I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

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We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.
Check out Lexie’s version of the experience!
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Runtime: 16:09


Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 7 dager siden
Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)
Jed Caesar
Jed Caesar - 2 timer siden
Say hi to Derin guys From the fam
David Kanouse
David Kanouse - 23 timer siden
Y r u taking corona tests when its not dangerous
Skelakin - Dag siden
Leop Oenl bad lands chugs do need his manscaping tho
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez - Dag siden
Do the podshare places in California
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Sydney Patrick Marsh - Dag siden
@Abdullahi Abdikani sorry buddy but the true Almighty is Anu of the Anunaki to make it short we were originally created to be their slaves Anunaki are gods from a religion that pre dates any other religion by thousands of years and between 5000-10000BC it's been recorded by the oldest known civilization on earth the Sumerians every other religion took stories from their beliefs and added them to their own..Anu had 2 main Sons Enlil and Enki this is the origin of the holy trinity through out time Anu became Anuah then Allah stories that have been documented by this civilization about their gods have been proven that every known religion still being practiced has very similar if not similar exactly the same stories as what the Sumerians told and scribed..so yeh do more study my friend because my Gods are the one and only original true gods..Anu after we had done our part took pity on us so he let us live which he hadn't planned on doing because in order for us becoming who we are now he had to merge his DNA with the most trainable creatures on earth at that time which was apes this Devine fusion became known as receiving the God gene which Anu needed to do for us to be more knowledgeable about learning adapting and evolving once he was done with us he had planned on eliminating us because of our tainted DNA but through time he saw a potential with in us and took sincerity towards us so he gave control of this planet to us some of his children wasnt happy with his choice because our souls was seen to them as basically being mongrels one of Anu sons rebelled Anu knew if only he to could see the potential our souls had then he to would see why he showed mercy upon us so Enlil was ordered not cast down to stay on earth to observe us and Enki was ordered to visit from time to time but after a few thousand years they both returned home permanently to what is believed by the star mapping they left the Orion Nebula..clues were left behind to the exact place but it being so ancient astrologers and science cant pin point where in the Orion Nebula they are..its said that it was left for us for the time we are able to we can join them..theres a shit load more to be told but it's like a few months worth of typing so if you would like to know the true origins of mankind search Sumeria..Anunnaki and Mesopotamia
shame138 - 3 timer siden
We've truly entered sad times when most people have never seen bio dome. Viva los bio dome!
Petranilla14 - 3 timer siden
I've always thought that it failed because they moved in too quickly. I am sure if they redid the experiment now it won't fail because the ecosystem had time to adjust. They were to eager to begin. Nature takes time and we humans are too impatient.
Philoctetes Returns
Philoctetes Returns - 3 timer siden
Wrong, very wrong.
Philoctetes Returns
Philoctetes Returns - 3 timer siden
I think this was place where the scientists ended up having a lord of the rings type of fight (without murder) split up into two groups and never talked to each other again after it was over. Happened in the 1990s. The experiment of living in a closed self sustaining environment was not just a failure physically, it was a social failure. They cheated, by sneaking in supplies after the experiment began and they were all very malnourished when it was over and not on speaking terms. I remember this. Imagine if this had been on Mars, with NO where to escape to. There really would have been murders.
Dionis Llupo
Dionis Llupo - 3 timer siden
Could you guys release some seek discomfort hoodies!?
01 02
01 02 - 3 timer siden
well, son, *a LOT* of us *DO remember!!* this 'space colony experiment.' seriously, why *wouldn't we?? recall??* so, *NO,* it's the *YOUNGSTERS* and then *also* certain *other* demographics of human-beings - esp., in, 'the WEST,' who have/had *NEVER* heard about it.
and ok, *so:*
certain ridiculous, nerdy & absurd assumptions *aside??*:
good on *YOU!!,* *'chile,' [yes, *'chile,'* vs., 'child,'] for making a video about it.. *Awesome Sauce!* we, *guess!!* you DID this! cool!! and, *so, you DID, do!!* a wonderful & necessary service for the world!
Aarav Shisodia
Aarav Shisodia - 3 timer siden
I saw this on Vox
prasad rajendran
prasad rajendran - 4 timer siden
My dad asked me to quit Yes Theory immediately video of Ammar, unmaar or samaar 😂 whomever.. Such a Drama video 👎👎 PS: There comment section is off so commenting here about that, you drama peoples 🤫
kolim jone
kolim jone - 4 timer siden
Imagine if the earth is destroyed and the biosphere 2 is the only thing left, flying through space...
Fastlane racing co.
Fastlane racing co. - 4 timer siden
I would live there like imagine having your own earth to play around in.
Corey Hanson
Corey Hanson - 4 timer siden
I could figure out how to convert it into the world's largest bong. Hotbox life.
Burak Kaklik
Burak Kaklik - 4 timer siden
such an inspiration guys
Judith Calzadillas
Judith Calzadillas - 4 timer siden
I live in Tucson were that is I’m really a big fan of u guys but really sad that I couldn’t see u
Juan José
Juan José - 5 timer siden
I think you need some latin blood on your team. Hint: I’m Mexican.
Ben Hutchinson
Ben Hutchinson - 5 timer siden
Yo I’m a new subscriber and I know you all have heard it a million times but I truly believe this is one of the most important and inspirational channels on YouTube. Thanks for what you do it’s fucking awesome. Come chill in Omaha, NE my fam makes really good food. Love y’all!
JC's Channel
JC's Channel - 5 timer siden
Hello guys.. im a new fan..i super love your vlog. The reason i started my own channel..hope i can meet you and fet along with you
Steve Gilbert
Steve Gilbert - 5 timer siden
That guy not wearing a mask is an absolute moron
keeperofficial - 5 timer siden
I wouldn't say its forgotten since it gets used by U of A researchers all the time.
Ashish Vardhan
Ashish Vardhan - 5 timer siden
YouTube should do something for them.
They raise the quality of YT.
Love u yes theory guys.
I really really want to meet you guys.i hope this could be possible in my life time.
Cliff C
Cliff C - 5 timer siden
I’m pretty sure there was a movie named Biosphere about this very same place!
Playing-Rags - 6 timer siden
The ocean part is all dead from years of negelect.
Nishant Das
Nishant Das - 6 timer siden
you guys are doing so much great work. its been a year now following you guys and litreally you guys inspire so much
Senpai LULU
Senpai LULU - 7 timer siden
I love this channel
Random Guy
Random Guy - 7 timer siden
Idea: You should do a dna test with random strangers until you find someone related to you
Kylie Fire
Kylie Fire - 8 timer siden
So then... it's not abandoned.
Kylie Fire
Kylie Fire - 8 timer siden
Going there when the apocalypse hits ✌️
Sketchy Ginger
Sketchy Ginger - 8 timer siden
TeRangi Smith
TeRangi Smith - 8 timer siden
How amazing they can build something like this in the middle of the dessert have water and electricity while some of the first nation people of america are without
Helina Birhanu
Helina Birhanu - 9 timer siden
Me crying through the whole video.
J. Damn
J. Damn - 9 timer siden
9 of 10 people don't even know how to deal with not having electricity
Mark Watney
Mark Watney - 9 timer siden
There’s a documentary called Spaceship Earth on Hulu, check it out.
Abi S
Abi S - 9 timer siden
Such a gentle spirit❤️ it’s comforting to know there’s people out there like this.
Anderson Sanchez
Anderson Sanchez - 9 timer siden
HI I am a huge fan of you guys but I need some help with making my studio some people stole my stuff and now I am broke and I need to make my room studio agian could you help?
chris brownell
chris brownell - 10 timer siden
I think alot of us were expecting more of the swimming part.
Amy Eileen
Amy Eileen - 11 timer siden
Oml the group of people involved in the experiment ended up turning into a cult inside
UNTE KITE - 11 timer siden
They should plant out animals in biosphere 2
Vaquero 357
Vaquero 357 - 12 timer siden
the people who built this watched logans run WAY too many times.
Dxxs_hm Acosta
Dxxs_hm Acosta - 12 timer siden
Yes theory was in my state!?
Amy Beard
Amy Beard - 13 timer siden
What a beautiful soul Symphony is. I can’t wait to see what she creates with the rest of her story. I’ve wondered about the bio dome recently so thanks for the info on that as well. What a fascinating place.
Eliza Vlogsandgaming
Eliza Vlogsandgaming - 13 timer siden
My 6th grade semester 1 science teacher:
colestrick11 - 13 timer siden
I’ve been there!
Niki #0K
Niki #0K - 13 timer siden
I think the kind things you do are so well chosen and I'd love to support your ideas and causes! Is there a place (maybe you could create one) in which people like me can donate to make more awesome and supportive gifts like this possible?💪
F-35A Lightning II
F-35A Lightning II - 13 timer siden
“I explore a forgotten space colony.”
Space Colony: *is on Earth*

