How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Let’s be honest this video was just an excuse for me to flex on you guys 💪😂. Thanks for watching & make sure to check out Nate's newsletter. He was a huge resource & inspiration for making this...
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
health is to be prioritized no matter where you are :) thank you for the motivational video :)
Pedro Piteira
Pedro Piteira - År siden
Hello Matt, maybe you shold try freeletics APP when you're traveling. Amazing app, it's like crossfit with just your bodyweight.
Antonpm11 - År siden - What I use while I'm on the road. They're outdoors and they're for people who want to come and work out so you'll be around like minded people if anyone is there. I've used them in Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Budapest, Bucharest and currently in Sofia over the last 2-3 months.
Sam Brown
Sam Brown - År siden
Big fan man would you start linking your music? you use good music but i never know the source
Tom Fredericks
Tom Fredericks - År siden
Great videos dude, I love your channel! Do you use Premier Pro to edit? Thanks man!
Gary Turner
Gary Turner - 9 dager siden
Love the travel tips. Always disappointed when on business trips that many hotels don’t have routes for runners to try whilst they are staying for a few days. That aside, what make are your dark T-shirts....?
Matthew Bull
Matthew Bull - 10 dager siden
The sausage roll reaction from Nat... Priceless
Ewan Anmo
Ewan Anmo - Måned siden
That is a pretty minimalistic workout routine! 😁
Manish Chauhan
Manish Chauhan - Måned siden
10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling, see here
Mishal Waseem
Mishal Waseem - 2 måneder siden
Read the title of the video and unconsciously murmered to myself, "we don't travel anymore." :( #2020
Gabriel Fracassi
Gabriel Fracassi - 2 måneder siden
Can I ask you that juice recipe?
Liezel San Andres
Liezel San Andres - 2 måneder siden
Is Nathalie a Filipina? :)
Sam Kutz
Sam Kutz - 3 måneder siden
Would love to know what’s all in that juice
DazzlingGreenEyes - 4 måneder siden
Hey Matt, hope you and Nat are well.
Can you please do a video on how to stay healthy while in Isolation? That and/or maybe staying sane? Only so much wine/gin I can buy ... haha
The UK here has just been announced that we may be in lockdown now until JUNE, though was only put in it last Monday (I was social distancing long before that as I work in hospitality and security for events so was around lots of people, and tbh, introvert here) and we were told only a few weeks until it would be looked after but both there across the pond and here we haven't even hit our peak get, so anything motivation wise and with your wit and humour would be amazing
Jarret McKee
Jarret McKee - 4 måneder siden
This was a great video to revisit right now. With gyms and restaurants closing and people staying home, having suggestions to maintain healthy habits and not stressing over planning for grocery store restrictions was really helpful. Thanks Matt :)
Bianca Xavier de Mendonca
Bianca Xavier de Mendonca - 5 måneder siden
One of my favorite things when I am on the road is to take a class: yoga, pilates, dance training. It helps me to connect with the place and to be fit for the marathon.
A D - 5 måneder siden
Did you just get Nat polished?
Chrono Him
Chrono Him - 5 måneder siden
Just come across this in the perfect time. About to go to Auckland for 8 days and worried how to stay healthy!
fishtherapy100 - 6 måneder siden
Americans just dont travel well. They do NOT blend in. They dont talk quietly. They have no volume button. They are seriously annoying. You can hear an American from miles away. In restaurants they have no awareness of them being the only voice booming over everyone who is dinning. They have no manners. No etiquette. No style. No class. They are brash n trash. They seem to want the USA to be where they end up and compare the country they are in with the USA illuminating any minor inconveniences. Only 5% of Americans has a passport. Thats 5% too many. Do us all a favour and "stay home" as you say. You miss out the "at".
Musically Yours
Musically Yours - 6 måneder siden
Thank you very much for valuable video
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 6 måneder siden
the sausage roll couldn’t be more british
Artem Sindyakin
Artem Sindyakin - 7 måneder siden
I totally agree with you, pal:-)
MAXMANDAR - 7 måneder siden
Now confirmed.. My Man Crush!!
Carmen Thong
Carmen Thong - 7 måneder siden
I hear a Malaysian accent with Nat's mum? :D
nathanpiazza - 8 måneder siden
"wraps" ...
Britney Kimball
Britney Kimball - 8 måneder siden
Anyone else wanna know he squats so low! I could never!
Damian H.
Damian H. - 8 måneder siden
Hi Matt
I've got one question not related with topic of this video. My point is that I feel... ashamed to pull out the camera in public places. Is there anything I could do beside of just take the camera from bag and start "rolling" while I'm traveling etc.?
