How to Stop Procrastinating

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 6 måneder siden
Who is procrastinating by watching this video? 🙋‍♂️
Fire NeXuS
Fire NeXuS - 2 dager siden
I’ll tell ya later
Mariah Marie
Mariah Marie - 4 dager siden
NOT ME i just know i will Tomorrow bc i have to clean my room and fix my school stuff
abi jose
abi jose - 5 dager siden
Me mom
MC Productions
MC Productions - 5 dager siden
Milk cabbage
Milk cabbage - 7 dager siden
I didn't ask to be attacked like that 😤
Chef Zoyardee
Chef Zoyardee - 4 timer siden
*Saved To Watch Later*
Mario Chacon
Mario Chacon - Dag siden
Imma save this to watch later
KiyomiÙwÚ - Dag siden
I wanna be a crazy workaholic that works for weeks and weeks on end and still thinks it’s not enough at the end, that doesn’t reward herself at all at the end of the day and the longest break I take is 20 minutes long, and I feel pressured to finish work as soon as it’s assigned.
It sounds bad but it’s way better than where I am right now
Dorime Rat
Dorime Rat - 3 dager siden
gonna watch this later
Beepy, the Tiny, yet Stupid
Beepy, the Tiny, yet Stupid - 3 dager siden
I left off in about 30 seconds in the video, I’ll watch this later
Sheepy 515
Sheepy 515 - 3 dager siden
Cool I'll watch it later
Midnight0moth - 4 dager siden
i was like "im gonna start tomorrow" then i realised the irony
Sed 0732
Sed 0732 - 5 dager siden
Great video, this is the third time I've listened to it. I also found this Diary and Planner that could help many people to get better organized. What's great on it are the Motivation and Perseverance Quotes at the beginning of each week. I've tried it out and can only recommend it.

Big up, everybody!
BFG-3000 None
BFG-3000 None - 7 dager siden
“Watch later”😂
Louis Blythe
Louis Blythe - 8 dager siden
Great Video! Thanks!
Vinayak Kulkarni
Vinayak Kulkarni - 8 dager siden
Ok this will be my/your last video now get to the work
Kanishka Gupta
Kanishka Gupta - 8 dager siden
A great video. This video will help you stop delay or procrastinate your work. It will also make you happy. Click here to know more-
Sadia Salman
Sadia Salman - 10 dager siden
The reward system has never made sense to me... I mean, why should I eat a cookie in 2 hours, if I can eat it RIGHT NOW?
PureCalamity - 10 dager siden
I gave myself an incentive to do my homework in quarantine. I basically just said every homework I completed i would watch one YouTube video until I was done with my homework.
George Farrell
George Farrell - 11 dager siden
Lol I’m working on my final and stumbled across this. Good time for a break
No Name
No Name - 13 dager siden
Wonna know how to stop procrastinating, stop watching porno!!
sheck nes
sheck nes - 17 dager siden
Watching this instead of doing my essay..
ImDanish - 17 dager siden
5 essay before tommorow morning. Equal to 7 hour before submitted to teacher. Plus art thingy. How tf can i done this!??!?
Lumpy109 - 18 dager siden
Eh, I'll watch this later.
Ramez Dr
Ramez Dr - 19 dager siden
Nice wig
Luvya Chaulkar
Luvya Chaulkar - 21 dag siden
Thank you it has helped me a lot
i can work for 4 hours at once
Matthew Harewood
Matthew Harewood - 21 dag siden
Is so difficult no to procastinate as a 1st semester online student (bc of the virus) :(
Steppawolf - 22 dager siden
Does anyone know what the accounting software he mentions around 8:54 is?
Steppawolf - 22 dager siden
What exactly is he doing at 2:55? Why are the mugs stacked on top of each other?
Tesla Cannon
Tesla Cannon - 25 dager siden
Watching in July from my watch later list... surely I do not have a procrastination problem..
