraction!!!!
Dasdasd Sdasdasdasd
Dasdasd Sdasdasdasd - 12 timer siden
That place only goes to show that building a habitat on Mars without constant resupply from Earth is not really possible.
Digit4life - 16 timer siden
All I can think of is the movie biodome
deathmetalrockstar - 17 timer siden
Viva Los Biodome
Simon Bartha
Simon Bartha - 17 timer siden
You are amazing ❤️
Lyra Vela
Lyra Vela - 22 timer siden
Killed me 😭🥳
Brad Bryant
Brad Bryant - Dag siden
!st of all : "Black Lives Matter" is a C.I.A. "Op". Much of what's happening on our planet is PURE Illusion - things AREN'T as they seem. Since the mid-1940's (and long before that, but I won't go there) we have been fed mega DIS and MIS-information. Aliens not only "exist" - but we have been in bases on the Moon and Mars for MANY years already. The Military - Industrial complex has taken over and have made huge efforts to keep this SECRET! Bro's....I gotta say, this is a little bit "Exclusivist" (sorry I'm "old" and couldn't think of the right word)....re: "Symphony's" story. It's like...if aliens came to our planet, wanting to express COMPASSION, giving us clarity as to "what's wrong" with this planet.....do you think they would have held up Symphony's story to us, as an example of what's wrong? Answer: No! They may have held up the millions of homeless people who DON'T (can't) seem to find their way out! The millions of abused children or starving people or the 55% of the Indian population who do not have toilets and just find a place in the fields (or streets) to defecate.
The millions of forgotten souls, unlike Symphony, who DON'T have "collegiate" friends like YOU! The hopeless people.... Having no "home" is one thing......being without "Hope" is another.... The truth is, "a home" is illusory and doesn't even exist independently and apart from the causes and conditions that allow it to "arise". We are all homeless boys and girls.
All that you perceive through your senses is, "like the reflection of the Moon in a stream", insubstantial, ephemeral, and without substance. None of it is any more "real" than what you experience in a dream! The only thing you can depend upon is change and impermanence. In reality, Symphony's experience of "homelessness" was a kind of gift to her growing awareness. We are nothing but "Consciousness....having a human experience". Symphony's experience, when contemplated deeply, will bring her closer to an awareness of the "Ground of Being"..........which is "Groundless".........The illusory experience of having a "Home" is temporary, and subject to impermanence, change and death. To say that "death" is "like having the rug pulled out from under you", would be an understatement. The "groundless" feeling Symphony experienced, and had to adapt to, when she and her Mother had to start sleeping in cars...and on couches, catapulted her into a transitional, groundless state of awareness (the Tibetans call a "Bardo"). It is not unlike the experience we have as the body's constituent elements begin to dissolve, at the time of the experience we call "death". Having had this "trial-run" of the "death experience", Symphony is to be envied, rather than pitied, by those in search of higher states of consciousness.
I'm hoping, that with this statement, your sincere efforts (and laudable motivation) will be able to cover more ground. #;-)
09smartin1 - Dag siden
Is that where Pauly shore lived?
Rob H
Rob H - Dag siden
Viva Los Bio Dome!
Brad Bryant
Brad Bryant - Dag siden
Ammar...you're a higher being dude.
Jesse James
Jesse James - Dag siden
Could have thought of a lot of other people that could have used that money I feel like the video was good until the end spending all this time on this sob story. So what there was a time when she was a kid that she had lived in cars and on people's floors because her mom couldn't take care of her on her own it seems now she's well off already without the money seeing that she's already going to the best college in the United States there's other people in this world that are actually really struggling financially and emotionally there's people that actually work hard every single day and since they have no help they still are forced to be homeless because they don't have the income to keep up with all the bills there's people in this world that have no arms or legs, that have conditions that will never get better. Give a complete stranger some money give someone that you know is really struggling and could use it just for survival and not a college fund.
Rabitah Moses
Rabitah Moses - Dag siden
When they cried bitch I cried too
Dikbangoi - Dag siden
This is strange because ive been there
Lost and found Abandoned edition
Wow this is awesome
Terp Ferguson
Terp Ferguson - Dag siden
Love to see stuff like this.
george wainwright
george wainwright - Dag siden
Wow! That certainly brought a happy tear to my eye. Good luck Symphony. You'll do great things!
Greatest Evar
Greatest Evar - Dag siden
so much sappy nonsense. omg a pandemic omgggg. everyone is doing their own thing, focus on the subject matter. this channel is so narcissistic. what a waste of time skipping through all this edgelord trash.
MJ Silva
MJ Silva - Dag siden
But “Biodome” came first...
