I counted every calorie for 30 days

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Jordan Syatt
Jordan Syatt - 10 måneder siden
Incredibly well done video, Matt.
And from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak with you about this. I look up to you more than you know.
Jaden Mok
Jaden Mok - 2 måneder siden
Well tbh i dont think increasing your carb and lower your fat is going to increase your energy level. At the end of the day, it's still the same calories. You should feel energized. Speaking of increasing your daily carb intake, i think the main point when Jordan said it was to increase your insulin sensitivity due to the glycemic index. But honestly it's just a waste of time because when you eat your carb( which is high in GI), you are going to eat your protein, fat, fiber that will overall balance out the overall glycemic load of each meal , so the more carbs that you are eating( which you thought is going to increase your energy), it turns out as the same if you were to eat fat or protein. Generally speaking, once you eat enough food every meal while hitting the calories that you wanted daily. You should feel energized.
Jaden Mok
Jaden Mok - 2 måneder siden
@Matt D'Avella Well tbh i dont think increasing your carb and lower your fat is going to increase your energy level. At the end of the day, it's still the same calories. You should feel energized. Speaking of increasing your daily carb intake, i think the main point when Jordan said it was to increase your insulin sensitivity due to the glycemic index. But honestly it's just a waste of time because when you eat your carb( which is high in GI), you are going to eat your protein, fat, fiber that will overall balance out the overall glycemic load of each meal , so the more carbs that you are eating( which you thought is going to increase your energy), it turns out as the same if you were to eat fat or protein. Generally speaking, once you eat enough food every meal while hitting the calories that you wanted daily. You should feel energized.
Bryce Canada
Bryce Canada - 4 måneder siden
Are you his brother?
Freddy C
Freddy C - 5 måneder siden
Good vibes 🤘👍💪🏼
Matthew Armbruster
Matthew Armbruster - 10 måneder siden
IgorTasic Jesus loves you guys, let me know if you have any questions about God
Nicolle - 6 timer siden
Matt: "i counted every calorie for 30 days"
My ED thoughts: *here we go*
Alyssa Bennett
Alyssa Bennett - Dag siden
Counting calories/carbs/sugar is a great way to watch what you eat, but I wouldn’t do it all the time. I’d agree with keeping a food diary for about 30 days while implementing your intended restrictions, and then stop counting after that. For me, it reinforced healthy eating habits without feeling like I was restricting myself by counting anymore. I check the labels of what I eat now and portion my meals, but I’m not obsessing over the nutrition anymore.
Eavie H
Eavie H - Dag siden
welcome to the past 3 years of my life :/
LaLa Smith
LaLa Smith - 2 dager siden
I eat like 800 a day but I’m a couch potato/gamer. I walk everyday for 1 hour or more but that’s it. Lost 25lbs
Iggy - 4 dager siden
The “expert” he is talking to is spewing a fundamentally flawed GARBAGE about calorie information. Different foods with same calories will have different effects on body hormones.
100 calories worth of salmon will have different effects than 100 calories worth of bread. So it absolutely MATTERS what you put in your mouth.
That guy needs to go back to school.
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones - 6 dager siden
So refreshing to see a nutrition video that understands CICO and doesn’t get caught up on rubbish surrounding insulin and carbs.
Iggy - 6 dager siden
He is way better looking than his chick.
Elizabeth Eastman
Elizabeth Eastman - 7 dager siden
".... and I have really bad ankles......" 😂😂😂😂
Observant Triscuit
Observant Triscuit - 7 dager siden
I find a caloric diet liberating, personally
I've switched over to eating more protein and protein alternatives (Quest cookies, Quest chips, protein powder)
I tried the keto diet, which is healthier and better in most ways, but I just couldn't stick to it
Carbs still aren't my primary source of food in terms of macros, but I get to have little treats here and there, and some bread
EyaEya Yow Tv
EyaEya Yow Tv - 7 dager siden
Hi there want to share this link this will help you also @t
Jason Kim
Jason Kim - 8 dager siden
Not all calories are used up in the body the same. Because of biology. We ain’t machines.
