How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car (Carpets & Headliner)

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Full Detail! Learn how to Super Clean and detail the interior of your car. In this video I show you how to clean your carpets, floor mats, trunk, and headliner. The super clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we vacuuming the carpet but we are also shampooing it with an extractor to remove all the embedded dirt and smells.
Next Super Clean video (Dash, Center Console, Doors):
How to Super Clean your Seats: Coming Next Week
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ChrisFix - 11 timer siden
I just posted the newest Interior Super Clean video covering the Dashboard, Door Panels, Center Console, and windows:
CP31 - 8 timer siden
Roll Cage?
mulugeta kifle
mulugeta kifle - 9 timer siden
Timing belt bro
Glenn Canete
Glenn Canete - 46 minutter siden
CJ R - Time siden
My dad spent the whole second half of his life working at Shop Vac. Those things are fantastic. We have them all over the garage, the barn, the house, we even got a prototype backpack shopvac that made ya feel like a Ghostbuster. Truly wonderful little machines they are.
Sherri Mc Avoy
Sherri Mc Avoy - 2 timer siden
I've watched so many of these kinds of videos. Wish one of you guys could show how you get filthy seatbelts clean. Please.....
NoLord - 2 timer siden
Removing the seat leaves a chance of it being askew. Then you have to replace it with a brand new factory seat. At least that's what I heard.
M K - 3 timer siden
Can I have this brother too?
Dylan Wynne
Dylan Wynne - 3 timer siden
Love you bro, out of all the cars you have which has the best interior in your opinion.
DannyDanko - 5 timer siden
Somebody been watching detail geek ;)
Carla Switzer Official
Carla Switzer Official - 5 timer siden
I always wonder why nobody uses the attachment from de vacuum that has the brush. Mine has one and it s so much faster and easy to pick up all the hair and help remove the dust from very dirty spots.
Mobile Terminaluser
Mobile Terminaluser - 5 timer siden
You removed the seats, center console take out the entire floor carpet & powered wash the sh*t out of it. Hang it over the fence to dry spray paint if needed & get cleaning the floor pan. Wait till you run into roaches & fecal/sh*t stuck on the floor & carpet. Dead insect carcasses. 🤮
The musty smell is usually water leak, dead ass roaches, insects, insect carcasses & water/spilled fluids that will NEVER dry from the carpet pads.
Mobile Terminaluser
Mobile Terminaluser - 5 timer siden
Spray paint the headliner, floor mats, carpets if too much damages
Mobile Terminaluser
Mobile Terminaluser - 5 timer siden
Take plenty of pics before removing anything in a car, use ziplock bags & sharpie where & what the bolts/screws, panel clips, clips are from.
Been cleaning & heavy detail cars since I was 8yrs old. Can't belive on how people are effing straight up disgusting sickening & gross. Smokers, cat & dog owners, lazy ass selfie thumbs owners, oilfield workers, law enforcement, nurses, delivery, smokers, vapid & vacuous teenagers & adults. Then b*tch & complain at the how much it is. They don't get their vehicle/s until my services have been paid in full. They always lose at court. I also let them know any type of slander, character attacks/assassinations, will be met with legal actions repercussions ramifications & consequences. Also I have videos of the extensive work. "Sorry you feel that way. You came to me & you got an 8 to 10hr deep cleaning & detail" 😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Especially if they have kids & pets. These types act like it's perfectly ok & fine being that disgustingly & sickening lazy. That's just effing pure ass bs typical mentality behavior & attitudes from these types.
My kids from 5yrs old to now HAVE NEVER made a mess. Always cleaned up after themselves if they dropped toys, food, crumbs.
SFG HIGHLIGHTS - 5 timer siden
my brothers tuck has piles of garbage you cant sit in the passengers seat
Chris Lilley
Chris Lilley - 5 timer siden
Question, do you have to wear a helmet while cleaning your car?
Aven Kelo
Aven Kelo - 6 timer siden
You should play my summer car You'd be good at it
Nathan Kelati
Nathan Kelati - 6 timer siden
Do POV drive videos
Zachary Soun
Zachary Soun - 6 timer siden
Best videos out
Neeraj Verma
Neeraj Verma - 8 timer siden
Legend has it that he is a witch
JPJeep - 8 timer siden
16:30 who knew you could use the Hummer H1 as a drying tool for detailing.
bannedfahim thugrapper
bannedfahim thugrapper - 8 timer siden
I mean will u do a vid restoring every fan car and super clean interior and
InsaneFlying - 9 timer siden
"No ones car can be that dirty"
Me thinking about my car: *Sweats Nervously*
bern1228 - 9 timer siden
Great, thanks! Brilliant!
Arman Amir
Arman Amir - 9 timer siden
Probably The Previous Owner Had Some Big Beef With Someone.
