How to Wake up Before 6am Every Day

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Daily Upgrade
Daily Upgrade - 2 timer siden
Great video 😆
Red Ring of Fire
Red Ring of Fire - 2 timer siden
All you youngins ain't experienced a college morning class yet
agniva ray
agniva ray - 11 timer siden
The blanket flew!
cloudy night
cloudy night - Dag siden
It’s 4 am i will try to sleep now to wake up at 9 am tomorrow
Alex Schroetke
Alex Schroetke - Dag siden
Me watching this at 6am knowing I haven’t slept at all: 👁💧👄💧👁
Brian Gray
Brian Gray - Dag siden
I’ve found that I function best with around 6 - 7 hours of sleep, depending on my activity level. If I’ve been working out, or running more, I need around 8 hours
Yasmeen Al kilany
Yasmeen Al kilany - 2 dager siden
صلو على الحبيب المصطفى صلى الله عليه و سلم 💛💜
Jewelia Zaragoza
Jewelia Zaragoza - 2 dager siden
0:38 this is my kind of humor
Emma Guild
Emma Guild - 2 dager siden
leave the curtains open and wake up with sunrise.
Bernadette Gutierrez
Bernadette Gutierrez - 2 dager siden
About to sleep then...
Beam 101
Beam 101 - 2 dager siden
Watch this video if you really have a problem getting up your desired time in the mornings, say thanks to me later would be nice though..
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara - 2 dager siden
Going into highschool in two weeks, does this work for 4AM?
Bolton Kitten
Bolton Kitten - 2 dager siden
Me at 3 AM: *_I can see what I cannot achieve_*
Rodrigo Brum, O Cão
Rodrigo Brum, O Cão - 3 dager siden
When Matt said "have a glass of water right next to the smartphone" I sincerely thought he was going to throw the water on his face just for fun. You missed a huge opportunity there, Matt. But I laughed just by picturing it in my head. Anyway: I wake up 6 am for about 4 months now, and my job starts at 8 am (home office). This makes life much easier, really. And I also study at an University at night, so y'all stop complaining and get a sincere, powerful WHY and HOW for your habit - and a WHAT for every day. I get about 6-7h of sleep every week day and about 10-12h on weekends. It works fine.
andrea inzaghi
andrea inzaghi - 3 dager siden
it is better going to bad always at the same time and waking up only if you are no tired, but ok, good info we are all here to improve
Esteban Rivera
Esteban Rivera - 3 dager siden
I always leave a water bottle in front of my computer keyboard to drink it at the beginning of my day, but moving it right next to my alarm clock is a better idea to help me wake up.
Thank you for the idea Matt.
Orion Herrera
Orion Herrera - 4 dager siden
We're I'm at its 1:00
Aliyah A
Aliyah A - 5 dager siden
Does the uncovered water bother anyone else?
Azo zoz
Azo zoz - 6 dager siden
شكرا ع ترجمة العربية
Alexander Toribio
Alexander Toribio - 6 dager siden
This is an old video but if anyone is watching this during quarantine there is an app called Sleep Cycle and you can set an alarm that will wake you up very easily and it also comes with sleep guides such as rain sounds or breathing guides
Beam 101
Beam 101 - 7 dager siden
Are you struggling getting up in the mornings? Now you can be in more control when and what time you get out of bed in the mornings or before important meetings or early shifts or on time for scool after late night studying or important early events (just a guarantee not ever to be late again), no matter if you a night owl or suffer depression or went to bed extremely late at 4am this alarm clock is the cream of the crop. Because sometimes you got to study, some love to chat until late or u feel like you got to finish watching that movie or series and even occasionally we gots to party (not gona mention the porn addicts lol) .. Luckily NOW you got a guarantee that you won't ever be late again if you set my alarm (i made it & you wont find it anywhere else it's custom-made), It'll be a one time a lifetime investment only (not even expensive) that'll help you FOREVER! I'm selling an alarm clock that makes you get out of bed immediately guaranteed, as soon as the alarm clock goes off it literally gets you out of bed and force you to walk all the way to the kitchen or bathroom to switch it off because the speaker next to your bed don't have a switch or button to press to stop or snooze it from ringing you must get up and switch of in the kitchen or bathroom wherever you decide.. and when that happens automatically (Newton's law an object in motion stays in motion") that means by the time you get in the kitchen you'll be freshen up and wide awake almost the same as someone threw cold water on you and it'll be easy to keep moving (i usually set it for the latest minute i wana GET UP so i instead use my phone alarm just to WAKE ME UP). Send me email at to notify me you are interested
Chirag Singh
Chirag Singh - 7 dager siden
I don't even hear the alarm. My parents hear the alarm in their room, come In and switch it off.
