How To Dispose of a Skyscraper

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Extremely complex, highly specialist and fraught with challenges - this is how to dispose of a skyscraper. This video was powered by Bluebeam -
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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of SkyscraperPage, Anton Lawrence, Cox Architecture, Gensler, Max Touhey, Michael Young, Bison United, Con Dongas, JP Morgan Chase, Adam E. Moreira, Taisei Corporation, Evan Bindelglass, Sarah Jacobs, AMP Capital and 3XN Architects.
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Islander - Dag siden
Re elect de blasio...
Boston is cool
Boston is cool - 2 dager siden
Or theres a little thing called “dynamite” you shouldnt listen to the “many casualties” JOKE DONT TO THAT
msotil - 3 dager siden
How do you dispose of a skyscraper that has become a liability (for instance, full of asbestos)? Easy. sell it cheap to Larry Silverstein. He knows the magic words: "pull it". And the building, 22 minutes later, collapses on its own footprint.
Michael Niemiera
Michael Niemiera - 3 dager siden
7-11 was a part-time job.
GloryTo Allah
GloryTo Allah - 4 dager siden
When skyscrapers dont bring in revenue, when no one is buying any floors and is filled with toxic chemicals all throughout the building. You demolish it and start a war and pay off your buddies for a new one world tower.
Robert Defoe
Robert Defoe - 4 dager siden
Actually an interesting video, I've always wondered how engineers would go about dimolishing a skyscraper safely without causing too much damage to the local area. Seems like engineers took some inspiration from ship breaking yards when disposing of old ships by means of gutting, dismantling the super structure then breaking down the hull.
Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo
Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo - 6 dager siden
As a kid, I was a mini-documentary in a VCR tape. It showed a 6-8 story building with an implosion. It fell inwards. It was so awesome. I kinda thought that's how it was always done, since I live in a tiny village. But, this is much more reasonable.
The Great Big Move
The Great Big Move - 9 dager siden
I've always wondered this. However, I'm still curious what happens to the people who own units within the building. How are they reimbursed for the loss of their units?
Anuj Bhandare
Anuj Bhandare - 13 dager siden
Why no one's pointing out it should be how to dispose 'off' instead of 'of'
Anthony - 9 dager siden
Because you're incorrect.
the grinch
the grinch - 14 dager siden
tear down?!
no prob.
hire some people in
Hamburg-Harburg! 🤤
balrog of morgoth
balrog of morgoth - 15 dager siden
it was sad to see that building go 😢
Igna Originals
Igna Originals - 15 dager siden
Who else started to write something funny on this and backed because it might be Offensive .
Tarez Rutledge
Tarez Rutledge - 17 dager siden
He forgot to add the World Trade Centers to the intentional destroyed list
xm mx
xm mx - 21 dag siden
Succinct and excellent visuals. Always wondered about this.
Chandan Kumar Singh
Chandan Kumar Singh - 23 dager siden
View Chandan Kumar Singh Village Bhojpur city Deoghar jh India
BSC zoology Delhi University
Fredo Santana
Fredo Santana - 25 dager siden
The demolition of WT7 was executed beautifully.
- No casualties
- Minimum disruption
- Nobody noticed
- Implosion
Roseand Stem
Roseand Stem - 26 dager siden
Hell, you can get rid of a sky scraper in under an hour.
Please boi
Please boi - 27 dager siden
Thanks I needed this.
Graphicality - 27 dager siden
What’s the music in this video? Can’t find it
Stingy aviation
Stingy aviation - 29 dager siden
Plot twist

2:15 is just a reversed video of a skyscraper being built
GIZMO THE DRAGON - Måned siden
What’s the highest skyscraper to be demolished non intentionally
Killer Prod.
Killer Prod. - Måned siden
“Good to know, good... to... know.”
ART-TT - Måned siden
what music is this 0:19?
joe blow
joe blow - Måned siden
1:55 you turned the power off right?
Martin Nabielec
Martin Nabielec - Måned siden
"They start at the top and finish at the bottom"wow you dont say.
