How to NOT Buy Anime Figures | Trash Taste #4

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Runtime: 1:20:00


Insentos - 9 timer siden
Bro, am I the only one who wants to know where Gigguk got his shirt? It's stylish as heck, ngl.
Otaku Radar
Otaku Radar - 9 timer siden
Watching this podcast makes me want to drop off the face of the earth, leave my current life and go find friends who are as weeby as I am. Normies really do fucking suck, I don't want normie friends anymore
Zi Ti Tan
Zi Ti Tan - 9 timer siden
Great job! Will stay tune for more! 😁😁😁
Skylar Holbrough
Skylar Holbrough - 10 timer siden
I’m torn between Dabi and the Slime set. I’m so pissed. I paid $70 for the Rimuru Rigure and $50 for the dragon. I also paid $60 for Dabi. I can’t wait to move to Japan
General Archer614
General Archer614 - 10 timer siden
My favorite figure is rimuru
AJJ29 - 10 timer siden
Monogatari figures yes boiz
BeatMil - 11 timer siden
the most likely one
vjhonno83 - 13 timer siden
Yea so i totally binged watched all of these back to back
0815 Anime Fan
0815 Anime Fan - 13 timer siden
Milk Pudding Gameplay
Milk Pudding Gameplay - 13 timer siden
Missed opportunity to put their stuff in trash bags
The Ace Pigeon
The Ace Pigeon - 13 timer siden
i mean,, if you can open that shit inside, that is not as bad as surströmming
INDSR RSDNI - 15 timer siden
I love rias but c2 is the best
Domino_Kid - 15 timer siden
I love Nendoroid's to be honest, they are really cute and I usually change them when I go through my room often
ALR HasSan
ALR HasSan - 15 timer siden
carried by big tiddies lmao
Mr. Teuchi
Mr. Teuchi - 15 timer siden
i think the crazy diamond one is the over heaven set there is also one of dio and za waarudo and you can play with him in eyes of heaven
Red Velvet is love, Seulrene is tragic
51:42 listens to Joey pronouncing C.C.'s name as 'CC' instead of 'C2"
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 15 timer siden
Guys you really blew it out of the water with this. I watched all 3 of your videos and then listened to all the podcasts in order. Your chemistry is on point so you guys are so entertaining! Keep it up! Enjoy Japan!
E-C-BX - 16 timer siden
Jokes on you.... FMA:BRO is #1 on MAL.
Osakan Hime
Osakan Hime - 16 timer siden
Rias is never a waste of money. She is epic.
Zu1fuR - 17 timer siden
Garnt: buys Rias figure
Joey: buys Tanya figure
Connor: "I think this Mike figure is Pretty good"
Bono Giamboni
Bono Giamboni - 17 timer siden
So what was gigguk's pillow case? Did he actually say what the character was? I mean i get needing to censor but they could have just censored the important bits and described it.
6PieCakes - 17 timer siden
Oh I like that C.C. figurine
Sepecat - 18 timer siden
This seems to be the Top Gear of weebing
Madger Bole
Madger Bole - 18 timer siden
Can somebody help me out? I don't wanna rewatch the whole video, there was a mention about an anime, that't basically "Quentin Tarantino anime", I don't know where it is, so if anyone caught that, thanks in advance.
Heol - 18 timer siden
After eaing that fish thing, it was the perfect chance to do the "this is a pen" experiment
GamingSaturn117 - 18 timer siden
God I wish I had the money for a good Kurumi figure like that.
Lucas Wargo
Lucas Wargo - 19 timer siden
My favorite was the Crazy Diamond
Morgan Morgalow
Morgan Morgalow - 20 timer siden
Honestly, if you ask me. The Ishtar bean is the best.
swordhunter12 - 20 timer siden
I feel like these three are the Ego, Superego and Id of the community.
Hear me out:
Garnt is the Id. Arguably the loudest and most animated of the group. Totally unashamed and comfortable in what he does and likes and prone to making impulse purchases.
Joey is the Superego. He's a little more shy and quiet, compared to the other two. He's also the most embarassed of the three (though anyone would be embarrassed to ask about BnP merch), and sets a budget for each of the stores.
And Connor is the Ego. He teases the others, and is a little embarrassed by some of their antics, but he's mostly comfortable in what he likes and, while he doesn't budget as well as Joey, he does keep the price in mind and doesn't get himself into trouble, like Garnt.
Jarrisu - 20 timer siden
Rias Gremory...Im trash
Shweta Gare
Shweta Gare - 21 time siden
This podcast was so satisfying. Especially after watching their individual videos.
Saniso- Kun
Saniso- Kun - 21 time siden
Imagine saving up money
Abel - 21 time siden
I really wanted to see the dakimakura 😂! Love this podcast💙😍
TriggeredPantha - 22 timer siden
Gigguk is a man among men of culture
ODC Ark - 22 timer siden
Guys, guys, CAPTIONS please
J.B. - 22 timer siden
Right order to watch: gigguk, c dawg, anime man, this one
xm slique
xm slique - 22 timer siden
best episode yet, do more of that
mr gamer
mr gamer - 23 timer siden
loved it
you could try once a month for this kind of video
Fam4RM - 23 timer siden
1. Y'all did Meruem and Milim dirty in the same sentence by calling her figure, Meruem.
2. Milim is a Yandere/Deredere. She's the exact opposite of Tsun, Gigguk.
The Mastermind
The Mastermind - Dag siden
How come everyone in that room are still alive after being exposed to a biological weapons.