قناة العبقري
قناة العبقري - 8 dager siden
yes 100% agree i just read similar thing in this page and it gives me reasons to set my alarm at 6 am
PANDA - 8 dager siden
I just got an emergency alert that should help
PANDA - 8 dager siden
I watched another video like this and I only slept for 20 mins
n.f. m
n.f. m - 9 dager siden
Your agood man and thank you about this video is translate to Arabia language, Good blass you.
Alexander Y
Alexander Y - 9 dager siden
The problem is thaty brother is the exact opposite of me, and I need to talk to him to do things earlier in the morning.
Robs Remedy
Robs Remedy - 10 dager siden
After getting up at 3:30 for years, then 6:30 for years and even 9 for years... I came to the conclusion when you get up doesn't really matter. What you do while your awake is what's really important not when you wake up.
Tens.Fruity.Adventures - 10 dager siden
I'm gonna take my whole dang kettle so i can make coffee in my room--
Tens.Fruity.Adventures - 10 dager siden
I'm gonna take my whole dang kettle so i can make coffee in my room--
Elizabeth Kunz
Elizabeth Kunz - 10 dager siden
him:how to wake up at 6 me: going to sleep at 5:20AM
gegethejing - 11 dager siden
Ok I tried 5am for my last video and legit died the few days after, I think my brain is just so used to sleeping late?? Never mind being stupid and staying on my phone 😂😂
-ミズナ - 12 dager siden
You're scaring me with the 24% chance of death.
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 12 dager siden
My sleep schedule is ruined by quarantine
Toriffic Vic
Toriffic Vic - 12 dager siden
Sleep before 8pm for 30 days
We Plug Good Music TV
We Plug Good Music TV - 13 dager siden
How lukewarm is that glass of water though lol
ZID Kids
ZID Kids - 14 dager siden
Whenever i wake up like below 5 i sleep again then if i wake up at 5 to go to the bathroom i have no more mood to sleep but my alarm rings like after an hour when i wake up i wake up when i dont want to
10k subs before 2021?
10k subs before 2021? - 14 dager siden
Anyone watching this for fishing?
Chigga Moment 4000
Chigga Moment 4000 - 15 dager siden
Here I am at 5:10am
SLid3ra - 15 dager siden
To the people having a hard time getting out of bed, clearly a dog can assist, the moment my alarm rings, the dog starts moaning for a walk.
Sadanand - 16 dager siden
As per the indian science of wellness, ayurveda , we must wake up before 6 am daily.
6 am onwards kapha dosha predominates which is heavy and sluggish and similar feelings could be felt by a person who wakes up later than 6 am.
the sad yellow
the sad yellow - 16 dager siden
i can wake up before 6am everyday.. getting out of bed is another issue
Mary Smith
Mary Smith - 16 dager siden
Don’t forget to get enough sleep:
Jéssica Blanco
Jéssica Blanco - 17 dager siden
You’re so motivating. I mean I’ve start having cold showers for no reason but your videos and now I’m even thinking about getting up earlier. What’s next?
Maya Ghimire
Maya Ghimire - 18 dager siden
I think alarms should remove the snooze button😂😂😂
Zhenlin Jin
Zhenlin Jin - 18 dager siden
"If you don't have a friend, I'd say there are lots of websites that help you do that".
😅 ***hub? I meant GitHub.
Gamers fusion Express
Gamers fusion Express - 18 dager siden
Me: got school today
mum: get the fuck outta bed you have school in 5 minutes
You should’ve woke up 2 hours ago
Erch Durnaoglu
Erch Durnaoglu - 19 dager siden
Easy, have kids!
Godson81 - 19 dager siden
I used too wake up at 5:00pm lol
KJ Clifton
KJ Clifton - 20 dager siden
Dude you're great thanks for sharing your experience
Local Cyber Bully
Local Cyber Bully - 20 dager siden
I have to be on my school bus by 6:00 AM
#BR1 - 22 dager siden
Absolutely nobody:
His closet at 3:24: ·_·
ClemensAlive - 22 dager siden
4:50 5am looks pretty bright outside :D
Rxsie - 22 dager siden
Matt: “The night before I’m really motivated, the next morning I’m tired as shit.”
Me: ʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀ i do that.
Dean Bianchi
Dean Bianchi - 23 dager siden
I woke up at 3:00 pm. I need HELP
Carly J.
Carly J. - 25 dager siden
I don’t bother to snooze my alarm. I get out of bed than go to sleep on the couch. 😂
Caroline Ironwill
Caroline Ironwill - 25 dager siden
Some Native tribes would drink a lot of water before bed when they needed to get up early. Your bladder forces you awake and vertical.
manny gutter
manny gutter - 25 dager siden
I’m watching this at 2 in the morning
Elise Bruce
Elise Bruce - 26 dager siden
"explain to your partner why your doing this."
Me: ....
Lucy Gamer
Lucy Gamer - 26 dager siden
Il mio metodo: rimanendo sveglia tutta la notte