I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

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pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 14:31


Globalinks Sports
Globalinks Sports - 28 sekunder siden
Somone can beat jaiden score is a hacker
Pearl こんにちは
Pearl こんにちは - 7 minutter siden
Jaiden: doing a world record speed run
Ari: *Pooping on Jaiden's computer for the straight 6h*
Juanito Racho
Juanito Racho - 10 minutter siden
Bruhh i watched food wars when I was 11 and I'm 11 ssooo?? Don't give damn!!!
Slammy The Kitten
Slammy The Kitten - 15 minutter siden
I know a person in my discord server , who’s played this game for days.. 1 week.. we call her a Weenie Rat.
If you see this , your cool , Spooky.
Joseph Padla
Joseph Padla - 17 minutter siden
She's called Mama so surely there is a Papa as well, right?
Joosep Alasoo
Joosep Alasoo - 19 minutter siden
sombody beat you in speedrun 4 h 15m 44s all gold medal
Cheesy Kuriboh
Cheesy Kuriboh - 20 minutter siden
Is it sad that when I had this game all I did was play the ice cream part over and and over?
Yousef Plays dbz and more
Yousef Plays dbz and more - 21 minutt siden
I beat your world record by a few mins but its not official cuz I'm not redoing those hours of boredum
Chatchawan Temridtiwong
Chatchawan Temridtiwong - 27 minutter siden
Cooking ur mom???
Randomdudewithnoname - 36 minutter siden
Did you make a Face reaveal
Azatking Gios
Azatking Gios - 46 minutter siden
10:00 time to speed run my homework
Totally Yuuto
Totally Yuuto - 47 minutter siden
Its also an app :p
Jghammes Taylor 85
Jghammes Taylor 85 - 52 minutter siden
ok now ppl r gonna speed run this so jaiden hope that they are slower
Vu Bao Lam Phan
Vu Bao Lam Phan - 53 minutter siden
笨企鵝 - 58 minutter siden
why the hell is calculus here
Anrei - Time siden
I love the original cooking mama voice man the new one sounds just... Like a deep voiced middle aged american woman
angelou Inay
angelou Inay - Time siden
I've actually did a speedrun and a nuzlucke at the same time it was stressful i did an all nighter so I do not recommend it
Michi_ chan204
Michi_ chan204 - Time siden
wait wasnt your birthday last month?
l o c a l
l o c a l - Time siden
remember *misaki* ?seems he played you girl...
El Moyete
El Moyete - Time siden
I am Mexican and I love your videos
Z Campbell
Z Campbell - Time siden
Oh boy I hope you ate some rice crackers and mango pudding to celebrate your win
vince jared tumanda
vince jared tumanda - Time siden
ey jaiden remember the dragon fruit cuz you know why its taste ok you forgot to put condensed milk
Tomek Gontarz
Tomek Gontarz - 2 timer siden
You should try doing pokemon randomizer nuzlocke
Banyu Aji channel
Banyu Aji channel - 2 timer siden
Oh god i miss call of duty advanced warf speedrun
yt ghj
yt ghj - 2 timer siden
This Needs to Be Recognized Worldwide'

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Daniel Storck, another director, thanked Falun Gong practitioners for notifying the board of this important issue.

“We know this needs to be recognized worldwide. This cannot go on and we need to hold people accountable,” he said.

He said the consequences of these tragedies are beyond that because just societies are built on trust and confidence.

“If it happens anywhere in the world, we have to fight, [so that] nobody can accept that it's happening, and get it stopped,” Storck said.

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Charles Jones
Charles Jones - 2 timer siden
nicholas felix
nicholas felix - 2 timer siden
The animation is so good
Shadow Flame
Shadow Flame - 2 timer siden
I love cooking mama bit coin miner!
Ringo Gunther
Ringo Gunther - 2 timer siden
I think 0:30 is mah boi Ryu and 0:32 is SmallAnt
gouse md
gouse md - 2 timer siden
U can play mine craft speed run
jjh5874 - 2 timer siden
Already checked and she’s already last place
DarkuleFox - 2 timer siden
The guy who do the speed run on cooking mama 2 which is on First Place 🥇 not even try to make a perfect meal or get any medal. Now that lame 👎
Cedrick Frias
Cedrick Frias - 2 timer siden
I love majima and kiryu sitting with mama
Choppy - 2 timer siden
i just realized that jaiden hasn't uploaded an ari b-day video
Beeshos - 2 timer siden
~~th~~ ~~th ~~ th~~~~
Xhiandrei Agsalud
Xhiandrei Agsalud - 2 timer siden
i watched Food Wars when i was 8