Christian Borkey
Christian Borkey - Måned siden
Do I need this? No. Am I watching the whole thing? Yes.
T Mopps
T Mopps - Måned siden
ironic i watch this on sept 11, 2020
seand67 - Måned siden
VERY informative
AwayMichael - Måned siden
Build in reverse
Connor McCarty
Connor McCarty - Måned siden
thank you for this tutorial
Astrid Eriksson Tropp
Astrid Eriksson Tropp - Måned siden
Glad you took an example where a lot was reused, it is so important to not just take down buildings but to also see the resources it contains and to recycle or reuse them! Many people seams to forget we are living on a planet with limited resources.
Naxon Nguyen
Naxon Nguyen - Måned siden
American: Hey i've seen this before
Civil Engineering Q&A
Civil Engineering Q&A - Måned siden
Step by step video solutions of civil engineering questions
Marek Szymański
Marek Szymański - Måned siden
1:13 Warsaw ❤️❤️❤️
itzzzleo - Måned siden
why is recommending youtube me this on september 10th?
Whaff Fb
Whaff Fb - Måned siden
✈️ ✈️ 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Sam Fullam
Sam Fullam - Måned siden
Team spider!
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle - Måned siden
Its been 19 years since people have reminded other people that skyscrapers could be deleted
Not Garfield
Not Garfield - Måned siden
Adam Bergquist
Adam Bergquist - Måned siden
meanwhile me in minecraft:
//set air
Snake Plissiken
Snake Plissiken - Måned siden
I just use World edit
DudeGuy's Realm
DudeGuy's Realm - Måned siden
i know two more
The Truth
The Truth - Måned siden
How to dispose of a skyscraper:
*Allahu Akbar*
yaqub aisaa
yaqub aisaa - Måned siden
Bad photoshop
The Degenerate Gamer
The Degenerate Gamer - Måned siden
Just get on an American airlines flight
Eli Rifai
Eli Rifai - Måned siden
Don't get why the hell perfectly fine buildings are torn down still like just sell it smh
Up In The Sky
Up In The Sky - Måned siden
thx will go dispose my skycraper now
The Mason Experience
The Mason Experience - Måned siden
I see a lot of the video is from Melbourne
richard coulson
richard coulson - Måned siden
Tower 7
X X - Måned siden
Ebros - Måned siden
One of the best channels on YouTube.
M Faisal Emir
M Faisal Emir - Måned siden
Buang Sambung Selesai.
M Faisal Emir
M Faisal Emir - Måned siden
Don't hear Ben.
Ya Tukang dulu.
Ashmew - 2 måneder siden
"permanent fixtures of our city skylines"
guess they didn't know that City Skylines is a game.
Master of Truth
Master of Truth - 2 måneder siden
Sell it to Larry Silverstein.
rocker4577 - 2 måneder siden
You missed Building 7
P.S. Burton
P.S. Burton - 2 måneder siden
Use old unused aircraft. Kill two birds with one stone.
Valentin Décarpentrie
Valentin Décarpentrie - 2 måneder siden
In Lyon, the UAP tower was demolished by an "eating" machine
Nicolás Tribaldos
Nicolás Tribaldos - 2 måneder siden
that footage from the Japanese demolition broke my brain.
ben playle
ben playle - 2 måneder siden
Now I know how to get rid of that ugly building in my city
StresIce - 2 måneder siden
The B1M: Make A Video About " How To Dispose Of A Skyscraper "

NYC Be Like:

NYC: I Need To Watch This Video Because Last Time I Fail To Dispose My Building.
Rush Hour
Rush Hour - 2 måneder siden
Engineer: Let’s take this one down
Surrounding buildings: Sweats nervously
Chheam Sothek
Chheam Sothek - 2 måneder siden
klarigi4219 - 2 måneder siden
cheam sotek
Alan Alban
Alan Alban - 2 måneder siden
Larry Silverstein is an expert in disposing of Skyscrapers.
