I "accidentally" BLEW My FRIENDS HOUSE UP in Minecraft!

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I "accidentally" BLEW My FRIENDS HOUSE UP in Minecraft!
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mangkil 11
mangkil 11 - Dag siden
My Nickname is Xian
mangkil 11
mangkil 11 - Dag siden
your diamonds are on your roof ok but prose me not to troll jelly for 2 months
Hishal P A
Hishal P A - Dag siden
That is area 51 jelly make it
atomicskies - 2 dager siden
Lol the trap you did on slogo didnt work
G. Peters
G. Peters - 2 dager siden
This video is so funny
Dave Vista
Dave Vista - 3 dager siden
Pig town
William Lynch
William Lynch - 3 dager siden
Crainer Cow town is already dead man. GET OVER IT.😀
Greek Guy
Greek Guy - 6 dager siden
9:22 Plot Twist: Sailor Sally was here
gemma keogh
gemma keogh - 6 dager siden
Slogo did it
Nancy Allen
Nancy Allen - 6 dager siden
josh made a secret chest with 2 dimonds in lava in one of the smithing shops
MackieMaster - 6 dager siden
Crainer is a traider to yello city
Michelle Mahe
Michelle Mahe - 7 dager siden
Josh asks for 100k but u ask for 50k
Neo BG
Neo BG - 7 dager siden
Samuel wang
Samuel wang - 9 dager siden
I will bomb cow town
Mel Willis
Mel Willis - 10 dager siden
I was laughing so hard when the sheep killing montage was shown
Reza Ardiansyah
Reza Ardiansyah - 11 dager siden
Arena 51
Kareem Gamer
Kareem Gamer - 12 dager siden
Isaac Troop
Isaac Troop - 14 dager siden
your amazing
Isaac Collins
Isaac Collins - 16 dager siden
I know Jelly built it
Cam Nappert élève
Cam Nappert élève - 16 dager siden
Bro crainer you have so mutch ore under your old house man chek in out
Flippy - 17 dager siden
Mountain cow + boat cow = city
Pratham Swaroop K
Pratham Swaroop K - 17 dager siden
Should've named it chicken town
We never had a chicken town
We did have a cow town
MELTFIRE Bg - 18 dager siden
What music is this 6:29
water phoenix
water phoenix - 18 dager siden
6:30 I laughed so hard I almost died
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed - 18 dager siden
Why it was sheeg town????😠😠
Sophie Evans Smith
Sophie Evans Smith - 18 dager siden
Everyone pause on 6:32
And on 8:37 u can see an enderman in the corner :)
Landrei Ostan Ganoy
Landrei Ostan Ganoy - 18 dager siden
Mila Santè and Leyla
Mila Santè and Leyla - 19 dager siden
Basetsana Maponya
Basetsana Maponya - 20 dager siden
why do you play cowtown
Jayanthi Ananthu
Jayanthi Ananthu - 20 dager siden
Crabber see Josh’s furnace in there u r 2 diamond is there
my doggo
my doggo - 21 dag siden
Jacob de la Mare Norris
Jacob de la Mare Norris - 21 dag siden
It was jelly
Hana Farah
Hana Farah - 22 dager siden
Andres A
Andres A - 22 dager siden
Ernesto Baraquia
Ernesto Baraquia - 22 dager siden
Crainer listen josh Che's is in the painting in the staircase
Charlene vBree-Soen
Charlene vBree-Soen - 24 dager siden
srisha chapagain
srisha chapagain - 25 dager siden
Is jelly
srisha chapagain
srisha chapagain - 25 dager siden
Jelly one to tall Sirloin to you tall fast😂😂😂😂
Poke Bricks
Poke Bricks - 25 dager siden
Slogo has dimands behind the painting in his house
Jayden Lopez
Jayden Lopez - 26 dager siden
crainer josh found dimands get them !
Ranee Siewdath
Ranee Siewdath - 26 dager siden
jelly founde it
Ranee Siewdath
Ranee Siewdath - 26 dager siden
in slogo pen ting secret in slogo home
Ranee Siewdath
Ranee Siewdath - 26 dager siden
ri go in de server
Ranee Siewdath
Ranee Siewdath - 26 dager siden
slogo fire your home its not jelly
Ranee Siewdath
Ranee Siewdath - 26 dager siden
of jelly wholde
JAKE Dylan
JAKE Dylan - 27 dager siden
Cow Town is dead
Antonia Hernandez
Antonia Hernandez - 27 dager siden
Drained build another house
Jelly sid
Filipe Pimenta Pereira
Filipe Pimenta Pereira - 27 dager siden
When you dont get the sum right for the 3rd time 6:29
JaneLee YL
JaneLee YL - 27 dager siden
Pls post more pls
Jacob Oropesa
Jacob Oropesa - 27 dager siden
There is slime city,pig town, chicken town, turtle town, and now cow town
maxx_ - 28 dager siden
it area 51
oskar fila
oskar fila - 28 dager siden
Josh hidd his dimonds behend a panting in his house
Dexter Seaton
Dexter Seaton - 29 dager siden
At 3:42 it’s from a village
ARIAN ZUNIGA - 29 dager siden
White sheet
bilim - 29 dager siden
I snick you trainer
sebastian Meza
sebastian Meza - Måned siden
can I please have the password to the word I'm a very very very very very very very very very very big fan
Nina Edryll
Nina Edryll - Måned siden
New cow town
BBCK Lo - Måned siden
Jelly has a Canon to distroy 2 of your
Nicholas williams
Nicholas williams - Måned siden
Crainer's face at 6:28 lmao
Yellow - Måned siden
Crainer yellow is the best colour.