Guennadi Artounov
Guennadi Artounov - 10 timer siden
I admire the PASSENGER!!! And the incredible cleaning work, too!
Abby Sue
Abby Sue - 10 timer siden
I'd be afraid to drive the car again, i would never want one speck of dirt to get on the carpet!
Marwan Aziz
Marwan Aziz - 10 timer siden
Nice haircut Chris
Andrew - 11 timer siden
hey... thats not your lottery ticket. thats theft
Andrew - 11 timer siden
Not a lot of difference between your sisters car and the vandalized one.....
Bob Gipson
Bob Gipson - 11 timer siden
Can you find another word besides "Amazing"?
thesneakinmonkey - 11 timer siden
How to superclean your dog!


Dog hair :)
Kimo - 12 timer siden
We can see Chris face in mirror 22:25
maxxblayze - 12 timer siden
Chris can you do a series like this but with cars with leather seats / leather interior.
ChrisFix - 10 timer siden
Next video!
Messhwa Plays
Messhwa Plays - 12 timer siden
When his videos come out i get so excited i feel like a 12 yr old
ChrisFix - 12 timer siden
I'm glad you get excited for the new videos!
Brandon Delahoussaye
Brandon Delahoussaye - 12 timer siden
Way too much labor & time, My detailer does the exact same job & also cleans the engine for $100 total, Drop off sad, Pick up happy 😃
Art N
Art N - 14 timer siden
You didn't include some good Quality Gloves that You Use,, Super Great video,,,
Capt. Alhadinon
Capt. Alhadinon - 14 timer siden
ChrisFix: This is super satisfying. 🤔
TheDetailGeek: You don't say. 😁
Ole Simen Berget
Ole Simen Berget - 14 timer siden
but dont you want the floor mat to absorb water?
IamTJ - 15 timer siden
Yay he's backk
Visualize Infinity
Visualize Infinity - 15 timer siden
Dude really just put a ceramic coating on his carpet. 💀
KD Power
KD Power - 15 timer siden
Hey Chrisfix ..I have an electric 1600 psi pressure washer from hyper tough..its works good but there a problem tried 5 different foam spray bottles none of dem give thick foam /lather ..checked water to shampoo ratio and everything else but works good on gas pressure washer.. can u make a video on pressure washer for electric and gas and which foam spray works on either of them
void walker YT
void walker YT - 15 timer siden
this is the guy who is looks like a car washer
Liam Watts
Liam Watts - 15 timer siden
Love the energy you put out there dude! Even when cleaning carpets!
e815usa - 15 timer siden
Chris, looking for a recommendation on how to get rid of the elbow stain on the left arm rest below the driver's side window! I hear it's a common problem for people like me who like to rest their elbow on the top of the door rest while driving. Maybe do a video on that!
budsoda - 16 timer siden
You actually got very lucky on that headliner especially makeup so hard to get out
budsoda - 16 timer siden
Ive had way worse carpets chris that you HAVE to soak to heck. Ah but yes an extractor vac is a godsend i suggest a store like ollies so youre paying under a $100 instead of about $150-$200
Raven - 16 timer siden
easier to just toss the floor mats into a washing machine for an even deeper clean :P
Nazmus Sakib Ribhu
Nazmus Sakib Ribhu - 17 timer siden
Cant see the new video yet! :(
Razvan Radu
Razvan Radu - 17 timer siden
You should collab with @TheDetailGeek
amboyle1417 - 17 timer siden
Nice video
ChrisFix - 17 timer siden
killertoast - 17 timer siden
Can you poir very warm/boiling water in your extractor vacuum and get the damp-gun effect?
If you had the budget for just 1, would you buy the extractor vacuum or the damp-gun? (I already have a wet/dry vacuum)
MenaceFitness - 18 timer siden
Who The F*€K is Going to REMOVE seats 🤦🏽‍♂️ 👎🏾👎🏾 , Noooooooooooo Way!!
Moonlight playz
Moonlight playz - 18 timer siden
Congrats on 7M 🥳🥳🥳👏👏👏
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Supermatic さかもと196 - 18 timer siden
Psicólogo: Vicesat americano no existe, no puede hacerte daño
Vicesat americano: Hey Guys, Chrisfix here!
ijoo22cuz - 18 timer siden
i signed up and then i subscribed to chrisfix :]
G Ri
G Ri - 19 timer siden
Doesn't unhooking the battery for so long reset the car's computer?
KㄚびՖびヲ - 19 timer siden
Congratulations on 7 million subscribers you deserve it
53o.1 - 19 timer siden
What happened to the turbo that you were gonna fit to the del sol
Darian George
Darian George - 19 timer siden
Can you clean my car XD
Mr.Driver - 20 timer siden
Try repairing Dacia Logan or Dacia Papuc
JW - 20 timer siden
Quite a difference on the mustang
Travis Dunn
Travis Dunn - 20 timer siden
The Blue RX8???