We live among aliens.
Soulstrifer - 13 timer siden
Yall are amazing. 2020 has been hell, but your videos make me smile and bring hope that there's still good people out there doing what they can to better the world even when we are suffering and in turmoil.
Rasputin - 13 timer siden
Jassmin Yalley
Jassmin Yalley - 14 timer siden
Have you guys seen the movie Biodome?! Younger me didn't realize this was a real place, so cool you guys visited and loved that you shared Symphony's inspiring story.
Yash Parmar
Yash Parmar - 14 timer siden
How can i donate for such people mate ! I Want to help as much as i can in my life and that's my goal. Please like this comment to catch their eye. so i can contribute to yes theory and help as per my potential.
Mrmusikman 82
Mrmusikman 82 - 14 timer siden
You guys are such an amazing group of young men. You always put the needs of others before yourselves. Thank you for being so kind, loving, caring, and generous to others and especially to strangers. I seek out my discomforts daily because of your videos.
one arnold
one arnold - 14 timer siden
You a real one sponsoring kids from ruthless environments
Grecia Gomez
Grecia Gomez - 14 timer siden
i love u guys 🥺
Wapangla Imchen
Wapangla Imchen - 15 timer siden
Beautiful 💞
Jonnie Kevin Walker
Jonnie Kevin Walker - 16 timer siden
im sure 0:36 they wanted to order PIZZA😂😂🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
Ruben vS
Ruben vS - 16 timer siden
Well done guys! ☺️
Johannes Pales
Johannes Pales - 16 timer siden
They should do a movie about this.
Alejandra I. Ramirez
Alejandra I. Ramirez - 16 timer siden
Forgotten? We just visited it before ncov19 and researchers still work there full time.
JACQUES ELSKENS - 16 timer siden
Am I the only one wondering why the titles have been written in first person recently?
ava timmons
ava timmons - 16 timer siden
Aggressive Garden
Aggressive Garden - 16 timer siden
All I can hear any time i see BioSphere 2 is Pauly Shore saying "We're gonna build a dome inside a dome"
Hyped _ Gaming
Hyped _ Gaming - 16 timer siden
No no no nooooo. Thank you🙏 ❤️ y’all are doing amazing things for people out here in this crazy world. I can’t even explain how great full people are because y’all are here. Thank you, truly. 🥺😊
(All of your videos make me literally cry because I see everyone’s smiles and them being happy and so great full. Y’all are AMAZING!!!!!!!!)
Cody T
Cody T - 17 timer siden
I want to see more of that fish tank. But i loved the video, very inspiring. Goood for you folks.