Flo Ow
Flo Ow - 7 dager siden
I agree with you 👌
Цане Димитров
Цане Димитров - 8 dager siden
that mustache tho 🤦‍♂️
Thompson Sapergia-Watt
Thompson Sapergia-Watt - 9 dager siden
I hope you know that cardio doesn't burn fat buddy
Claire LS
Claire LS - 9 dager siden
It made me develop bulimia XD
Ramez Dr
Ramez Dr - 9 dager siden
who thought a video of 12:44 minutes can be as valuable as 2 years of research to understand why I'm gaining weight when I'm trying to lose it..
Vidip Sahoo
Vidip Sahoo - 9 dager siden
so when making a meal, do u have count the calories of ALL of the ingredients used?! and then add it together, that seems like that will take forever.
Vidip Sahoo
Vidip Sahoo - 13 timer siden
@David Johnson thank you, but i don't even have a smartphone, (i have a nokia brick) so I don't think i can do it yet, and anyways i am a teenager, so hopefully it shouldn't matter that much
David Johnson
David Johnson - 16 timer siden
Yes, you have to count all of the ingredients. After a while you become really good at it. So it becomes part of your everyday routine.
Harl0 283
Harl0 283 - 11 dager siden
Counting calories is easy af if you just keep 90% of your meals the same
LOCAL DREAMER - 11 dager siden
*MY* BMR:1,690-1,700 (somewhere through there)
(BEFORE)Calorie intake: 2,000+
(BEFORE)My weight :183-182
*Keep in mind this is my 4th week on this caloric deficit*
(NOW)Calorie intake:1,300-1,400
Goal weight:120-135 (it’s sorta high because I want to gain muscle. And muscle weighs more than fat)

*What I pay attention to (nutrients wise)*
1. *Protein* I want to gain muscle mass that’s why my goal weight is high. I want to grow my glutes,quads, and tone up my upper body area. *I TRY to intake more than 70 grams of protein.*
2. *Sodium* it’s recommended to intake less that 2,000-2,300 mg. In the beginning I didn’t count that so I would intake more than the recommendation. *now I intake less than 2,000 mg.*
3. *sugar* the recommendation is (men 37 g.) (women 25 g.) so I stoped drinking Coca Cola, sprite, Pepsi etc etc... BUT I do drink the “no calorie” ones. *I TRY to consume less than 25 g.*

(5-6 days a week)Ab/core: 10-15 minutes
^burn about 50-90 calories *depends on intensity*
(4 days a week) Glute/quad: 15-30 minutes
^burn about 150-300 calories *depends on intensity*
(5-6 days a week)HIIT: 10 minutes
^burn about 100 calories *depends on intensity*

(Btw sometimes I don’t eat my calories back just because I exercised. I think that’s a bad habit. So I don’t it. ONLY sometimes but it’s rare. I’m a binge eater so what do I except but also I can’t believe I’m not over eating like I used to before)
Im in a colorie deficit. It’s my 4th week rn and I don’t know how much weight I lost but I know that I did lose a pound in the first week of the deficit. And this is gonna have to be a lifestyle in order to continue to lose weight. This “diet” (not really a diet for me) is the best one for losing weight. You can eat whatever you want but just less. And it’s the longest “diet” I’ve ever been on.
Wonder Night
Wonder Night - 12 dager siden
I subscribed when you said : I have a mustache and I don’t care what you think 😂❤️
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 12 dager siden
Garima Joshi
Garima Joshi - 12 dager siden
*80% of my daily thoughts are related to food* felt that on spiritual level
James Bush
James Bush - 13 dager siden
I have a few questions for anyone going or has gone through this before. I’m in school atm, and am 6 foot but only weight just below 60kg. I know normally the factor is, “you just aren’t eating enough” which is probably true for me, however I eat just as much if not more than most kids who weigh more than me. I just can’t find any solution to this problem as I struggle to eat anymore food than I already am. I’ve practiced counting calories, without adding any calories that aren’t there and have ended days above 3k calories, yet no signs of weight gain. If anyone could help that’d be great
Eduardo Cabrera
Eduardo Cabrera - 14 dager siden
Pandu Wobbles
Pandu Wobbles - 15 dager siden
The problem with myfitnesspal database is, they allow any nutjob to input nutrition info, so it's all over the map and not accurate. Other better apps use USDA and Canadian info only.