關成暉 - 20 timer siden
I subbed and liked
risabc - 21 time siden
7 milion suuuubs!!!!
Gamer Cory
Gamer Cory - 21 time siden
Chris you have 7million omg
Hamza Shahzad
Hamza Shahzad - 21 time siden
Face reveal
Hamza Shahzad
Hamza Shahzad - 21 time siden
Cris fix plz do a face reveeap
Hamza Shahzad
Hamza Shahzad - 21 time siden
Sorry mistake face reveal
Legendary - 21 time siden
That Chrysler 200 might be clean but it’s still junk 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Tracy LF
Tracy LF - 22 timer siden
Quick! Sell it before she does it again!!!
Polat Alemdar
Polat Alemdar - 22 timer siden
7m subs
Jaimen Brunson
Jaimen Brunson - 22 timer siden
Jener Galuzo
Jener Galuzo - 23 timer siden
Chrisfix what if you made a shop you have skill man you are gonna successfull one day to 😇😊😁
Dat Vo
Dat Vo - 23 timer siden
Hi Chris, i bought 2009 venza v6 3.5. There are no check engine light on but it seem consume more gas than usual. i scan with the scan tool and there is permanent trouble code p0102. I cleaned the mass air flow and throttle and the checked engine light still on. I changed new mass air flow sensor and run live data. it indicated mass air flow and intake air temperature seem working fine ( as i accelerate, the mass air flow increasing), i also checked for leak and tight everything down, make sure everything is good. however the permanent code p0102 still appear, there is not checked engine light on. The mass air work fine ( OEM mass air flow), no vacuum leak, no checked engine on but permanent code p0102. I have no idea what exactly going on?. can you help, please ?
Any Help Would Be Appreciated,
SOFIE KARLSSON - 23 timer siden
Chris fix: If you soak the carpets in water you need to air them out.
Chris fix ten seconds later: Alright so as we let this carpet air out lets move on to the next step
Me: ...
Keshav Manichan
Keshav Manichan - 23 timer siden
when are you posting
AJ_ Mastabeatz
AJ_ Mastabeatz - 23 timer siden
Love The Videos man just subscribed keep it up!
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Denver Kenyon - 23 timer siden
DUDE YOU HIT 7,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!🎉🎊🎈🍾🎉🍾🎉🎉🎉🎉
Denver Kenyon
Denver Kenyon - 16 timer siden
@SOFIE KARLSSON too late 😂
SOFIE KARLSSON - 23 timer siden
SOFIE KARLSSON - 23 timer siden
Congrats on 7 million subscribers
Btw i understand why you have 7 million subscribers ive been subscribed since 3 million
oberasfilms - 23 timer siden
i saw that maserati
quad crusher
quad crusher - 23 timer siden
Chris you got 7M
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Kaif Hassan Aman - 23 timer siden
Congratulations 🎉👏 on your 7 million subscribers 😍😍😍
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Who noticed that he reached 7mil subs
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Congrats on 7 million
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Javed Bakhrani - Dag siden
Seth’s bike hacks
Seth’s bike hacks - Dag siden
Congrats on 7 mill
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xxinferno playz - Dag siden
Chris fix: I highly suggest u to buy the hummer for clothes hanging 😂😂
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor - Dag siden
Just watched you hit 7 million. Congrats
Chev Chelios
Chev Chelios - Dag siden
Weird question, have you ever thought about doing a tutorial on wire tucking?
Peter Rudy
Peter Rudy - Dag siden
joey heckel
joey heckel - Dag siden
Hey chris any suggestions on how to get white paint off my fabric seats ? I was a painter left the job in a rush jumped in my car with paint all over me and yeah now I have a bunch of white paint on my seat lol
Gregg Klawon
Gregg Klawon - Dag siden
Patiently waiting for part 2 of this video.....
Mark Acosta Jr.
Mark Acosta Jr. - Dag siden
Needed this video. My car is nasty
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Congrats on 7 mill
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Nitro X - Dag siden
I was a sub since 12k subs you were so lazy lol now ur the best ❤️ but YouTube un subbed me but I’m subbed again now
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Let me guess who paid for this video? Meguiar’s 😂
N u don't stop
N u don't stop - Dag siden
make videos whit bikes !!!🙏🏻
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doni ct - Dag siden
Can u do a how to find your old car for free video
6Speed Maxima207
6Speed Maxima207 - Dag siden
Beto D
Beto D - Dag siden
Nice work.. My Lil sister and older sister is the same they leave there cars dirty..
Aaron Bourque
Aaron Bourque - Dag siden
your my favriot youtuber
anDROID Gaming
anDROID Gaming - Dag siden
how do you thoroughly clean your brushes?