Red Dot
Red Dot - 9 måneder siden
Love you Matt
Nabranes TwistyPuzzler
Nabranes TwistyPuzzler - 9 måneder siden
How I exercise: I do parkour, run around, and jump around all of the time.
Diet: Whatever food there is.
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
And also he runs like a duck
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
He sounds like a kid while he laughs
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
Love the snail part.. you gotta post that snail more often and make it popular.. it needs some minimalistic attention..!!
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
waking up really early is what I plan to do while I am travelling too :)
Leon Zerr
Leon Zerr - 10 måneder siden
wow, this just felt like an hollywood movie!
probably one of your best videos!!
Keep it up man ♥
Fabian Gan
Fabian Gan - 10 måneder siden
Love your channel, but its not ad free
Jack Holt
Jack Holt - 10 måneder siden
Juice recipe?
TonyOrdazMx - 11 måneder siden
What's in that juice!!?
Katarina Bašič
Katarina Bašič - 11 måneder siden
You give so much value with every single video you make! I just "discovered" you a week ago... And every single podcast, challenge or video that you made, encouraged me to improve myself. Matt, thank you so much! Hello from Slovenia, Europe! ;)
Ronnie's Dosis
Ronnie's Dosis - 11 måneder siden
Massive breakfast caloric wise :O hahah tasty though
Luis Sullivan
Luis Sullivan - 11 måneder siden
Is 1:08 really Australia? It looks exactly like London... I'm aware there's a relationship, but jeez!
Deepthi Vasishta
Deepthi Vasishta - 11 måneder siden
I saved this video so that I can keep watching it for motivation. I have been telling people that they can stay healthy when they travel too, now I can send them this. Thanks Matt!
Jean-Baptiste Brochet
Jean-Baptiste Brochet - 11 måneder siden
Your minimalist spirit goes a long way, we can see it in your editing, the no ads, your tranquility, your simple yet determined spirit. You are a proof that "less is more" and that life is far more enjoyable that way.You are affecting lots of people in a positve way, myself included, and that's what the humanity needs. Keep up the inspirational work.
Ps: one vote for more 30 days challenge !!
Anna Tauscher
Anna Tauscher - 11 måneder siden
what is a set. saddest question I know
Lito Novoa
Lito Novoa - 11 måneder siden
Great job, really liked the video.
Deepesh Gujjar
Deepesh Gujjar - År siden
Man I just discovered this guy a week ago and I'm just mind blown with his work
ajcruzing - År siden
4:42 one of the few times you'll see matt party hard
Atorb Minimalist
Atorb Minimalist - År siden
Hi Dave, a great fan of you from India.
Please provide video resolutions of 2k or 4k also. Really love your videos. Such videos really deserve a higher resolution.
Linus Bucher
Linus Bucher - År siden
Push-ups(wide/narow) to failure
pushups on bed/bench to failure
finish with sit up's to failure
&a bit of cardio
George Downtown
George Downtown - År siden
Will you clue me into what glasses you are wearing? Company and frame name? Thanks!
刘熙 - År siden
Anastasia Shevchenko
Anastasia Shevchenko - År siden
Yes, absolutely agree. Success is the matter of process ))
Aditi Chanda
Aditi Chanda - År siden
Schmalling - År siden
Would be great if you could film your regular training in your gym at home as well
Life Coach Ben
Life Coach Ben - År siden
Been to Sydney twice, love that city.....
Dean Moon
Dean Moon - År siden
Thumbnail - running around Lavender Bay?!
summer girl
summer girl - År siden
I have watched this before but i did again because your voice is so soothing. You're an angel. Whenever I want to think positive, you pop up and God bless the 111 ones who disliked this video, i hope they find their way. I wish I get to hang out with you.
Andreas Johansen
Andreas Johansen - År siden
Awesome video! 😁 Really want to travel more now
Rebecca Chen
Rebecca Chen - År siden
Dang, such a good video with amazing tips ✈️
Glo Mendez
Glo Mendez - År siden
Travel is about enjoying the process of learning new things, so eat something new and from that country. Walk and use the stairs. Balance is the key.
GamerBody - År siden
You managed to get a bell button press from me. This is rare so you better keep making great videos ;)
Rob MCh
Rob MCh - År siden
Thank you for all the tips. My next trip will be so much better!
zebrasprite - År siden
Hey that's a southern train in the beginning, did you go to brighton or to london?
Sunil Chockalingam
Sunil Chockalingam - År siden
Where do you get those amazing solid tees?
Victor Rusu
Victor Rusu - År siden
I get the eating unhealthy stuff, but when I'm traveling I'm walking at least 10 km a day.