how to create the weeknd's "blinding lights"

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hey guys! this video took way too long to make but i hope you like it. i'm in no way an animator so i just tried doing my best on my own. didn't watch any tutorials on animation or anything so i'm sure it could have been way better in tons of ways. basically, i just went into photoshop and traced/drew frame by frame and then put it all together.
and yes i used those items to create the sounds you're hearing.
ok anyway thanks for watching!

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SethEverman - 10 dager siden
thank you for all the support always. let's see how fast this video gets copyright claimed.
REICHCO - 2 dager siden
Can we get a full cover
Albu Mihail - A Romanian Human
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Bull3tz4 Breakfast - 9 dager siden
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Normandy - 5 timer siden
make this a whole song and let us download it :)
Kayyjun - 5 timer siden
What synth is he using
Wearentstalin 69
Wearentstalin 69 - 5 timer siden
Bruh you should do wide Putin next
Ivan Mac
Ivan Mac - 5 timer siden
Brian Goh
Brian Goh - 5 timer siden
he blue balls us every month so now we gotta wait till next month for the next 40 second video
Revinotchi 4304
Revinotchi 4304 - 6 timer siden
there he is again HAHHAHHA love it!!
Benjamin Andrés Ramirez Borges
U that guy from the anime?
yogesh kumar
yogesh kumar - 6 timer siden
Mom, buy me an instrument to practice
Mom: we have instruments at home
Instrument at home: 0:21
koolkman21 - 6 timer siden
That was the best 40 seconds of my life
No logré sobrevivir
No logré sobrevivir - 6 timer siden
Que grande el bizaa
AmusementParkFan95 - 6 timer siden
The couch shot was just an excuse to show off thicc bowser and I love it
Gabe Alegre
Gabe Alegre - 6 timer siden
0:14 that bass do be hitting hard tho
Łåśåğñūţ - 7 timer siden
Ooooooooooooooooooooo *continues for whole song*
Cayborg1 - 7 timer siden
Discord Light Theme Has entered the chat.
I wanna die !!!
I wanna die !!! - 7 timer siden
Sad to see that the title wasn’t “balding lights” :(

btw i this comment idea fro, the actual music video some person commented balding lights)
moogan the cow
moogan the cow - 7 timer siden
it should be luigi and bowser
Marnie the Fat Cat
Marnie the Fat Cat - 7 timer siden
Why you such a sad man
Dont be sad
Dont be sad man
No sad
th3rockbandaddict - 8 timer siden
Brooke Davidson
Brooke Davidson - 8 timer siden
I liked that video.
No. - 8 timer siden
Is there anything that this long lost brother of Saitama the Egg can’t do?
sephyhot - 8 timer siden
Omg the m night twist at the end ❤️❤️❤️
Nguyễn Trung
Nguyễn Trung - 8 timer siden
Damnnnn, make it longerrrr, plzzz, it's wayyyy tooo gooood
Sympathetic Vybrations
Sympathetic Vybrations - 8 timer siden
Good work seth! Your video made me feel happy, thank you
fadadapple - 8 timer siden
How do you always find a second song that sounds similar to the first one you play?
Ban Yip
Ban Yip - 8 timer siden
We need more
Basic Editing
Basic Editing - 8 timer siden
Interviewer: how many instruments can you play Seth
Seth: yes
pew pew
pew pew - 9 timer siden
This channel is the definition of quality over quantity.
I subscribed.
Aurora In the sky
Aurora In the sky - 9 timer siden
Oh I remember you, your the one with the super popular comment !!
Pig. - 9 timer siden
I feel like i got rickrolled but i didnt.
Albiery Castillo
Albiery Castillo - 9 timer siden
This is like getting Rick rolled with a different song.......
Sean Prasad ᓍᘺᓍ
Sean Prasad ᓍᘺᓍ - 9 timer siden
When seth did that take on me part....