10 O'Swords
10 O'Swords - 15 dager siden
The key to knowing how much you are eating is to NOT estimate. You will always under-estimate how much you are eating. Measure your food.. If it's not something you can count like a slice of bread, you need to be measuring with measure cups/spoons or weighing, weighing is best. TIP: one of the biggest misleading caloric counts is TV dinners. They will always say something like 300 calories for how ever many grams the meal is but they will ALWAYS have far more grams in the package than listed. This is deliberate; they sell you the idea that you are getting a lot of food for a little calories. You are actually getting a lot of food for a lot of calories. When weighing a tv dinner subtract the weight of the container it is in & that is the true weight of that meal, divide that by the weight listed for the serving size & multiply by the caloric value listed: that is how many calories that they have put in that box. Adjust how much you eat according to how many calories you need.
Mavis - 16 dager siden
I'm 32, 33 in three months. I've been counting calories for the past 15 months. Was 289 pounds when I started and now I'm 184. Only through calorie counting, or calorie deficit rather...
Grace Kathryn
Grace Kathryn - 16 dager siden
Those of you mocking those with eating disorders in these comments aren't helping their situation. But I'm guessing most of you already know that.
A.D. ROSS - 19 dager siden
I'm tracking macros on a spreadsheet that I have tally up the calories. If you focus on tracking macros, it's much easier. 4 small meals a day and I'm eating quesadillas, tacos, small can of pepsi, pasta, chicken and rice, corn flakes, and I end my day with 2 pieces of dark chocolate. If you stick to a plan with meals you like and eat on time, it doesn't even feel like a diet. Once I hit my goal weight, I just increased my protein intake for maintenance.
Andrés Olivares
Andrés Olivares - 20 dager siden
You are not actually counting each calorie you are eating since nutrition facts labels may be wrong by up to 20%
yesdvt - 21 dag siden
So people are counting calories on a way in, aren't they supposed to count them on a way out to get the difference? Seems just too logical to me.
Siobhan Shenanigan
Siobhan Shenanigan - 22 dager siden
Jordan Syatt and Matt should do a podcast together. They're the only two youtubers I genuinely look forward to watching.
Life Of TReshae
Life Of TReshae - 23 dager siden
The running gave me a good laugh 💀😂
MJB - 23 dager siden
I use My net diary it’s really easy and I can either search the food or scan the foods barcode. It lets u set a workout goal, a water goal, and a weight goal. It also tells u how many calories u have left
Fleur - 23 dager siden
It's so problematic to recommend everyone to track their calories, because this can really trigger someone with an eating disorder. People look up to you for advice, so please be more careful with making these comments. This comment section alone must give an indication of the harm of such statements.
Meaysha - 23 dager siden
So what if I ate a meal from outside how should I calculate the number of calories?
April Dillon
April Dillon - 24 dager siden
Good video and he looks a little like a young Marc Maron.
Tala Dabbagh
Tala Dabbagh - 26 dager siden
I wish I was a guy, my body only burns 1,400 calories a day. That ice cream cookie had my entire calorie count for the day
Burrito Cat
Burrito Cat - 27 dager siden
I have been counting Calories for 3 months 😅 Since I started my diet..
astrid wm
astrid wm - 27 dager siden
is this the real life? is this just fantasy
Asma Abib
Asma Abib - 28 dager siden
people saying ED gives me horrible flashbacks of the college admissions cycle a few months ago😣
38 ¡
38 ¡ - 29 dager siden
shave that shit it makes men look so ugly
Joshua Lämmlin
Joshua Lämmlin - Måned siden
Do a diet where you dont have to count calories
Keto diet: very hard to overeat, low insulin all the time->fat loss
Taked 2 weeks to get used to
Intermittent fasting: depending on the fasting intervall, also hard to overeat
Takes a week to get used to
OMAD: pretty much impossible to overeat, except you are matt stonie
Takes a week to get used to AFTER a month of intermittent fasting
Alternate day fasting: even better than OMAD, takes a week to get used to after gettimg used to OMAD
As a benefit, most of those diets are perfect to save some money
Lara Horhor
Lara Horhor - Måned siden
1200 calories an ice cream samich... that's my entire day's worth of calories according to myfitnesspal...