i think UwU
Althea Elyza Gaudiano
Althea Elyza Gaudiano - 2 timer siden
How do you make your vids?
Maureen Thabo
Maureen Thabo - 2 timer siden
Jaiden watch teens react to jaiden animations
WAFFLEPSYCHO87 - 2 timer siden
I’m trying to get that miss school record so far missed five years of school and got smacked at least 5million times doing great 👍
Shafina Raihana cahya
Shafina Raihana cahya - 2 timer siden
Shafina Raihana cahya
Shafina Raihana cahya - 2 timer siden
TOXIC - 2 timer siden
i did a fast one star speed run
TheOrangeKitten_Cat - 2 timer siden
Xgamer 201
Xgamer 201 - 3 timer siden
cooking mama is single but idk why shes a mom
DLconstanPLAYZ Streaming
DLconstanPLAYZ Streaming - 3 timer siden
Yo Jaiden said a bad word in among us video
Kuzey Emre Onat
Kuzey Emre Onat - 3 timer siden
make table reveal
Kuzey Emre Onat
Kuzey Emre Onat - 3 timer siden
Kk 0192
Kk 0192 - 3 timer siden
10:50 wow she actually drew exactly 80 recipe
Kuzey Emre Onat
Kuzey Emre Onat - 3 timer siden
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile - 3 timer siden
EZscape speed runs I see
Raidriar 1337
Raidriar 1337 - 3 timer siden
Oh It's On Jaiden, I'll Win.
mythic ZR
mythic ZR - 3 timer siden
Basically, someone in Japan got the record
Doctor Who
Doctor Who - 3 timer siden
I bet there someone who saw and said, "Should I try to beat this?"
Jonycrackers - 3 timer siden
:Cooking mama with friends exist!