And i felt like im in the 1980's
Doraemon Fan
Doraemon Fan - 9 timer siden
Blinding lights and take on me are quite same
Daniel prays
Daniel prays - 9 timer siden
the only problem with this video is that it ends up
John Wick
John Wick - 9 timer siden
Someones a fan of The X Files 💀👌
martinumber1 - 9 timer siden
You're so awesome. I am so happy I searched blinding lights. You're such an adorable person too. Followed you on Spotify and subbed :)
Fated Machel90
Fated Machel90 - 10 timer siden
I am fans from Indonesian
denzyl casuela
denzyl casuela - 10 timer siden
Oh that was why blinding lights sounded familiar
Gabrielle Rodriguez
Gabrielle Rodriguez - 10 timer siden
i need a version Full of this music OMG
kizazu1 Ralte
kizazu1 Ralte - 10 timer siden
Couch Epic Instrument
Levi Olson
Levi Olson - 10 timer siden
Did we just get Rick Rolled by Seth??
CylumN - 10 timer siden
I can tell this guys is trying to become a meme and it’s great
Only Adrian
Only Adrian - 11 timer siden
"I'm balding by the lights"
GUELATAUR 7u7 - 11 timer siden
Ay que guapo
Strange Frontier
Strange Frontier - 11 timer siden
0:14 Regular Show intro
Tommy - 11 timer siden
I think I'm responsible for the first million views or do. Keep going back and playing this video
Channel Of Promotional Music
Channel Of Promotional Music - 11 timer siden
Why do you look like Hitman Agent 47?
rai - 11 timer siden
Welcome to the first episode of
What quarantine brought Seth to.
Teddy Kim
Teddy Kim - 11 timer siden
Ah yes COUCH
urmomG A
urmomG A - 11 timer siden
"Balding Lights"
BebehCookieIcecream - 11 timer siden
He is level 99.
EK - 12 timer siden
balding lights.
Andy Tingan Yang
Andy Tingan Yang - 12 timer siden
good to see Seth has upgraded his furniture since our support.
BlackEagleGamer - 12 timer siden
The Return of the King
FunnyProductions - 12 timer siden
The last part kinda looks sketchy
acidicmemecab - 12 timer siden
Muichiro Tokito
Muichiro Tokito - 12 timer siden
How does his eyes like that
Nightmare Zo
Nightmare Zo - 12 timer siden
Does this man smile?
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia - 12 timer siden
And they said we couldn't make household items into instruments. HA! Boy, how you've showed them, Seth.
sofia Zzzz
sofia Zzzz - 13 timer siden
꧁♡︎retajthecow♡︎꧂ ✓
This guy never smiles while doing this
while i actually lose my breath watching him
Keyuz - 13 timer siden
Gary Oak
Gary Oak - 13 timer siden
You are not immune to propaganda!
SlapMyBass3825 - 13 timer siden
Best couch player on YouTube
Bill Gates
Bill Gates - 13 timer siden
INKENZAMENTE - 13 timer siden
The only thing I can focus on Is the X files poster !! U a believer too ❤️
Nica Sinclair
Nica Sinclair - 14 timer siden
words cannot describe how much I love these
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall - 14 timer siden
Yo this is great i love his bastard
TooMuchTyler - 14 timer siden
That was the best 40 seconds of my life.
Jason Flanagan
Jason Flanagan - 14 timer siden
Agent 47 has fallen on hard times
[MLP]Trainbrony23CH - 15 timer siden
Finally it got me recommended after 10 Days!
Chipzzz - 15 timer siden
XD hahaha
_YouGotFoched [INWT]
_YouGotFoched [INWT] - 15 timer siden
Actually wasn't ready for the A-AH - Take on Me melody at the end xd
Rick Ricksoon
Rick Ricksoon - 15 timer siden
Only I suscribete this canal because this guy is very beatiful and he has talent
Damián Bernal COD MOBILE
Damián Bernal COD MOBILE - 15 timer siden
Creo que es la primera vez un calvo que le queda tan mal ser calvo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nikola Vonfulton
Nikola Vonfulton - 15 timer siden
Where is the rest geesh just cut me off like that. I was starting to jam
Commander Fish
Commander Fish - 15 timer siden
Lookin like mma fighter stefan struve.
0llie8765 - 15 timer siden
Guys check the blinding lights video for any bald comments
Blubblib - 15 timer siden
I wrote an original comment.
Thrilled Bread
Thrilled Bread - 15 timer siden
Just became tiktok famous