Briny 222
Briny 222 - 26 dager siden
i never thought i would hear "i failed weight lifting" on a video like this
Jibinraj K Babu
Jibinraj K Babu - 26 dager siden
Park Jimin
Park Jimin - 27 dager siden
just listen to a 10 minuite loop of bangchan saying "like mate, stop procrastinating"
WillTheCreator - 29 dager siden
The thing is... I don't have anything to procrastinate
Angry cinnamon man
Angry cinnamon man - 29 dager siden
* adds to watch later *
Daniel Jo
Daniel Jo - 29 dager siden
stupid video. this is shit advice. who doesn't know this advices?
Mira Nabil
Mira Nabil - 29 dager siden
😃 😃
Patryk Marek
Patryk Marek - Måned siden
10k USD for basic algebra and weightlifting !!!!!!!
At least weightlifting gave you some value in life :D
And I thought that me playing an equivalent of 170 USD for messing up 2 classes during university was bad.... Damn
Martha Smith
Martha Smith - Måned siden
I need this yt channel is suffering
Rated Positive
Rated Positive - Måned siden
This video is inspiring me to work harder. I am now much more inspired to do more inspirational videos.❤️
Josh Nesbitt
Josh Nesbitt - Måned siden
drive through wedding?? social distancing before covid lol
Imaan | ISWKi
Imaan | ISWKi - Måned siden
i was gonna say "is anyone procrastinating by procrastinating on this vid" but that idea is taken so i will procrastinate on reading the comments related to procrastination under a video which is supose to stop u from procrastinating
ALFAZ mullick
ALFAZ mullick - Måned siden
The task theory is the best u said.It works.
Stephen Woolston Coach and Trainer
I resonate with this. I got my 'warning' in my second year of university. A big near miss. I decided I was never going to do that again. In my final year, I made the decision I was doing everything at the earliest opportunity, not the latest, and I started reading ahead of lectures rather than reading behind. The irony is, not only was my third year the easiest year I'd had, I actually created MORE time for me. Nowadays I teach on this topic myself. Thanks for sharing this great video.
Fiona YL. Lai
Fiona YL. Lai - Måned siden
I have a problem with starting something and then never really finishing it and saying I'll get to it and I keep putting it off🙃 and I find something else new to do... timers, I tend to snooze it🙃🙃
Yadi Anyankah
Yadi Anyankah - Måned siden
Demonetized at 8:24
Rony Martins
Rony Martins - Måned siden
I see later.
Peehu Rasotra
Peehu Rasotra - Måned siden
listen, I'm not even gonna try until someone says, *oMg it wOrKed*
Adam Tadros
Adam Tadros - Måned siden
honestly, I really appreciate how smoothly you weave comedy into this. Thanks.
kids games Mo
kids games Mo - Måned siden
Ananth Pullur
Ananth Pullur - Måned siden
My man how u not talk abut mihaily but still talk abut flow 🤣
manu shrestha
manu shrestha - Måned siden
**Procrastinating by watching a video on procrastination to stop procrastinationg**
Aeya Olaran
Aeya Olaran - Måned siden
Let’s talk about the Joy Division shirt.
Fardin Elahi
Fardin Elahi - Måned siden
Saved to ‘watch later.’
Khanya Kubheka
Khanya Kubheka - Måned siden
I'll just uhh watch the video later.
procrastinating - Måned siden
don't read my profile pic
don't read my profile pic - Måned siden
Don't mind me I'm just putting this in my watch later playlist
reality binder?
reality binder? - Måned siden
Who else is here after quarantine broke u down n left u on this non stop procrastinating road
Shabad Vaswani
Shabad Vaswani - Måned siden
Man you are god thank you have to clear jee
Rajan Duncan
Rajan Duncan - Måned siden
very good video. it was super informative. you really do your research, man.
Bobby Shabangu
Bobby Shabangu - Måned siden
I'm watching this video to procrastinate.
Maciej Borowski
Maciej Borowski - Måned siden
"Swing for the seats"... how do you understand this statement from "DO THE WORK"?
Matt I'm glad you recommend "DO THE WORK". I feel like it helped me a lot. Thanks, man!
Greetings from Poland!
MAXY MADD - Måned siden
im procrastinating be watching a video about how to stop
Sujit Prajapati
Sujit Prajapati - Måned siden
Oscar :D