Sheela Jadhav
Sheela Jadhav - Måned siden
malou juntado
malou juntado - Måned siden
slogo did the tax office so his rich
Sarah Lougheed
Sarah Lougheed - Måned siden
Cow Town (Made By Jelly Changed To CowTown) "In memory of cowtown"
Beatrix Murray-English
Beatrix Murray-English - Måned siden
Cobra - Måned siden
It was jelly he was stealing
Chiel Nooteboom
Chiel Nooteboom - Måned siden
That face on 6:30
hane faraidun
hane faraidun - Måned siden
Crainer jelly build a are 51!!!!!!!
Jenette Rodo
Jenette Rodo - Måned siden
what do u mean "accidentally"?
Branden Birkett
Branden Birkett - Måned siden
Cown town ?
Water Boi_1234 Kit
Water Boi_1234 Kit - Måned siden
I'm a little kit
Water Boi_1234 Kit
Water Boi_1234 Kit - Måned siden
I'm solgoman fan
Strelok Zone
Strelok Zone - Måned siden
What band was that good music from when you started killing sheep? 🤘🏻
Leslie Mohammed
Leslie Mohammed - Måned siden
Luca Botticchio
Luca Botticchio - Måned siden
Jelly bubble boo'd up your house with
Luca Botticchio
Luca Botticchio - Måned siden
Nazim Bajri
Nazim Bajri - Måned siden
Watch Josh s video cuz ur troll failed
zarcode Hernandez
zarcode Hernandez - Måned siden
My favorite color is now is yellow
itstooblue - Måned siden
I thought the new name of the town is sheep town
RENUGA A - Måned siden
Cow town
RENUGA A - Måned siden
Crainer. That is area 51
Santosh M
Santosh M - Måned siden
Hi crankier
My brother said he don’t like u
carten cool
carten cool - Måned siden
jaspazattack - Måned siden
Everyone: jelly and josh
Subtitles: Jillian jaw
jaspazattack - 29 dager siden
@Alan Wu 10:26
Alan Wu
Alan Wu - 29 dager siden
What time was it
Ben and Brad UltraHD
Ben and Brad UltraHD - Måned siden
Name all the sheep
Abby Jean-louis
Abby Jean-louis - Måned siden
Drainer Sligo is going to troll you
The shark network
The shark network - Måned siden
This is the third time hjelly is leaving his secret base open goddammit
Esther Quartermaine
Esther Quartermaine - Måned siden
Bruh these YouTubers are amazing😁
Connor Ridout
Connor Ridout - Måned siden
Drainer slogo bring your house down
Mageshnee Naidoo
Mageshnee Naidoo - Måned siden
It was josh
Garret Kyler
Garret Kyler - Måned siden
Crainer pls respond use axes for killing and jump they deal more damage that swords im happy to help 😊
Kleon Causapin
Kleon Causapin - Måned siden
Don't go trolls you are freinds right..!? Or I'm going to Tell jelly roast you
Ashton Cullum
Ashton Cullum - Måned siden
Slogo burnt you're flour and some of your house and jelly blew some of your house up
Haxhi Agasi
Haxhi Agasi - Måned siden
Crainer no cow town
nay myat
nay myat - Måned siden
Crainer josh fire your floor not jelly
Martin Faigal
Martin Faigal - Måned siden
Go To SloGo, s hause and Go To the
Nandhini - Måned siden
Drainer jelly blow your house
prart - Måned siden
The taxing plan is jelly!
Jaymit Patel
Jaymit Patel - Måned siden
cRAINER please team up on josh. Josh is demanding war on cow town you and jelly please team up . Slogo needs to learn so you both make a secret chest and show the viewers or else they will snitch on you
Maciej Kwiatek
Maciej Kwiatek - Måned siden
When I looked at your video I realised that you found the secret room XD
Richardson Guhit
Richardson Guhit - Måned siden
I realy like the nose the horoble sound and fuuny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yue Xi Chow
Yue Xi Chow - Måned siden
Hey, queena! Jenny slow your house.