Jaiden:when I finished the speed run my friends didn’t talk too me.....
Shakuhaki matsumi
Shakuhaki matsumi - 3 timer siden
congrats jaiden
Slightly Agitated Commie Dratini
jaiden is the only human alive that i, a communist dratini, would ever simp for
Smart Boy
Smart Boy - 3 timer siden
Want to see a tutorial
xai xai xai
xai xai xai - 3 timer siden
JAIDEN YOU PLAY AMONG US pls show us i watch pwediepie i saw your discord and saw a name thats jaiden animations and a ARI pic sooooooo can we watch you play among us pllsssss
Dane Rossuel Galuno
Dane Rossuel Galuno - 3 timer siden
jaiden should do a meme review
rglg 2
rglg 2 - 3 timer siden
a nice fan that researches content on youtube.
good job jaiden! that's awesome! i tried it and failed.
Ruzgar Eren Altinoz
Ruzgar Eren Altinoz - 3 timer siden
please do a pokemon nuzlocke again
(pokemon black and white)
idk not know what to name myself
They added a burnt a pie
Ibrahim Alireza
Ibrahim Alireza - 3 timer siden
Jaidens animating is just: everyone has cancer and I get to flex on them with my hair
Ezra MAYAN - 3 timer siden
I too, wonder if cooking mama is single.
Kean Ashton
Kean Ashton - 3 timer siden
Your video is so funny😂🤣🤣😂🤣
revolting Two
revolting Two - 3 timer siden
I checked right now and jaiden animations is now 6th place on the all gold....still though congrats on being the first person to speed run this game🎉:)
fnaf kid 1224
fnaf kid 1224 - 3 timer siden
You need to to a areys birthday
the mickey mouse
the mickey mouse - 4 timer siden
And that why I now HATE Jaiden Animation's.
TheTruthBehindMe __
TheTruthBehindMe __ - 4 timer siden
And the burnt apple pie percent is there lol
TheTruthBehindMe __
TheTruthBehindMe __ - 4 timer siden
U got the last place in cooking mama 2 dinner with friends game in speed run .com all gold medals the first one is 4 hours
TheTruthBehindMe __
TheTruthBehindMe __ - 4 timer siden
I loved this vid
TheTruthBehindMe __
TheTruthBehindMe __ - 4 timer siden
It was a good run but since u know how many recipes there are at first why dont u try to do it again
Abhirav Sharma
Abhirav Sharma - 4 timer siden
Hanako’s iPad
Hanako’s iPad - 4 timer siden
Your videos are great! Save me from all my anxiety, thanks Jaiden! We all see you as an idol!
ii._mochii - 4 timer siden
Me: Eating my strawberry pudding
Isaiah Bridges
Isaiah Bridges - 4 timer siden
Like si veniste a jalartela.
Бахтияр Бокенбайулы
Nice! First speedrun and world record!
Bloody_unicorn uwu❤
Bloody_unicorn uwu❤ - 4 timer siden
Cooking mama 5 and 4 love em
Никита Адаев
Никита Адаев - 4 timer siden
This is a reference to JoJo's_Bizarre_Adventure
Amaya Ōkamiden
Amaya Ōkamiden - 4 timer siden
I had cooking mama 2 and I remember i got cooking mama 4 kitchen magic LOL the oven STILL KILLED ME WHEN I WAS YOUNGER
Cats the lover
Cats the lover - 4 timer siden
imagine a person that is in a coma winning undertale
Adrian Cameron Patao
Adrian Cameron Patao - 4 timer siden
who saw jaidens face?
i saw her
Pumpkin - 4 timer siden
Seraph - 4 timer siden
Oh god Burnt Apple Pie% is an actual thing now-
Kaelyn Kitten
Kaelyn Kitten - 4 timer siden
my favorite moment 13:30
Jun Salvador
Jun Salvador - 4 timer siden
I like the jojo reference
starlord_ag - 4 timer siden
OMG... this is your 99th video... what special are you doing for your 100TH VIDEO???????
Stratelier - 5 timer siden
To phrase it in Mario Maker terminology, somebody else can beat your World Record time, but the "First Clear" is forever.
beky uwu
beky uwu - 5 timer siden
hey jaiden, I know you won't see this but:

*please animate among us or I will kill my self and twist my head 360*
beky uwu
beky uwu - 5 timer siden
damn, jaiden in the thumbnail be like:
*loltyler1 raging intensifies*
Húginn - 5 timer siden
HOW have i not seen this channel yet
JacobGaming - 5 timer siden
My dad say your voice is satisfying
Unfortunate - 5 timer siden
Please do another Pokémon nuzelock, it was honestly one of everyone’s favorite videos. But great content, keep it up.
JoMama - 5 timer siden
Huuuuuuuuuuuughhhh, no offense Jaiden but jeez I’m disliking your vids more and more.

I used to be obsessed and my friends were convinced I had a body pillow of you (idk why tf they thought that)
JoMama - 5 timer siden
Jaiden, Jaiden, Jaiden, I will only subscribe if ya speedrun Minecraft
Toxic Killer
Toxic Killer - 5 timer siden
Jaiden lost her rank sad
Gryffindork - 5 timer siden

NEXT VID IS 100!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!11!111!!!!!!!
milky - 5 timer siden
i only watch mc speed runs but i love ur videos and there really good so i decided to watch this
Unknown master12
Unknown master12 - 5 timer siden
I also make animation but they are no meaning videos lols
Ella Meno Pea
Ella Meno Pea - 5 timer siden
Jaiden is one of the most talented animators on YouTube I've ever seen, I'm a big fan of her :)
Rakan Khazaal
Rakan Khazaal - 5 timer siden
Why do I have a feeling the resident evil remakes are the best speed run games?
Rylend Merritt
Rylend Merritt - 5 timer siden
I am wondering something. I am a guy, does that ban me from your videos? I watched this video, and he said "guys shouldn't watch jadin animations, they should be at the gym. Not listening to a girl." And i felt bad about me watching your videos. I think you are funny and entertaining, i am by no means a "simp". Keep up the great content!
Rylend Merritt
Rylend Merritt - 5 timer siden
Im on a phone, so it wont let me edit, i said jadin not jaden. Sorry