Kiara Frias
Kiara Frias - Dag siden
This reminds me so much of the Truman Show.
Emulate Me, The Universe.
I love the work you guys are doing for the community! May you be flooded with amazing karma!
Athyna Art
Athyna Art - Dag siden
I'm in tears, I can relate with this girl. I have been living in housing, family and friends for the last 12 years, with my 2 children. I am now 35 and have spent the last year completely focused on portrait painting. My dream is to make a living with my art and to give my girls their own bedroom. We currently live with my mother and all share the same bedroom and bed. My oldest daughter who is 12 really wants her own bedroom so, I am having to make the decision to move back into housing which I really don't want to do. I have assured her that if we do move in again, we won't be there for long because mommy will really be making things happen with her art this year. I want to see my girls have what they truly deserve and also what I truly deserve. If you want to check out my art journey you can reach me at Athynaart on instagram. I have been painting a self portrait for the past 2 months and it's my best piece yet. I will posting it completed sometime near the end of this month. -Athyna Howcroft
Yeetus Feetus
Yeetus Feetus - 14 timer siden
Good luck on ur journey.
Phil V
Phil V - Dag siden
Bio Dome!
Jacob First
Jacob First - Dag siden
Great work guys and gals! Absolutely amazing.
I wouldn't find BLM but I would find black communities directly.
Great work anyway.
And cool bio dome! ❤️✌️
Jet Life313
Jet Life313 - Dag siden
Let's go to area 51
Jesse Fleming
Jesse Fleming - Dag siden
Asking her if there was somewhere to cliff jump seemed a bit... inappropriate for some reason haha. Like visiting the Space Station and asking them if you can go fishing.
armancha23 - Dag siden
Ugh, working Graves, an did not expect for YOU to be crying. Awesome.
armancha23 - Dag siden
We went on a science field trip in 7th grade and LOVED this. always been partial to this despite its controversy.
Hilario Nunez
Hilario Nunez - Dag siden
Keep doing a great job, God bless your hearts, you guys are amazing ! 👍
saul Guerrero
saul Guerrero - 2 dager siden
Bad ass video Y’all brought some good content like always !!
John king King john
John king King john - 2 dager siden
That black bikini tho 🥶🥶
Terran Earthling
Terran Earthling - 2 dager siden
Vive la BIODOME!!!!!!!
Alyssa Steward
Alyssa Steward - 2 dager siden
Like the movie biodome!
Codie Kennedy
Codie Kennedy - 2 dager siden
The girl is like a mini Mia khalifa
Ryan Nava
Ryan Nava - 2 dager siden
Wow Just wow Truly Inspiring Video!
Luna Serene
Luna Serene - 2 dager siden
Where has this channel been all my life?
Ceez Velasquez
Ceez Velasquez - 2 dager siden
Alright this is the episode i finally say this show is scripted or fake
Christina Davis
Christina Davis - 2 dager siden
Is that the same place they used for the movie Biodome? It looks exactly like it!
Josh Snyder
Josh Snyder - 2 dager siden
This was one of the best things I've seen in a while! She is a beautiful person
Nancy Moberley
Nancy Moberley - 2 dager siden
You guys are really the coolest bunch of kids ever. I loved the tour but what happened after was the most special. You all are the best example of what good friends and great people are. Thank you for giving me a reason to smile today.
Pen-demic Ink.
Pen-demic Ink. - 2 dager siden
Can it be bought .
Tammy Doiel
Tammy Doiel - 2 dager siden
I hate maskssssssss!
CORYSart - 2 dager siden
Legend has it Pauly Shore still lives there
Vanessasmartypantzz Smartypantzz
Alls i can thinknof is biodome and pauly shore
FREE WRLD - 2 dager siden
Yes Theory: "Man i cant wait to hug that 17 year old"
Kaylie Pingel
Kaylie Pingel - 2 dager siden
I’m not crying you’re crying 😭😭😭😭😭
Patrick Nichols
Patrick Nichols - 3 dager siden
I wonder if Elon is going to make one of these on Mars
Shawn Clarkson
Shawn Clarkson - 3 dager siden
Bring to other planets?? Do some research bud. Besides the mainstream lies.
Shawn Clarkson
Shawn Clarkson - 3 dager siden
The movie bio dome
Shawn Clarkson
Shawn Clarkson - 3 dager siden
The earth has a firmament dome over it thats were they get these ideas. Yeah sounds crazy but it's in the Bible so I believe it.
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey - 3 dager siden
Nathan Larin
Nathan Larin - 3 dager siden
Dude...your logo looks like a Nazi "s",the lightning bolt,from an ss uniform.