UMR Savage
UMR Savage - Dag siden
Oh shit Monsters Inc!
My favorite anime 👌😂
depravity reached 100%
"Ofcourse, i wanted to fill the channel with some degeneracy". For some reason the only anime i could think was high school dxd when he said that. Was not dissapointed
madison king
madison king - Dag siden
Idk why I didn't like Katanagatari, i dropped it like halfway
Joshua Mudd
Joshua Mudd - Dag siden
Really loved watching all the videos and coming back to the podcast. It reminded me of the good top gear episodes but instead of cars, it's waifus.
I'd love to see more of this content.
Bork Bork
Bork Bork - Dag siden
Funny enough, I was unboxing my own Rimuru figure while watching this one lmao
Mizuki Okakura
Mizuki Okakura - Dag siden
See, I'm new to this podcast despite knowing all of them and my insight after watching this video,
Wow I'm trash, you're trash, everyone's trash!
(Realisation hits you isekai truck-kun style when you didn't even know you spent an hour plus watching weebs do weeb stuff and you are late for your RL appointment with non-weeb friends-)
Someone please help-
Brenna Russell
Brenna Russell - Dag siden
I love the Slime figures are my fav ❤️ It’s one of my favorite iseki
pradshaw89 - Dag siden
lmao y'all should've purchased that one Yoda figure shown on Gigguk's video.
SirBastflow - Dag siden
This was such a blast to watch! I would definitely love to see more challenges like this!
Thanks for the almost 2 hours of fun!
SparkeyMcMuffin - Dag siden
What’s the wall scroll from? I couldn’t hear
Nyko. - Dag siden
Jonas Aguila
Jonas Aguila - Dag siden
Gigguk, I give you my utmost RESPECT!!! You see Rias' titty... You buy the titty!!! Respect!!!
Trash Boat
Trash Boat - Dag siden
"we didn't logan paul this shit"
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - Dag siden
The shounen jump letters were probably my fave. Don't ever see that type of stuff.
Bob Corn
Bob Corn - Dag siden
RiP Misaka Mikoto... I'd have loved them talking about her on the podcast. I'm just so curious what the other two guys would have said...
Liam Egan
Liam Egan - Dag siden
Great video. Made me decide to sub to all of your accounts.
phoenix lamp
phoenix lamp - Dag siden
Ofc top 3 figures are Rias, C.C., and Kurumi.
Jimmie Hammel
Jimmie Hammel - Dag siden
I now see why little kids love kindersurprise type unboxing videos.
pepetheheppe - Dag siden
that fucking cc figure do be kinda thicc
Cedo - Dag siden
I love ishitar just being on the middle of the table
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - Dag siden
Japan gets loads of earthquakes? How do people secure their figurines ?
animotion - Dag siden
i love how he keep calling Rias Gremory "Risa"
Dude, she saved your ass, have a bit of respect!
Charming nowhere to hide
We call POP figures Nonderoids. They're like really really really bad nendos.
Komaa - Dag siden
*Joey and Connor talking about how they gonna pose the nendroids*
Me with my Gundam collection: i just can't stop changing the poses
PogsRcool - Dag siden
28:12 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Charming nowhere to hide
My most favorite figure in your podcast is the edward elric figure
J N - Dag siden
animevideo games discussion for one episode would be kewl.
katie spitzer
katie spitzer - Dag siden
Grant did not just fucking say he distory the boxes of his figures!! Like NANI!!? I store them because if I move I have a safe place to put my figures!!
MysticxKun - Dag siden
connor: casual
joey: weeb
gigguk: degenerate
Socks&Scandals - Dag siden
My Favorite one by far is the Tanya one
Kradyn - Dag siden
I don't watch podcasts at all, but after the challenge (Thanks to Gigguk), this the first one that I was interested in, so PLEASE, do more of these challenges and podcasts
Moetrash - Dag siden
You know I don’t watch a lot of podcasts or live-streams but I genuinely enjoy watching this podcast.
mojopeach - Dag siden
i don't normally listen to podcasts but i think I gonna start tuning into this one
awryri - Dag siden
it'd be cool to do this like annually so that is it a refreshing background
ratchet2505 - Dag siden
I'm biased to C2 so I'm not voting
Nikola Drča
Nikola Drča - Dag siden
I love the Shonen Jump logo the most. Really awesome figure to have.
Rias is my least favorite figure because I don't like her as a character, at all.
Enano536 - Dag siden
Surströmming is the best and most delicious food ever made
And the smell of surströmming isn't that bad
Fujoshi UwU
Fujoshi UwU - Dag siden
When I saw Connor pull out the C.C. figure I screamed "My waifu"
My favourite was best girl C.C. eeeeeeeeeeee
Coppy Cat
Coppy Cat - Dag siden
Obiosly DXD and wer is mikasa
Alex Dryer
Alex Dryer - Dag siden
Enixawesome 2024
Enixawesome 2024 - Dag siden
Mike is the best anime character
Markileleo Morley
Markileleo Morley - Dag siden
My most favorite figure in your podcast is the edward elric figure