Muhhamad Areeb Shaukat
Muhhamad Areeb Shaukat - 2 måneder siden
Step 1: *NUKE*
Step 2: Enjoy
Muhhamad Areeb Shaukat
Muhhamad Areeb Shaukat - 2 måneder siden
Muhhamad Areeb Shaukat
Muhhamad Areeb Shaukat - 2 måneder siden
Justin Chiang
Justin Chiang - 2 måneder siden
Please make one - How to make of a Skyscraper?
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Building 7
Google it
Happy Sisters
Happy Sisters - 2 måneder siden
Why not don't build it at the first place?
joe - 2 måneder siden
Ask larry sliverstein
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching - 2 måneder siden
Shadow WSK
Shadow WSK - 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much, i was struggling to dispose of my skyscraper in the town. The video really helped!!
Humberto Sanchez
Humberto Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for this guide, i actually have a couple of skyscrapers i need to dispose and i wasn't know how.
Capt. Smeralda
Capt. Smeralda - 2 måneder siden
Ask Larry Silverstein he’ll do it a lot faster
Mohan Kumar Khangar
Mohan Kumar Khangar - 2 måneder siden
How To dispose of a Skyscraper :
Simple - by good editing
merrissa - 2 måneder siden
I thought they shot it down but good to know ig
ohwacky - 2 måneder siden
just break the bottom layer and put a torch
Wide Awake
Wide Awake - 2 måneder siden
Ask the American government. They disposed of 3 buildings in one day.
Wide Awake
Wide Awake - 2 måneder siden
klarigi4219 It’s not suppose to be funny. Stating facts!
klarigi4219 - 2 måneder siden
not funny
Wenagade Waider
Wenagade Waider - 2 måneder siden
Justt in case
कनिष्क प्रसाद
These buildings are more erect thaa mine.
23NCairjordan - 3 måneder siden
"intentionally destroyed" lmaoooo #NeverForget
MassEffectGER - 3 måneder siden
Lay around a few office fires.
stephen P
stephen P - 3 måneder siden
Ala WT7
GentleStudios - 3 måneder siden
Thanks! Now i can dispose of my skyscraper!
Yichen Jasper Xie
Yichen Jasper Xie - 3 måneder siden
I thought this is a photoshop tutorial from the thumbnail cover
Hyder Hathaf
Hyder Hathaf - 3 måneder siden
"Only a hand full of towers over 150 meters have ever been intentionally destroyed"
Andrei Z
Andrei Z - 3 måneder siden
From top to bottom! You dont say!!!
IMTHEBIGGESTCUNT - 3 måneder siden
Nine. Eleven.
Miles Dyson
Miles Dyson - 3 måneder siden
U pull it
Terence Kreft
Terence Kreft - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or is this just saying childishly obvious things.
"Must start at the top"
"When descontructing it's deconstruction not demolition"
Brandon Caleb
Brandon Caleb - 3 måneder siden
Ok good tutorial i’ve been looking to dispose one of my skyscrapers laying around unused
Gregory Mize
Gregory Mize - 3 måneder siden
Wt7 won't go away
Crenam - 3 måneder siden
5:17 what's that building?
Nikit Bansal
Nikit Bansal - 3 måneder siden
The question nobody asked but everyone wants to know.
Mat Dolor
Mat Dolor - 3 måneder siden
Is this the building 7 footage?
corsomagenta - 2 måneder siden
[gravelly voice] "There had already been so much loss of life...and so that's what we did. We pulled it."
Gregory Mize
Gregory Mize - 3 måneder siden
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 3 måneder siden
Such a great video, thank you!
SteveRodgers - 3 måneder siden
Everyone get ready for agenda 21 and being forced to live in a cubicle of a tower with 20k others
Vaibhav Ravichandran
Vaibhav Ravichandran - 3 måneder siden
Came here for a Photoshop tutorial. I guess I'll need explosives instead.
Mr Smith
Mr Smith - 3 måneder siden
I do not agree with jokes being made about September the 11th it was terrible, though some people have it is there way of coping, so I will not be critical of them,