Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

31 021
Introducing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, a new story set 100 years before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Battle as legendary warriors and experience the emotional events of the Great Calamity first-hand. Launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch, November 20.
Pre-order now: www.zelda.com/hyrule-warriors/
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Runtime: 01:57


Shadow Sim
Shadow Sim - 57 minutter siden
Link will literally have to relive his love ones deaths
Imagine the ptsd
Fluffi Fluffsson
Fluffi Fluffsson - 3 timer siden
Seems like their weapons got alot worse 100 years into the future...
Boi - 4 timer siden
Tobi Grantlbart
Tobi Grantlbart - 7 timer siden
So they give us the story we wanted to hear in a completely different game and setting, kinda cool and kinda whack
Neroidius - 8 timer siden
Get ready for a lot of cutscenes full of grunting and gasping
King - 8 timer siden
who cares it has no online play.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 8 timer siden
Online play isn’t important
LukaCola - 10 timer siden
*releases right after Cyperpunk 2077*
My wallet: 👁👄👁
Co_ Men
Co_ Men - 10 timer siden
Hope that that game has a awsome ending
Rydel Roncessvalles
Rydel Roncessvalles - 10 timer siden
is this free? if its free 8m gonna freak out😅
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 8 timer siden
Why would it be free....?
Nathan Sorgius
Nathan Sorgius - 10 timer siden
sooooo...... what exactly hapend to the first trailer for the new Zelda game
RW Thunder
RW Thunder - 7 timer siden
@Nathan Sorgius BotW2, the direct sequel by Nintendo that had a teaser trailer 2019, is still deep in development. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a canon prequel game to Breath of the Wild, developed by Koei Tecmo.
james - 7 timer siden
@Nathan Sorgius the prequel is produced by another company, Nintendo has stayed focused on the sequel, so that's not like a setback
Nathan Sorgius
Nathan Sorgius - 7 timer siden
@james ya but like it told us they were making a sequel got us all hyped and then threw a prequel at us out of no were
james - 8 timer siden
are you referring to the sequel? it's in development
Maria Elena Delgado
Maria Elena Delgado - 13 timer siden
LupeC2 - 14 timer siden
Nintendo 2019: breath of the wild sequel!
Nintendo 2020: *prequel, sorry typo
SatsuinoHomie. - 15 timer siden
Well. This is gonna tie us over for a good while until botw 2 hits.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson - 16 timer siden
Something about a game where I know I lose at the end. I just don't know.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 13 timer siden
spoiler alert: they all lose.
Rad Raad
Rad Raad - 16 timer siden
The sequel is now a prequel!!?!?!?!?!!!!!
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 15 timer siden
Gavin Theuerzeit
Gavin Theuerzeit - 16 timer siden
I swear when botw just came out I saw a meme somewhere and it went like:
Time traveler: what are you doing.
Gamer: playing botw.
Time traveler: ah that’s my favourite trilogy.
So shout out to the person who happens to predict this
james - 12 timer siden
nothing crazy here
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 13 timer siden
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya - 16 timer siden
Where are we going?
_to war!_
Aiko Shizuka
Aiko Shizuka - 17 timer siden
Why would anyone want to play as Zelda? Lol helpless "heroine". I'd be Revali all the way.
David Notdavid
David Notdavid - 17 timer siden
Literal chills
juan santiago
juan santiago - 17 timer siden
Humm... every 3 years a zelda game is released, i have a feeling (hopefully not true) that botw2 is gonn take atleast 2 more years or 3 ,for its release.....dayum
james - 17 timer siden
the sequel started development late 2017, there's high expectation for around next year
Majora Streams
Majora Streams - 18 timer siden
Panda Power
Panda Power - 19 timer siden
so i had no idea about any of this.. got on youtube today and saw the harry potter trailer for ps5, freaked out, and then saw this! wtf!
White_Wolf Gaming
White_Wolf Gaming - 20 timer siden
A prequel game now and a sequel later, I like it
nat L.
nat L. - 23 timer siden
Thanks Nintendo..now we gonna know how they all die.
Kiekie Fall
Kiekie Fall - Dag siden
Zelda make it clear there with that Lynel that she is “in no need of an escort”
Matt Kaiser
Matt Kaiser - Dag siden
Wonderful. More same same BS. Same boss, same Bokos... same same same same.
Kingketo W.R
Kingketo W.R - 20 timer siden
don't worry ps5 coming out same month weep with that instead.
Domino25 - 23 timer siden
Then don’t get it lmao
Joseph Son
Joseph Son - Dag siden
Is this even a sequel
PanBelacqua - 20 timer siden
Desperate for people to actually read up on what they're looking at. This is Age of Calamity, a prequel to Breath of the Wild. It is not Breath of the Wild 2, the as-of-yet unnamed sequel to Breath of the Wild.
Domino25 - 23 timer siden
GotA_Mike - Dag siden
We all have to know this has a canon bad ending
melissa stanley
melissa stanley - Dag siden
mccormeth lol
mccormeth lol - Dag siden
salad - Dag siden
spoiler alert: they all lose.
Yuuki Asuna
Yuuki Asuna - Dag siden
I've got goosebumps raising up when the main theme played in the background.....
nikki123 4
nikki123 4 - Dag siden
I love the music!!!
Antonio Hairston
Antonio Hairston - Dag siden
I LOVE YOU, NINTENDO!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so exited for botw2. Hope it will come out in 2020 not 2021 May 3. Keep it up proud of you!!!
Aiden Goof
Aiden Goof - Dag siden
What about botw2?
RW Thunder
RW Thunder - 23 timer siden
Still in development.
your last bathbomb
your last bathbomb - Dag siden
I frickin hate that furry bait BIRB
José A. Padilla P.
José A. Padilla P. - Dag siden
breath of the wild 2 :D :D
james - Dag siden
clearly not
metroid767 - Dag siden
The Sheikah slate didn’t have rune abilities during the calamity!
james - Dag siden
now it did :D
Weasel fish bird
Weasel fish bird - Dag siden
who's your faveriote champion??
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Dag siden
Spoiler: Everyone dies.