Just thought I'd point that out.
Justin Skenandore
Justin Skenandore - 3 dager siden
First video I have watched on this channel and it was An amazing inspirational and eye opening experience. From the biosphere to the struggles that she has gone through. Everyone must watch.
Krofter Young
Krofter Young - 3 dager siden
I was at the closing ceremony. More like a crazy party. Sat near Timothy Leary who was tripping on acid. I was invited to the ceremony because I provided some rare tree aloes to the Biosphere that were planted in the desert area to provide nectar for humming birds. I never got paid for those aloes. Ed Bass (funded the project) if you read this, you still owe me $2,500.
carns518 - 3 dager siden
Katie Morgan looks different since I last saw her online.
Cedric Der mega coole
Cedric Der mega coole - 3 dager siden
Tyler Dobbs
Tyler Dobbs - 3 dager siden
That’s where Paula shore has been
sam kelly
sam kelly - 3 dager siden
Wow well done guys
Rome Nikolayev
Rome Nikolayev - 3 dager siden
They were sucking up a bit because they got to go on a trip that was paid for of course I'd suck up too
joseph frank
joseph frank - 3 dager siden
Was Pauly Shore still hiding in there?
xavier xaviar
xavier xaviar - 3 dager siden
thanx . , . Ed
Dell and test gamer johston
Dell and test gamer johston - 3 dager siden
How very earthlike.....fake rocks made out of improperly cured concrete and requires massive technology to function. Yup, just like our planet.....NOT!
Orena Lyte
Orena Lyte - 3 dager siden
Omg I could live there
Psycho Kramberry
Psycho Kramberry - 3 dager siden
You guys are amazing

I cried a bit
My life is hella crappy can I go on ur show to and get some help
MAmohau Mohau
MAmohau Mohau - 3 dager siden
You guys are doing such a great Job🙌🏾👏🏽🤍
Groovelessons - 3 dager siden
This always over covid lockdown! 😉
Callum Di Cesare
Callum Di Cesare - 3 dager siden
Purest video I’ve seen in so long, you guys are incredible!
Chris W
Chris W - 3 dager siden
I feel like this place could find new funding or become relevant again because of SpaceX and their desire to colonize Mars.
Chris W
Chris W - 3 dager siden
I remember it because of the pauly shore movie Bio Dome.I really thought the place would be long abandoned by now.Id like to see it.
christina Eh!
christina Eh! - 4 dager siden
You had me at... Present 3😭😭😭.
Wonderful ♥️
Tonya Waters
Tonya Waters - 4 dager siden
WOW guys that was so great so amazing and beautiful god bless you you all have a really good soul .🙏🙏🙏🙏
Patricia Tardugno
Patricia Tardugno - 4 dager siden
The film "Bio Dome", starring Paulie Shore was filmed in that exact Bio Sphere. Watch the movie.
Dan Strayer
Dan Strayer - 4 dager siden
Forgotten? Where the hell have YOU been?
Osmaide Lopez
Osmaide Lopez - 4 dager siden
I just watched this video and I would like to say that u guys are very inspirational and your doing good things and to see there are still people who care its the best feeling so keep up the good work and stay positive and stay safe
Jet - 4 dager siden
Was Pauley Shore still there?
My Socrates Note
My Socrates Note - 4 dager siden
Is there a GoFundMe for Symphony? There should be right!
Rouge Warrior Nation RWN
Rouge Warrior Nation RWN - 4 dager siden
No one told me Mia Khalifa had a little sister...
Evan Flamer
Evan Flamer - 4 dager siden
Asking if they can make it rain inside and there’s literally lighting in the background 😂
gimpy1136 - 4 dager siden
*waits for Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin to pop out of a storage closet* lol
Richard Bowers
Richard Bowers - 4 dager siden
Just top notch. To bring the girls story out and give her those gifts that meant more then you guys could understand. Just wonderful acts of kindness.
Silent Bizle
Silent Bizle - 4 dager siden
“Simian!” “Dick!”
Kevin Gilger
Kevin Gilger - 4 dager siden
UnitedAlpha - 4 dager siden
omg... She's too Sweet.!
I hope any of her dreams come true!
Micha Ultrarunner
Micha Ultrarunner - 4 dager siden
AND...I lived in my car and worked full time and graduated on time. Buck up sugar cup. There's so many of us who aren't fucking crying about it!!!
Ron - 4 dager siden
Wow, this was an amazing video and story. I've never seen these vids before and now I will binge them. Great content
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 4 dager siden
This guy really wants this girl. There like a billon people in India that got it worse then her. Chill homie.