alex - 28 dager siden
i know right. and to think he can eat 400cal snacks
Soumia Lahrech
Soumia Lahrech - Måned siden
this is why i can't lose weight ...i exercise everyday and i think eat healthy ...maybe because i don't count calories...or i do it all wrong
Jon Silva
Jon Silva - Måned siden
So 1 calorie of Donut equals 1 calorie of brocolli? Sorry but this video is inaccurate in this sense. The metabolic and hormonal response to every nutrient we eat is different and impacts our body differently.
Terrell Loeppky
Terrell Loeppky - Måned siden
Popcorn is actually super low calorie dense
HiMyNameWaffy - Måned siden
Counting calories taught me so much about food. It's so obvious why people are fat. It's sad :(
FinTheHuman - 14 dager siden
It's not always straight forward
V King
V King - Måned siden
That cookie is not a "snack". That is a death circle, lol.
josephine jane
josephine jane - Måned siden
what kind of watch u used jordan?
Bronwyn Thompson
Bronwyn Thompson - Måned siden
What? He didn't even share if he'd lost weight and his dad gut was gone?
Junayd Ismail
Junayd Ismail - Måned siden
Popcorn is one of the best snacks to have its very low calorie, high fibre, slow releasing energy and filling from only eating about 100-150 calories worth of it
janaaa - Måned siden
i’ve been trying to avoid counting calories since i’ve read people’s experiences about it and mostly, they say that it can affect you negatively and in some cases, you may develop an eating disorder. as someone who haven’t tried counting calories, i depended on their reviews and i reasoned out that i’ll just do the “portion control”. i am currently doing the intermittent fasting and although i eat healthy, i get really confuse whether my food intake is enough to fuel my body. i used to be so conscious of what i put in my body to the point where i eat so little. i’ve been fasting for one month but i feel like i’ve hit a plateau so that’s when i started asking myself “what did i do wrong?” i’ve been exercising daily and sleeping early but my measurements don’t seem to improve. i listened to some podcast about weight loss and this statement caught my attention: “eating less is as bad as eating more”. they recommended calorie counting and so i thought maybe i should give it a try. when i jotted down everything i ate in a day, i got shocked. i thought i’m eating too much but to my surprise, i’m under-eating! i thought maybe that’s the reason why i see little improvements because i’ve been restricting myself so much.
i realized that maybe, some people are afraid to try counting their calories because it will make them restrict themselves so much. but in my case, i count calories to remind myself that i need to eat more. in fact, i get frustrated because i couldn’t find anything to eat just to reach my calorie goal intake hahahaha. now, i feel much more energized and i don’t restrict myself so much anymore (except junk foods and unhealthy snacks 😂).
this journey is all about knowing what suits for your body and loving yourself.
*”always remember that you’re doing this not because you hate your body, but because you love it and you want to live a long, healthy, and happy life.”*
Lisa Carr
Lisa Carr - Måned siden
Tracking calories changed my life in regard to how much damage the occasional take away was doing. The realisation that KFC is about 1700 calories and therefore almost a full days worth of calories in one meal. As well as a few meals that seemed healthy but were quite high in calories. To sort of go ok. That meal is a special occasion meal not a regular diet meal.
Sabrina O
Sabrina O - Måned siden
laughs in the start of my eating disorder
EVOLVE FREELY - Måned siden
EVOLVE FREELY - Måned siden
steve - Måned siden
1k dislikes from all the people who think counting calories doesn't work 🤡🤡🤡
Karter B
Karter B - Måned siden
Anybody watching this in June ?
hassanq8y - Måned siden
Nice stach by the way!